Tiera Lan vs the Galaxy

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Star Wars

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Snippet of a much larger fic being written in random sequence. This is the earliest piece chronologically.

Sith Pureblood Tiera Lan had always planned on training to be Sith. But to be shoved into the Academy early... well murder isn't illegal on Korriban, so long as there are no witnesses.

Tiera Lan Taron beat yet another klorr slug to death with the shitty practice saber she had been given to make it to the temple and training school on Korriban. Sometimes tradition was utter bullshit.


Her only solace was knowing that her older half-sister had already made it through the early trials and the semi-inevitable betrayal by her master Darth Zash and was well on her way to becoming an established Sith Lord.

Very very few people were aware that she had a half-sister at all, much less that said half-sister had been born into slavery due to the birth status of her mother. They shared the same sith pureblood father, but Tiera was a legitimate heir to her mother’s sith clan due to a breeding contract while Kiena had been born to a dusky skin slave woman thought to be of imperial descent. That Kiena came out with all the features of a pureblood meant 2 major things. The first was that her mother had rather more sith blood than imperial. The second was that Tiera could arrange for her to be sent to Korriban to undergo the trials once Kiena’s force sensitivity was established. To be fair it had taken buying Kiena out from under their father and then sending her. But she had done it.

Tiera speared her 12th klorr slug in 5 minutes. At the rates she was going through them, they’d have to import more, even as fast-breeding as they were. How she detested the slime that was getting in her boots. Reaching the next section of the temple complex she stopped to ask the officer what he needed. He needed the nest destroyed? Alright then, let’s get to it. She checked in with the trainers for a few pointers and then scooped a second training saber off the ground were some now dead acolyte had dropped it. Then she spied a datapad on the ground as well. There were looters in the temple as well? As if this temple hadn’t been picked over the last several centuries? If that’s the way they wanted to play it, so be it. “Looter” hunting she would go.

It was but the work of an hour to make it through the rest of that temple, slugs and looters alike. She breathed the dusty, arid, and dark air of Korriban on the other side of the temple and looked at the tiny market at the footsteps of the training complex. She took a sharp left to the market knowing she could sell some of her now useless gear and some of the odds and ends she had picked up in the temple.

At the entrance to the temple, she was greeted by her future training master’s assistant who was an uppity shit of a supercilious hag. Those who can’t do, teach. But nothing compared to the Prick himself, Overseer Tremel. That one was a piece of work. Speciest to the furthest extent it was a wonder if he didn’t want to change his own skin color. He was the one who had had her pulled from the completion of her education. She’d been assured that while she completed her dissertation on stress creating openings for blocked Force potential to activate whether, through violence or sex, her entrance to the academy on Korriban would be delayed.

However, Tremel, the self-hating prick, seemed to have plucked her from the university on Dromund Kass to beat out one of her very specimens for study to achieve the “honor” of becoming Darth Baras’ apprentice. This was made apparent from the conversation in his office. Tiera fumed as she stalked down the hallways to her assigned quarters. Dark Lords only know, that her base training was vastly superior, but Tremel, of course, was going to put it down to bloodline. And in fact, her bloodline had given her the advantage of exceptional tutors while growing up and probably a more massive force ability, that didn’t mean that Vemrin the Vermin lacked potential.

But on Korriban, as in so many aspects of Sith life, failure equaled death. As such, one of her pet subjects was going to have to die by her own hands. What a pity. They had been quite useful for her study. Only the barest traces of force-sensitive forebearers in the genetics assay, yet quite the explosive coming into their powers. Determination too. Oh well, types like them, while not quite a dozen a credit still were dreadfully common. Nothing like what she was actually pursuing. The more elusive force wielder brought online through a combination of stress and vigorous sex. She had only a handful of such subjects in her study that were brought online in such a fashion. Most nearly immediately fixated on the sexual partner or partners that brought their abilities to the forefront. That made studying the more difficult as they were usually then taken as apprentices by those partners if the said partners were of already sufficient rank.

Tiera found her quarters and tossed her satchel inside. Another thing to fume about. She’d only been allowed to pack a single bag from her dorm suite at the University on Dromand Kaas. A few pairs of disposable clothing, her favorite practice saber, her tablet with all of her research on it, and a few pieces of cheap memorabilia from her times with her sister growing up. That was all. She supposed that they didn’t want a large number of personal belongings to have to dispose of if she failed. But the sheer gall in them assuming that she would fail, made her grind her teeth in agitation seeking to find blood as her exasperation with the whole situation boiled her temper over. She let the rage consume her briefly pacing like a caged beast. The rage soothed the aches in her body and sealed the scrapes and cuts she’d suffered and bolstered her fatigue. She had a long way to go today before she could retire safely.

It was a shame that Tremel, in his haste to prove his blood superiority agenda, had sealed his fate. She was going to kill him for this. Of that, she had no doubt.

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