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Keira Marcos

I write for me. I put it online for other people to read. But don't take that as permission for...

Jilly James

Tony DiNozzo brand ambassador.


I've been in fandom for over 10 years at this point and fell in love with writing the written word...

Azure Hart

Official Doom Dick and Penis Copter Collector. Also, my give-a-fuck starved to death in the 80's on an otherwise unremarkable...

Claire Watson

I'm an avid reader of fanfiction and I enjoy a number of fandoms that I'd be hesitant to write in.


I work from home and spend quality time in fandom, creating works and reading in a variety of fandoms.


I've been apart of "fandom" for a long time, back when the internet was just an infant and all we...


A middle-aged teenager, with delusions of creative genius.


I've been writing fanfic for about four years. My fic can also be found on A03 under the same name.


Perpetually exhausted Medical Office Admin who wishes she could spend her day as a cat instead.


I am an avid reader and occasional writer. My main fandom is Harry Potter, though I read and write in...

Belle Meri

Author, Wife, Mother... Pretty much covers everything as the rest, to quote the late Anne McCaffery, is subject to change...


Married with two furbabies who do everything they can to impede my writing process, because you know it's all about...


An introverted writer who adores to read, write, and play video games.

Chestnut NOLA

I had been reading in fandom for over thirteen years, always as a lurker enjoying content, but never engaging in...


Anti-social cynical sarcastic cat owned woman who will mock you just for the hell of it.


Whole-Heartedly believe that Tony DiNozzo is the Little Black Dress of fandom pairings and is on a mission to write...


I have awesome cats, a pretty decent job, and a PS4. I also like to write when I'm not stressing...


Teacher, writer, crafter, scholar. Long time fan-fiction enthusiast who finds writing fiction extraordinarily challenging, but the stories insist.


Ky: 26. writer. librarian. wife. daughter. sister. gamer. lover of cats. fangirl.


I started writing fanfictions seven years ago because at the time no one wrote about my favorite OT3 and I...


The Wild Hare Project will be the only(!) place on the web where I will post W.I.P.s (not counting Rough...


The busy mom of two deviously intelligent children who make Calvin and Hobbes look like rank amateurs, toasterpop writes regularly...

Sareh Kert

Fandom has been a part of my life many years, started back in the Starsky & Hutch, The Professional days....


Fanfiction writer since 2002; finally back after a long hiatus. Primary gen (friendship/family/team) author though I also do het with...


Dog mum, knitter, writer of strange things.


After decades of making up stories in my head and reading other people's stories online, I finally decided to start...


Writer. I play a Jedi Padawan for charity. The Pacific Northwest is my happy place.


I am a long time reader of all manner of fanfiction, though I have a preference for Harry Potter. I...


Retired archaeologist, been writing fan fiction since I was 12. Bonanza, in case you were wondering. Then I had babies...


cranky old lady that's been around the edges of fandom since '01/'02


I'm a woman in her mid twenties who loves literature, coffee, chocolate, painting, and my two beautiful cats. I've been...

Daisy May

A menopausal woman writing fanfiction as a way to delay encroaching old age, grey hair, and wrinkles

Izzy Hound

In an attempt to escape from my academic writing I took up a hobby ... writing. Like all crafters, no...


I mostly write under penumbria on AO3

Nimue of the North

I'm a historian, work in a library, and split my free time between fanfiction, sewing and crochet. I like to...


Storyteller for the bookworm and the hero.


I'm new to both reading and writing fanfiction. Only started a few years ago. But I'm really enjoying it so...

Queenie Kildare

I've been involved in fandom for over a decade. You can find me over on AO3 under the same name....


I am a technologically-challenged writer with a serious case of Postaficaphobia. When I grow up I want to be a...

Akane Karasuma

98% Panster, 2% Plotter. Tends to cut up canon like raw chicken. My goal is to write more consistently starting...

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