Where do I belong? – Parts 5 and 6

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Tony DiNozzo/Cameron Mitchell

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Edronhia as beta deserves so many thanks.

Tony is feeling displaced having been cast from the MCRT. Jack O'Neill takes advantage of a unique opportunity presented by Vance's decisions. Oh, and can Tony resist some good ole boy charm in the form of Lt Col Cameron Mitchell?

Chapter 5: Who is Leon Vance, really?

Tony was wrapping his mind around what he’d just read. There was only a suspicion as there was no concrete proof – yet. Still, the facts spoke for themselves; it seems Leon wasn’t actually a Leon and was more of a Tyler.

This was good but bad at the same time. He hated that he was going to be the one to tell Davenport the selection process for the big chair really was inadequate.

“What? Can’t you use that? That is gold, DiNozzo, and you know it.”

Tony chuckled, signalling to the waitress to bring two beers. “Oh, I can use it … it’s just that I have to find a way to tell Davenport that his hiring practices need a lot of work.”

“You’ll find a way.”

Tony rolled his eyes. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

Kort smirked as he sipped his beer. “Oh, the chaos you are about to unleash. Yes. Please tell me you have an exit strategy?”

Tony snorted but wasn’t stupid enough to tell Kort what it was. He liked the guy but that didn’t mean he trusted him.

“Oh, one that will quite possibly make Gibbs freak.”

Kort frowned, wondering just what it could be as he finished his beer and stood up. “Well, let an old friend know. I have to go be a spy now.”

Tony rolled his eyes but let him go and continued to work through the dossier in the file. He needed to find out everything he could about both Leon Vance’s life and Tyler Keith Owens. He would need as much proof as he could manage before he made these accusations public.

Tony got up feeling better about Washington and the length of time he would need to stay.


The next day, he was in his chair before anyone else arrived. He had work searches to do and erase as well as get up to date on the paperwork that the previous SFA had slacked on. Jesus, they had let McGee and Ziva write their reports and not checked them. Never mind about going to East Asia to escape Gibbs, it was a good job so that Tony couldn’t get to him.

“You’re here early.”

Tony rolled his eyes. “Good morning, McGeek, and you, my dear probie, have been slacking. You have three reports that need filing.”

“I’ve been busy.”

Tony snorted. “Did that excuse work with Simpson? Your reports have slipped and I will not have JAG lose a case because you can’t be bothered to type up your notes correctly.”

McGee rolled his eyes. “Did you lose your personality on the Seahawk?”

Tony shook his head and told himself that he wasn’t willing to go back to fratboy. The afloat assignment gave him the perfect cover to explain his change in behavior. “No, McStuckinthemud, it’s possibly your worst nightmare.” He continued with an evil grin. “I matured.”

The way McGee widened his eyes in horror at the idea made his day. Tony couldn’t lie to himself about not enjoying the hell out of it. The day continued in much the same way, people would engage him in conversation and he would brush them off with a polite but professional response. This was quite possibly his best and easiest prank in the world.

Ziva looked up from her computer. “This won’t fool anyone, Tony. A cheetah does not change its spots.”

“Leopard, Ziva, and you can’t be cross about me sending you back a report when a third of it is in Hebrew! The software is not good enough to translate to legal standards.” As he finished his sentence Tony looked up from his last excel spreadsheet. He could jump and cheer that the hot cases had laid off long enough for him to get the paperwork back under control. He hadn’t lost sight of the fact that Gibbs and McGee were watching and saying nothing.

“This is not how things are done at Mossad.” She replied with a huff. She was starting to miss the snivelling Simpson, she could manipulate him.

Tony’s smile was glacial. “Well, right now, you are here at NCIS so you have to follow our rules.”

The bit left unsaid was if she didn’t like it then she should go back to Daddy dearest. Tony knew that she had no intention of going back under the control freak’s thumb. Still, in his exit report, he was going to make clear his concerns about allowing a Mossad Liaison Officer to still be part of an MCRT.

Gibbs weighed in with just. “English, Ziva.”

Wow, that almost counted as support.

Abby came bounding into the bullpen close to quitting time. “Tony, Tony, Tony. You need to come with me to the Emerald club. The twins miss you.”

Tony shuddered as the twins were into things he wasn’t. “Sorry Abs, I still have some cleaning to do to get rid of the dust in my apartment.”

What he really wanted to do was go home, grab a beer from his fridge and get on with both some marine classwork and also, to see what he could dig up on TK Owens. His evening schedule was already pretty full.


This set a pattern of behaviour over the first week. They had two cases and Tony performed to his usual standards. He stayed zen, it helped to know that his exit would be sooner rather than later. Plus, as an extra sweet cherry on top bonus, Vance was looking more and more paranoid.

As a result, he became a source of gossip – for being boring. How ironic was that? Ziva, Tim, and Abby were gossiping about Tony. There was something going on with Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo and he wasn’t telling anyone. They’d met to discuss their theories and what they could do to make him less pod-Tony.

Abby bit her lip. “Do you think he is seeing someone?”

“He is not seeing someone.” Tim said because the idea of Tony being in a relationship with anyone was just too much to handle. The next thing someone would be telling him that Tony was studying.

Abby pouted because, in her mind, her theory made sense. Plus, as silly as her Tony was, he would make a pretty good catch. “Why not? I mean he is certainly hot enough.”

Ziva rolled her eyes and didn’t even try to hide her disdain. She was not exactly sad that since they’d come back from the Seahawk, he’d not tried to socialise with the group. “Yes Abby, he is, but looks aren’t everything. He dates indiscriminately.”

Abby smirked. “Oh yeah, if the idea is so crazy, tell me this… when was the last time you heard him mention a date?”

There was a silent awkward pause as Tim and Ziva considered what Abby said and the answer made them make silent o’s with shock. Why? The answer was – not in a damn long time, in fact,  it was before he’d gone and done his time afloat.

“He is seeing someone!” Tim and Ziva said at the same time in shock. It didn’t reflect well on their investigative ability that they hadn’t noticed.

Ziva frowned, not liking the fact that Tony had managed to keep another secret from her. It did not reflect well on her and her father would not be amused or forgiving. “Why wouldn’t he say something?” Ziva knew why it wasn’t hard when she thought about it; Tony was jealous because she was dating Michael. Yes, that would be it, he was using some woman to distract himself.

Abby shrugged, looking sad. “I don’t know but I am going to find out.”

Only Abby wouldn’t figure it out and no matter how much she bugged Tony, he never broke and revealed the truth. He just kept silent, flashing her his most charming grin that spoke way more than words ever could.


Tony was enjoying his lunch break down in autopsy, not where one might think to partake in food but it worked for Tony and Jimmy. Tony would say that autopsy had become his refuge since returning from the Seahawk. Jimmy was a true friend and never judged him, merely treated him like an equal. Tony would say if anyone actually bothered to ask him that Jimmy was not only his favourite autopsy gremlin but also a close friend. Jimmy was the only one to know that, yes, there was someone special in his life and that they were actually a guy.  “So when is Cam’s leave?”

Tony shrugged. “He has meetings at the Pentagon monthly, if not sooner. He can be called up to Washington almost without notice.”

Jimmy had met Cameron online the other evening when he was over at Tony’s and a Skype session started. He wanted to shout with joy when he saw Tony’s smile as the little window opened on the screen. He’d let himself out after a quick greeting to the other man and sent a message to say he’d made it home. “Well, that comes in handy.”

Tony shrugged, side-stepping the potential unanswered question. “He is a Colonel in the Air-Force and I am smart enough not to ask. It helps that we both understand things like security clearance.”

Jimmy smirked. “Well, I suppose there is that.”

Tony bit his lip as he read a message from his phone. “He just messaged me to say he is getting a weekend off and he is coming up to Washington.”

Jimmy could translate that well enough, Tony wanted to see Cameron but not have NCIS interfere. “So stay at a swanky hotel and enjoy your weekend. It’s not like you have to hide if you don’t want to.”

Tony let out a shaky breath because he did know this. Still, it was significantly harder to let himself believe it. “I know and it helps knowing that we’re both armed and can handle ourselves.”

Jimmy giggled as a wicked thought crossed his mind. “Sorry – I was just imagining the shock of a homophobe picking a fight with you.”

Tony snorted because he could see why that would be ironic. “I think Cam and I would rock-paper-scissor it.”

Jimmy smiled softly because he was so glad that his friend had someone, just like he had Breena. “You know what you have to do.”

“What – ask Vance for the time off even though my team is not on call?” Tony said, knowing that was exactly what he had to do. Still, this might be just what he needed to stop Vance staring at him. If he didn’t know better Tony would say his technical boss was getting paranoid. It was like Vance wanted to blame him but didn’t believe Tony could be the root of his problems. It was the problem with double lives; they often catch up with you.

Jimmy nodded, “Yes if you want the time off without the team knowing why.”

“Am I wrong in not telling them?” Tony asked as it felt like a thing he would have said before the Seahawk.

“Nope, because good friends would have asked you what is going on in your life. Has that happened?”

Tony shook his head because there were times he was wondering why Gibbs had wanted him back in Washington. “No, and I hear ya autopsy gremlin. Vance will grant the time off as it will give him a one-up on Gibbs.”


This would have the added bonus of throwing Vance off his scent by revealing he was in a relationship – it would be a big distraction.


Tony knocked the door. “Director, do you have a minute?”

Vance’s head shot up at the question, the politeness of the request and who it was made him suspicious. In fact, DiNozzo’s whole attitude made him suspicious – the agent who came back from sea did not match what he knew from reports. He would have looked more closely but he was still trying to figure out who had searched for TK Owens. “What can I do for you Agent DiNozzo?”

His Agent looked nervous. “Well sir, I would like two days leave if possible this weekend and I know I haven’t been back long in the office so it may be refused.”

“You are not on-call.” Vance reminded him wondering why, if that was the case, the SFA would want to waste his holiday time.

Tony nodded acknowledging this point. “That is true, sir, but we are the MCRT and I know if there is a hot case it doesn’t matter whether we are on rotation or not.”

“Why do you want it?” Vance demanded to know.  

Tony had a small smile. “My partner has leave from the Air-Force and as it could be six months before I see him again, I am really hoping I can guarantee my time off.”

Vance broke the toothpick and stabbed his gum. He didn’t hiss as he didn’t want DiNozzo to think it was in reaction to his news. He removed the pick more carefully and said simply. “I wasn’t aware you were in a relationship, DiNozzo.”

Tony shrugged playing it off as not a big deal. “I work long and hard to let people see what I want them to, sir. It is easier to work if you’re underestimated. Why do you think people assume I am playing a prank right now, acting serious?”

Tony could see the dawning realisation in Vance’s eyes and Tony couldn’t grin as it would break the act.

Vance studied him for a moment then responded. “I don’t need a clown, I want to keep seeing a seasoned professional, DiNozzo, so don’t lose the act in the office.”

DiNozzo smirked. “And if the team can’t handle the switch? As you can see it has been a problem for them.”

Vance stared at him stonily. “Well, you let me worry about the team. Your career has stalled and that won’t be allowed to continue.”

Tony was nearly crying with laughter inside. His career stalled? Hardly. Vance had no idea yet but soon he would. He nearly had all the pieces and proof he would need to get Vance removed from the big chair.

Tony smiled and this time it was genuine, it helped he was thinking about leaving NCIS. “Yes, Sir.”

This day was turning out to be full of surprises. He walked down to the bullpen with a spring in his step. McGee scowled at him. “Why were you with Vance?”

Tony smiled, knowing his answer would really bother the other man. “Sorry McNosey, you don’t have the security clearance.”

“We all have the same high-security clearance so that is not an excuse.” Ziva sniffed, she couldn’t believe anyone would be stupid enough to trust Tony with state secrets. She still didn’t believe this act, he would crack soon enough. The struggle of having to act like an adult all day would be too much and then she would be there to say I told you so.

“That’s right.” Tim nodded.

Tony actually snorted because he didn’t realise the junior agent was so clueless. “Actually, McNonsense, no we don’t. Ziva’s is limited on the grounds that she is not an American Agent.”  Tony took a deep breath and reigned in what he truly wanted to say on the matter. He was saving it all for the exit report, and damn, it was getting even longer.

“But you and I have the same clearance don’t we?” McGee asked, no longer so snotty about it as he was curious.

Tony shook his head. “Nope, you see all the times I get loaned out to play with others in the alphabet soup means my clearance for various agencies has to be quite high. I have no idea if Gibbs or I have the highest and I know better than to ask.”

Tim flushed and looked back at his computer screen and Ziva had also gone very quiet. Gibbs stared at him again, like he was trying to figure out something. Yet still, the man hadn’t spoken to him except for to bark orders at him. That was okay, Tony at least knew where he stood with the man.


Friday, finally. Tony had made it through until the end of the week. He’d never seen going to work at NCIS as an endurance race but right now it was feeling like that. Tony didn’t care, he had one last sentence to finish and then he could get the hell out of dodge and breathe. Tony packed up once he completed his work. “Bye McLate and Ziva. I shall see you on Monday.”

“There’s paperwork still to complete, Tony. You can’t just leave.” Tim said with glee.

Tony smirked back. “Yes, there is and boys and girls you better not leave until it is in Gibbs’ inbox. Alas, mine already is … have a good weekend … whenever it starts.”

It was only when he left that Tim cursed. “We meant to quiz him about his significant other.”

Gibbs looked up from his computer. “Who?”


Cameron kind of wished he could use the beaming technology but it would look suspicious to Tony who hadn’t been read into the program yet. His transport touched down and he went through security – it didn’t take too long thanks to the military getting first call.

As he walked through the last door, he was greeted by the most perfect sight – Tony in black jeans and a white shirt. Cameron had mentioned it was one of his favourite looks in passing during their last call and now here his boyfriend was wearing exactly that.

“Hey soldier, going my way?” Tony greeted with a sly grin.

“Pilot, how many times! I know you work with the Navy but you can’t forget that easily.” Cameron said, exasperated enough that his accent thickened. Okay, so maybe that was a deliberate ploy on his part to see Tony shiver.

Tony smirked. “You’re mine, that is all I need to know … Let’s get out of here, I got us a hotel room.”

Cam was surprised by that. “Why the change of location?”

“Nosey teammates who have no right to ask questions but I have a lot to catch you up on. You won’t believe what I have found out.”

Cameron smiled as Tony’s enthusiasm was just infectious. “Oh yeah?”

Tony nodded, sensing Cameron was up to something. “What?”

Cameron pulled Tony flush against him, until there was no space left and kissed him soundly. His hands settling in the black jean pockets he’d been admiring not too long before. “I hadn’t said hello, baby.”

Tony broke away breathless. “You are something else. Let’s go.”

Chapter 6: A takedown that will be so sweet.

They’d managed to make it back to the hotel room and as soon as the door closed behind them Tony was slammed against the wall, being kissed senseless once again. He hoped they never lost this between them. “Damn, I have missed you.”

Cameron chuckled and Tony could feel the vibration of it on his throat. “Me too, darlin’.”

If anyone ever dared call Tony darlin’ or any other variation of a nickname he would shoot them but not Cameron. “So how long do we have?”

Cameron had a wicked smirk as he pushed Tony’s jeans down. “Don’t I have a promise to keep?”

“I seem to recall that you promised to take me apart piece by piece.” Tony said with a grin. “Do your best soldier.”

Cameron smirked. “Mission accepted.”

Tony’s head hit the wall as Cameron started to lick and nip at whatever skin was available to him. Tony tried to help him get rid of his clothes but they ended up in a tangled mess. The joy and the sexual tension throbbing between them was so alive it was almost tangible.

Cameron pushed Tony toward the bed. There were plans and fun to be had but they were not twenty any longer – plus, he wanted the space to explore Tony. He had a promise to deliver on after all.

Cameron’s brown eyes almost disappeared to full black as he stared at Tony on the bed. He licked his lips and Tony knew what he wanted. “Strip, Cam. I want to feel all of you.”

Cameron pulled his top off over his head, more than happy to follow that order. He shucked his trousers not wanting anything between them and crawled onto the bed, kissing a path along each scar and muscle that he wanted to pay reverence to. “You are so responsive.”

Tony groaned. “Hurry up.”

Cameron changed to feather light kisses trailing from his belly button up to each pec. “No, baby, this is at my pace, not yours.”

Tony moaned and clutched the bed sheet as Cameron’s tongue teased and explored every muscle one by one across his stomach. His moan turned into a groan as Cameron’s breath made his erection stiffen. He was already hard and when he looked down to see Cameron teasing him, he bucked up.

It was a signal that Cam listened to, as he pinned Tony’s hips and stopped teasing. Then started to tease him in new and more frustrating ways. Tony knew what he wanted. “More.”

He heard the snick of the cap but the moist heat wrapped around his dick distracted him. Then he nearly jumped out of his skin as Cam blew his mind and started to stretch him with his fingers. Tony was bucking back onto his fingers and then thrusting into the wet heat of Cam’s mouth. It was too much, too good. He wasn’t going to last and he didn’t want to climax until Cam was in him. “Too much, want you in me.”

Cam pulled off his dick with an obscene pop and had an even more obscene grin with a drop of Tony’s precum staining his lower lip before being sensually licked off. Tony would have made a comment but words were too difficult right now. “What was that babe?” Cam whispered.

Tony narrowed his eyes, already almost beyond rational thought. He pulled Cameron into a filthy kiss and thrust against Cameron’s rock hard erection. “In me.” He gasped.

Cameron gentled the kiss and slowly took back control. He slicked himself up, placing the condom on quickly not wanting to lose the moment but wanting them safe.

His questing fingers checking one last time he was loose enough to take him. Tony threw back his head to groan and Cameron took advantage to suck a hickey in a just coverable place. Cameron then slowly pushed in, wanting to savour the feeling. “Fuck.”

Tony was breathing raggedly as he was stretched full. “Harder. I am not a girl!”

Cameron smirked as he snapped his hips, knowing exactly that but he was a gentleman. He was raised to make sure both parties had a good time. Plus he just adored making his lover desperate. “Like that?”

Tony whined. “Nah, put your back into it.” Pulling him back in for a kiss.

Cameron could feel his own climax approaching as he continued to thrust. “Shit, come on, come for me.” It had been way too long since they’d last done this.

Tony groaned as Cameron tagged his prostate three times quickly and that was it. He was coming all over Cameron’s hand and falling into a sated heap back on the bed. He could feel Cameron clean him up but he was so sleepy in that moment and way too content with life.  


Tony answered his phone even if it was five in the morning on his day off. He had to gently untangle himself from Cam who made adorable grumbling noises as he molded into the warm space Tony had just left. He wouldn’t have moved but he’d been waiting on the last piece of proof in his investigation. He’d asked for a search through the marine database of the earliest admission records for TK Owens and Leon Vance and then asked for a comparison to the last known record.

He’d put the request through the marine corp and signed it off as Lt Col, as he didn’t want to raise any immediate flags with Vance.

“Hello?” Tony greeted the caller.

“Lieutenant Colonel DiNozzo, this is Corporal Maggie Jenkins, archives specialist for the Marine Corp National Database Register.”

“I’m DiNozzo. Do you have my information for me, Corporal?”

She took a deep breath. “Yes, Sir. The tests show the results seemed to have reversed between the first and the last samples.”

Tony wanted to start cheering and punching the air. He had the final piece of evidence once it was faxed to him. “Can you fax me the information? To this number 555-123-224”.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Thank you, Corporal.”

It was time to make the call to Davenport, he was done skulking around NCIS. He’d found it ironic that he’d been an agent undercover as a soldier, and right now he was a soldier undercover as an agent – but he could sort that with one phone call.

Cameron was stirring on the bed but Tony didn’t doubt he would soon catch up. “Mr. Secretary. It’s DiNozzo.

“Hello, Colonel DiNozzo, what do you have for me?”

Tony didn’t know where to start as this was a giant clusterfuck in the making, not that he cared too much. “Well, you can remove Vance as he switched identities way back when he was a Marine.”

Cameron was awake now and intrigued. Tony continued on. “Oh, I know, not damning but the information on an Operation Frankenstein which is as messed up as it sounds. Puts the metaphorical nail in his job coffin. Oh, and why Ziva David, a foreign Agent is being allowed to have full access to our national secrets.”

Davenport certainly started swearing like a sailor in charge of the Navy. “We need to meet, DiNozzo.”

Tony pouted as he had plans with Cameron, sexy plans but this was important too. “Yes, Sir. Whenever is convenient. Agent me is technically using leave time to see his boyfriend.”

Cameron kissed his cheek. “Go and we can have lunch on the steps.”

Tony grinned. “10 O’Clock, I can make that, Sir.”

The phone call ended. “So it looks like our lazy day in bed is about to be interrupted.”

Cameron shrugged. “We do what we have to.”

Tony smirked, pulling him in for a kiss. “You really are the perfect boyfriend.”

Cameron had a sly smile. “Go and change. Oh, and your real ID is in my jacket pocket.”

Tony picked up Cameron’s jacket to see it. His new badge and picture. “O’Neill told me to give it to you. He seemed to think you would be needing it sooner rather than later.”

Tony snickered as he headed into the bathroom for a quick shower. “I really can’t wait to find out what Deep Space Telemetry is code for… my Doctorate is in biochemistry. So how that will help with space I have no idea.”

Cameron grinned widely at Tony’s shocked face. He knew this was big, Tony didn’t find it easy to share. “First time you said it aloud, huh.”

Tony nodded and let out a breath as he felt lighter. He no longer had to hide his strengths or talents. He didn’t know why he felt it necessary at NCIS but he instinctively had played the clown. He’d told himself all the better to be underestimated. “Yes, I needed something that was just me. I wanted it to be separate from the law, and it linked to areas I was fascinated with.”

Cameron sat on the bed watching as Tony dried off and got dressed, then got up and helped him with his tie. “You’re ready, Dr. DiNozzo.” Then with a teasing grin. “I like it – my boyfriend, the egghead jarhead.”

Tony pulled back. “Hey now, don’t be ragging on me chair force.”

Cameron pulled back clutching his heart but with a big grin on his face. “You wound me.”

Tony smacked his shoulder and he was back centered. “Thanks.”

Cameron kissed him once again. “Go, this will be the last time you get to go to the Pentagon in civies.”

Tony smirked. “Well, this should be my last few days undercover … I hope.”

Tony was in to see Davenport fairly smoothly. He was aware that his time undercover was going to be over quickly. He would have made waves being commissioned at the rank he was – his name would only be kept secret for so long and then he would be under scrutiny.

“He will see you now.”

Tony stepped through the door. “Sir.”

Davenport looked up from his files. “Make your report, Colonel.”

Tony relaxed his stance slightly. “Which part first?”

Davenport thought about it. “Let’s start with Ziva David, you intimated her access is not restricted.”

DiNozzo shook his head. “That is correct. with Director Shepard she was given free reign. When I objected I was told to drop it or I would be written up.”

Davenport reined in his fury. “And Vance didn’t change things after she was recalled.”

Tony shrugged. “I was given the impression that the relationship with Mossad was worth it. I don’t see how a foreign agent having access to our secrets is ever worth it.”

“It’s not, I was assured her access was limited.”

Tony wisely kept silent because there was nothing here that could be said that would improve the situation.

“So – Director Vance? You mentioned two different issues and I suggest you sit as this may take a while.”

Tony nodded and did as this may, in fact, take a while. “So Director Leon Vance is actually Tyler Keith Owens, they both enter the marine academy and have the right identities.”

“So what changed?”

Tony picked up his note folder. “So I did a bit of subcontracting through a PI, I was a lawyer representing a bitter wife wanting dirt on her cheating husband.”

Davenport actually laughed at that explanation. “You are something else, DiNozzo. So what did they dig up?”

“Thank you, Sir.” Tony wasn’t sure it was a compliment but he was choosing it. “The original Vance had a degenerative eye disorder. It was picked up by the doctors and he can’t box, which was a problem. He was a prized boxer back in Vietnam.”

Davenport was following. “Go on.”

Tony continued. “So they go out on maneuvers, and Tyler Keith Owens is tragically invalided out of the army when he loses sight in one eye.”

“Only blood work had changed?”

Tony nodded. “That is correct, Sir.” He could acknowledge a job well done if that had been the case. “On the whole, the switch was pretty professional but when I asked the Marine Archives to pull the records regarding a case, I found the part they missed.”

Davenport was soaking all this in. “You said there was more. I mean I have enough to be yanking him from the chair, which we will be doing this afternoon. He has a meeting with the FBI Director right now.”

Tony was pleased to get a ringside seat to this and simply nodded. “Okay, and finally, there is Operation Frankenstein. The current Leon Vance authored a paper when part of the academy about how to create the ultimate assassin. It would require pushing the right candidates to their limits. Then you point them at the enemy and let them go. Only, it is not a good idea to set a sniper to their mental edges.”

“No failsafe?”

Tony shook his head. “No, and that is the least of their problems … the cocktail mix of drugs they use induce acid like trips which when mixed with PTSD have fatal consequences.”

“What were they thinking?” Davenport asked aghast. He hoped if this had been presented to him he would have had the good sense to reject it.

“You would have to ask your predecessor, Secretary Jarvis. He was the one to sign off on it.” Tony responded.

Phillip rubbed his face, gods, he wanted a drink. This was a shitstorm that he was going to have to clean up. He would make sure Jarvis paid for this and Leon would be lucky if he avoided jail time over this mess.

“Be ready to travel at two o’clock from here.” Davenport ordered, he pressed a button on his desk and Davenport’s assistant appeared.

“Ah Travers, the Lt Colonel here needs a dress uniform, please. Make sure he doesn’t leave without one.”

“Two O’Clock, DiNozzo”

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” Tony responded, and he wouldn’t, the people at NCIS were about to find out who Anthony DiNozzo really was.


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