Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why are only authors allowed to be members of the site?
A. To preserve the integrity of the database. Readers are free to comment through a variety of log-in methods, so it’s not really a problem.

Q. Why is there a support option?
A. Because nothing is free and Keira’s not made of money. If she ever wins the lottery, the support page will disappear.

Q. Why is there an application for new authors?
A. Not every writer is right for the collective, and we won’t pretend otherwise. We’re a creative community where readers are required to check their expectations at the door and where the writer comes first. This kind of space won’t be a fit for everyone, and we understand that. Writers who seek and thrive on reader validation will find themselves very unhappy on the site.

Q. Why can’t I offer constructive criticism?
A. Because we don’t care what you’d do differently and typos are a fact of life. Move on.

Q. Why isn’t there a subscription option for individual authors?
A. Because Keira got really tired of trying to make it happen and the only viable option that would probably work is expensive as fuck.

Q. Are the stories submitted to the site moderated?
A. New authors joining us are moderated while they grow accustomed to our posting guidelines, but we work on an honor system regarding content and warnings.

Q. I’ve found a story on the collective that doesn’t have proper warnings, what do I do?
A. We have a form where you can “Report a Problem.” Fill out the form and the situation will be investigated thoroughly. Authors who purposefully violate our rules regarding warnings will be removed from the site permanently, but an honest mistake on their part will be treated fairly.

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