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Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Teen Wolf

Derek Hale/Xander Harris/Stiles Stilinski, Faith Lehane/Peter Hale

  • Violence - Canon-Level
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Yo next chapter!

Xander Harris is not happy with the assignment from Giles. Just because she hadn't aged since she was possessed by a Primal Goddess when she was eighteen was no reason to send her back to high school! Beacon Hills was apparently growing to the level of a hellmouth and bared watching by the Council. Faith was coming with to get over her divorce. Thrown in a cute guy that surrounded himself with supernatural creatures and a super hot but grumpy werewolf? And a good time was going to be had by all...until the vampires showed up, anyway.

Stiles and Lydia left to get the pizza twenty minutes ago, when there came a knock at the sliding metal door of Derek’s apartment. Derek rolled his eyes at Peter who made no move to answer it. Derek walked over and slid the door open and saw, two woman, both brunettes. One looked to be closer to his uncle’s age and the other one closer to his age(the great age of twenty,) or perhaps that of the betas. The older one had long wavy dark chestnut colored hair was dressed in biker chick, skin tight black jeans, Doc Martins on her feet, a tight red top and black leather jacket. Her make up was dark and smoky looking around her coffee colored eyes and she wore bright red lipstick. She also had an overt sexuality to her that reminded him too strongly of Kate Argent for him to be to comfortable.

The other girl, the younger one, dark mahogany colored hair with streaks of tawny blonde and bright lavender, it was cut in a long muliti-layered cut. She was dressed similarly to the older one, though she wore little to no make-up that Derek could see she was beautiful. They both were of course but the younger one… She smelled like spicy dark chocolate and cinnamon…Derek blinked realizing he had been staring, “Can I help you?”

“Oh, Sweetie,” the older one purred out and Derek could help it when he flinched back. Flashes of blonde hair and the same purring tone filled his mind for a moment. The blatant sexuality literally poured from the brunette’s voice, her scent was of lilies. As she gave Derek a slow once over. “You can help me any time.”

“Faith,” the younger one growled, “Stop it.”

Faith frowned, looking at the younger girl in surprise, “Are you seriously calling dibs, Xander?”

Xander eyed Derek thoughtfully. It wasn’t the first time he had been looked at in such a way, but instead of feeling uncomfortable or hunted Derek just wanted to keep her eyes on him. It shocked him to realize he actually wanted her attention on him. Derek hadn’t truly wanted a person attention on him since before Paige had died.

Xander said, “Your making the pretty man uncomfortable Faith. So, yes.” To Derek, she said, “We’re looking for Peter Hale?”

Derek smirked and leaning against the sliding metal door, “You sure you want to find him? He’s kind of an asshole, you know.” While Xander didn’t smile her eye shone with amusement.

“That’s hurtful, Nephew.” Peter said. The older werewolf jumped over the back of the couch he had been sitting on and coming towards the door before freezing at the sight of the two women, his eyes mostly on the younger one when he asked, “Jessica Lavelle?”

The girl sighed, shaking her head, “I see you must know my mother…” she frowned, eyes narrowing at Peter “And you have been to young for her.”

Peter frowned, “Yes, well, she seemed much more interested in my old sister…”

Derek shouted, “Peter!”

Peter eyed him, “Your mother was not a saint, Derek. After your father left, Talia was not a nun by any means. She had a full and active sex life. Where do you think Cora came from?”

Derek ignored that, “Why are you here?”

“Don’t be so rude, Derek. ” Peter sighed, to the women, he said, “You have to excuse him. Sometimes I think he’s spent too much time in the woods by himself. I’m Peter Hale and you…”

“Faith Lehane and my sister, Xander Harris.” the older woman-Faith said.

Peter murmured, gleefully, “How wonderful.” At the confused looks Peter only grinned, “Come I’ll show you the loft.”

“My loft.” Derek muttered.

Our loft.” Peter said.

“Since when is it our loft?”

“Since I’m the one that remembers to do the mundane things like pay the bills for things like heat, water, lights and the taxes?” Derek looked at him blankly. Peter sighed, “It’s a good thing your pretty, Nephew. I’m sure you’ll find someone to take care of you.” He turned towards the women, “Do you have anything you need brought in? Besides being pretty to look at Derek is good at lifting heavy things.”

Faith shook her head, looking disappointed, that she would get to see Derek lift things up and put them down again. Xander just looked bored. “Moving van won’t be here until in the morning.”

“I’ll show you the loft.” Peter said.

Derek watched as Peter led the two women down the hall. He wondered how much trouble these two women would bring him. That’s all, that women he met, ever brought him.


Peter glanced, over at Faith, covertly as he said, “The apartment as two bedrooms and two full bathrooms, a kitchenette and well a lot of room,” he waved an hand around the loft. There’s a gym on the lower floor, you are welcome to use it and you have full access to the roof.

“Bookshelves,” Peter heard Xander muttered. “What?”

“Bookshelves. I want to build some. Can I?” Xander asked.


Xander gave him an impressed look, “I have a lot of books. I’ll need a place to put them.”

Peter shrugged. It wasn’t like he cares and the place could use some. He just hadn’t wanted to do it himself and if he had asked Derek to do it the younger wolf would have just questioned why Peter wanted it done. “Just save the receipts for any building materials you get for them.”

Xander nodded walking over to share at a wall.

Faith turned to Peter, “So, handsome, you seeing anyone?”

“Really, Faith? We haven’t bee here an hour yet!” Xander exclaimed turning to make a face at her sister.

“I’m sure you’ll enjoy high school…again.” Faith hissed back with a malicious smile. Which was a strange turn of the phrase, Peter thought. Xander only flipped Faith off as she shoved by her.

“I’m going to get our stuff out of the car. I know your going to sleep with him, I don’t need to watch your foreplay.” Xander said as she stomped out of the loft.

“Excuse Xander, her mother didn’t punish her enough as a child.” Faith muttered.

Peter laughed, “It’s okay, I understand what it’s like dealing with younger siblings. I was ten years younger that Talia and I treated her child like they were my siblings more offend than not.”

“About what Xander said…”

Peter shook his head, “Ethan Rayne told me you were just coming out of a divorce. This should be a time of healing for you,” he gave Faith a shy look,” but maybe we can get coffee sometime?”

Faith smiled, softly, “Sure I’d–”

Came Derek’s roar from down the all.




  1. Faith and Peter make such a great combo!
    Love your girl!Xander! Thanks for this great update!

  2. This looks really interesting, thank you.

  3. Good update

  4. Squee for female Xander! Faith & Peter – OMG, what a pairing!

    This looks awesome!

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