Lineage: Episode 6 – What Do Angels Have to Do With Ancients?

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  • NC-17
Criminal Minds, NCIS, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: SG1, The Sentinel, Supernatural

Aaron Hotchner/Derek Morgan/Carolyn Lam, Spencer Reid/OFC, Teyla Emmagen/Ronon Dex, Rodney McKay/John Sheppard, Dr. Elizabeth Weir/Radek Zalenka, Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson, Dean Winchester/Jonas Quinn

  • Abuse - Child
  • Character Bashing
  • Explicit Sex
  • Kidnapping
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  • Violence - Canon-Level
  • Angst
  • Crossover
  • Drama
  • Established Relationship
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  • Het
  • Hurt/Comfort
  • Ménage or More
  • Multiple Partners
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • Slash
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Author's Note:
Lots of things happening in this Episode

When Rodney McKay's team landed on the planet he did not expect to see someone from his past. Someone who should not be in the Pegasus Galaxy, someone who had been missing for nine years. John Sheppard did not expect to see his brother's missing Sentinel, and their encounter sparks a chain of events that span two galaxies. When Ancients get involved that just ruins everyone's day.

Aaron slowly woke out of the haze he had been drifting in and out of for hours now. His first sensation was that there were two bodies curled close to him. The one he knew immediately, the other was new and he was trying to figure out, without opening his eyes yet, what was going on. Memories of the outing, as the General had called it, slowly started to filter in, but he couldn’t make sense of them.

Finally he opened his eyes and immediately knew that he was in an isolation room. Lifting the bed sheet up he saw someone had cleaned him up. Derek shifted closer and Aaron took a deep breath and let himself drift on the soothing warmth of his empathy. The other body on the bed, Aaron wanted to know who it was. When he turned to look, he was shocked to see one Dr. Caroline Lam. Naked. Curled up to him. When she placed her hand on his stomach Aaron felt her empathy as well. He took a moment to try to sort it all in his head, but the memories were foggy.

“I know you’re awake, Sentinel.” Lam’s voice was husky with sleep, and something more, something deeper, and Aaron knew they needed to talk.

“Don’t you have other patients?” Aaron couldn’t help wanting to touch, as Lam settled in his arm. He ran his fingers over her back and the touch, the feel of her skin made him moan a little.

“I do, but the other Doctor is out there helping. You needed me more. What do you remember of yesterday?”

“Not much. Going to the planet. Teasing each other, then approaching the village. When we got there…it’s all fuzzy from there. A man in some robes, I think, I think I said something in another language. Pain, anger. There was something on my back and I felt…” Aaron lifted the sheet again and looked down his body. He gasped as his awareness slammed hard into him.

“Yeah. I tried to run some tests, but you kept grabbing at me. I had given you a sedative, but your body burned through it quickly. I had to finally let you ah…” Lam blushed prettily and Aaron didn’t try to stop the smile. More than anything he wanted to kiss her, desperately.

“What?” Aaron asked suspiciously.

“Sniff me.”

Now it was Aaron’s turn to blush. A deep chuckle came from next to him. Aaron knew Derek had woken-up just a moment before.

“Yeah, you were worse than when Clooney was a puppy and tried to keep sniffing your feet.”

“Thanks, now I’m being compared to our dog.”

“You were very determined.” Lam sat up a little leaning on one arm. She let her hand drift over Aaron’s stomach, then up to his chest.

“So, this is part of that whole Protector thing Dr. Jackson was telling us about?”

“I think so.”

“And the scales?” Aaron sucked in a breath when Derek’s fingers started to stroke the band of scales that outlined his dick, and went around his hips. “Shit,” Aaron sucked in a breath as his cock responded rather quickly to Derek’s touches.

“I have no idea about the scales. What I do know is that right now, what I want to do is for you to kiss me.”

Aaron hesitated only a moment till Derek spoke up.

“If I wasn’t okay with this, she wouldn’t be here.”

Aaron’s relief was overwhelming as he turned back to the Doctor and pulled her down to him, kissing her gently at first, then slowly deepening the kiss till she was straddling his waist.

“It’s okay, Sentinel. I feel it too. I know we have a lot of talking to do, but right now I don’t really want to talk.”

Aaron was more than happy to oblige her. The bond between him and Derek felt open and fluid. When Carolyn sank down on him, he felt her there, like he did Derek. There was a voice in the back of his mind as Carolyn moved above him that told him he was finally whole. Whatever that meant, he would go with it and accept whatever fate had in store for all of them. Something bigger than himself and Derek was happening and Aaron wanted to be prepared.

Carolyn moved above him with a grace he rarely ever encountered before. Her skin was soft as Aaron touched as much as he could. Gently gripping her waist, Aaron planted his feet on the bed and used the leverage to push deeper inside her. The bond between the three was weaving tighter inside Aaron. Carolyn and Derek each felt different, but their empathy was twining together, then merging inside of him. The feeling of the bond being weaved together like a strong rope had Aaron growling just a little. With his new found strength he flipped them where Carolyn was under him. He shuddered a little when Derek touched his back, tracing what felt like more scales.

“Fuck me,” Aaron turned his head just to the side to see Derek’s eyes shining with lust. Aaron needed Derek inside him. He needed to feel the both of them to solidify the bond that was forming.

Derek didn’t hesitate to do what was asked.

“I don’t need much, Derek.” Aaron didn’t want to be played with, not for this first coupling with both of his guides. Derek obliged as he slicked up his cock with the lube that had been on one of the nightstands in the room. Aaron groaned as he stilled enough for Derek to breach him, and in no time, the three were moving together almost as one.

Aaron had already imprinted touch, smell, sight, sound, and taste on Carolyn, and Derek was grounding him from going into a full rut. Looking down on the Dr, Aaron smiled at the look of pleasure on her face. Bending down he took her mouth in a kiss that had even Derek moaning.

Aaron cried out when Derek brushed against his prostate, making him surge forward into Carolyn. He could feel the beginning flutters as her pussy began to contract around him. Aaron knew he wasn’t going to last much longer.

Derek was feeding off the feelings coming from both Aaron and Carolyn. Aaron could tell Derek was holding back.

“Don’t hold back, Derek. Come on, fuck me,” Aaron growled as he pushed down as Carolyn surged up. She cried out as she came with Aaron buried deep inside her. Derek was no longer holding back as he gripped Aaron’s waist and started to pound into him. It didn’t take long before each man was finding his own release just seconds away form each other. The bond burned between the three of them, linking them together as one.

Derek collapsed down on the bed, Aaron in the middle. Both Carolyn and Derek were exploring Aaron’s body, touching the scales making Aaron shiver.

“They’re beautiful, Aaron.” Carolyn smiled as her fingers gently explored the ones on his face. Some disappeared just under his hairline, then trailed down the sides of his face, to connect to the ones on his neck and shoulders. They stopped at the bands on his upper arms.

Derek was exploring the ones on his back that formed almost a V as they came together in the middle, then merged and formed a line that stopped just above his buttocks. The scales then outlined his ass, wrapped around his upper thigh and connected to the ones surrounding his groin.

“If you guys don’t stop, I’m going to get hard again.”

Carolyn smiled wickedly as her fingers kept touching, gently caressing everywhere.

“Now would that be such a bad thing, Aaron?”

Chuckling softly Aaron shook his head.

“No, no I suppose it wouldn’t”


Three days after the trio bonded, which Jack could have done without. He had to suppress his bond with Aaron so that he wasn’t getting any residual emotions from him. Though Daniel was the recipient of the highly charged emotions that bled into Jack. He just didn’t want to have to experience that again. Others in the mountain were already trying to shake off the mellow feelings that bled off. The trio was strong and though the Iso room had helped to buffer, it could only do so much.

The fact that they now had two intruders, one downstairs in a cell and the other in the conference room was making Jack itch. He didn’t know quite what was going on, but he was going to get to the bottom of it. He was letting the older of the two stew for a bit before he went in there to find out just what was going on. He was glad that Aaron, Derek and Dr. Lam were done, he had the need to have Aaron by his side, along with Daniel.

“Are we actually going to talk to the young man, Jack?” Daniel had a hip on Jack’s desk looking down at his Sentinel.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m just waiting for a report to come in. Seems these Winchesters have left behind quite the mess here and there.”

“Here is the FBI file on them, Jack.” Aaron entered the office and handed over the thick sheaf of papers that made up the FBI’s Winchester file. “Two of our agents were killed when attempting to apprehend them in Monument Colorado. I don’t know the full details, but there seems to be some oddities about the case.”

Jack didn’t respond and he knew Aaron didn’t expect him to. He wanted to know all he could about these Winchester brothers before he made his way to the conference room.


Dean was sitting in the conference room, Sam or Mixcoatl or whatever the freakin’ hell he is had been taken by these people that still haven’t told him who the hell they are. His face was pinched, his body coiled for action. He needed to move and he felt confined in this room which was making him itch.

“Mr. Winchester, I’m Major General Jack O’Neill. Please can you just sit your ass down, you’re making me nervous kid.” Jack was sitting in the chair at the head of the table and he did not look like any General Dean had come across before. He and Sam tended to avoid the military, but there had been a few run-ins.

“Look, what the freakin’ hell happened to my brother and can you fix him?” He glared hard at the man, not caring he was a fuck-all General of some weird underground shit.

“Son, you need to calm down.” Jack worked his jaw a moment as he studied the barely controlled man pacing the conference room. “Mr. Winchester, are you a Sentinel?”

“What? No, at least I don’t think so. We tended to avoid the S&G centers.” Dean stopped and looked at the General again, “Why?”

“Just a gut feeling. We have the ability here to test you, if you are willing.”

“Will it help my brother?”

“Getting you calmed down will. You are radiating some pretty strong and aggressive emotions Dean. For everyone’s sake you need to try to relax. This facility houses a lot of Sentinel/Guide pairs, and we have several unbonded Guides that will be chomping at the bit to help you.”

“I just want to know what that thing is in my brother and if you can get it out. Then, we can just be on our way back to our own lives.”

As Jack was about to speak-up Aaron, Morgan, Spencer and Jonas Quinn all entered the conference room.

“I’m sorry son, I can’t let you leave. These gentlemen are from the FBI, SSA Aaron Hotchner, SSA Derek Morgan and Dr. Spencer Reid, and this is Jonas Quinn.” Jonas looked toward Dean and his eyes widened. Dean was staring back at the man wondering why his heart-rate sped up. He was staring so intently he felt a buzzing in the back of his head as his vision became solely focused on the newcomer. Jonas lifted a brow and slowly walked towards Dean.

“Dean, are you okay?” Jonas slowly reached out and never took his eyes off of Dean. He wrapped his hand around Dean’s wrist and he knew. “Dial it back Sentinel, listen to my voice and just relax. Come back to us Dean.” Jonas kept up a quiet, even tone to try to pull Dean out of the obvious zone out that he had quickly slipped into.

Dean shook his head and looked up into Jonas’s face. He was breathing hard as he felt, something deep in him trying to reach out to this man.

“I, I don’t understand.”

“Well, Dean, you are a Sentinel and I am a Guide. Though I should tell you I’m not from Earth, but we can talk about that later. What’s important to understand now is that I am your Guide.”

“Excuse me but what?” Dean felt like his whole world just shifted in the time that Jonas had entered the room. “Oh son-of-a-bitch.” He growled and cursed. “Cas, get your damned feathery ass down here now. I mean it Castiel, we need to have a come to Jesus meeting.”

Everyone in the room looked at him like he had lost his damn mind, but he didn’t care at that moment what they thought of him, he needed answers, now..

“Dean, what is happening?” Cas appeared right next to where Dean was sitting. Jack stood so suddenly that his chair fell backwards and the others in the room just looked on with shocked expression.

“Daniel, I think you need to get down here. Now.” Jack had picked up the phone and dialed out. Dean wasn’t sure who this Daniel was, and he was almost at his limit on meeting new people. He felt like everything was closing in on him. He needed answers, and he needed them now.

Dean stood, but didn’t let go of Jonas, in fact he curled his fingers with Jonas’s, the physical connection keeping him somewhat calm. He walked up to Cas, with Jonas following and stood toe-to-toe with the Angel.

“Cas, I’m going to ask you a question and I’d really like it if you would be completely honest with me. Okay?”

“Dean, I am always honest with you.”

“That is debatable. But, what I need to know is, did you know I was a damned freakin’ Sentinel?”

Cas sighed and his shoulder slumped as he looked up at his once best friend. “Yes.”

“Yes. Well that is just great. You couldn’t have told me at some point?”

“I thought you knew. Only a Sentinel could be the true vessel of Michael.”

Dean closed his eyes a moment and wiped his face trying to settle the storm of emotions that were raging inside him.

“Um, I’m sorry to interrupt your little argument over there, but could you two enlighten us?” Jack gave them his ‘please don’t make my head hurt’ look. Daniel had come in and Dean noticed the bemused expression on his face, but at the moment he didn’t care, he wanted answers. He watched as Daniel stood next to the General and assumed that they were a Sentinel and Guide pair.

“Daniel Jackson. It is good to see you once again.” Cas turned to look at the newcomer.

“Oh for crying out loud, do not tell me you are one of those Ancient S.O.B’s. because I’ve really had it up to here with you guys,” Jack groaned as he leaned over the table, glaring at Cas.

“No Jack I don’t think he’s an Ancient. He is much more powerful.”

“It is not surprising you do not remember. You asked me to make you forget. That if you were going to leave the Plane of the Ancients you wanted peace.”

“Cas, what are you talking about?” Dean asked, still not letting go of Jonas.

“Daniel Jackson attained Ascension. This was before you went to hell and started the Apocalypse. The Plane of the Ancients is a place much like Purgatory. It is not in Heaven directly. God will not allow the Ancients into Heaven because they believe themselves to be above God. But he created a plane of existence just for them, with their own rules and codes of conduct. Angels have been known to enter the plane and speak with the Ancients, they are as curious about us as we are about them. We have gained much insight from them and their obsession with becoming more than what they were.”

“What are you if you aren’t an Ascended Ancient?” Daniel took a seat and leaned forward, his curiosity was definitely peaked.

“You don’t remember the Lineage?”

“LIneage?” Daniel and Dean both asked quite confused.

Cas took a deep breath, and looked around the room. Dean crossed his arms though he hated losing the contact with Jonas. The Guide wrapped an arm around Dean’s waist, slipping fingers under the shirt he was wearing to get at skin. Dean shuddered a little at the contact, but it kept him grounded and it just felt damn good.

“I am an Angel of the Lord. My name is Castiel, and am known on this plane of existence as the Angel of Thursday. But, I was also in charge of watching over the True Vessels, Sam and Dean Winchester. They were, through the Lineage, created to be the perfect Vessels for Michael and Lucifer. For the Apocalypse.”

“Right, the Apocalypse. So, that never happened.” Jack couldn’t help the keeping the snarky tone as he turned his attention to Castiel.

“No because we stopped it. Long story.” Dean laid his hand over Jonas’s, pressing it against his side. He leaned back into the man and felt a lot of the tension in his body go. Jonas let go of his empathy and surrounded Dean with it. The hunter couldn’t help how much he craved the peace he was being given. This was all done almost on instinct, which Dean thought he should be worried about, but he wasn’t. For once he was just going to go with it and see where this led.

“Let me start from the beginning. I will try to be brief. After God created the world and man he also created a class of Angels called the Grigori who were tasked with the protection of Man. The Grigori became enamored of Man and many of my Grigori brothers and sisters…..mated with the humans. The children, the ones you call Ancients, are actually Nephilim.”

“That, that makes a lot of sense. Why didn’t I see that? Oh man I’m going to have to go over everything we’ve ever collected on the Ancients, this, this changes everything.” Daniel was looking up wide eyed and excited.

“Calm down Daniel. Let this Cas person, being, or whatever he is finish.”

“But Jack..”

“Daniel, later.”

Daniel went to argue more but then settled back down at the look on Jack’s face.

“The Nephilim grew and mingled with each other. They became obsessed with getting to Heaven, or what you call Ascension. God, he saw them as an abomination and wanted nothing to do with them. Michael was tasked with reining in the Grigori, by whatever means necessary. Morningstar, however, saw differently. This was just one last thing Lucifer saw as a slight to the Angels. He fell from Heaven and fought with Michael over the Nephilim. Lucifer then was cast into the Hellfires where he, along with the being called Eve, created many strange creatures that roamed the earth during its infancy. Ones that you humans’ call myths. Dragons, Vampires, Were creatures and many others. When the Grigori were forced into a decision to either leave Earth and return to heaven, or fall, a few chose to fall, some went back to Heaven, but a good number of them stayed on Earth outright defying our Father. There are but a few left that wander the earth to this day, but their numbers have dwindled over the eons.”

Cas frowned over at Dean and Jonas, seeing that they hadn’t separated since they touched, he attempted to ignore them as he paced the room.

“Father tried to get control back, but by now, the proverbial Pandora’s Box was opened. He attempted several things, floods and other disasters but man never went back to the perfect paradise of Eden. Then God had an idea. A race on another world called the Nox, that he was quite fond of, he whispered in the ears of some of the younger generation and gave them certain gifts. They found their way to Earth, where they became fascinated by the Ancients. These two races mated and gave rise to yet another, strange and distinct race. The Nox became concerned and ushered their children into places of great power around the world. They are hidden, though they eventually learned how to cross the barriers as they have thinned over the centuries. These people have, what you would call Magic.”

“Yeah, we ran into the Nox a few years ago. Lovely people. So you are saying there are descendants of the Nox and the Ancients here on Earth?”

“Yes, and they live longer than normal humans. They were the first ones to completely break form worshipping  God. They started to experiment with their Magic, blood magic to be exact. They took blood from Dragons and tried to create an even stronger magical race. Some Magicals didn’t want to stay confined to their lands and they left. They mated with humans, and that is where the Sentinels and the Guides came from. The Magicals that had Dragon blood, their descendants were, hybrids. When they awaken, they have many Dragon traits, the humans named them Protectors.” Aaron gaped at Cas. Dean saw that he had many questions and it didn’t go unnoticed that he had scales around his face. Dean wondered about that for a only a moment then he turned back to the Angel.

“All this manipulation just to get Sam and I?” Dean growled as he stared hard at Cas.

“It took centuries Dean to get the right combination of DNA that would be strong enough to house two of the most powerful Archangels.”

“Just so they could unleash a beatdown on each other and end the world as we know it. Right?”

“Yes. I am sorry Dean. I know you didn’t want any of this.”

“Yeah well that ship has sailed, hasn’t it? And this lineage thing is hurting my head.”

“Dean,” Cas looked like he was going to say more but Dean held up his hand.

“No Cas, just, it’s fine. Besides I think you are making their heads hurt as well. I think you need to go. This is a lot to think about, I have a lot to think about.” Dean blew out a breath as he flopped down in a chair with Jonas beside him. Cas went to say more but Dean just shook his head no. He didn’t think he could take anymore at the moment. Clearing his throat he turned to the others in the room.

“Getting back to the more important issue. Can you help Sam? Is there a way to get that thing out of him?”

“We can try. But Dean, these symbiotes, they are pretty invasive. We’ll do our best to help him but I can’t guarantee anything.”

“Do what you need to. Sam, he’s been possessed before and I know, if he’s still in there somewhere he’s terrified. I know he wouldn’t want to live like this.” Dean closed his eyes trying to push down his emotions.

“Stop that.” Jonas frowned and all he wanted to do was wrap this man up in his arms and try to soothe the emotions that were swirling inside him.

“What did I do?” Dean looked up and bit his lip as he curled his fingers with Jonas’s.

“You don’t deal with your emotions do you?”

“I’m not that kind of guy Jonas. I don’t spill my guts and emotions, those chick-flick-moments, aren’t me.”

“Chick-flick moments?” Jonas looked at him confused.

Dean stared at the Guide a moment and couldn’t help the little laugh that escaped.

“Dude, I’m going to have to educate you.” Dean smiled that smile he knew women usually just fell for. Jonas just raised a brow and smiled right back.

“I look forward to it. Why don’t we leave these guys and talk, in private.”

Dean nodded and Jonas took his hand, said his goodbyes to everyone in the room and left with Dean trailing after him. Once they got inside his room Dean looked nervous.

“Nervous Dean?” Jonas backed him up against the wall and placed a hand next to his head, the other he cupped Dean’s cheek and let his forehead rest on Dean’s.

“I’ve just, I mean I’ve been with guys, just not many. But this, why do I already feel like I’ve known you forever?”

“I dreamed of you. The first time I came to this planet. I dreamed of your eyes and in my heart, I knew. But I couldn’t find you anywhere. I even had Samantha help me but, it was like you weren’t even out there. I thought I was crazy.”

Dean didn’t want to tell Jonas where he had seen his face. Somehow, Hell had known, he saw this face over and over, on his rack. It was part of his torture and every memory of what he had done came crashing down on him. He couldn’t help the tears that sprang in his eyes as he slid down the wall, curling in on himself. He had tortured and ripped apart the avatar of his Guide over and over and he never knew. He never knew and now the man was here, in the flesh and those memories were pounding in his head.

“Dean?” Jonas felt that Dean was shutting down and he had no idea why, or what happened.

“Do you believe in Hell, Jonas?” Dean whispered as he looked away. He couldn’t look at the man, not while he talked about this.

“I believe that there is a plane of existence that some call Hell, I’ve seen a lot of really weird things in my life. Why? Dean, did something happen to you?”

Dean started from the beginning and told Jonas everything. He waited for the man to laugh at him, but was surprised when he didn’t.

“You don’t expect that I believe you do you? Well, I do, Dean. I’ve seen too much in my life not to. I’m sorry you’ve gone through all of this. Sounds like it’s more than one person should ever have to bear.”

Dean let his head fall back against the wall and looked over at Jonas, really seeing him for the first time. He didn’t think, he reacted and later, if anyone asked him, he had no idea why he did it. He reached out and grabbed Jonas by his lapels and pulled him onto his lap and kissed him. As soon as he did he felt all the tension in his body start to melt away. He cupped his hand on the back of Jonas’s neck as he wrapped a hand around his waist and pulled the man closer. Dean slowly deepened the kiss and felt something moving in him, something urging him on, pushing him closer and closer to this man that was kissing him back.

“Maybe,” Dean swallowed hard as he held Jonas close. He was conflicted but when he looked up in Jonas’s eyes he knew, he knew he was supposed to be right where he was now. “Maybe we should, you know, bed.” Dean bit his lip trying not to let his uncertainty show.

Jonas smiled and just stood and held out his hand for Dean to take. The hunter looked at it, his breathing hard and shallow, the silence pregnant with the anticipation of his choice. He stood, and never taking his eyes off Jonas’ he laid his hand in the Guides and was pulled to his feet. His choice made, he let go of Jonas’ hand and shed his jacket as he stepped up to Jonas, this time he took his time. Wrapping a hand once more around Jonas’ neck Dean dipped his head to the side as he slipped his tongue out to swipe along Jonas’ lips. Dean’s firebird wrapped around the two of them engulfing them in his psionic flames. The energy was pulsing around them as they pressed their bodies close. Dean pulled back first and his breath caught seeing the other man with the residual light of the flames framing his face. Dean curled his fingers in the black t-shirt Jonas was wearing and slowly peeled it off him. When he touched the smooth milky skin it was all he could do to keep himself from rutting like a teenager.

“Do what you need Dean. I’m not going anywhere. I want this, I’ve always wanted this.” Jonas pushed the flannel shirt off of Dean then grabbed the undershirt and pulled it off the Sentinel. Dean kissed him again as he followed Jonas down on the bed. Taking his time he licked from neck to navel, taking in the taste of his guide, and feeling the forming of the bond gathering in the core of him. He was holding onto it, waiting, for what he wasn’t quite sure yet. But, he had a feeling he would know when to let it go, let it connect them together.

Jonas was gently gripping Dean’s short hair as he was slowly being taken apart under Dean’s hands. He closed his eyes and opened himself up to his Sentinel. He let his empathy uncurl from within him. That tight hold he always kept on it he started to loosen and felt his Sentinel, felt all his pain and anger, fear and confusion, love and hate. All those bottled up emotions Jonas was teasing open as he was also being opened and taken in by Dean. He felt the belt on his BDU’s being pulled off and the buttons being popped open.  His breathing was shallow as he lifted his hips and let Dean slide his pants off of him. When there was a loss of contact he opened his eyes to see what was going on and sucked in a breath as he looked at his Sentinel, naked and laid bare.

Dean was feeling exposed and shy. He had never thought much of the many scars on his body, but all the others hadn’t been important. Not even Lisa. This, this right here was important and he was feeling more vulnerable than he ever had in his life.

“Dean?” Jonas sat up and moved to the end of the bed, “What’s wrong?” He reached out and ran his hands along Dean’s legs and slowly up his thighs and waist. His fingers danced over his stomach and up to his chest. He moved closer and gripped Dean’s back and closed his eyes, mapping out what he could touch by touch alone. “These don’t matter Dean. You’re beautiful to me. These are battle scars, telling you that you’re human and that you’re alive. They don’t make you less, they make you more.”

“Jonas,” Dean breathed out and pushed his guide once more back onto the bed. Jonas scooted up till he was all the way laid out, ready for his Sentinel. “Um, I don’t have, you know.”

Jonas softly chuckled and turned to reach into his nightstand and pulled out the slick. He handed Dean the bottle. “I’m clean. Had every test you could imagine when I came back. Dr. Frasier declared me clean.”

“I actually haven’t been with anyone for a long time.” Jonas knew there was more story there, but he knew they would have time to learn more about each other.

Dean kneed up on the bed and slowly lowered himself, kissing Jonas, making the man moan into his mouth. He slid his lips across his Guide’s and teased his mouth open with his tongue. Jonas obliged and let Dean explore his mouth with his tongue. Every touch, every kiss was searing its way to his very core. His cock was so hard he was already leaking, but he knew Dean needed to take his time and for his Sentinel he would do anything.

Jonas’s cried out as he was being breached. He had been so lost in his thoughts and the growing connection between them he didn’t even notice Dean preparing him. He wrapped his legs around Dean’s waist and threw his head back as a slow slide of his Sentinel’s cock inside him was undoing him even more.

Dean was trying to hold back to get his Guide used to him, but as soon as he bottomed out the bond he was holding onto let loose and engulfed the both of them. He snapped his hips driving his cock in and out of his Guide. The bond was growing and Dean’s firebird was once again bathing them in that warm psionic fire. When he felt the bond snap into place he cried out and came deep inside Jonas.

Jonas had tried to keep up, tried to find purchase on Dean’s slick body but he couldn’t all he could do was hold onto the underside of his headboard and hang on. He almost screamed as a hand wrapped around his cock and pumped. His vision whited out as he collapsed back on the bed.

He wasn’t sure how much later it was but he felt Dean’s hands all over him, caressing him. He felt all of those emotions, calmer and more even than when they first had met.

“Hey, are you okay Jonas?” Dean placed a kiss on his shoulder as he wrapped an arm around Jonas’s waist, pulling him in closer.

Jonas smiled into the pillow, happier than he had been in a very long time.

“I’m fine Sentinel.” He scooted closer, wanting to feel as much of his Sentinel as he could. When he reached out a hand he felt his spirit animal, Asimar, curled up next to him.

Dean nosed at his hair and sniffed deeply, “Guide.” He said quietly and the bond pulled them under to sleep.


Dean and Jonas took three days before anyone saw them again. When they finally emerged, Dean knew he had been changed forever. The first thing he wanted to do was see his brother. Following Jonas, Dean was led to the cells that Stargate Command had on a lower level of the facility. When they approached Sam’s cell Dean tried to keep calm. He was told by many already that his brother might not be the same.

“Dean Winchester.” The voice coming out of his brother’s mouth made Dean upset. It felt worse somehow than any demon that had possessed Sam before.

“You need to let Sam go.”

“And why should I do that? There is so much power in this body. You never appreciated him. I can make him a God. Make people worship and adore him. You and your pathetic Angels have done nothing but hurt and abuse him. I can take care of him, make him even greater than even you could conceive.”

“And just how are you going to do that? You’re locked up.”

“I will get out of here. My brother’s will find me and I will be released. Then you will know me and fear me.”

“I don’t think so, Mixcoatl. If I can kick Anubis’s ass, I can kick yours too.” Dean was so focused on Sam that he had not felt the General come into the room. When he looked back he saw the FBI Agent, Aaron Hotchner standing next to him, but this time he looked quite different.

“I take it something happened while we were incapacitated?” Jonas also sounded shocked as he looked at the man in question.

“Oh, yeah, but we’ll explain later. Now, what do we do with Sam here?”

“No one defeats the Goa’uld, you pathetic human,” Mixcoatl, looking through Sam’s eyes looked at the General and glared.

“Oh, gonna have to contradict you on that one sonny boy. In fact, we’ve defeated several of you snake heads.”

Mixcoatl jumped at the bars making an almost inhuman noise as he tried to get through them. He was solely focused on Jack when a claw struck out and slashed him across the arms that had gotten through the bars. Everyone looked over to see who or what had done it. When they saw Aaron standing in front of Jack, eyes glowing, a claw where his had should be, and a deep growl coming from him, Mixcoatl flinched back.

“What trickery is this?” Mixcoatl looked almost scared.

Aaron stood there shielding Jack while everyone looked on in a sort of awe.

“No trickery Mix ‘o’ whatever. This is my Protector. I don’t think you want to go toe to toe with him because I’m sure he could rip your head clean off.” Jack’s body was tense as he had a Zat gun pointed right at Sam-Mixcoatl.

“Sam. Come on man. You’ve seen worse, you can’t let this intruder get to you.”

“Hmmm, I don’t think he wants to come out. I think he actually likes me being here because no one can hurt him. Unless you are going to use that weapon.” Sam’s eyes glowed as he crossed his arms, glaring at everyone in front of him.

“Let’s see how you like being confined in here. Of course, if you cooperate, we could make you more comfortable.”

Sam-Mixcoatl sneered at Jack and narrowed his eyes.

“I don’t need your false goodwill.”

“Suit yerself. Come on, we’ll leave him to think about his current circumstances.” Jack began to leave, but Aaron was still in protector mode. “Its alright, Aaron. He isn’t going anywhere.”

Dean watched Jack lay a hand on Aaron’s shoulder and steer him out of the cells. He was being pulled out by Jonas. Dean had wanted to try to talk to Sam, but he was afraid that he was losing his brother. After all the crap they had gone through, Dean wasn’t sure he could take anymore. Leaning against the wall, Dean broke down. Jonas was there to hold him up and help him to calm down.

“You can’t get him back, can you?”

“I really don’t know, Dean.”

“I’m not going anywhere. I need to help my brother.” Dean scrubbed his face and knew that it might be an exercise in futility, but he was going to do the one thing he hated the most, research.

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