Untitled MCU/Destiny Crossover Part 1

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MCU, Destiny

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Rated R for exceedingly foul language.

The Avengers meet a new group of fighters when Mr. Fantastic once again lets something terribly dangerous through one of his "Accidental Portals."

“Heads up!” called Captain America as another of the unknown creatures leaped into the fray. This one was different than the rest, it was constantly making this high pitched grating screaming noise that was causing interference over the comms. The other creatures seemed to be following its directions. It looked a bit like a wizened mummy in tattered robes but the shape of the head was wrong, it had three green glowing eyes, and it was swooping through the air without any sort of apparent flying mechanism.

There was a whoosh of air and following it the sound of Iron Man strafing the smallest ones with bullets from the armor’s shoulder-mounted guns as he passed Cap by. “You know I’m pretty sure the Wicked Witch of the West here is in charge. Let’s try and take it out. Anyone got a good shot?” Iron Man’s voice came down the line.

“Negative, I’m stuck keeping the mobs of the middle-sized ones from shooting at civilians. They seem to be aiming for civilians specifically,” reported Black Widow.

“I thought I had one, but whatever it is, it has some sort of shield on itself. None of my arrows have made a dent. I’m dropping back to help Widow,” came the report from Hawkeye.

“Bullets aren’t working either,” reported the Winter Soldier. “I’m picking off whatever I can get besides it.”

Cap shook his head in frustration. “Scarlet Witch, Dr. Strange, Mr. Fantastic, anything at all that could help. These things are ripping up the city.”

Scarlet Witch came on the line, her voice shaking with pain and fatigue, “Their minds… I’ve never seen anything like it… I’m sorry. I can’t.”

Mr. Fantastic patched in. “These things are an alien species from another dimension entirely it’s understandable that their minds would be incompatible.

“A dimension that would have never opened here if it wasn’t for your meddling,” retorted Dr. Strange. “How many times are you going to do the same thing over and over again Reed!”

“I’d like to know that too!” Chimed in Iron Man. “I’m also very interested to know when Reed while figure out how to shut this portal so we don’t get even more party guests.”

Three things happened as soon as Iron Man said those fateful words. First, the robed floating creature raised its arms and shrieked at an even more unbearable pitch. Second, three armored and cloaked humanoid figures leaped out of the portal that Mr. Fantastic was trying to close. Third, there was an earth-shaking roar as a large, very large creature with an inset purplish orb set where its face would be, sprang out of green mist created by the floating creature’s call. At the roar, the three armored figures turned to look at the new creature on the battlefield and on some unseen signal pulled out weapons and opened fire on it.

Within under a minute the giant creature had fallen under the fury of the new trio of warriors on the battlefield. Then as Iron Man watched from his position in the sky the three moved onto fighting the rest of the horde of creatures. The trio was unexpectedly effective against the creatures. Iron Man didn’t know whether to be grateful or suspicious.

“JARVIS, see if you can find some kind of comm signal running between our new friends. I think we need to hear what they are saying.”

“As you wish, Sir.”

Hawkeye chimed in, “These new guys are really mopping up. And did you see that one’s bow? I’m almost jealous.”

“They are ridiculously efficient at fighting these things, and swapping between a shotgun and a bow? I’m not sure if that’s genius or madness,” came Falcon’s input.

“Connection established, Sir.”

“Alright kiddos, it’s time for ‘Radio Strangers who Kill Weird Things.’ Please keep all comments to yourselves as we don’t want them to catch on that we are listening.”

Queen, watch that Thrall behind you!

Got it thanks-Sniper! Kabuki do you have a look a the perimeter?

Yes, Queen. 1/2 mile in radius. Not too hard to close if we can kill that fucking Wizard.

Uh-Folks… I’m reading the Wizard as Nokris. Anyone else getting him as Nokris?

Shit, fuck, dammit. Yes, that’s motherfucking Nokris. Refocus. Forget the small fry, mow him the fuck down. No escape: that son of a parasite is Ascendant.

Time to play hunt the glowing Knights.

Ooohhh… everybody’s least favorite game of dodgeball coming right up!

There’s one!

Got it! Nabbing the orb- Shield down.

The Avengers while all still continuing to fight the creatures watched in near awe as the bulk of the horde refocused on the newcomers and overly large sword-wielding monstrosities hit the field. Soon enough they spotted what the other team had been speaking about. One of the sword wielders, the Knights?, had a sickly green glow surrounding it. One of the newcomers mowed it down and it’s body imploded leaving behind a glowing green orb. The fighter took the orb and threw it at the shield surrounding the screeching and flying leader. The impact of the orb shorted out the shield. Leaving the flyer open to any shots that they could hit.

Grabbing Two Tails. Sightline clear. Rocket away. Hit him. Reloading. Sightline Clear-

Watch it!


Guardian Down!

I’ve got her!

There was quite an explosion as one of the small creatures leaped right into the front of the rocket launcher causing the rocket to detonate on top of the fighter holding the launcher. The fighter was blown back and smacked against the side of a building very clearly dead. But the strangest thing happened. A small little device of some sort appeared floating above the body and then the body just shimmered out of view. One of the other fighter ran up next to the device and held their hands over it for a few seconds and then out of thin air the third fighter appeared again… Alive!

Shit I hate it when they do that

Don’t we all. Keep moving we’ve got him down half.

Roger. I forgot, Queen do you have Whisper?

Yeah, but we need to keep his fucking shields down he’s about to summon again. I can just feel it.

My money is on Vanquisher.

Nah more Ogre.

Focus up and kill Him. If he escapes into wherever the fuck this place is he could set up a whole fucking new colony!



Wait… do you hear that?


Iron Man was sent reeling when he was clipped by the leading edge of a large strangely shaped ship that just sort of materialized into the sky over Manhattan. He ground his teeth in pain as he felt at least two ribs crack.

Fuck Nokris is Transmatting out! Last shot!

Going Golden!

Shit! He’s badly wounded but not dead.

There it goes. Leaving all this mess to clean up.

Pissing great. It could be anywhere in the system now.

Well, let’s at least mop up the remains. Any Knights left?

Nope, Acolytes and Thralls only.

Web and Dance then.

Hnh. Yeah. After it’ll be a much easier mop up.

Web Up!


Winter watched from his sniper’s nest as the three cloaked figures showed off tremendous powers and wiped the battlefield clean except for a few stragglers that the Avengers easily picked off. Then over the Avenger’s comms came Mr. Fantastic’s triumphant “Hah!” and the portal that had started the whole thing snapped closed. That caused the newcomers to whip around to stare at the portal and then stare at the Avengers, police, SHIELD agents, and a few remaining civilians.

Well, that sucked.

You said it.

Whiners… it could have been worse.


In a word? Taken.

Shut your mouth!

Well, I’m never going to sleep again. Thanks for that Kabuki.

Umm, Queen?

Yeah, Sniper?

Where the hell are we?

Pretty fucking far from home.

Thanks, Kabuki.

But I mean isn’t that the Moon up there? Our Moon?

Yeah, but this isn’t the City. The Last City simply isn’t built like this and it is the only City on Earth.

Huh… try telling these folks that.

We probably could. I mean the folks who were fighting the Hive too might be willing to tell us something.

That group of weirdos?

Well for all they look like they belong in kids’ books they were at least surviving.

Not too shabby actually.

Iron Man thought it was time to make introductions at that. He dropped down from the air and landed in front of them, at a fairly slow speed so that he didn’t startle them. “Hello, folks. Welcome to New York City. I am Iron Man,” here the faceplate flipped up and Tony peered out. “When I’m not in the suit I go by Tony Stark.”

By that point Cap, Winter, and the rest of the team had gathered behind Tony. “The man in Red, white, and Blue is Captain America, or Steve Rodgers. The fella with the metal arm is Winter or James Barnes. The man in the lab coat and purple pants is Dr. Bruce Banner, who occasionally is the Hulk. The man in the cape is the Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Strange, Dr. Stephen Strange. The lady with the red hair and the tasers on her wrists is Black Widow or Natasha Romanov. The other red head with the long red coat is Scarlet Witch. The gentleman with the metal wings is Falcom, Sam Wilson. The man with the Bow is Hawkeye, Clint Barton. Finally pitching, in because he’s an idiot, the gentleman with the four on his chest: Mr. Fantastic or Dr. Reed Richards.”

The three newcomers exchanged glances. Then as one, they took off their helmets. Three very different visages stared out at the Avengers. One was quite obviously a robot of some sort or something very near it. One had near-human features but her skin was bluish-purple, glowing white eyes and her hair was puce. The last one was human with dusky skin, dark hair, and green eyes. They all had differing face tattoos as well.

The robotic looking one spoke first, “My call sign is Sniper. My name is Storm-12. I am part of Fireteam Gone Huntin’ part of the Guardian Skulk. These are my teammates. Queen?”

The Blue and Violet one began to speak, “I answer to call sign Queen, my name is Dia Aranev of Fireteam Gone Huntin’ part of the Raid Team Moonshot of the Guardians of the Tower. Kabuki?”

The human-looking one started speaking, “Call sign Kabuki. Name Ivy Spring. Fireteam Gone Huntin’ of the Clan ‘For the Fallen’ of the Guardians.”

Cap frowned, “and what are the guardians?”

“Umm… the Guardians of the Last City? Protectors of Earth and the Solar System. Hunters of those who hunt civilians? Bearers of the Traveler’s Light? Companions to Ghosts? Is none of this ringing a bell?” This came from Storm-12.

Dr. Strange broke in, “You mentioned that you are ‘Bearers of the Traveler’s Light. Who is the Traveler?”

The “fireteam” looked at each other in unease and seemed to have a silent discussion in nods, abbreviated hand gestures, and facial twitches. Finally, Dia Aranev spoke again, “So… this is Earth. Around the star Sol, with other planets like Mercury, Venus, Mars, etc?”

Now it was the Avenger’s turn to trade looks. But it was Bruce who answered, “Yes, that’s right.”

“Okay, well that’s semi-reassuring. Now for the not reassuring question. Where exactly are we on the planet, in latitude and longitude, and what year is it?”

Tony answered, ” Wall Street, Manhattan Island, New York City, New York State, of the United States of America. Coordinates 40° 42′ 23.328″ N 74° 0’ 36.601″ W. The year is 2019 of the Common Era.”

“Well that’s a problem,” said Ivy “Dimension and Time travel. What fucking fun. So what moron on this side opened a door and invited the Hive in with a Welcome to dinner mat?”

“How do you know it was from this side? These “Hive” could have done it!” Mr. Fantastic felt the need to add.

Storm-12 sighed, “Hive jump up and down planes of existence and in out of the realms of life and death. Vex jump time, space and dimension. Yet there are no Vex here. Only Hive. Thus the Hive did not open the door. They walked through sure. Your Manhattan is an all you can eat buffet to the Hive, but they didn’t open it. ”

Mr. Fantastic opened his mouth to continue arguing the point when Captain America broke in. “We are starting to draw a pretty big crowd. Let’s head indoors. Would you like to come back to our Tower with us as our guests?”

Dia nodded. “Let’s go. We need to check our armor and make a plan to track down Nokris anyway. Now that he’s here I can’t see him just doing nothing.”

Storm-12 flipped a knife in the air and then caught it by the point effortlessly, “I got a whole pile of glimmer that says he went to the Moon first thing.”

Ivy scowled, “You know I don’t take sucker bets. No dice. Now if you wanted to bet if he’ll hit the Earth anytime soon and pick a spread, then we can talk glimmer.”

Dia just shook her head at her team’s antics. “So where is this Tower?”

Tony pointed, “Tall one to the left with the big glowing A. Let’s hop in a quinjet and we can all fly there. It’ll only take about 3 minutes.”

“Shit why the hell not, this traffic seems like it’d be a bitch to get our Sparrows through. Well, at least not without flattening a few pedestrians on the way.”

Everyone started walking towards the Quinjet that Tony had pointed out. It was a newer model made for transporting the now larger group of Avengers. They all loaded up and soon were on their way to Avengers Tower.

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