Starting Over Chapter 3

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Teen Wolf

Derek Hale/Xander Harris/Stiles Stilinski, Peter Hale/Faith Lehane

  • Violence - Canon-Level
  • Alternate Universe
  • Crossover
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Author's Note:

Xander Harris is not happy about this assignment from Giles. Just because she hadn't aged since she was possessed by a Primal Goddess when she was eighteen was no reason to send her back to high School! Beacon Hills was apparently growing to the level of a hellmouth and bared watching by the Council. Faith was coming with to get over her divorce throw in a cut guy that surrounded himself with supernatural beings and a super hot but grumpy werewolf? And a good time was going to be had by all...Until the vampires showed up, anyway.

Stiles was carrying the soda into the building. Lydia had already made a trip to get the rest of the pizzas and took them to Derek’s loft. It had been a while since the Pack had a movie night. The last time had been just before Kate Argent had kidnapped Derek. Not for the first time. The second had been much worst on Derek. Stiles wished more than once that Peter had ripped the woman’s head off complete off when he killed her, it would have kept the woman from coming back form the dead…maybe…most likely not.

As it was Kate was being protected by the Calaveras, the hunting family from Mexico. Stiles was pretty sure the woman was sleeping with some one high up in the family or blackmailing them. And considering how the old woman who lead that bunch threatened Scott? It didn’t seem likely. Stiles hadn’t liked that and told the woman if she attacked his pack without cause, then Stiles would make it his life’s mission to bring down the Calavera family anyway possible.

“Hey!” Stiles called out to the girl that was in the elevator, “hold it for me?” Stiles watched as the dark haired girl with purple and blonde streaks in it, pushed a button. As he got closer he could see she had dark brown eyes. There were four large duffle bags at her feet.

When Stile made it in the elevator, “Thanks,” he told her as he set down the two twenty four packs of soda on to the floor. “I would have hated to carry them up four flights of stairs. “I’m Stiles, by the way. Stiles Stilinski.” He said holding out a hand. The girl smiled slightly at him and wow, she’s really pretty. Stiles thought.

“Xander Harris.” She replied taking his hand. She took a deep breath and frowned.

Stiles should have been surprised when the girl’s eyes started to glow a radioactive green but somehow wasn’t. It was by far not the weirdest thing he had seen in Beacon Hills. Xander gave him a sharp, feral smile as she licked her lips and leaned closer to him.

“You smell really good.” Xander said, her voice not quite a purr.

Stiles realized that Xander was some sort of were creature when her canine teeth became longer and sharper, more like fangs. Stiles slowing back up until he hit the wall. He slammed a hand on the button that would take the elevator to the floor that Derek’s loft was on. Xander stepped closer and rubbed her nose against Stiles jaw, breathing deeply. she brought up her hand and stroked it along the side of his neck. Scent marking- she was scent marking him!

Stiles felt sharp claws digging in his side as Xander pressed closer. He took a panicked breath because…it was not like he was unaffected by her…he could smell Xander’s scent. Being reborn of a Nogitsune had given Stiles a few perks. An enhanced sense of smell on par with the wolves was one of them. Xander’s scent was of…desert sands and tall grasses, spicy and chocolately…but old…and primal too. That made his inner fox cringe in fear but also perk up intrigued.

“So, do you, huh,” Stiles whispered not wanting to startle the girl. Her claws were very sharp and pressed in harder when he spoke.

“I want to kiss you.” Xander growled out, “May I do that, shadow fox?”

For a brief second he wondered how she knew then she rubbed herself against him and all of his thought process derailed. He nodded feeling like a bobble-head doll.

Xander chuckled, her lips millimeters from Stiles as she whispered, “No, you have to say the words…”

“Yes,” Stiles exhaled the word, surging forward and pressing his lips to Xander’s.


“…he should be back by now!” Derek mumbled.

Lydia was amused as she followed the werewolf out of the apartment and towards the elevator. Derek was a worry-wart on the best of days. But since Stiles got possessed by the Nogitsune, the malicious fox spirit that tried to destroy Beacon Hills. Derek liked to know where Stiles was and what he was doing at all times.

“I’m sure he’s fine Derek-” Lydia started to say but was cut off when the elevator doors opened to reveal Stiles being pinned to the wall by a very pretty brunette girl with blonde and lavender streaks in her hair, kissing Stiles as if it was the last thing she would ever do.

Derek growled.

The girl pulled away from Stiles. Showing her glowing green eyes, and sharp fangs as she hissed at them. Derek roared back at the obvious challenge , his own eyes glowing electric blue, grabbing the girl by her jacket and yanking her out of the elevator and throwing her into the wall across the hallway. The girl practically bounced off the wall and rolled to her feet with a menacing roar of her own. Lydia watched as the girl shifted? Morphed? The girl’s brown hair was not black to her chin, then tapered off into a tawny blonde-brown with black spots, falling to her waist. Giving her a wild, feral unkempt look. Her hand’s had black claws that retracted like a cat’s would and fur covering them.

“Mine!” the girl hissed, her voice had a strange two-toned resonance to it as if two people were speaking. One human and the other more deep, rough and otherworldly. That caused a shiver to go down Lydia’s spine.

Derek rolled his neck, Lydia could hear the cracking and popping as the older boy shifted into his beta form before he charged at the girl.

Stiles stumbled out of the elevator looking confused, “No! Derek! Xander! Stop!” He tried to step towards them only to be growled at by Derek as the werewolf ignored Stiles, never taking his eyes off the girl.

Well, shit, Lydia thought, if this was some sort of shifter-pissing contest over Stiles? Stiles was not going to be happy. Derek always lost these kind of fights…or well any fight.

Derek swiped a clawed hand at the girl- Xander’s face. Xander ducked under it and grabbed Derek by the wrist and twisted hi arm up and behind his back in what looked to be a painful motion given the howl of pain Derek made. Xander other hand wrapped around Derek’s throat. Her small black claws digging into the flesh of it until beads of blood welled up and ran from the small wounds. Xander leaned in and took a deep breath, just under Derek ear, a confused look crossing her face. Before any of them could move,

“Freeze, Harris!”

Lydia turned to see an very beautiful woman, looking like she was around thirty, running up to them with…Peter Hale following at a more sedate pace.

Xander moved dragging Derek along and latching onto Stiles in a quick move. “Mine,” she hissed at the other woman. “Mine, Faith!” Though she looked a little more confused when she said it.

“Xander,” The woman, Faith, said. “Let them go.”


“Xander, if you don’t I do something we will both regret.”

Xander narrowed her eyes as Faith, “What?”

“I’ll call mom.”

Xander’s eye’s lost their glow and a horrified look came to her face as she let both Derek and Stiles go. She back away from both of them until her back hit the wall of the hall way, she slid down it covering her face with her hands, muttering to herself.

“What the hell just happened?” Lydia demanded to know, “And who are you?”

Peter quickly told Lydia that Faith and Xander were the new tenants Faith walked over to Xander, glaring at Stiles and Derek to keep them back.

“What happened, X-girl.” Faith asked as she knelt down in front of Xander.

Xander shook her head, “They smell so good, Faith. I mean I noticed Derek’s scent. It’s one of the reasons why I called dibs. But Stiles…”

Derek turned to Stiles,” Are you okay? She didn’t hurt you?”

“No Derek, she kissed me not-” Stiles broke off not finishing that sentence, “I’m fine.”

“I’m sorry,” Xander said standing up, “if I scared you.”

Stiles scoffed, “Please, I’m the master of the fear boner.”

Xander blinked, “I’m not sure how to respond to that.”

Derek snorted, “No one knows how to respond to Stiles when he say things like that.”

Stiles looked at the floor then over to Derek, he raised an eyebrow at the wolf. Derek frowned his own eyebrows coming down into a vee shape making him look like he had angry caterpillars on his face. Stiles sighed and nodded. Derek shook his head in reply. Stiles waved a hand and Derek’s frown got deeper before he sighed.

Stiles bounced on the balls of his feet as he said, “Glad that’s decided,” he grabbed Xander by the wrist, “We have pizza. You are eating dinner with us. And meeting our pack.” Stiles said leading Xander into Derek’s loft. Derek only sighed again and followed after the two.

“Did they just have an entire conversation with eyebrows and hands?” Faith asked.

Lydia rolled her eyes and huffed as she followed after Derek.

Peter nodded, “It’s so annoying when they do that.”



  1. Oh, squee! How did I miss this?

    I love this ‘verse so this new (well, for me!) chapter was a delight!

    Thanks so much for sharing another great chapter. I really enjoyed it.

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