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Author's Note:
It seemed a shame that there were no songs for my favorite holiday.

To the tune of Jingle Bells. Feel free to suggest other verses in the comments if the mood strikes you.

Reading joys and woes
On Evil Author Day
Through the fics we go
Delighted all the way

Time will be undone
‘Ships will pull in tight
What fun it is to read the fics
When fandom’s set aright


Wizard Spells, Snarky Belles
Watch them as they play
Oh what fun it is to read
On Evil Author Day

- - - -

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About Kiki

After decades of making up stories in my head and reading other people's stories online, I finally decided to start writing some of them down and maybe sharing them. Most of my free time is spent reading, so I have to pull myself away from other people's work to write my own.


  1. That’s brilliant

  2. zomg, as someone who is SO EAGERLY waiting for EAD this totally gave me the giggles. thank you for this late-January reminder that Evil Author Day’s joys are only a few weeks agay!

  3. That’s hilarious!

  4. Greywolf the Wanderer


  5. Laughing tunefully!

  6. Mischief (GayeLynn Constien)

    . ever heard Toby Keith’s bus songs? Could this be your version? (giggling madly)

  7. Kiki – you inspired me!

    Feb 14 is near;
    when authors choose to share
    fragmentary WIPs
    about their favourite ships

    Reading E A D’s
    a splendid misery
    A glimpse of what’s in store
    but do not comment “more!”

    OTPs, OT3s, Coffee shop AU (yes please!)
    oh what fun it is to read on on fandom’s day to tease

  8. My husband is no looking at me like I’ve lost my mind. Which is par for the course. 🙂

    But I totally had to sing them both. So looking forward to EAD.

  9. I sang them both, too! And my daughter was cringing, because I sing off key!

    Those were so fun!

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