Tsunami Bomb

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Hawaii Five-0

Pre-Danny 'Danno' Williams/Steve McGarret

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Author's Note:
I could spend all day thanking people. Ladyholder and Keira Marcos herself betaed this story, as it is a fully authorized part of her Ties That Bind universe. Every single mistake in this story is mine directly. ALL of the housing choices were discussed and cleared with Keira first so if you don't like it...well, GFY 😉

Life is never easy for anyone. No one gets out alive. Sometimes it's not about the bullshit you've been through but the people you meet and the place you call home.

Danny was worn out. The move from New Jersey had taken a lot out of him. He’d given up every bit of his support circle but that was part of being a parent. Grace was his entire world and he’d make the move all over again just for her. Sure, he hated Hawaii and missed his friends and family and his old precinct but he’d have to get over it.

At least Rachel had paid for the condo he was living in. He’d looked at prices on apartments and houses in the area and they hadn’t been within his budget despite not paying alimony or child support. Thankfully the divorce had been a mutual agreement even if it had felt like the world had fallen apart when his collar had first come off. It wasn’t Rachel that he missed though. It was the security. The feeling that he was owned, loved and wanted.

Sometimes he wished he’d waited longer than six months after being marked before submitting to her. He’d still been a little off from not being with a full time Master anymore and hadn’t really understood what he had needed in a top. Then Rachel had gotten pregnant with Grace and none of that mattered anymore. Both of them had focused on getting through the pregnancy and then raising Gracie until they finally sat back one day and realized that not only had they fallen out of love with each other but their dynamic mesh wasn’t as good as they had first thought. Rachel couldn’t give Danny things that were integral to him, things that he needed to be able to exist and they had both become frustrated with it. She felt inadequate and he felt wrong footed all the time.

They’d separated and eight months later she’d met Gracie’s Step-Stan. Danny couldn’t blame her for taking him. You could look at them together and tell they had a good dynamic mesh but he could blame them for moving him to this pineapple infested hell hole just so he could be with his daughter.

He sighed and looked around his bedroom trying to decide what paintings he was going to give back to her and which ones he was going to take serious joy in destroying. That creepy abstract of a clown was getting burnt. Rachel should have known he hated clowns. They always wanted to touch you and most of them were creeps anyway, nothing funny about the fuckers.

Her taste in furniture didn’t agree with his either. He liked comfortable, functional things that were tasteful. She liked snobby “sophisticated” overpriced crap that you couldn’t sit on and was easily destroyed so all but the bed would need to be replaced eventually too. The bed though, that he was keeping. It was a California king with a nice plush mattress and she’d even picked out Egyptian cotton sheets with a high thread count in deeper toned blues and greens. The stupid throw pillows he could do without but those could easily be shoved in a closet and forgotten.

Really he needed to get his ass out of his overly indulgent bed and go get a shower for work but he seriously didn’t want to. He’d been on the cross just about every week since he’d come to Hawaii and he was so fucking tired of having to wear a chastity device to start his Friday. The first two weeks had been fine and then his partner had gotten it in his head that he could top Danny. The man wasn’t even trained so there was no way he was coming near him. The other officers had thought Danny was just being a prick and had covered for the jerk.

Danny wasn’t going to settle for a pretty face ever again. When the guy hadn’t wanted to take no for an answer Danny had introduced him to his knuckles at close range and since he was new a lot of the other guys had sided with said partner. If someone hadn’t anonymously corroborated Danny’s side of things he was certain he’d have gotten those twenty lashes and that pissed him off.

Danny had filed charges against HPD at the Overseer’s Office with his side of the story and someone had back him up. Danny would have put money on that person being Meka Hanamoa, his new partner but he wasn’t going to ask. It had gotten him out of an unjust lashing and that was all he cared about.

He could kiss whoever had created the Overseer system though. They had offices all over the country and their staff was constantly rotating in and out so it helped keep abuses of power and favoritism down. The constantly changing staff made it easy for Internal Affairs to keep an eye on them and have undercover staff working there as well. It wasn’t foolproof but it was as close as a punishment system could get.

With a heavy sigh he threw the covers off and went to take a shower. As he headed that way he caught sight of his mark in the mirror and stopped to run his fingers over it. He smiled softly and turned back to get in the shower. If nothing else, at least, he had a constant reminder of something that set him apart from others and made him special. The memories of his training were always fun, too. Some days he missed his Pleasure Master so badly he found himself considering things that were best left in the past. It wouldn’t be fair to either of them. That didn’t mean he couldn’t remember some of the more vigorous training sessions while he masturbated in the shower though.

He let one of his favorite memories drift forward in his mind and leaned back against the cool tile as the water slid across his skin, his fingers trailing slowly after the drops to the soft skin at the base of his cock. It was other hands he pictured though. Rough gun calloused hands so sure of their ability to hurt and give pleasure in the same measure. Dirty blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes set in a face that could steal the air from your lungs and a dynamic that could captivate an entire room. Gorgeous full lips pressed against his ear telling him all the filthy things those hands were going to do to him in perfect French.

He was shivering just from remembering what those hands had done to him. They’d played with his cock and spread him open roughly but expertly so that he could ride his Master’s dick for hours. He hadn’t been allowed to come until he’d brought the other man off twice with just his ass. By the time he’d finished he’d been half crazy with need and he had been flipped onto his back and ridden so hard he’d had to kneel instead of sit the next day. His left hand clenched on his balls enough to cause that bite he craved and his right worked furiously until he spilled onto the shower floor. Opening he eyes and breathing deeply he washed himself clean and turned the water off.

As he stepped out of the shower he decided that he was going to have to go to one of the higher end clubs and let someone take him down once this case was over. There were too many things in his head and he needed to climb out of his professionalism for a little while. He didn’t have Gracie until next weekend anyway, so as long as this didn’t end up being one of those cases that took forever to solve he’d be good.

Danny stood in front of his closet and picked out a pair of charcoal gray slacks and a white shirt but the tie took longer to decide on. His fingers flitted over a few and then finally he decided on the tie that was almost the same shade of blue as his Pleasure Master’s eyes. He’d bought it on impulse but he never regretted it. He slipped his clothes on, gently looping the tie around his throat and sliding the knot into place tightly. Usually he wore it a little looser but today was already a bad day and his head wasn’t on right so he figured the added sense of false security would be necessary.

After he dropped Grace off at school and put in the request for a wire-tap he headed to the crime scene. Meka was out sick so Danny was on his own. As he entered the house where Jack McGarrett had been murdered he heard a voice coming from the garage. Quietly he unholstered his gun and made his way out there.


Commander Steve n J. McGarrett had spent his entire adult life serving his country thus far. He loved his job and respected and cared for the people he worked with. What he hadn’t expected was for his job to affect his past. As he watched the island he’d once called home grow closer and closer to him he felt his heart clench. First his mother had died here and now his father had been murdered by a man Steve would hunt to his last breath.

Before he stepped off the flight he was notified that the governor wanted to see him and after a heated discussion with her he ran into his father’s old partner and friend Chin Ho Kelly. Chin gave him chit chat for a few minutes and then told him about what he’d heard in regards to his father’s case. Apparently there was some ha’i’ole, mainlander that had just moved here working it with a rookie. It felt like an insult and as though someone on this island wanted Hesse to get off Scott fucking free.

With that in mind he said his goodbyes to Chin and headed to the house he’d grown up in. Even just heading there was painful. Seeing all these streets unchanged but infinitely different. He could recognize everything but it was like looking at it through water. Things were blurred and faded around the edges with a new reality filtering through. One he didn’t recognize and hadn’t ever been a part of.

When he stepped through the police tape and into the house the first thing he saw was the picture and the trophies covered in his father’s blood and thicker things he didn’t want to think about. Steve stood frozen as memories assaulted him. His mother brushing his hair out of his face and kissing his forehead gently. His father ruffling his hair and telling him that he’d gotten a new model for them to work on. Mary sticking her tongue out at him and then running when he threatened to tickle her. Snapshots of a life he hadn’t been a part of in so long it almost felt like someone else’s.

The worst memories were of his mother and father smiling softly at each other, her collar shining softly in the evening light the tag shaped like a little police shield proclaiming his father as her Dom swaying gently against her throat. Their love was so obvious it hurt and the pride they had taken in Steve when he’d started showing signs of his own dynamic and then the gentle but just as strong pride in Mary when she’d been identified as a sub. It still hurt that Steve’s father hadn’t been there for his Basic Combat Training graduation or to give him advice about being a good Top but at least he hadn’t had to deal with the freak out that some sadists did when their parents found out.

Even with as accepting of sexual dynamic as society was, being a sadist on the higher end of the spectrum still seemed to take some adjustment for some people. Steve had thankfully been spared that and his father had been there when he’d walked for graduation at Annapolis. Jack had smiled at him and told him how proud he was. He guarded that memory fiercely because after his mother had died the smiles had been almost non-existent when Steve had even seen his father and while he’d known he was loved and that he was a man and a Dom his father could be proud of hearing it had still stopped him in his tracks. His eyes prickled and he shook his head. Slowly he walked through the house he’d lived in until he was fifteen. Every little detail that was there to find he did. The empty space on the desk for a technology his father had hated. The palm prints on the same piece of furniture, the shoe print that wasn’t Hesse’s.

Steve made his way to the garage and when he found the toolbox his father’s voice saying he loved him and calling him Champ floated to the surface of his mind. That particular memory caused a tear in his soul and he opened the box to get away from it. There were pictures and postcards, letters and bits of things and then Steve found the recorder. His body moved of its own accord and Jack McGarrett’s voice filled the garage. Steve’s chest clenched at the sound and then he clamped down on everything with a determination his house and his career had drilled into him. There were no emotions in this, this was just a case and Steve was meant to process everything so that he could find Hesse and put him down like the rabid skunk he was. Steve would kill him just like he’d killed Anton but the righteousness he’d feel would help him sleep at night. Sometimes you could take a life and have it settle something inside rather than have it haunt you for eternity even if it did stay with you and change you.

The little mechanical voice washed over him until he heard the front door open. He hurried to turn off the recorder and close up the box. No one was touching this but him and he didn’t give a fuck if it was the ha’i’ole Detective or one of the perpetrators, Victor Hesse was his and there would be a planetary implosion before that changed.

When he caught sight of the interloper Steve almost stopped reaching for his gun. The other man was beautiful. He had a strong face, broad shoulders, pretty blonde hair that Steve was sure would be soft to the touch without anything in it. Hell he’d put money on there being a loose curl to it, and those eyes. God they were so intense and so blue. He was shorter than Steve as well but that would just make it easier to bend him in half and split him wide with his cock. Despite the haze of lust filled thoughts slamming through his mind he didn’t hesitate to draw his weapon on the other man.

Then the yelling started. “Who are you and what the fuck are you doing here? This is an active crime scene!”

Obviously not from the island. The accent was a dead giveaway, and the clothes didn’t help. Either this was the little ha’i’ole sub that Chin had told him about or he worked with Hesse. “You got ID?”

“What do you even mean do I have ID? Who are you and what are you doing at my crime scene?” Apparently he was the haole but Steve wasn’t going to take him at his word. If he didn’t have proof Steve would shoot him, pretty or not.

“Well, unless you got ID it’s not your crime scene so if you could…” Steve shrugged in a manner that wouldn’t interfere with his ability to shoot the smaller man. It was a little unreal that even the glare, that by all rights should have been ugly, was cute too. He had shit to do. Like find and kill Hesse.

“Do I have ID? How about do you have ID?” Really Steve could understand that one if he was a cop. He had some strange top holding a gun on him. That had to be scary. Any other time and he’d probably make it a point to ask the little sub to play but really, righteous familial vengeance took precedence over everything.

“On three?” Maybe that would ease both their nerves and get things moving so that Steve could get on with finding his prey.

“On three? What on three? Like together?” Steve was losing his patience but he tried to remind himself that the man had just walked into his crime scene thinking it would be empty and instead there is someone with a gun screaming at him. Letting his temper out all over the other man wasn’t going to help anything.

“Yes, at the same time. I’m Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarett by the way.” That didn’t seem to ease the man at all and Steve started to wonder again if maybe this was one of Hesse’s men.

“Detective Daniel Williams. One.” They both released the bottom of gun in tandem. “Two.” And they both let their free hand reach back into their pockets without ever losing eye contact. “Three.” They both had an ID held up for the other to see. Steve recognized the shield from that other version of his life. When his father was still a highly decorated and respected Top. When his mother was still smiling softly and nudging everyone gently to be the best people they could be. Seeing the badge almost stopped him because it flooded his mind with hundreds of snapshots of a life he couldn’t ever even revisit now.

He shook off the feelings and turned to retrieve the toolbox as the detective apologized to him about Jack and told him he had to leave the crime scene. On the words active investigation Steve saw red. “It doesn’t look that active to me.”

“I can’t talk to you about an ongoing investigation.” And that was it. The governor had known it would come to this. Steve would bet his commission on it. Damn that woman to hell. Steve let one hand rest on the toolbox and reached for his phone with the other. He wasn’t thrilled to be making the phone call but sometimes you had to man up and do what needed doing. His father had taught him that and his military career had reinforced it along with his training. Sometimes there were things in life that you were forced to do no matter how much you didn’t want to.

With an internal sigh he called Governor Jameson. She’d told him if he reconsidered to give her a call. He might as well get this over with. “I need to speak to Governor Jameson, please. Tell her that it’s Commander McGarrett.” The clerk had been about to tell him that she was busy until he’d said who he was. Apparently, she hadn’t been kidding when she’d told him she meant business.

He watched as first Detective William’s rolled his eyes and then glared at Steve the longer he was on the phone. Once he’d sworn in and hung up the other man looked seriously red in the face and ready to commit his own homicide. Steve didn’t know what to do to calm the other man so he decided the best course of action was to leave. He picked up the toolbox and headed out the door. “It’s my crime scene now.” Maybe eventually Steve could make it up to him.

Danny glared at the back of Steve McGarrett as he walked out of the crime scene that was no longer his. He wanted so badly for this to not be real. If he called this in the Captain would try and use it as an excuse to put him on the cross again he just knew it. If he didn’t call the Captain though it would look worse. Steve ‘I’m an asshole’ McGarrett was going to see him down to the Overseers Office no matter what and that just pissed Danny off even more. One more reason to hate Hawaii, Danny supposed. With a heavy sigh he went out to his Camaro and called the Captain to let him know about the Governor and her new task force and how Danny was off the case. As expected the man tried to blame Danny for it and told him to expect his paperwork for his discipline later that day. Danny politely argued with him as respectfully as he could because if he was disrespectful at all he’d for sure be on the cross then and all calls into HPD and any other major police hub were recorded. This was one of those times it would work in someone’s favor.

That call finished Danny headed downtown so that he could argue his case with the Overseer and see if perhaps he could actually make a case for harassment. The constantly having to defend his ass was really starting to rub him raw and that was something no one wanted. If he had to he’d call his House and get them involved but he didn’t want to do that without good reason and his co-workers being assholes wasn’t good enough as far as he was concerned. Light hazing was one thing, harassment was another.

After Danny got the paperwork pushed through to ensure that he wasn’t lashed, he talked to the Overseer’s legal staff to find out if it would be necessary for him to press charges against HPD in order to have this stop. He was actually advised to proceed with the case but informed that he’d probably have to stop working there during the processing to see to his safety. With that in mind, he groaned and took out his cell phone in the waiting area they’d led him to. He’d asked for a few minutes to get some perspective and they’d been kind enough to give it to him.

Scrolling through his contacts he hesitated for a few seconds because he really didn’t want to bother the other man with this, but who better to get advice from? Biting his lip he tapped the screen and moved the phone to his ear.

“Danny, to what do I owe this call?” He could hear the trace of amusement in the lightly accented, rich voice of his Pleasure Master.

“Nothing fun. Sorry, Sir,” Danny said apologetically. He wished he’d called the man before now, if nothing else just to catch up but, he hadn’t wanted to invade the man’s life. It was important to have space between them.

“It’s alright, Danny. What’s wrong?” The man was so sincere and it made Danny feel even worse for not at least calling to check in lately.

“Got myself into some trouble again. I had a Dom I work with think that he could Top me without my express invitation so I might have possibly broken his nose.” He hadn’t felt contrite about the event but he was feeling contrite now, damn it. Why couldn’t he keep his fucking temper in check?

“Sounds like he deserved it to me. So what’s the rest of it Danny?” He could hear the subtle command. Danny was not to drag this out. He reminded himself that the other man was still in the service and was probably pretty busy right now.

“It caused some tension in the office and they’ve been trying to find excuses to send me to the Overseer’s Office for punishments I don’t deserve. I got thirty with a strap for breaking the Dom’s nose but I earned those and I’ll admit to that. If they would stop harassing me I might be able to keep hold of my temper long enough to not give them a real reason to cross me but I’m getting really tired of wearing a chastity device every Friday, Sir.” Danny sighed heavily and then taking a breath finished the rest of the story.

“Basically, I almost got another punishment, and I say that word with the utmost sarcasm, today and talked to legal in the Overseer’s Office. They think I have a case but I’ll have to take a leave of absence, possibly quit my job in order to pursue it.” When he’d finished he slumped totally and had to rub at his eyes to stop himself from tearing up. He loved his job.

“Listen to me and listen closely Danny, you are precious. I know that you love your job but if you don’t take a stand for yourself here the entirety of HPD is going to think that you are less than what you are. You are my life’s work. You are Grace’s father. You are the hopes and dreams and the sum of the love your parents share. You are an amazing Detective, brother, father, friend, son and submissive. Do not for one second let them think you aren’t worthy. Also, don’t make me come to Hawaii. No one will be happy about it, aside from me. I do rather enjoy the sun. You can find another job that you love, but you yourself are irreplaceable and you deserve respect. If they were doing this to another submissive what would you say to them?” He was so concise and matter of fact about everything and Danny smiled softly to himself.

“Merci, Maître. I guess I’ll figure something out. Anyway I’d get to see Gracie more so that’s one good thing that would come of it.” Danny could use a vacation anyway. Who was he to argue with a man that referred to him as his life’s work.

“I’m sure you will. Contact me to let me know what happens. If you can’t get a hold of me you know the House and my cousins will be more than happy to take care of you. They ask about you every time I talk to them anyway.”

Danny’s throat clenched when he noticed that the man had said contact and not call. “Are you getting deployed to a high combat area, Sir?” Even he could tell his voice was tight when he asked and he closed his eyes hoping he was wrong.

“It’s classified Danny but I’ll be with people that I trust almost as much as the family and of course I’ll get to see a few friendly faces while I’m there. I’ll send you e-mail updates as often as I can, alright?” If he trusted them like family then that made Danny feel a little easier but he was still worried. This man had chosen him, trained him and marked him for life. It was a connection that didn’t just dissolve or go away once it was forged. It was there for the whole of both of their lives. If Danny ever took another collar he’d need a Top that realized he wouldn’t belong entirely to them no matter what. Rachel hadn’t understood. Danny had loved her and she had, had his love and his submission but his Pleasure Master would always have a small place in his life and his heart. It had caused problems because they hadn’t been secure in their dynamic.

“If that is your will, Sir. I understand that that’s the most you can offer and it’s more than enough. Just be as careful as you can, please?” This was one of those moments where he almost wished he’d taken the collar he’d been offered. It would have been so good between them but then he wouldn’t have Grace and he couldn’t look back on any of his life with regret if it brought him her.

“I’m always careful. Go get your paperwork filed and notify the house that you’ll be needing council. Don’t argue with me about it either. You’re mine to look after. You gave me that right when you accepted my mark.” And Danny wanted to. He wanted to argue because he needed some kind of distance right now. It was a big part of why he hadn’t been calling to give the man regular updates on himself and Grace.

“What am I supposed to do in the meantime, Sir? You know how much trouble I get in when I’m bored.” And yes okay he was being a total whiner but he hadn’t bothered to vent to anyone since moving to this God Forsaken pineapple infested shithole and who better to act like a petulant child with than your Pleasure Master? Okay so his mom would have been a better choice but she’d have flown out here and babied him. He needed Maître right now because he wouldn’t be babied, but he’d be given exactly what he needed.

“Daniel Williams stop acting like a child. You’re an adult. Learn to surf, spend time with Grace, get some sun, take up kickboxing or cooking or something. Just don’t whine.” He could hear the amusement in the other man’s voice. He’d always been able to see through Danny. It put a smile on his face.

“Yes, Sir. Thank you for your help and your time as always.” He was smiling because yeah it was a little formal but sometimes he just couldn’t help himself when he was talking to this man.

“Don’t thank me for giving you something you deserve. Stop over thinking everything and do what you know needs done. Then take a few days to collect yourself. Maybe go to the House branch on the island?” The man always had good advice.

“I’ll probably stop by but I think I’m going to go ahead and find a decent club to exhibit at this weekend. Need to research them first to make sure I don’t end up at some dive.” Because he’d done that once before he got his first session and that had not been a good night at all.

“Alright. And Danny, stop worrying about contacting me and just do it. I’ve missed hearing from you. Grace is like my niece. If I have to use leave to come discipline you for avoidance you won’t sit for a month and you won’t enjoy it at all. Am I clear?” Leave it to this man to know exactly what was going on without Danny having to say a word.

“Oui, Maître.”

“Pretty words won’t save your pretty ass, Daniel.” He pouted at his phone. Damn intuitive Top.

With a put upon sigh he said, “Yes, Sir. You’ve made yourself clear. Also, the psychic thing, I really hate the psychic thing you do.”

“It’s only because of all the time I’ve spent with you, learning you and how best to train you. Contact the House and ask the head of the branch for recommendations on a club. No need for a repeat of your eighteenth birthday, mon étoile.” Danny shivered. God that nickname from those lips always sent a shot of lust straight through him.

“I haven’t been that reckless with play since and you know it.” Really aside from on the job, he hadn’t.

“Yes, yes you’re so well behaved. Are you trying to convince me or yourself, ma lumière?” He could hear the sarcasm and humor dripping from the words and it made him smile as he was sure the other man intended.

“A little of both, maybe? It’s not fair using pet names on me like that either, Sir.” He wondered if the other man could hear the soft smile in his voice. It was impossible to feel nothing for his Pleasure Master. Danny hadn’t ever met anyone that didn’t love the man at least a little.

“Life isn’t fair. You’ll live and I know that because I’ve never stopped using either name even when you were married. By the way, how is Rachel doing?” Danny frowned and then shook his head. She was still his friend and he still cared about her even if he didn’t belong to her anymore.

“She’s doing fine. She likes her new job, hates my job, dotes on Gracie and she and Stan are pretty much in perfect sync. I think he misbehaved last week though because when I went to get Grace this past weekend Rachel asked me if I’d keep her through Monday so that Grace didn’t have to see him in ‘time out’. I didn’t pry though because as curious as I was, it wasn’t any of my business and Grace walked into the room.”

The smirk was dripping from every word the other man uttered. “Well, you not giving in to your curiosity is rather impressive. I’m so proud of you. That reminds me, do I need to come touch up your mark before I leave for this deployment? And if you lie I’m making the trip just to whip you while you wear a chastity device.”

Danny glared at the wall in front of him. He fucking hated chastity devices. It was also frustrating to have to admit that his ink was faded, because he sometimes forgot to put Tollan Cream on it, and the other man would have to take time out of his life to come fix it. “Yes, Sir. It’s only slightly faded but it could use new ink before you leave.”

He heard the sigh of frustration before the other man spoke. “Daniel you are aware that I do actually enjoy coming to see you and that I like when you need something from me, correct?”

Scrubbing a hand through his hair he mumbled, “Yes, but I just hate taking you away from anything important and you are getting ready for a deployment. An important and dangerous one from the sounds of it.”

“Yes, and who better for me to spend some of my last few weeks of free time with than you, mon étoile? Of course I’ll visit with the family and take care of some other things as well but I would like to see you and Grace before I go.” That was Danny’s undoing. He couldn’t say no when the request was put like that and it was a request. Some people you just couldn’t deny anything to.

“Well, then I suppose you’ll have to send me your flight information. I’ve got to do some redecorating first though. Rachel furnished the house.”

The laughter on the other end was totally unnecessary. “I’m sure you’ll be fine in the meantime even if it is a bit stuffy.”

“There was an abstract clown painting in my bedroom. My bedroom for chrissakes!” That hadn’t been meant to make the other man laugh harder but apparently it was hysterical.

“Laugh it up, Sir. I can always put it in the guest room.” There were a few more minutes of laughter and then with a contented sigh the other man finally quit.

“I’m sorry I was just picturing your horror and outrage. I’ll send you my itinerary as soon as I get my tickets. I have to go now though Danny. Feeling better?”

And he was. Danny felt like so much weight had been taken off of him. He smiled softly and nodded as he said, “Yeah. Thanks for everything. Have a good day Sir.”

“I will and you should too Danny. I’ll contact you soon, my little light.” Danny blushed. The French was pretty and it was sweet but the tone that was used for that last little bit made him feel like the entirety of the other man’s world.

“I look forward to it. I’ll see you soon, Master.” He smiled to himself as he hung up and went to inform the legal staff of his decision. He gave them his House information and let them know that he’d be getting council through them. When he got back home he went up to his room and snatched the clown painting off the wall then headed back down the stairs. Since he’d been told to find something to do, he decided he was going to burn it in the fire pit in the back yard. That would give him no small amount of joy and he’d be rid of the damn thing.


When Steve’s cab pulled up to the little condo he got out with the files he’d collected from HPD and made a run for the front door. He knocked briskly and waited for the occupant to answer.

Steve quirked a brow at the painting the smaller man was holding. “Like clowns?” At first the other man blinked owlishly and then looked down and glared at the picture.

“That’s excellent work, Commander, but no I do not like clowns. Clowns are weird. They look like total creeps and they always want to touch you. Clowns are evil, and so is my ex-wife.” The diatribe made Steve even more curious but he had other things to worry about right now.

“Right, so about the notes you made in my father’s case file about this small arms dealer. What’s the connection?” He watched at the little blonde’s knuckles turned white where he was clutching the frame of the painting but none of his emotions showed on his face.

“Duran is the only small arms dealer on this island. As soon as Hesse got here he’d have needed a gun. First stop, Duran. I figured I would see if I could get anything on him then bring him in for questioning.” Steve nodded and decided in that moment he was putting the man on the task force. He’d been given carte blanche and he was going to take full advantage while he could. When he’d stopped by HPD to collect Williams’ files the Captain had seemed more upset than was entirely warranted.

As he’d read through the file he’d had it confirmed that Williams was in fact a sub but didn’t have any further information. Military files were more thorough as they gave you the Pleasure House and the amount of training for each military asset along with their dynamic. Steve wasn’t accustomed to the lighter file and it made it harder to get a feel for the type of person Williams was but he’d work with what he was given.

The man was a first rate detective and he had a knack for getting information out of people that otherwise would have cut their tongues out before divulging anything. He wanted more information about the man and the best way for him to get it was to put him on his team. Decision made he nodded and said, “Well, partner, let’s head over and pay him a visit.”

Williams gave him a bewildered look and asked, “Partner? I’m off the case if you’ll recall and I also resigned from HPD this morning as advised by the Overseer’s Office.”

That stopped Steve short. “Overseer’s Office? Why where you at the Overseer’s Office?”

Williams’ entire face turned stony as he replied, “That doesn’t really concern you, Commander. I’ve given you the information you requested now if you’ll excuse me I have things to take care of today.”

Steve needed this man’s help. He wasn’t sure why he was so certain but between his military and house training he’d learned to trust his instincts and they were screaming at him that the man in front of him was necessary in his life. Shrugging internally, he decided to just do like always and make the other man do what he said, “You got no choice Detective. The Governor gave me jurisdiction and I’m making you my partner so let’s go.”

“Actually, since I’m not on the force anymore yeah, I do have a choice. Lock the door on your way out.” And yeah the other man was smug because he obviously had the ball in his court and there was no way he was going to give it up to Steve easily. Then he noticed the picture of Williams and a little girl and figured he’d appeal to the man’s sense of family.

“Hesse killed my father and this man is the only lead I have and you’re the one that found him. I need your help. Now can we please go question Duran?” Indecision flashed in the other man’s eyes for a minute and then Steve saw his resistance crumble and felt a jolt of relief thrill through him.

The other man grabbed his keys and informed Steve, “I’m driving.” Since Steve didn’t have his truck he wasn’t going to argue.

When they got to Duran’s he was arguing with someone and Williams was harping at him about backup but Steve just said, “You are my backup. Let’s go.” Things degenerated from there. Williams got shot and Steve had to chase the suspect. He ended up in a standoff with the man in the middle of an outdoor market. He’d thought he had things under control but the more he talked the more agitated Duran had become until Steve was unsure if he was going to shoot the woman or not. When Williams shot him, though all Steve saw was Hesse getting away as his only lead died.

HPD showed up and started cleaning up the scene while the EMTs took care of the hostage and Williams. Steve was furious and wanted to lash out at anything and everything, but especially Williams right now. When Danny came up to him and started arguing with him Steve told him to step off and when the other man didn’t he simply forced him to the ground. Steve couldn’t help the bit of aggression he let slip as he said, “You don’t have to like me but right now there’s no one else to do this job.”

Williams caved and said ,“Okay just let me go.” Steve figured that was the end of it and let him up but as soon as he did Williams decked him and said, “You’re right, I don’t like you.” And he walked away.


Danny was having what equated to the worst day in his entire life and that was including the day Rachel had removed his collar. First he’d had his crime scene taken from him by a smug asshole, then he’d voluntarily quit a job that he loved which had taken more out of him than he cared to admit. Of course when he’d started feeling better, the aforementioned smug asshole showed up at his door and persuaded him to come along on the most idiotic errand ever in the history of ever.

To further prove that Danny was right in his annoyance, he’d then been shot which aside from hurting was going to leave a fucking mark for a little while, and to top it all off the overly toppy son of a bitch had embarrassed him in front of half of HPD which meant it would be around the entire station before the day was out and he still had to go in and give his formal resignation. So he’d snapped.

Never in his life had Danny struck another human being that hadn’t been trying to kill or hurt him until today. Steven McGarrett was a lunatic and Danny needed to run far away from him before he caused Danny to kill him, got Danny arrested or killed because he was damn sure that the other man was going to cause at least one of those events to occur. One of the HPD officers had tried to take Danny into custody for formal punishment after he’d punched McGarrett but Danny had shrugged him off and made his way to the Charger. If he had to take a punishment it wasn’t going to be at HPD.

With a heavy sigh he climbed into the driver’s seat and didn’t realize McGarrett had followed him until he’d opened the passenger side door and climbed in. Danny looked over at him and glared. “If you think for one second I’m letting you punish me for punching you you’re insane. I’m going to the OS Office. They’ll give you the report later, Sir.” And if that Sir was sarcastic in anyway, well, some things Danny just couldn’t help.


Steve frowned and turned to look at Williams. “Who said anything about punishing you?” He frowned harder when he watched the utter confusion slide into place on the other man’s face. “Look I’ve got more important things to deal with right now. I know someone that might be able to help us get another lead. He was a friend of my father. Could you just drive?”

He watched as Williams went through what seemed like more emotions than Steve could even label in the span of mere seconds. It was as though the other man didn’t even realize his face was like an emotional rollercoaster. Not only was it disconcerting but it was totally new for Steve. He’d met a few people that wore their hearts on their sleeve before he’d joined the service but since he’d been in, even the subs wore stoic masks everywhere but the bedroom. Obviously, there were some aspects of civilian life he was going to need to get reacquainted with and fast. Shaking off his bewilderment, he directed the detective right to Chin Ho Kelly.

They talked for a little while and Williams seemed to take an instant like to Chin. Steve wasn’t sure why at first other than Chin was an easy person to like. When Steve asked Chin if he took the money from that drug bust that had cost Chin his badge Williams got defensive and Chin seemed almost as bewildered.

It totally floored Steve when the smaller man said tersely, “Of course he didn’t take it. He’s still a marked Green Dragon Geisha. Do you fucking think Heian would have allowed him to keep that status if he’d done something that would tarnish their thousands of years of good standing! What are you crazy?”

When Steve saw the ear-splitting grin that Chin gave Danny he couldn’t help but smile. “I was just going to point out that my father trusted him enough to still be close to him when the rest of HPD would have distanced themselves. I’m glad to see you won’t be holding rumors against Chin either, though, since I’d like to add him to the team. If you’re willing of course. So Chin, would you like to have a badge again?” His face was totally blank as he made the offer.

Chin laughed and shook his head despairingly. “You do realize this is going to create tension between HPD and your Task Force right?”

At that Danny spoke up and Steve was shocked to note genuine humor in his tone. “No worries there, they have it in for me too since I’m a ha’i’ole and I broke Palea’s nose.”

“Let me guess, he didn’t understand the meaning of ‘no’ meant when you said thank you for the offer, but no?”

At that Steve’s eyes grew cold. If there was one thing he couldn’t stand it was pushy Tops. He knew it was ironic since he was a pushy top but not in the ‘won’t take no for an answer’ sense. Willing subs weren’t exactly hard for him to find and they shouldn’t be for any Dom that was worth a damn.

When Danny confirmed that Chin was exactly right Steve’s blood ran hot and then icebound as he felt himself slide into the darkest pieces of the SEAL he’d been trained into. His mind catalogued all the ways he knew to kill a man and make it look like an accident. Chin had been his father’s friend and a frequent visitor to the house growing up, and Danny with all his prickly bits was a part of Steve’s team now too. He protected his team with a ferocity born of bloodshed. They would fight and bleed and die for each other. This was something the Navy had assured him of. Officer Palea had better hope that Steve never found the opportunity to use his hard-earned killer instincts on him. As it was Steve would have to call Cat and beg a favor because there would be dirt on this man and Steve would use it to ruin him.

Steve noticed the second Chin zeroed in on his darker thoughts and shook them away as best he could. “Well, Chin?”

Watching the other man smile softly and shake his head helped calm Steve. “Yeah, okay McGarrett I just hope you know what you’re getting yourself into.”

“Two properly trained officers of the law to delegate paperwork to. Yep.” He smiled playfully. It was his default setting anyway. Deflect with boyish good charm and since he had the top next door look down pat it worked nicely.

“Come on I’ve got a friend that can help.”

“After you.” He smirked when both the subs now under his care rolled their eyes in tandem and then walked ahead of him. At least in his head he could be honest about watching Danny’s ass in those well-tailored slacks that Steve would normally be trying to talk someone as appealing as the blonde out of.

Chin’s friend turned out to be a local shaved ice dealer by the name of Kamekono. Steve was pretty sure he was a Top but if he was marked his shirt sleeves covered it. He laughed off being called a ha’i’ole and went to stand beside the charger with the stupid shirt on.

A little girl came up to them and really Steve couldn’t deal with this right now. When he tried to shoo her away she stayed until Williams pulled a giant pink bunny out of the backseat and handed it to her. Apparently Steve quirking an eyebrow at him embarrassed the other man and all he heard was, “What? What’s with the look? I have a daughter.”

Steve smiled and shook his head. “No look I’m just wondering why you have a giant pink bunny in the backseat is all.” He flinched when he saw Danny frown.

“My daughter wanted a bunny and I didn’t know if her mother would let me get her a real one so I got her that one as a placeholder until I could talk to her about it. She already had a real one when I took her to school this morning.” Steve was going to try placating the other man and then he watched as Danny shrugged his shoulder and smiled tightly. “It happens.”

Yeah, it happened but that didn’t mean the other man liked it very much. It was obvious that he cared for his daughter and Steve wanted to ask but he’d already done enough to piss the other man off by railroading his way into Williams’ life. He could let the man have this, for a while anyway.


Chin came back with a name and a situation. Apparently he had a solution too though because the next thing Danny knew they were on a beach. Chin explained about all the bad guys knowing all the cops on the island and how they would need to think outside the box. Then he pointed out a little slip of a woman on a piece of wood in the water. The only thought running through Danny’s head was ‘whoa’ because she was hot, she was really hot and so obviously a Top. Supremely sure in her dynamic and comfortable in herself. He watched her deck some guy that stole her wave and then ran towards them when she caught sight of Chin.

Danny panted a little internally when he saw her Domme mark. It was a stylized samurai sword along her back. He’d played with a few tops from Heian and they’d always left him utterly satisfied. Obviously, he needed to get laid because he really didn’t want Chin killing him for thinking that his cousin was a total babe and then Chin was introducing them and Danny was a little lost when she shook his hand. He knew he was smiling like a besotted pet and he could do fuck all to stop it. Chin elbowed him and gave him a warning look. Danny fought the blush as hard as he could but he felt it when his face heated anyway. They teased him a little and then moved back to the office to start the planning stages.

Once Sang Min took the bait everything moved quick as a flash. They got Kono inside, her cover got blown by a mole at HPD, captured Sang Min and got him to give up Hesse’s location. As they headed towards the harbor Danny got a call from Rachel and wasn’t that just perfect.

“Hello?” Thank God he wasn’t driving but he really wanted to find out where the hell McGarrett had learned to drive because it left a lot to be desired. Apparently he wasn’t paying proper attention because Rachel took that sharp snotty tone with him and her tiny mechanical voice sniped, “Daniel are you listening? I just asked you to pick up Grace from school.”

Of course, today of all days. “Rachel, I can’t right now. We’re pursuing a suspect in a murder investigation.”

“What does that have to do with you picking her up in two hours Daniel?” God she was using her ‘you’re being stupid and I will punish you if you don’t stop’ voice and that just pissed him off. Yes, they had a child together but she’d given up the right to talk to him like that when she’d taken his collar.

“Rachel, I’m going to have paperwork and I’m heading into a hostile situation. Please for once can you just not argue with me about this and tell Gracie that Danno loves her. Could you please just do this for me?”

He heard her heave a put upon sigh and then she’d obviously calmed herself. “Yes, Daniel. Try to be careful.”

He rolled his eyes mentally but decided that being rude wasn’t smart. “Thank you and I will.”

He hung up and noticed the look that McGarrett was giving him.



Yeah today wasn’t the day to deal with this. His mouth got the better of him. “Fuck you, McGarrett, just drive.”

The other man glared at the road in front of him and then the other shoe fell. Hesse’s Chinese transport was trying to leave the harbor so Steve gunned it and landed on the deck. They had a massive shoot out that ended in Steve shooting Hesse and his body going overboard. It left Danny unsettled that they hadn’t retrieved it by the end of the day. Harbor patrol and Coast Guard assured them that they would continue the search until the last possible moment and they went back to HQ to file the paperwork.

Danny was finishing a report about the shootout with Duran. He was ashamed to admit to punching McGarrett but only because it would embarrass Thomas if people knew about his status and who marked him. He’d probably admit to the team soon. He didn’t want them to be caught out when Thomas got to the island. As he got to the part of his report about the harbor shootout the Commander stepped into his office. Danny looked up at the rap on the door frame. “Do you need something Commander?”

See he could be polite. “A couple of things actually.” At that he frowned slightly and nodded for the other man to go on. “Part of the reason everyone gives you crap about being a ha’i’ole is because you dress like one. Nice tie by the way and Danno? Really?”

Danny glared. What the hell was with this guy? Why did he have to bring out the worst in Danny? It took everything in him to not curse at the other man and embarrass himself. “Did you finish your report yet, Sir?” Apparently that wasn’t the reaction the other man had been hoping for because he frowned but that was all he was getting.


Steve couldn’t help himself or his curiosity so after he’d finished his report he’d gone to pester Williams a little and maybe fill in a little more of the puzzle that was the other man. He couldn’t understand why his teasing was met with abrupt professionalism and a brush off though. He’d been playing around. Maybe Danny was still mad at him about the embarrassment at the crime scene. If Steve were a better man he’d apologize but he’d been hunting his father’s killer and this sub had stood in his way. “Yeah, Danny I finished my report. You should head home. There’s always tomorrow.”

When the detective spoke his words were clipped. “I’ll leave when I’m finished, thank you, Sir.”

It wasn’t lost on Steve the amount of forced politeness and the way the other man’s entire body language had changed the longer Steve had been in the office. One minute he was relaxed and working away diligently and now he was a solid wall that Steve couldn’t understand how to get past. Sighing internally he nodded at the other man. “Lock up when you leave, please?”

At the abrupt nod Steve did sigh out loud. “Goodnight Danny.” He turned and left the other man alone. After closing up his office he bumped into Chin on the way out. Steve couldn’t help but smile at him.

“Thanks for joining the team and recommending Kono, Chin. Would it be alright to offer her a full time position on the task force?”

At Chin’s smile he knew what the other man’s answer would be. “Of course, brah. She’s earned it. I’m gonna see if Danny wants to get a drink you feel like joining us?” Shaking his head Steve demurred as politely as possible.

“I don’t think Danny would appreciate my being there right now Chin but go ahead. You guys have fun and if you need me to come pick you guys up just call my cell alright?” Chin nodded, wished him a good night and moved on.


Chin smiled as he walked into Danny’s office. “Hey, Danny want to go get a beer?” His smile faded around the edges as the other sub looked up. Something had happened with Steve that Chin didn’t know about yet but he was damn sure going to find out over beers and if necessary he was going to kick Steve’s ass.

“I don’t know if that’s such a great idea right now, Chin.” It took a second for his meaning to filter its way to Chin but once he understood he frowned.

“Yes it is a good idea. You need to relax around someone you can actually act like yourself around. No posturing to ensuring you don’t get mistreated for your nature. Get up, Williams. We are having a night of fun and then possibly a day of pampering tomorrow. We’re also starting the night off with you telling me what House you’re from.”

Danny smirked. “What you can’t tell?” At the glare he laughed outright and admitted happily, “De Sade.”

Chin smirked. “That explains the outrage over McGarrett’s momentary idiocy. Come on you’re driving. Kono can pick me up in the morning and I’ll just leave my bike here.”

“Whatever you say, Kelly.” Danny shut down his computer and stood from his desk stretching his arms over his head and popping his back in the process. He groaned in pleasure and looked around for his keys. Time to get the hell out of here. Chin plucked them off the corner and handed them over to the other man then forced him out the door. They quickly locked up and secured the alarm and were merrily on their way. As they drifted further away from the main streets and closer to where the locals liked to spend time he directed Danny through the last few turns to get to his favorite bar. The owner was a close friend and she was typically behind the bar. For the most part it was only locals and it wasn’t often that someone caused trouble here.

As Danny eyed the place he fell a little in love. “Tsunami Bomb? Really?”

Chin laughed. “The owner is a little twisted. She makes good drinks though and the bar is named after a shooter she created.” The other sub shook his head and follow Chin’s lead.

He smiled when he saw Az flipping through a magazine as they took seats at the bar. She held up a finger and then flipped the magazine around so Chin could see. “Sweetie, I’ve got to ask. Is that boy actually that flexible or did they Photoshop this?”

Chin looked down and laughed when he saw a sub bent almost in half and chained with his ankles to the headboard. “I’ve done it before but you’ve got to stretch a little beforehand or you’re in for a world of hurt.”

Az looked at him speculatively and patted his cheek. “Right, so who’s your friend and what do you want to drink?”

“This is Danny. He’s a new coworker, and I want a tsunami bomb .” Danny smiled and shook his head, when he tried to order Az laughed and walked off. “She does that. You get used to it. Trust me they’re good.” The other man rolled his eyes but didn’t try to argue when it was placed in front of him.

“I’m Az by the way. Chin’s going to tell you terrible stories about me. They’re all true.” Both of them laughed at that and her smile was all teeth. “If you want food let me know now before I go back to reading about pretty boys doing improbable things with their bodies. And before you ask, yes they’re real.”

It took Danny a second to realizes she was talking about her tits and now that he stopped to look at them they were really fantastic. If she hadn’t just told him they were real he’d have wondered. And now he couldn’t stop staring, which caused him to glare a little. “You realize I’m going to stare at them the rest of the night now right?”

“You would’ve anyway hun. Now you’ve got an excuse.” With that she walked off to get the boys their drinks.

Danny was taking his first sip of the strange drink when there was a shout of “Ye god damned flaccid Scottish wanker,” from the drunk lady that had been muttering to herself in the corner.

Chin laughed. “That’s just Nikki. She’s one of Az’s friends. You get used to it. Kono and I have money riding on whether or not she does it on purpose to keep the tourists and the rougher crowd out. My money is on that being the reason. Trust me you watch the door and every time a tourist meanders in she’ll shout something. The being drunk isn’t fake though. Az keeps her in drinks because the drunker she gets the thicker her accent.”

Danny had tears streaming from his eyes he was laughing so hard. “This island is so messed up. You know that right?”

Chin nodded solemnly and then smiled, “You get used to it. So what’s the deal with you and Steve?”

He watched as Danny pouted and then went through the entire story from the start, even his moving to the island and getting assigned to the case. Hart brought them burgers and fries after they’d both finished off their third T.B. because she was a yenta like that. It was hilarious watching Danny moan when he dipped a fry in the house sauce.

“Oh my god what is this even? Is it okay to bring kid’s here during the day because Gracie would love this sauce.”

At the mention of Danny’s daughter Chin made him break out the pictures and he and Az cooed over her. Az promised to give him some of the sauce to take home since the bar was 21 and up and she wasn’t going to change that for anything. Not that Danny blamed her and he appreciated the warning.

They both tucked into their food and smirked when Az slid them both new T.B.s as they were half done. Obviously Danny caught on that they were being handled but didn’t mind any more than Chin did. Just as Chin was trying to decide about dessert or not Nikki hollered “If ye dinne piss off, yer get a glesga kiss.” Chin looked at the door and rolled his eyes when Danny caught his. Danny peeked at the door under his lashes and it was all Chin could do not to lose his shit laughing. Seeing someone as boisterous as Danny be subtle in anyway was going to take some getting used to and he saw the smirk as if Danny knew it.

They turned back to the bar and ignored the two young Tops that had just walked in. Danny was relaxed and Chin didn’t look worried so he didn’t care. They’d been having fun comparing academy stories and laughing at different cases they’d both caught. Chin was still planning on talking to Steve about his over the top behavior later but he’d accomplished his goal. Danny was loose and decidedly less run down looking. He’s even loosened his tie and undone the top two buttons on his shirt after he’d rolled his sleeves up. Chin was glad he’d decided to ask the other man out for drinks especially since they were both so relaxed now. He was finishing off the last of his fries while Danny was telling him about why Grace always called him Danno instead of Daddy or Danny. It was cute and he promised not to tell Steve because that was just funny.

“So where you marked by De Sade because you carry yourself like a marked sub but it’s not visible.” When the other sub blushed Chin couldn’t help the spike in curiosity.

Danny mumbled to himself and then shook his head and smiled. “My Pleasure Master put my mark under my belly button. I’m a courtesan.”

Chin smirked. “So what you’re saying is he liked your dick so much he wanted everyone to know it was his every time they looked at it.” They both laughed for a little while.

“No, Maître just liked the placement. A centimeter above the base of my dick and a centimeter below my belly button. The mark itself is beautiful but the placement adds to it and it looks awesome when I exhibit.” Chin nodded. It made sense and had the added bonus helping Danny avoid the stereotype of being a pain slut. As annoying as it was, a lot of the houses had their own stereotypes for subs. Most people assumed that because he was a Dragon Geisha he must have been too headstrong to be a normal geisha. Really it was just that he liked a little pain with his pleasure. Others thought that being a geisha in general marked you as a spoiled brat.

Shaking his head minutely he turned back to the conversation. “Since we’re doing the whole subby bonding thing, do you mind if I ask who your Pleasure Master is?”

He watched as Danny thought about it and then shrugged. “I don’t mind. I’ll tell you later when we aren’t somewhere so crowded. It’s private ya know.”

Chin smiled because he did. “I appreciate you even being willing to tell me at all and yes I do know. Since we’re not talking about it here why don’t we get dessert? This place has some of the best malsadas on the island and the ice cream is made in house. They have green tea, vanilla bean, this thing called a tin roof Sunday that is vanilla with chocolate covered peanuts and chocolate swirls, caramel swirled moose tracks and a java chip with caramel, she’s also got Peach cobbler by Blue Bunny but that’s special and she keeps it stashed.” He watched Danny’s eyes glaze over at java chip with caramel and ordered for both of them.

“I’m going to have to go to the gym tomorrow before we go for our massages,” he lamented as the moose tracks and malsadas were placed in front of him. He heard Danny mumble in agreement beside him as they both moaned in unison from the first bite.

“Chin, I’m moving in here. I’m going to buy myself a cot and move in. I will mop the floors and be a bouncer if it gets me more of this ice cream. Oh my God, how did I ever live without this?” Chin nodded in agreement as he took another bite. The next time they moaned in unison Chin felt a tap on his shoulder and frowned. Who the hell was interrupting his rapture? He turned and it was those two young tops from earlier.

Chin was about to open his mouth to ask them to leave when Danny spoke up. “Look, I don’t know what planet you’re from but you do know that touching a geisha without their express permission can actually get your hand cut off right? Interrupting his ice cream isn’t a good way to ingratiate yourself to him either.”

Danny must have noticed something about them that Chin hadn’t. He trusted the other man though so didn’t say anything just glared at the hand still on his shoulder. It was comical how fast the kid removed it. “We just figured you boys could use some company,” the taller and obviously dumber of the two stated.

Az came over and smiled. “Sweetheart, the day you could keep either of these men company is the day our sun explodes. Take your little ass on back to your table or I can let someone help you find your way to the door.” Danny turned back to his ice cream and shoved the spoon in his mouth so fast Chin thought he blurred a little around the edges.

When he realized the other man was trying not to die of laughter it caused him to make the same move. Hart smirked as the young tops moved back to their table muttering curses. “You two are going to cause me grief every time you show up here aren’t you?” Chin gave her wide innocent eyes and she just rolled hers. “Don’t try that Kelly, I know better. Either of you need another?” They both shook their heads in the negative and Danny asked for a water.

“We’re going to have to call a cab, Chin. That last tsunami bomb was a little stronger than the others or something.” Chin noticed the pretty flush high on Danny’s cheeks.

“Steve said we could call him if we needed a sober driver but if you’d rather take a cab we can.”

Danny pouted a little and then shook his head. “If we call Steve are you going back to your place or do you just want to stay the night with me? We can have Kono pick us both up in the morning and take us to the car then we can go to the gym together.”

“Your plan has merit. You want me to ride in the front?”

At Danny’s emphatic nod Chin smiled and made the call. Az came back over to take their dishes and Chin discreetly handed her his card in the process. After all he’d been the one to ask Danny out to dinner so he could pay this time.

Az was slick enough to hand him the receipt while Danny was in the bathroom and he left her a bigger tip as thanks. Steve showed up about five minutes later looking rumpled. Chin smiled. “Sorry to pull you out of bed but you did say to call.”


When Steve had gotten home he’d put on his shorts and gone for a night time swim. It had felt good to let the case and the issues he seemed to keep having with the overly attractive sub he now worked with wash away in the waves. The water helped calm him in ways nothing else had. He was a SEAL, so all of his best tension relievers were in the water. He liked to let himself go with a sub but a responsible Dom didn’t give up everything to the moment with a sub. They stayed self-aware and ensured they didn’t hurt their partner.

That in mind he’d decided a swim was better than taking a sub tonight. It would have been nice to get laid but that was pretty much always nice. The water could beat you against the shore or gentle you into relaxation. He was glad the tide had been easy tonight. He’d gone out until the water brushed his nipples then flipped onto his back and let the waves move him where they would. He wasn’t sure how much time he’d spent in the water but he rinsed off outside then took as long as possible in the shower off his room. The heat felt amazing on sore muscles and he groaned. He considered the merits of jacking off in the shower and then decided not to. He just didn’t feel like it tonight.

After he toweled himself off he climbed in between the sheets and moaned at the comfort. He let his mind drift and didn’t even remember falling asleep when his phone beeped and jerked him out of a dreamless sleep. Sighing he picked up the phone and frowned when it was Chin. “McGarrett.”

“Hey, Steve. Would you mind picking Danny and I up from Tsunami Bomb? I know I can’t drive and he’s not comfortable with it either after the amount of drinks we had. I’ll bring you malsadas for a week.”

Steve rolled his eyes. “Malsadas need coffee, Chin. I’ll be there in a few.” He pulled on a loose pair of shorts the first shirt he could find and slid his sandals on as he walked out the door. Thankfully, Tsunami Bomb was one of the places off the main drag so he didn’t have to deal with tourist traffic.

As soon as he walked in he spotted the pair and smiled to himself then walked over. Nikki yelled something at him and he just laughed and called her a lush. Chin smiled at him and reminded him that he’d said it was okay to call. Steve nodded. “And I meant it. Where am I taking you both?”

Chin told him and Steve chanced another glance at Danny. Then he noticed how relaxed the other man was and how his tie was stuffed in his pocket with the top two buttons undone and his sleeves rolled up. It was a little pathetic that Steve’s throat was dry just from that. He caught the look Hart gave him and sighed. Apparently he was glaringly obvious in his Victorian era lust. Next thing he’d be drooling over a little ankle showing. Maybe he should have jacked off in the shower. Whatever. He needed to get his coworkers home safely and then get back to sleep.

“Alright, come on guys let’s get you both home for the night. Chin, don’t forget I like the cinnamon Kona blend with the malsadas you promised me.” He smiled and waited for the two to grab their stuff and escorted them out. “Danny, it’s on the left side of the street right?”

Danny nodded and Steve caught sight of the flush on his cheeks that was disturbingly adorable. Working with this man was going to be impossible because Steve’s dick was really enjoying his ass in those slacks. He’d get over it, he was sure, because he’d worked with plenty of attractive subs in the service and not played with most of them. Catherine had been an exception but really he was only human. This was different though, he’d be working in close quarters with Danny for the foreseeable future so it wasn’t a good idea.

Shaking his head he unlocked his truck and got everybody settled then headed for Danny’s street. Steve pulled into the drive way. “We don’t have anything tomorrow so if you both want to take the day off I can just call if we catch a case.”

Chin smirked. “Good, because I’m dragging the ha’i’ole to the gym and then we’re getting massages.”

Steve laughed outright. Leave it to Chin to already be taking the ha’i’ole under his wing and ensuring that he had an ally against the Tops in his life. He smiled truthfully for the first time in so long he couldn’t even recall the last. This team would be good for him and hopefully he’d be good for them. Hesse was dead and he had a chance to move on from that horrible bloody chapter in his life.

“Alright, Chin. If I need either of you I’ll call but there shouldn’t be anything.” Chin smirked and Danny called his thanks as he climbed out of the truck. “Have a good night you two.”

Danny smiled at that and it made Steve’s brain short out. Yeah, it was going to be trouble working with this man but it would be a trouble that was worth it. He could remake a home on this island. It wouldn’t be what it had been before his mom died but it would be new and no less his. He drove back to his house feeling as if the world were his for the taking. He’d felt like this before when he’d graduated from SEAL training and Annapolis and hell when he’d been given his commission and even when he’d received his Master status at La Petit Mort but this, this felt like all of those things and so much more. He felt alive and whole and entirely free, like he could do anything and everything.

Home. The thought tempered him a little. He hadn’t had a home in so long. He’d had apartments and bunks and crash pads and stash houses and hotel rooms but none of those were home. If home was where your heart was then his had died and been reborn here on this island.

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