New Author Application

You may submit your application and it will be processed as we have time. The needs of current members take priority over new members and it could take weeks/months for your application to be processed. This is not a popularity contest and if you’re just interested in more “exposure” for your work then you shouldn’t bother applying.
After you’ve read the author guidelines, tell us about you and why you want to join The Wild Hare Project:


Do you post your work online?

Please check everything that applies to you below:

What would you like to get out of joining us?

We’re not interested in hosting work that is being sponsored through Patreon. Works previously published in print fanzines are not welcome on the collective. We’ve also made the decision to not host Real Person Fiction (RPF, RPS, BandFic, etc) on the Wild Hare Project.
Authors who write chan and/or pedophilia are not welcome on the Wild Hare Project. I simply do not believe in and will not support the objectification of children nor anyone’s attempts to normalize the sexual abuse of a child. This policy is concrete and there are no exceptions no matter how the content is presented during the course of the story. -Keira

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