Feedback Rules

The Wild Hare Project is a fully moderated, positivity-oriented fiction collective. If you want to be a troll or provide destructive feedback designed to abuse authors who entertain you for free please feel free to fuck right off.


1. Don’t be an asshole.

2. Don’t bash authors.

3. If you can’t say anything positive then don’t say anything at all.

4. Don’t ask, demand, or beg for MORE or MOAR (which isn’t even a real damn word).

5. Don’t offer plot advice. Don’t tell the author what you would do with their story. Write your own shit and leave ours alone.

6. If a fic disappears from the site, don’t complain. It’s none of your business why the author removed it. Move on. Watch some Youtube. Jerk off. Get some ice cream. Whatever.

7. If an author fails to warn appropriately, file a report instead of commenting and a moderator will handle it. We insist participants warn for rape, child abuse, character death, violence, etc etc. We do not allow chan or pedophilia at all so if you see that file a report immediately.


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