About the Site

The Wild Hare Project is a writing collective, a place carved out on the Internet for writers to explore their craft with no deadlines, no ticking clocks, and no expectations. One night, Jilly James and I got a wild hair up our booties and we created this borg-like thing. Resistance will be considered lame.

Here, the writer comes first and always will. It’s not designed like traditional archives because it’s not an archive. Writers are welcome to house their work on site as long as they desire but we focus on the writing and not the reading.

Readers are welcome, of course, but participation is limited and commenting is moderated. As we are a positive-feedback oriented community, anything that does not meet our community standards will be deleted without notification. We simply don’t have time to teach you how to be a good person.

So, if you’re an asshole and you know it—just keep your mouth shut, or one day you might find a new page on this site called “A List of Assholes,” and your name will be on it. You might be thinking to yourself, Keira, that’s public shaming! You’d be right that’s exactly what it is and I’ll fucking do it if you attempt to abuse an author on this site. Watch me.


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