Where do I Belong? – Parts 7 and 8

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NCIS, Stargate SG1

Tony DiNozzo/Cameron Mitchell

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  • Crossover
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Author's Note:
As always massive thanks goes to Edronhia for rapid and amazing beta work

Tony is feeling displaced having been cast from the MCRT. Jack O'Neill takes advantage of a unique opportunity presented by Vance's decisions. Oh, and can Tony resist some good ole boy charm in the form of Lt Col Cameron Mitchell?

Chapter 7: Who is Anthony DiNozzo, really?

Tony walked down the steps of the Pentagon and greeted Cameron with a smile. “Hey, Sexy.”

Cameron turned around, happy to see that Tony could make their lunch. “Meeting go well?”

Tony grinned because it was difficult to put in words just how well it had gone. “Very … and I am free until 2 o’clock.”

“What’s in the bag?” Cameron asked as they walked over to the side and sat on the edge of the stairs, he then handed him over a club sandwich and a bottle of water. 

“My Dress Uniform.” Tony answered, still comprehending that this was real now. He had never doubted his decision to transfer and in his very being he knew it was the right choice – The Dress Uniform made it real in a way that wearing the BDU’s at the academy hadn’t. Or perhaps, there it had been a role and not him.

Cameron froze for a second as his mind went to Tony in his uniform. The fantasy was hot, he might be in trouble once he saw him in it. He was supposed to be a respected Air-Force Lieutenant Colonel himself so he played it cool. “Davenport order you to wear it?”

Tony smirked because he hadn’t known that Davenport had a sense of humour – he knew better now. “Yep, he wants me in it when we go and visit NCIS this afternoon.”

“You can’t leave without me seeing you in it,” Cameron said, a teasing grin on his face. He could see Tony was vibrating with some emotions and could guess that Tony couldn’t define them. He just hoped to distract him for now and let him relax for a short time. It seemed to work as Tony drank his water, lying back against the stone casually. It should not look as enticing as it did.

Tony was relaxing around Cam and he all but purred out. “Mmm, you can look but no touching.”

Cameron snickered, knowing his lover was teasing him right back. “That would be way more interesting if we were back in our hotel room.”

Tony threw his head back and laughed as that was so true. “If only I could. Soon.

Cameron could see the time getting away from them and he knew Tony would have to return to Davenport shortly. “You better go and get changed. You need to be ready for the big reveal.”

Cameron hoped that Tony got what he needed from this afternoon. He sensed his boyfriend needed to make a clean break with NCIS. Tony appearing in his dress uniform would do it and no doubt break a few of his colleagues.

It was fortuitous that Cameron was in Washington so he could support Tony. O’Neill had decided to ask him to come to an extra meeting regarding Atlantis which was still stuck in the bay at San Francisco. “I’ll head back to the hotel once my meeting has finished with General O’Neill. He has sprung a surprise meeting on me.”

Tony rolled his eyes and kissed his boyfriend goodbye and went to find an area to change into his dress uniform. This was it, he was saying goodbye to Very Special Agent DiNozzo and it was the longest cover he’d done ever. This was quite exciting as he was finally getting to play a really underexplored character – himself.


Tony walked through the halls and he’d been saluted by two corporals already. He’d returned the salutes and weaved his way back toward Davenport’s office as ordered. He knocked politely and waited for the acknowledgment that it was fine to enter. He walked in and fell into a natural parade rest, all his pre-military training at RIMA coming back to him as easily as breathing. “Sir.”

“Looks good on you, Lieutenant Colonel. I think you may have found your place.” Davenport remarked with a serious edge and on odd gleam in his eye that Tony couldn’t identify.

Tony pointed at the medals on his chest. “Are these your doing, Sir?”

Davenport nodded and shut down any argument from the man that he didn’t deserve them. “I had your file reviewed because you know as well as I do that officers read a career by the medals on their chest … you would look a bit odd with just a training medal and being a Lieutenant Colonel. All those medals have been awarded based off the commendations and skills denoted in your file and I hope it won’t be the last medal I pin on your chest.”

Although, Davenport suspected he would be fighting O’Neill for the honour of actually getting to do any awarding.

“I will make the Corps proud,” Tony promised.

Davenport assured him. “I have no doubt of that, DiNozzo.” 

Tony could accept that logic and he breathed easier that they weren’t just to help sell his rank. He saw a Meritorious Service Medal, a Joint Service Medal, an Air Force Achievement Medal, a Small Arms Expert Medal and there were a few others that he would double check when he was on his own. “I know where I belong, Sir, and thank you for your help.”

“Thank O’Neill. He’s the one who bullied me into letting you go.” Davenport replied. “If I had my way I would have made you Deputy Director and trained you up to take the big chair.”

Tony shrugged as that was not to be with the decision he’d made. “Not in this lifetime but who knows? So what should I expect, Sir? I want to make sure I am following your script.”

Davenport smiled meanly. “In the middle of the bullpen is my preference. The man has been an embarrassment to me, the agency and this great nation. He is going to answer for all those things.”  Davenport also had one last surprise for Tony but he and O’Neill were in agreement that it needed to be completed when they were at NCIS headquarters. It was the type of event that should be done at an awards evening but this would make an acceptable substitute. He would find someone who would get the video footage for O’Neill.

“Sounds good to me.” Was all Tony could say because Leon Vance, or whatever you wanted to call him, had to be called to account for several decisions.


Two cars had left Davenport’s office as they would need the transport room. There was no way Davenport was going to give Vance any type of comfortable familiarity as he asked him the truly difficult questions. Davenport’s primary bodyguard and his executive assistant still rode with them. “Andrews, Peters, you will follow us and be prepared for stupidities.”

Tony had to snicker because that was so true. Still, he wouldn’t let them be unprepared. “Watch David, she is unpredictable when challenged. She can’t lose the Mossad training or mindset.”

They acknowledged the information with a respectful “Yes Sir.”

As they exited the car, they all donned their professional masks. Tony held the door for the Secretary and whispered. “Let the games begin.”

Davenport smirked at him and then turned to the guard to settle any confusion he seemed to have.

The security guard frowned, not knowing that SECNAV was meant to be here. Or, why Agent DiNozzo was there dressed as a Marine? He was no expert but this didn’t look to be a trip for a good time.

Tony smirked and clapped the guy’s shoulder. It was one of the great reasons you should always befriend everyone as it could be useful in the future. “All will become clear, Andy, but don’t phone ahead – Secretary Davenport wants to give a surprise to Director Vance.” He said it like they had a marvelous secret they were sharing.

Andy was pretty certain that Director Vance wasn’t going to enjoy the surprise but he was smart enough to know that Secretary Davenport outranked Director Vance so he just nodded.

Once they’d entered the lift and were alone again, Philip turned to Tony. “A surprise, Colonel?”

Tony looked as innocent as could be. “I didn’t say it was a good surprise.”

Davenport found he could do little to argue with that logic and in reality, he didn’t want to. “Well, let’s get this rodeo underway.”

Tony agreed and as a result he pressed the button to get the lift moving. The curtain was about to be raised on what should be an excellent show and Tony, much to his delight, had a ringside seat. It was too bad that respectable Lieutenant Colonel’s didn’t eat popcorn at these events.

Davenport’s entrance certainly caused a few heads to turn, or was it Tony in full Dress Uniform? Tony dearly wanted to snicker at the way McGee was actually in the bullpen and looked more than a little flustered – no doubt trying to catch up on the paperwork that he kept conveniently forgetting. Tony had been telling him constantly to sort his paperwork out – he hated to say told you so, but he had.

A few seconds later, when everyone’s attention was caught, the whole room was silent. Tony said nothing, he knew if he was Agent DiNozzo he would have a smart quip but that wasn’t him anymore. He would let the others show themselves up and oh look, it didn’t long.

McNaive was first to do it and it probably took him less than a minute by his guess. “What are you doing dressed up like a Marine, Tony? You know that’s not allowed.”

Tony looked at him coolly. “I am not dressed up as anything, Agent McGee.”

Davenport was not impressed with the agent blocking his way – and he was more than willing to let him know that. “Did you need something, Agent McGee? Myself and the Lt Col have business with the Director and you don’t have the clearance so I suggest you go and look at a file or something.”

Tony chipped in. “I know before this weekend, there were still 15 pieces of basic paperwork still outstanding, Sir.”

Davenport smirked at that piece of information. “Well, that sounds like a wonderful place to start. Now if you’ll excuse us, Agent McGee.”

Tim almost ran back to his desk and phone. Tony said quietly. “Care to make a wager that he is phoning Gibbs, and then David.”

“That’s a sucker’s bet,” Davenport responded. Then gave a polite cursory knock on Vance’s door before barging in. “Leon, you have some explaining to do!”


Meanwhile back in the bullpen, McGee was having a meltdown. How could Tony, their goofball, be a Marine? “Boss, you gotta come to headquarters. Shit is going down.”

“Like what?” Gibbs demanded because it better be good. This was his day off!

McGee managed to say it. “Well, Davenport is here, he is in with Vance unannounced and our Tony is flanking him in a lieutenant colonel’s uniform, and I don’t think it’s an undercover operation.”

McGee could have swore that Gibbs was suggesting several biologically impossible things with their ancestors. “I’ll be there in five. Ziva?”

“I’m phoning her next, boss,” McGee promised.

“Do that.” Gibbs’ legendary phone manners lived up to type and he shut the call off – his piece said. After phoning Ziva, McGee didn’t know what to do so he went to find Abby, she always had good ideas.

It turns out that Abby found him first. “What is going on? Why are people telling me Tony looks hot as a marine? They got the wrong person, they meant bossman, right? Right, McGee? Why are you not talking? This is serious, Timmy!”

McGee looked helpless as he didn’t know what to say. He was still trying to wrap his head around the implications because there was only one answer you could arrive at. Very Special Anthony DiNozzo was the mask of Lt Col DiNozzo and they’d all been duped. He didn’t like that idea at all, this must be some sort of a trick. He was going to cling to that thought for as long as possible.

Still, he had to give Abby an answer before she wound up for another round of questions. “No, Ab’s, it was Tony in the outfit and he was with SECNAV.”

“Well, why?” She bit her lip, as none of this sounded good. She hated this, things were supposed to be going back to normal. Better even, if Tony was actually settling down with a nice girl. So why was someone trying to mess it up? She was going to hack this information from the ether and put it right.

Gibbs loomed over them. “Report.”

Tim gave it as he was the eyewitness. “Well, SECNAV is here, he was flanked by Tony, Boss. Only Tony was in a marine uniform and no one in Davenport’s party including SECNAV seemed to find it strange.”

Gibbs restrained his initial rage at hearing DiNozzo was in a marine outfit, to solving the bigger problem. “And why is Davenport here?”

Tim took a deep breath. “That is the thing, no-one knows, the security guard informed me that reason was left unknown. Oh, and Tony signed in with an Armed Services ID, Gibbs.”

Whatever the hell DiNozzo did whilst away on assignment … he’d bet his house he wasn’t on the Seahawk. There was only way he was going to get answers.

“Where are you going, boss?”

“To get answers.”

Chapter 8: Can you handle the truth?

“Leon, you have some explaining to do!”

Leon froze for a second at that voice and the opening statement – those were words you never wanted to hear from your boss, no matter what position you held. “Hello, Mr. Secretary.”

As he looked up, Vance paled at seeing DiNozzo in a marine uniform. This was not a good situation for him – that much was obvious. Leon found himself asking. “What is happening here?”

Davenport smiled but Vance would never mistake it as friendly. “Well, at least you are smarter than some of your agents. They were under impression that I would tolerate the Colonel here merely dressing up as a marine. The idea is an insult to the Corps and my intelligence. I am not sure which bothers me the most, to be honest. What do you think, Colonel DiNozzo?”

“I would say it should be both equally, Sir,” DiNozzo responded dutifully.

Davenport nodded his head as if to say he agreed. “I think you might be right, DiNozzo.”

“What do you wish for me to explain?” Vance asked, staying calm knowing that losing his composure would never aid him.

“Well, I want to know why you thought Frankenstein was a good idea, Teek.” Davenport answered, pulling the metaphorical rug from under Vance before he’d sat down on the chair.

Tony had to admire the interrogation tactic; be calm, let them know there was no escape, and then sit down to see where the chips may fall.

Teek was a stupid rookie mistake that blew up beyond all proportions. It was a name I made mine. He couldn’t fight and there was a big match, and the organiser was an army captain who was in debt to the to the wrong people. He freaked out, saying his friend was going to die but he couldn’t do it.”

“Say his name, Director.” Tony broke into the conversation as that was the point angering him now. You make a mistake, you own it – it was part and parcel of a being an adult.

Vance looked up at DiNozzo and saw the bearings and the manners you would expect. He wore the uniform well, and Vance hated the fact that he did. He’d never felt right in it and it was this stupid mistake that was going to bring him down. “Why? You already know his name was Vance.”

Philip shrugged. “You were sloppy. It was the blood work that you let down, the entry profile and the exit profiles were not switched around.”

Vance rolled his eyes as it was a little white lie, or at least that was how it started. Only it got bigger and bigger until there was no way to rectify it. “It’s just a name.”

Davenport snorted. “No, it is the lying to the Federal Government I have a problem with, if you lie about your name … what else have you lied about. Oh wait – Frankenstein. You seriously thought that was a bright idea?” He asked it as a question but the derision in his voice left Vance under no illusions as to what he thought.”

Tony piped up, not bothering to hide his emotions. “You took good marines, men and women, and pushed them until they snapped.”

“They did it for their country.” Vance responded, like a deluded fool. Tony didn’t know what was more worrying – the fact the programme existed or, that its curator was so clueless.

Tony snarled right back. “No, they did it because men in power chose to abuse their trust and twist their patriotism!”

AND, that was when Gibbs burst through the door demanding answers like he had the right.

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!” Gibbs shouted in the middle of the doorway.

Tony looked to Davenport because unlike some in the room, he did understand the chain of command. At the nod from the Secretary, Tony was out of his chair and responding to the unwelcome intrusion. “Sorry, Gunny. This is beyond your pay grade. Any other questions can wait until after the Secretary has had his chat with the Director.”

Vance said nothing, and he wouldn’t. It was bad enough that he was going to be dragged over hot coals – he wouldn’t let Gibbs be there to listen to his downfall.

Gibbs wasn’t done though, sneering at DiNozzo. “What the hell are you doing dressing up a marine. It’s beyond a joke!”

DiNozzo rolled his eyes. “Like I said, Agent Gibbs, if you want to discuss these issues, now is not the time.  We’re here on important business – we are not here to assuage your curiosity.”

Davenport wanted to snicker at the look on Gibbs’ face. He knew he would treasure it forever – if nothing else. “What the Colonel said, Agent Gibbs. Get out of here. We’ll discuss your behaviour afterwards. Now leave.”

Tony held the door open. It was clear that Gibbs was reluctant to leave but even he wasn’t so stupid as to argue with his boss’ boss. “This isn’t over.” He said as he left, looking at Tony.

Tony smirked back but added with an edge of steel. “You’re goddamn right it isn’t,” as he was closing the door to enforce the point, “but is for now.”

Vance may have had a temporary reprieve but the disruption was over and he still didn’t have an ally in the room. He wasn’t going to call a J.A.G as it would be risky. After all, Operation Frankenstein used marines so it could backfire on him. “The project was conceived as a way to fight our darkest enemies. Our morals worked against us and we needed assassins who were loyal – it was a tricky proposition.”

Tony snorted. “Were you warned that the cocktail of drugs used would turn their minds into soup? You wouldn’t have controllable killers. You made the worst kind of killers, broken ones.”

Vance rolled his eyes and added sarcastically. “Oh, your sudden transfer to the marines made you a biochemist.”

Tony shook his head. “No, the P.hD in Biochemistry makes me qualified to comment on that.”

Vance’s eyes widened in surprise, so his change in attitude was only surface deep. Never mind, he was beginning to see the truth. Too bad it was too little too late. “Why wasn’t the agency aware?”

Tony smiled but it was thin. “Honestly, Director… It’s like you never read my entire file. If you did, it all was in there. How did you sneak Frankenstein into being? There was no way that would have got past a senate committee.”

Davenport leaned forward as he too was curious about this. He could see the shitstorm and had already taken steps to dismantle the programme. They would be paying for the medical costs alone for quite awhile – It was the right thing to do.  “Was it Jarvis over-extending his reach?”


There wasn’t much else to say. “You know, Leon, I think you want to spend more time with the kids, and this job is taking too much of your time.”

Leon let out a sigh of relief at one point. “Is that all?”

Davenport chuckled darkly. “No that is not all. I want a written document with every date, name and target in a file before we leave. Oh, and if it fails to match my list then you are going to jail for whatever I can make stick.”

Tony restrained himself with a small smile. As much as it pained him, full on justice would have caused too many ripples. If all the details became known then it could throw into doubt any convictions Vance had been part of.

Davenport turned to Tony. “Colonel DiNozzo, why don’t you say goodbye to your co-workers. O’Neill will whisk you away soon enough.”

That sounded like a great idea.


Gibbs had been barred from the room. His anger ratcheting up every second that he thought about it. DiNozzo was in there and he was wearing a marine uniform. It was an affront to Gibbs, at least that was what it felt like.

Abby demanded to know answers before he’d even reached his desk. “What’s going on, Gibbs? Why is Tony acting like a pod person?”

Gibbs just growled, he sure as hell wasn’t going to admit he didn’t know. “Back to work people.” Abby didn’t move away, hovering to the side, but at least she was quiet for now.

Ziva, of course, did not know when to shut up. “Why is he wearing a Colonel’s uniform?” The contempt upon her face let everyone know her feelings about his worthiness, on top of her extra snide. “I thought the marines were about being the best of the best. I assumed clowns need not apply.”

Gibbs growled at Ziva. “Don’t talk about what you don’t understand. Run down DiNozzo’s Marine record. NOW!”

“You mean this is real?” Ziva asked sharply, not quite able to believe it.

Gibbs sneered. “Would I ask you if it wasn’t?”

McGee was already into the database and tried to access the file. The file flashed up Top Secret – Eyes only. – Ordered by General Jonathan O’Neill.

“It’s sealed,” McGee said paler than before as the only time they’d encountered that was when the soldier was special/black ops. “On orders of General O’Neill.”

“What?” Gibbs was reeling. He knew the man and the soldier was a career soldier, this wouldn’t be a prank. If Tony was in the marines then he would certainly have the firepower and the backing to make it happen. Gibbs had often wondered how the man he knew from so long ago, with his problem with authority, had made it to a Joint-Chief.

Tim showed him his screen, where the file was flashed up. All they had access to was a basic list of medals awarded, his education and date of birth. Tim asked in a quiet voice. “Did you know about his Doctorate?”

Gibbs shook his head, he was starting to get the idea there was a lot he didn’t know about his SFA. How did this happen? “When did the record start?”

Tim shrugged. “Difficult to say but I did hear rumours a while back about a special commission of a ranking officer. There were wild rumours as it was straight to Lieutenant Colonel, Boss.”

The same rank Tony had walked in with, how could Tony embody the Corps values? There were so many questions, Gibbs didn’t know where to start. And for once, his tactic of being a growly bastard didn’t help.

There was an amused voice to the side. “So have you figured it out yet?”

And there Tony stood before them looking more of a stranger than any of them could ever remember. Gibbs sighed. “The afloat assignment … you were pulled elsewhere.”

Tony smiled and it was full and bright. Gibbs was trying to recall the last time he’d seen Tony smile – and it had been before Jenny.

Tony did confirm his theory. “That’s right. So I figure now is the perfect time to confess. I transferred a while ago so I should hand these in.”

Tony handed over the NCIS service weapon and his badge. “I’d say it’s been a pleasure but that would be a lie – at least these last few years.”

Abby had a hand over her mouth and there were tears in her eyes. “You don’t mean that, Tony.”

Gibbs growled. “And what is that supposed to mean?”

Tony got right up into Gibbs’ face – he would not let this man intimidate him. “You know what Gibbs? I will spell it out. This team hasn’t watched my six in a long time so I went elsewhere for my own safety. If you can’t handle that then you need to look in the mirror.”

The whole bullpen was silent and Tony didn’t give a shit. This had been a long time coming and it was not his fault that Gibbs wanted to air his anger in public.

Tim didn’t care about all that as much as the idea of Tony with a doctorate. “When did you have the time to get a doctorate?”

Tony had a wicked grin. “You know all those supposed women?”

Tim nodded not understanding where this was going. “Yes.”

“They usually were my professors, and no McGee, I didn’t sleep with them to get a passing grade. You had a picture of me, I just fed into it.”

Tim was shaking his head. It wouldn’t take a lot, Tony felt, for him to be stamping his foot. He could laugh at how pathetic it looked but honestly – it would have been too easy.

Gibbs shook his head. “You don’t know what it means to be a marine, DiNozzo.”

Tony stood up tall and proud because that was one claim he was more than happy to blast away. “Gibbs, you taught Kate and myself the values; honour, courage and commitment. You said that it was how every marine should think, act and fight. You told us that it shouldn’t be just how marines think but also agents.” He took a deep breath because he did believe that – he hadn’t forgotten the lessons Gibbs had taught him. He was grateful for that at least.
“Too bad you forgot your own thinking. The list of ways is too long and unlike yourself, if I have a problem I will conduct the meeting face to face but in private. I have no reason to tear someone down in public to feel stronger.”

Tony saw the slight flush and knew that he’d struck home. Ziva was about to say something and Tony just put his finger up. “Be quiet, Ziva. You have no right to say a damn thing. Be warned, your nose better be clean because all your interactions with NCIS are under review.”

“Why? It’s Ziva, we trust her.” Tim tried to defend his teammate.

Tony snorted. “No, McNaive, you trusted her. I always interacted with Ziva like she was an Israeli Mossad Agent who shouldn’t have access to top secret files. It’s why she hates me and has done her level best to undermine me at every occasion. It’s alright, I didn’t take it personally.”

Tony looked at his co-workers and knew that he didn’t need to say anymore. The fine tooth comb that was about to pour over the agency would settle any of his remaining concerns. He had no doubt that all of the ills of the agency would no doubt be blamed on him somehow. He couldn’t find it in him to care. He’d stayed at the agency and matured during his time – his co-workers had just got older.

In what was a perfect piece of timing, Davenport was done. He guessed he was with the way Vance left the bullpen with his head down saying nothing. “Agent Gibbs, you’re in charge until Granger can get in from LA.”

“Where is Vance?”

Gibbs saw the way Davenport’s and Tony’s expressions darkened at the man’s name. He would find out soon enough. “Anything else apart from stealing my SFA?”

Davenport decided that Gibbs’ sarcastic retort was just too perfect in terms of timing for his last event at NCIS this day. “Now you mention it, there is. Lieutenant Colonel DiNozzo, stand forward.”

Tony walked forward as instructed, not understanding what there was left to do. They’d gotten all they needed from Vance and he’d said goodbye. Davenport had a grin on his face. “I know you think your business is done here. Still, I beg one more indulgence of you. For your work with the Air-Force and helping them break their national security leak problem … You have been awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal for meritorious service.”

Tony accepted the medal, with a salute. The rest of the bullpen exploded in applause. It might have hurt the fact his own team and Abby were just standing there not doing a damn thing. It didn’t because Tony had the best reward possible. He was free and once he walked out of the bullpen, unless there were exceptional circumstances, he would not have to step into the accursed place again and that suited him down to the ground.

Tony left with Davenport with his head held high. He was guessing as the other car pulled away. “Vance?”

Davenport nodded. “Oh, there is going to be a major debrief to decide on what consequences he will face. I still don’t feel that I know every piece of Frankenstein … but I will.”

Tony nodded. “I have no doubt, sir.”

Davenport sighed. “Tomorrow, you report to General O’Neill. You’re dismissed, Colonel, as soon as we get back to the Pentagon.”


Tony walked into the hotel room, now even more glad that they were staying there as he had no doubt that his old team would probably go around to his apartment demanding answers. And as amusing as watching Cameron run them off would be, he just wanted to spend an evening free of craziness.

Tony removed his jacket and folded his slacks neatly. He wasn’t going to crease his dress uniform. It wasn’t as if Cameron would object to finding him in his boxers. If Tony was really lucky – Cam would take advantage of the situation. In reality, Tony flopped back on the bed, just taking a moment to relax.

The shower turned off and Tony watched as Cameron walked back into the room with just a towel around his waist. Tony was suddenly deathly interested in the flow of water molecules over muscles. Oh, and his tiredness seemed to miraculously disappear.

Cameron was smirking at him. “You’re too tired to do anything, no matter what your body is telling you.”

Tony sighed. “You may be right but you can’t blame me.”

Cameron chuckled. “Let’s watch the game.”

Cameron didn’t think it would take that long for Tony to fall asleep but he would never deny himself a chance to cuddle with Tony. He flipped the TV on to a sports channel showing a rerun of a football match that they’d both missed due to work commitments. “You don’t know who won the pro-bowl?”


Tony shrugged and settled into watch the show, even if there was a more than welcome distraction from Cameron’s welcome wandering hands. Then their screen cut off … they looked to each other as they both knew the code in the tv screen corner. It was a government one for emergency broadcast.

The screen flashed breaking news. The image was straight out of a sci-fi show at least that was what Tony thought. It set a stirring in his heart that he couldn’t explain, there was a pang there that almost hurt.

His hand was touching the screen, not that he remembered touching it or even getting up so he could touch it. “Home.”

Cameron wondered what the fuck was going on? Why was Atlantis on NBC? Oh, and more importantly … Why had Tony just called Atlantis home … in ancient?

Tony looked at him freaked out. “What’s happening?”

Cameron hugged him close. “I have no idea – but we’ll find out together.”


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    Hooray for Tony’s great reveal. That he IS a marine, and a Lt Colonel to boot, was a surreal stunner for Gibbs and company to swallow.

    The part where McGee pulled up Tony’s marine record and found “Top secret – eyes only”, and had only once before seen that when it was of someone in special / black ops (as in Special Forces) – “sealed on orders of General O’Neill” – had me loudly cackle in delight. The rest of the fall-out was epic and truly awesome!!

    The truth that the SECNAV had waited to get the attention of the entire NCIS DC bureau staff and then order Tony to step forward was stunning. The reveal that HE had worked with the Air Force to break a National Security leak problem confirmed wild rumours of an officer promoted directly to Lt Colonel. It was none other than their own Very Special Agent and SFA Anthony DiNozzo PhD (Biochemistry). His Doctorate was *another* surprise. SECNAV then publicly awarded him the Navy and Marine Corp Commendation Medal for meritorious service, to loud cheers from everyone *except* his former team.

    The next fantastic part? The later, sudden, emergency broadcast with Atlantis on the TV and Tony’s sudden and automatic transit to touch the tv screen, physical exhaustion forgotten, and reverently calling out “home” in ancient, without conscious knowledge of the place. Freaked out…and comforted by a very worried boyfriend, fortunately IN the know;.
    Powerful cliff hanger!!
    Thank you!!!

  9. This is beautiful! I love how carefully you set up all the dominoes that finally fell in this chapter! Competent!Tony is one of my favorite things in Fandom and you write him beautifully!

  10. Nathalie Bending

    Doesn’t matter which site it’s on, it’s still a Damn good read! I love how you portray Tony and I don’t really care who he is with as long as they respect and love him! And calling Atlantis home in Ancient… Curious and fab!

  11. OMFG so awesome! Well done!

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