Lineage: Episode 5 – Hotch, The General, And Dragons

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Content Rating:
  • NC-17
Criminal Minds, NCIS, Stargate: SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, The Sentinel

Aaron Hotchner/Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid/OFC, Teyla Emmagen/Ronon Dex, Rodney McKay/John Sheppard, Dr. Elizabeth Weir/Radek Zelenka, Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill

  • Abuse - Child
  • Character Bashing
  • Explicit Sex
  • Kidnapping
  • No Beta
  • Violence - Canon-Level
  • Angst
  • Crossover
  • Drama
  • Established Relationship
  • Fusion
  • Hurt/Comfort
  • Multiple Partners
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • Slash
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Author's Note:
Again, I want to thank Jilly James for letting me use the colors and scale patterns from her Emergence series.

When Rodney McKay's team landed on the planet he did not expect to see someone from his past. Someone who should not be in the Pegasus Galaxy, someone who had been missing for nine years. John Sheppard did not expect to see his brother's missing Sentinel, and their encounter sparks a chain of events that span two galaxies. When Ancients get involved that just ruins everyone's day.

Aaron and Morgan followed the General and his Guide back to his house. It wasn’t too far from the base, but far enough they didn’t have to worry too much about people coming around that shouldn’t be there. Morgan had kept the bond wide open between them to keep Aaron as calm as possible. Morgan still wasn’t sure what was going on with his Sentinel, but Darius, his pit-bull spirit animal, was lying across Aaron’s lap while Morgan drove.

“You okay Aaron?” Morgan laid his hand on Aaron’s knee to further help to keep him grounded.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m trying to get a handle on it.”

“Hopefully when we get to the General’s house you can do what you need.”

“Derek,” Aaron closed his eyes as he laced his fingers with his Guide’s. “If I do this, it changes everything for us. We need to talk about it before it goes any further.”

Morgan nodded as he kept his focus on the road. Aaron wondered what he was thinking. He never used their bond to intrude on Morgan’s private thoughts, his Guide never lied to him, he just took his time to open-up.

“Yeah, I kind of figured Aaron. We also need to think of what’s best for Jack.”

“I know Der.” Aaron leaned back in the seat tried to calm his thoughts as they drew closer to the General’s house.

Derek parked the rental and turned off the engine. Turning he scratched Darius’s head then turned to Aaron.

“I understand the implications of what is going to happen Aaron. It means we have to either leave the Bureau or put in for a transfer and move here. It also means that we have to bring Jack. I don’t know if Jessica will agree to come or not.”

“You thought about this.”

“Of course. Aaron, us and whatever is happening is more important than the FBI. Yes, I love my job, but I love you more. I love what we’ve built together as a family and if you need this then I’m all in. I can tell it’s hurting you and I don’t think that pain will subside if we go back to DC.”

“No. No, it won’t Derek. I feel like I’m unconsciously making decisions for all of us when I don’t quite understand what’s going on myself.”

“You mean like when I first joined the team and you tackled me to the ground?” Derek couldn’t help the wicked smile that slowly rose on his lips.

“Thanks for reminding me of one of my less than stellar moments.”

Derek laughed a very hearty laugh as he leaned over and kissed his Sentinel. “I thought it was hot. Too bad Gideon didn’t think so.”

“Why do I love you?” Aaron kept his customary stoic mask in place but Derek saw the little smile quirking up the side of his lips.

“For the same reasons I love you. We care and respect each other. We take the time to understand each other. You were there for me in my worst moments Aaron.” Derek’s eyes clouded as reminders of a past he worked hard to forget rose-up.

“Hey, Der, don’t. He can’t hurt you anymore, not if you let him. I’m here love and I’m not going to go anywhere. You just tell me if you think we are doing the right thing or not. If we aren’t, we turn around and take Spencer up on his offer of a bed for the night, then we go home.”

Derek took a couple of moments to try and calm down the sudden rise of emotions that came over him as they sat there talking. They both heard someone come out of the house and looked over to see Dr. Jackson standing there as if he was waiting to see what they were going to do.

“I think the General sent him out here to be diplomatic about asking if we were coming in or not.”

Aaron couldn’t help the laugh that escaped as he turned and took Derek’s face in his hands. “I love you. Come on.”

Derek nodded as they got out of the car and walked towards the house both knowing that once they were inside, it would change them forever.

“We figured this was the General’s polite way of asking if we were coming inside the house.”

Daniel smiled and quickly lifted a brow and quirked his head to the side.

“Yes, Jack can be rather…impatient.”

“Da-aniel, are they coming in or not?” Jack yelled from inside the house.

“As you can see.” Daniel turned and opened the door. “Jack I swear to Atu, you’re impatience is going to be the death of me,” Daniel yelled as he ushered Aaron and Derek inside.

“Drink?” Jack shook the glass he had in his hand that held approximately a finger of scotch.

“Water would be fine.” Aaron and Derek followed Jack as they were led into the living room and the comfortable couches spread around the area. Daniel came back with a tray of drinks, he passed the waters to Aaron and Derek before grabbing his own glass of tea.

“And we have moved into the awkward silence stage.” Jack sipped at his drink looking over at his guests.

“This is just as new to me as it is to you. But, before anything happens we need to talk about the next steps.”

“Meaning if we do this you moving to Colorado and finding a place for you and your Guide in the Stargate program.”

“If the imperative I’m feeling is any indication of how the bond is going to go, I won’t be able to be far from you General. We barely know each other, and yet have a sort of tether so far. When you left, I’ll be honest, it hurt.”

“I believe that will lessen over time, but he’s right, Jack. Once this happens, Aaron will be your Protector. He won’t be able to be far from you. His imperative will change to not only protecting the Pride that has grown-up around you but you personally. He will see you as the most important person to guard next to his son and Guide.”

“And if we don’t go through with this bond?” Jack wanted to know everything, all of the consequences of bonding and not bonding. Of what it meant not only for himself but for the pair sitting across from him.

“I think it would hurt you both. Jack, this is all new. I don’t know what caused the Protectors to…awaken? But they seem to have and I suspect we will hear about them more over the course of the next few months. I don’t think Aaron is the first.”

“You think Tara being found may have had something to do with this, don’t you?” Aaron leaned forward never taking his eyes off Jack, but speaking to Daniel.

“I don’t know how I know, but yes, I think John and Rodney finding her somehow started something. What that is we just don’t know.”

“Daniel,” Jack’s tone of voice was one of exasperation.

“Yes, Jack. I think we need to do the Spirit Walk.”

“Great.” Jack exaggerated the word as he rolled his eyes. “I hate that place.’

Aaron noticed that Daniel was trying not to be amused.

“Jack, they aren’t going to keep me. Not anymore. I have too much down here to live for. I came back for you, remember?”

“Danny,” Jack’s voice choked on emotions he thought he had put behind him, but when Daniel ascended, the pain of that was like nothing he had ever felt before. Daniel touched his forehead against Jack’s and whispered something to his Sentinel. Aaron dialed down his hearing, not wanting to intrude on the intimate moment. “Alright, what do you need to do?” Jack asked as he pulled away finally.

“I’ll be honest, if both of us were unbonded, I’d be climbing you like a tree, General,” Aaron admitted as he sipped his water, he felt the amusement from his Guide. It wasn’t like Aaron ever hid his sexuality, he just didn’t announce it to everyone. Daniel tried to hide his smile behind the glass of tea he had in his hand and Jack, well Jack just looked smug. “But, we are both very much married to our Guides. This is going to get very personal, and I have a feeling once we finish, we’ll each need our Guides when this is done”

“You’re thinkin’ that this is going to be profound.”

“You are an Omega Prime, General. One of the strongest I’ve ever felt next to Jim. I’ve known Jim for years and I’ll be honest, your gifts, they almost overwhelm me.” Aaron sipped at his water again, agitation spread throughout his whole body as the imperative grew stronger inside of him.

“And you are at least a Sigma level Sentinel. Though I suspect you tamp down on your true abilities.”

“We had to. If the Bureau knew how strong of a pair we actually were, they would be pressing ups into Black Ops, and neither of us wants that.”

“I think all of you, your Gifts will increase after this bonding. I’m not sure how the information from the Temple is rather sketchy. But, afterward, we are going to be off the charts. I wouldn’t be surprised if you, Agents Hotchner and Morgan, become Omega’s, and Jack…” Daniel didn’t want to say it, he really, really didn’t.

“Danny, what is it?”

“I think you will be a Penultimate. I know, they are a myth, but you can’t really go higher than an Omega Prime. But, this is all just speculation. I really think you two need to stop stalling and do what needs to be done, because, Aaron you are projecting like crazy.”

“Danny,” Jack was worried as he reached out for his Guide.

“I’m fine, Jack. And I’ll be here, always.”

Jack pulled on Daniel till he was in Jack’s lap. They kissed, and Aaron turned away for a moment, the intimacy was almost too much. When they broke apart, Aaron and Jack stood and Aaron was shown to Jack’s bedroom. Derek rushed up and laid a hand on Aaron’s shoulder.

“If something happens, you know, between, I get it. Don’t worry, Aaron. I won’t hold anything against you. Your pain is bleeding all over me as well as that overdeveloped sense of guilt you hold onto. Know that I love you and I’ll always be here.”

Aaron let out a deep sigh as he touched his Guides face letting go of the anxiety he felt. Reluctantly he let Morgan go and moved fully into the bedroom. Aaron stripped off his jacket, polo shirt, jeans. socks and shoes. He stayed in t-shirt and boxers. The General by unspoken agreement did the same.

“I don’t know how this is going to go. I’ve already imprinted on your voice and well, how you look.”

“So, taste, smell and touch.”


“Alright. Anytime you feel ready, Aaron.”

Aaron felt an overwhelming need to kiss the General. Gently touching the other man’s face, Aaron leaned in and waited till Jack’s mind caught up and he nodded. Sliding his hand to the back of Jack’s neck, Aaron held him right where he wanted him. Leaning in, heart pounding and sweat popping out on his forehead, Aaron gently kissed Jack. It wasn’t sexual, but there was an intimacy that was vastly different from his Guide. Jack was still his, just in a different way. Pulling back he didn’t even try to hold back the laugh at Jack’s slightly smug look.


“Oh, anytime you want to kiss me and Daniel is okay with it, I’m totally on board.” Aaron laughed again as he moved in even closer, gripping the edge of Jack’s t-shirt and pulled it off him. Getting close he inhaled deeply starting at Jack’s ear and followed his neck and shoulder, pulling in as much of Jack’s scent as he could.

Aaron buried his face against the General’s neck and he let himself glut on the smell. Darting his tongue out he tasted that same skin and tried not to moan in the back of his throat as he licked from the bottom of ear to shoulder. Truth be told, if he could he would let himself get lost in the General. When he felt fingers dig into his hips as he was held close, he knew the General was feeling it also.

“Fucking hell,” Jack panted as he tried to hold on.

“I think we need to stop holding back. I feel the beginning of the bond between us, but we both have to let go.”

“I think I know what to do. Do you trust me?”

“I’m standing in your bedroom nearly naked with a half hard erection that I am trying very hard to keep down. If I didn’t trust you, Jack, we would not have gotten this far.” Aaron said as he shook a little against Jack.

“Take off your shirt.”

Aaron did as Jack said, then his hand was taken and he was led to the bed.

“Lie down.

Crawling on the bed, Aaron laid down and waited. Jack crawled in next to him, then pulled Aaron close. A hand started to rub his back, then Aaron gently touched Jack’s stomach. The highly intimate moment, as well as the position they were in strengthened the bond that had started. Aaron closed his eyes and lowered his shields letting Jack past the walls that he had only ever let Derek through. The moment their minds connected, their two most painful moments in their lives, Jack’s son’s death and Haley’s death, each man could feel. Once those memories were shared, then filed away the rest of their shields dropped fast. Aaron’s breath caught in his throat as the bond expanded and tightened up between them.

Jack had threaded his hand with Aaron’s and they held on through the sharing of minds. When it was finally over, Aaron was shaking with the force of what had just happened between them. Slowly, Aaron sat up, his hand ran down Jack’s stomach and side, committing the sense of touch to his memory.

Jack was a little slower, but he sat up as well. Smiling he cupped Aaron’s face with his hands and pulled him close.

“This will be our last and only chance.”

“Then I say we take it.” Jack initiated the kiss, the flare of the bond hot and bright between them. Aaron moaned as that heat filled in places that he didn’t even know were empty. Jack broke off and didn’t say anything when Aaron stood, grabbed his clothes and left. Not even caring that he was still mostly naked, he ran out, grabbed his Guides hand and pulled him into one of the spare rooms he had seen in the hallway before he did the bonding with the General.

Shutting the door with a slam, he practically tore Derek’s clothes off with his need to get at his skin. Derek was all too happy to comply.

“Need you,” Aaron growled as he toppled them onto the bed. He was also naked, having dropped the boxers he was still wearing as they entered the room.

“Right here, love. Not going anywhere.” Derek smirked as he opened his hand and pressed the travel bottle of lube into Aaron’s hand.

“There are times I think you secretly wanted to be a boy scout,” Aaron teased as he grabbed the lube and slicked his now very hard, aching cock. He barely prepared Derek before he was sliding in, hands roughly shoved Derek’s bent legs apart. When he bottomed out his body shuddered once as he let Derek’s empathy wash over him.

“I love the feel of your cock,” Derek moaned as Aaron started to move. He remembered how in the beginning this part of their intimacy was difficult for Derek. When they had bonded initially, Derek had been scared. Aaron didn’t push, he let Derek take the lead in their sex life, and he had no complaints. When the call had come through that Derek had been arrested in Chicago, Aaron barely held on as the team flew out there.

Later, after everything was said and done and Aaron knew what it was that Derek had held back, all he did was hold him close as his Guide broke apart in his arms. They had taken it slow, and after Gideon’s breakdown, Derek had needed the deeper intimacy and let Aaron in this way. After it was over he had wondered why he had let his past hold him back. Their bond strengthened and they finally had no secrets between them holding them back.

Now, Aaron was pounding into his Guide, letting himself get lost in the feel of his Sentinel’s abandon. It made Derek feel powerful in how he could bring the normally cool and controlled Unit Chief to this point of passion. Then his cock was gripped and before he was ready his orgasm was ripped from him at the same time Aaron came inside of him. Then, finally, he was being kissed. Lips and tongue ravished his own mouth and he moaned pulling Aaron closer.

“Fuck,” Aaron panted as he collapsed on top of Derek.

“Yes, we just did that, and rather well.”

Aaron chuckled softly as he licked the beads of sweat that had pooled on Derek’s skin.

“I love you.”

“I love you, Aaron, but I think we need to clean up, then I’ll take care of you.” Derek wrapped Aaron’s mind in a soothing blanket of love and security. Shuddering a moment, they broke apart and padded into the small bathroom to quickly shower, then crawled into the bed and wrapped around each other, they fell asleep.


“Jack,” Daniel cried out as Jack gripped his Guide’s hips and held him still above him. Planting feet, he thrust up fast and hard seeking his release. As he felt his orgasm building, his mind fully wrapped up with Daniels he felt, something change in him. He had always been privy to the beauty that was Daniel’s mind, the things he thought, all the wonders he felt every time they went through the gate. The love of what he did was not lost on Jack and though he had teased his Guide over the years, he knew how deeply Daniel truly loved history.

This, however, was different. Jack’s mind flooded with the languages Daniel had known and learned over the years. It was like he was being, upgraded, sharing this gift Daniel had for learning and Jack suddenly just knew. It was heady, intimidating, wonderful and Jack was greedy. He pulled on that knowledge, let it flood his own mind as it settled deep within. He shuddered as Daniel pressed down on him, words flowed from his lips that the Guide had said a thousand times before, but he had never understood. Now he did and it made Jack love Daniel all the more for it.

Daniel couldn’t get enough of Jack. He had pulled his Sentinel deeper into his mind than ever before and he felt it when his own innate gift for language was shared with Jack. Jack had opened himself up fully and Daniel was assaulted with the depth of Jack’s intelligence. Daniel felt his whole world tilt just slightly as he was flooded with Jack’s brilliant strategic mind. He saw that mind spread out before him, like Jack’s body was underneath him and finally understood just how his Sentinel worked. All his crazy plans, his strategies, his subterfuge, it all was downloaded into his own mind. He saw Jack’s political maneuvering and the depth of that steel trap mind of his. Daniel now possessed just a fraction of it and it humbled him.

When they both came and were wrapped up in each other, skin slick, hearts beating, Jack threading his fingers in Daniel’s hair, he chuckled softly.

“Well, I can finally understand you when you curse at me in another language.” Jack’s amusement flowed along the bond pulling laughter from Daniel.

“Yeah, won’t be able to get away with anything now.” Daniel sat up and looked down at Jack, his fingers gently mapping out his Sentinel’s face. “Why do you hide, Jack? I mean I always knew that there was a brilliant mind under all the sarcasm, and seemingly blase attitude you project. Why have you hidden this from me?”

Jack took a deep breath as he closed his eyes thinking about his father.

“It helped me to survive, Danny. I learned early to hide. My mind, my needs, even being a Sentinel. When we first met, god I wanted you so bad, then you met Sha’re and leaving you behind on Abydos that first time, it tore me apart. Then my father’s voice was in my head, and I buried it all deep. I retired and I assumed I wasn’t needed anymore. It was easier to hide than to think of what I lost.”

“Jack.” Daniel frowned as he leaned down and kissed Jack. “You don’t have to ever hide from me.”

“I know, Danny. I love you.”

“And I love you, and I have a feeling our lives are about to get seriously complicated.”

“When has that ever stopped us.” Jack smiled that crooked knowing smile of his and Daniel laughed.

“Never, Jack. Never.”


Tara slowly woke and felt better than she had in years. As she slept, she had felt her connection to Spencer strengthen just a little. She knew that he know knew she was alive. She stretched out on the bed in her new room and it felt almost hedonistic after the last nine years of her life. She scratched down her body, exploring the scales, trying to get used to the feel of them. Whatever she was, she would accept it and not fight it. Sitting up, Tara gave a startled yelp as she stared wide-eyed at the enormous black dragon that was wrapped around her bed.

“Fuck,” Tara stared not knowing what the hell to do. There was a chime at her door and almost on autopilot and not taking her eyes off the dragon she called out that it was okay to enter.

“What the hell is that?” Rodney stumbled as he walked into the room.

“ that a Dragon?” John looked from spirit animal to woman on the bed trying to process what he was seeing.

“Yeah. That is a dragon. A very large black dragon. I…” Tara swallowed as she pulled the sheet tightly around her. “I have no idea what any of this means. And can you two leave so I can get dressed?”

“Oh, now that she’s back to normal, she’s modest.”

“Well, I can now tell you to fuck off too.” Tara grinned as she leaned to the side where the dragon’s head was. She let her fingers almost dance over the scaly head. The spirit animal woke and let out a puff of psionic energy, almost like he was letting out a puff of smoke. “And what is your name you beautiful thing you.” The dragon lifted his head and laid it on Tara’s bed. A deep rumbling ran through him and Tara felt it deep inside. He opened his eyes and the deep green of them almost matched her own.

“Well, we will let you…You know what? I got nuthin’” John just raised a brow as he backed out of the room. “Come on Rodney. Let’s leave them alone.”



“This is just so…”


“You spoil all my fun,” Rodney groused as he stomped out of the room.

“Not all your fun McKay.”

“Oh, get your mind out of the gutter.”

“My mind is always in the gutter when it comes to you, Guide.” John pulled Rodney out of the room while the man protested all the way.

Tara was giggling at the pair as she slid off the bed. The dragon rolled onto his back and made a sound that Tara was sure was like a laugh.

“Yeah, you’ll get used to them. Now, why do I feel like you were always there, but I could never see you. I think I felt you, but you weren’t free.”

No, little sister, he was not. He was bound till his perfect match was woken up.”

“Holy shit! Who are you?” Tara looked around and found she was not on Atlantis anymore. “And where the heck am I?’

You are on the Psionic plane. I have brought you here, but our time is limited. Usually, I can only communicate with my brothers and sisters when they are meditating. And then, well till you were woken up by Atlantis, I too had great constrictions put on me. You broke bonds and woke the Dragon’s, child.”

“You mean Atlantis did that.”

No. Atlantis just tugged on that which was already inside you. You made the choice to change and grow. The City, she is coming alive again with joy. She has ached for those that would waken her up and help her heal. She has missed us, her creators. We squandered one of the most amazing things that we ever achieved. And we see our children paying for our avarice.”

“You’re an Ancient.” Tara stood, and when she looked down she felt a light, almost sheer covering was wrapped around her.

“I am. And I am the first Sentinel. My name is Llandra, come and follow me.”

Tara stood and followed after Llandra, her dragon behind her and Khan was next to her. They walked through the plane, the blue energy snapped and popped around them. Tara saw unreal fields with oceans of flowers and trees as far as the eye could see. She wasn’t sure where they were going when the stopped at what looked like a pond.

“A gift. You have suffered much little sister and soon, that suffering will be eased, but I can help a little, for now, to renew your hope. Put your hand in the water.”

Tara wasn’t sure what was really happening, but she did as Llandra asked. She plunged her hand into the cool strange water and felt her hand being grasped. She pulled, not even knowing what she was pulling on till she saw the shape of a man through the water. She used all her strength to pull and finally, as she fell back the man came with her. When she looked up and saw his face, his beautiful eyes a deep painful sob ripped from her.

“What? What’s going on? This…is this a dream?” Shaky fingers touched her face. “Is this real?”

“In a way, Spencer, this is very real. You have been pulled onto the psionic plane. I can give you but a short time. Use it wisely.”

Llandra drifted off out of the couple’s sight.

“Tara?” Spencer’s voice broke as he said her name. “If this is a dream I don’t want it to ever end.” Spencer crashed his lips against hers as she wrapped her arms around him. The kiss deepened and Tara moaned as their bond flared strong and bright between them. Spencer pulled back and laid his head down on her shoulder, letting his body practically sink against her.

“I miss you so much. I got the video. Alec is a little tired of me watching it over and over.”

Tara let the tears fall as she twined her fingers in Spencer’s long hair.

“I don’t want to let you go, Spencer. I’ve been so lost and alone without you. Only seeing glimpses of you in my dreams. What are we going to do?”

“General O’Neill is pushing for the Daedalus to be finished. Once it is, and they’re close, I’m going to be on it. I’m coming to you Tara, I promise, I’m coming.” Then before she could process his words, he was gone.

“No, no Spencer, come back. Come back…” Curling into herself she felt his loss once again. But this time she had hope she could hold onto.

“Take heart little sister, they are very close as he said and I promise you I will do what I can so Spencer keeps his promise.”

Tara turned into Llandra’s arms and felt the love and comfort the Ancient Sentinel was giving her.

Shh, child. Soon you will be reunited. Be strong and hold on for just a while longer little Dragon. I promise you the rewards will be well worth everything you have suffered.”

Tara woke and bolted upright. The Dragon was gone, but she felt that place inside where she kept the bond alive was stronger, more solid and the hope that had bloomed deep within gave her the strength to stand. She knew, somehow she knew, Llandra would keep her promise.


Spencer bolted up in bed, his heart pounding, the bond with is Sentinel once again strong. He thought it a dream, but it was more than that, deeper. Spencer knew it had been real. They only had seconds, but his Sentinel, his very heart, was alive. He touched his lips and closed his eyes to try to keep hold of the memory of it.

A knock on his door pulled him out of his thoughts and Spencer wanted to be mad, but he wasn’t, he was tired of the anger that had once burned hot in his gut.

“Come in,” he called out.

“Hey, want breakfast?” Alec asked as he walked into Spencer’s room.

“Yeah, yeah, just let me get dressed.”

“You okay, kid?”

Spencer was going to just brush off his brother’s question, but he didn’t. He sighed and touched his lips with his fingertips once more.

“I didn’t just see her Alec. We connected for seconds, really. I was pulled onto the psionic plane and there she was, real and beautiful. I have hope again, Alec.”

Alec moved into the room and sat on the bed. He knew how hard this had all been for his brother.

“You’re going out there, aren’t you?”

“Yes. I have to Alec. I can’t stay. I know you, Dad and David are going to try to talk me out of it, but I can’t. I need to go when the Daedalus is ready.”

“Yeah, I know. I’m just going to miss you, Dexter.” Alec stood and went back to the kitchen leaving Spencer alone with his thoughts.

It didn’t take long for Spencer to wander out from the bedroom in search of coffee. He found a fresh pot, along with creamer and sugar, waiting for him. After pouring a cup and doctoring it like he wanted, Spencer leaned against the counter and watched his brother making them breakfast. The set of his shoulders, and how quiet he was being made Spencer wonder if Alec was angry.

“Are you angry at me, Alec?”

Flipping a pancake, Alec let out a long sigh as he turned to his brother.

“No. No Spencer I’m not. I’m angry at myself for following the rest of the family and keeping you at a distance. We’ve lost so much time with each other.”

Spencer set his coffee aside and crossed his arms over his chest.

“I’m here now. And, I’m sure that this isn’t going to be forever. Whatever happens, however this all changes us, we’ll be back.”

Alec turned off the pan and set the food aside before turning to look at Spencer.

“I’m sorry for not believing you.”

“You’ve already apologized, Alec. I don’t need any more apologies from you. I just need my brother back, that’s all.”

Alec smiled a crooked smile then pulled Spencer in for a hug.

“I know, Dexter.” Breaking apart, Alec pointed to the table where a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns was waiting. Spencer sat and tucked into his food with relish.

“Do you know when Dad and David are getting here?”

“Sometime around noon.”

“Is David still being an idiot when it comes to finding his Sentinel?”

“We don’t talk about that with him, Spencer. I don’t know why. He won’t open up and tell anyone what’s wrong.”

“Maybe I can talk to him about it.” Spencer ate with relish. Those seconds he had with Tara had given him a whole new outlook on life. He was ready for anything.

“If you can get the stubborn idiot to talk, more power to you.”

Spencer mulled it over as he ate, then after they were done with breakfast he did the dishes and cleaned up. His nerves were starting to get to him as the time for his Dad and David to show moved closer and closer.

“Would you stop fidgeting?”

“I’m just nervous. I fidget when I’m nervous. Did you know that people who fidget often weigh less than those who don’t? A person who fidgets can burn an extra 350 calories per day. Also, a Dr. Pine at the University of Hertfordshire did a research study that showed that children who were allowed to fidget with their hands performed better in memory and learning tests. Though fidgeting has been seen as a nervous tick, it can also be a symptom of hyperthyroidism…”

“Spencer, stop. Okay? Just stop. You’ll be fine.”

“I haven’t seen Dad since the big fight. Then John ran off and accepted the first assignment given to him, Dad and David buried themselves in work, and you…”

“Left for college leaving you at CalTech all alone,” Alec finished for Spencer.

“Yeah.” This was the topic that neither brother wanted to broach, but needed to. “I was so scared going back. Walking back into our apartment, I did that alone, Alec. All I did for a week was stay curled up in our bed with something of hers. It wasn’t till Ansel came to find me that I was finally convinced to get out of bed and get back into school. Tara and my conservator was there when none of my family was. How was I supposed to deal with that on my own?”

“You shouldn’t have. None of us should have left you alone, no matter whether we believed you or not. You’re right to be angry. All I can say is I’m sorry, kiddo.”

Spencer nodded, knowing they had a lot of healing still to do, and not a lot of time to do it in.


“Well, kids. You ready to see what all this fuss is about?” Jack smiled nervously as Aaron and Derek stood there in full BDU’s looking more natural in them than he would have expected. “Somehow I think you’ve done this before.”

Aaron chuckled as he finished checking the P90 that Jack had assigned him. He had his service weapon and a k-bar already attacked. Last was his field pack, which he checked twice.

“Military school. Then when I graduated, I did FLETC. Found the Military wasn’t quite for me and went to regular college after. When I was done being a lawyer, applied to the FBI and with my marksmen scores, got assigned to SWAT for two years before moving to Agent status. You never quite lose that knowledge.”

“Yup,” Jack quirked the side of his mouth as he popped the p and shook his head. “That’ll do it.”

“Army Rangers, six years, then Chicago PD.”

“So I don’t have to worry that you guys are going to shoot your foot off then.”

“Jack.” Daniel admonished his Sentinel as they made their final check.

“Yes, Daniel?”

“They are also Federal agents. I’m sure they have to have at least passing marks to carry.”

“Doesn’t mean they can shoot.”

“Oh, we can shoot. We’ve often competed against each other.” Derek grinned wide and couldn’t help laughing at the snort coming from his Sentinel.

“Well, let’s get this dog and pony show on the road, folks. Walter?” Walter started up the sequence for PX2-485. A rather benign planet that has hand no Ori or Goa’uld activity on it. When the wormhole locked and activated, Aaron and Derek couldn’t help staring at it.

“It’s pretty intimidating at first. But, don’t worry, it only hurts if you don’t land right. Just don’t fight it when you get out on the other side,” Carter said as she finished her checks.

“Move ‘em out.” Jack went first, then Daniel. Aaron and Derek were next, and it said a lot about both men that they didn’t even hesitate to follow their Prime across the Galaxy. Last came Carter and Teal’c.

“Holy Shit!” Derek was doubled over trying to get his breath back, Aaron didn’t even look fazed.

“Kicker, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it is. So, your tellin’ me I am now standing on another planet.”

“That’s the gist,” Jack called over his shoulder as he started to walk. “Try to keep up campers. And if you want facts, just ask the genius.”

Aaron just shook his head and felt Derek’s amusement as well. They knew that if Spencer stayed any length of time that they hoped he and Daniel could repair their relationship.

Daniel chatted on about the planet, how SG-1 came to a trade deal with them, facts about the flora and fauna. It was achingly familiar, both men thinking about case details and flying to wherever with Spencer rambling. The point hit home that they were not going to be able to go back to their old lives. Aaron did not relish the phone call he was going to have to make to resign along with Derek.

“Hey. I told you I’m all in. Wherever you go, whatever you need to do, I’m all in, Aaron.”

“I know. Just that this all felt…” Aaron waved his hand trying to find the right words.


The smile and chuckle Derek got were one he had not seen on his Sentinel in a while. Derek wanted to wrap his hand with Aaron’s but he knew they needed to be focused.

“Yeah, very familiar.” Aaron was watching the General. He felt an apprehension in the bond and immediately shifted to fight mode. He kept a loose grip on his P90. He was on hyper-alert mode and dialed up his hearing to try to figure out what was going on.

“We got company campers.” Jack crouched and backed up towards the treeline. Aaron, Derek, and Daniel followed, while Teal’c and Carter took up flanking positions in the overgrown brush. The unit still moved as one, Aaron following the instincts he was quickly getting used to, while Derek was following him. It wasn’t unlike when they would breach a residence.

“Jack, what’s going on?” Aaron whispered, but he knew Jack could hear him.

“Jaffa, about 3 clicks out. I can just barely make them out. Teal’c, do you have any Jaffa that is supposed to be here?” Jack asked on his radio.

“No, O’Neill. There are not supposed to be any of our people on this planet. Master Bra’tac has nothing planned that I know of.”

“Okay, we take this slow. Aaron, Derek keep behind me and follow my lead.”

“Yes, Sir.” Aaron crouched next to Jack, while Derek stayed with Daniel. “Sir, can you give me any information on these Jaffa that would help us?”

Jack raised a closed fist so that the others could see that he was stopping. He turned his head just slightly and gave Aaron and Derek a quick rundown on who the Jaffa were. He was also kicking himself for not preparing them better.

“So, we aren’t in Kansas anymore.”

Jack’s face split in an inappropriate grin and shook his head. His sunglasses hid his eyes, but Aaron was certain they would be glinting with a bit of that hunter instinct that he was feeling at the moment.

Jack gave the signal to continue, and in less than fifteen minutes they came to the village they were originally going to visit. There in the center of the village was a man speaking to the villagers. Aaron felt a growl bubble up from deep down inside.

Jack turned and gave Aaron a strange look.

“You okay?”

“I…” Aaron shook his head to try to clear it, but that something that made him Sentinel recognized the man in the village. He couldn’t put a name to it and he wondered if this was an Ori.

“Yup, you guessed it.” Jack had almost felt the question through his bond with Aaron. He wondered if those Protector instincts were kicking in like Daniel had said they might. “Dial it back, we don’t want trouble right off the bat.”

Daniel stifled a laugh of his own because he knew that was all Jack lived for, making trouble.

“Let’s crash this party and see what’s going on.” Jack stood up, with Aaron, Derek and Daniel behind him, Teal’c and Carter were still flanking. Cautiously they approached the Ori that was speaking.

Nasanala!” Aaron spat as he growled low in his throat.

“And who…” The Ori narrowed his eyes at Aaron, then gasped. “Nasodisala.” The Ori looked scared. “Kill them, kill them all,” The Ori yelled as he started to run away. The Jaffa engaged the others while Aaron ran full out after the Ori. He was sinking into a feral state, but this felt different, he felt different as he fell to his knees, head bowed he screamed. The sounds of the battle around him, he kept his hearing specifically on the Ori that was running to some kind of safety. In Aaron’s state, he couldn’t form coherent thoughts, all he heard in his head was hunt. Standing up, he felt something on his back. Throwing his gear to the side, Aaron ripped through his shirt with his claws trying to get the offending fabric off of him. His back was on fire, but he grunted and pushed down the pain then ran. He zeroed in on his target then adjusted where he was running to. The distance was nothing compared to the marathons he actively engaged in. His powerful legs pumping, the skin on his back tearing but he powered through the pain and kept running.

He only faltered when he saw the shadow of wings flowing out from his back. He didn’t think much about them, as he was now pure feral instinct. The Ori wasn’t far ahead now. Aaron knew, deep down, that the Ori has some kind of power, but so did he. He called on his Lioness, who appeared beside him, also feral.

The large green dragon that was flying right above him did not faze him at all, at least not yet anyway. All three put on speed and attacked the Ori as one.

By the time Derek and the SG-1 team found him, Aaron was down on one knee, heaving, covered in blood, and gore, the spirit dragon was next to him in a protective stance.

“Shit,” Jack proclaimed as he and Derek carefully approached. Aaron was heaving, exhausted from the overdrive, but still not in his right mind.

“Sentinel,” Derek shouted as he approached. Aaron’s head whipped up and he growled low in his throat, green crystal eyes had replaced the chocolate brown. “Easy Sentinel. It’s Derek. Come on love, you have to come back to me.” Derek took a few steps, he signaled Jack to stay where he was. Aaron tilted his head just a bit as if he was trying to recognize the person in front of him. “You went too deep, Aaron. You have to come back to me.” Derek took a couple more steps, then Aaron jumped and was on him pinning him down. Derek didn’t stop what was happening, he knew Aaron needed to smell him.

“That’s right, it’s me, your Guide.” A deep rumble emanated from Aaron’s chest as he buried his head next to Derek’s neck, smelling him. He then licked a stripe up Derek’s neck and rumbled even deeper.

“Guide,” Aaron whined.

“Yes, Sentinel.”

Aaron stood and pulled Derek with him, wrapping an arm around his waist, holding him possessively.


“Yes, yes I’m yours.”

“Okay, well this has turned out not to be so much fun. Morgan, will you be able to get him back through the Gate?”

“Yeah, just don’t get too close and whatever you do, don’t touch me or him.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” Jack looked slightly uncomfortable as he scrunched up his face. “I take it we won’t know about,” waving a hand up and down caused a growl from Aaron,”These till we get back?”

Derek knew Jack was talking about the scales and the two large psionic wings that were on Aaron’s back.

“I’m not sure even your resident geek can explain them. But, I think we need to get outta here no matter what. I just don’t know what you want to do with…well with what is left of the body.”

“We’ll take care of it, Sir.” Carter had indicated that she and Teal’c would handle the cleanup.

“Alright, let’s get back to the gate, and have Dr. Lam check him over. This will be very interesting.”

Twenty minutes later Derek and Aaron were stumbling through the wormhole first. Dr. Lam was there with a medkit just in case it was an emergency. When she looked up into Aaron’s eyes, Aaron let Derek go and before anyone could stop him, Aaron had Dr. Lam pinned to the floor of the ramp.

“Mine,” Aaron grunted as he bent to sniff the Doctor.

“Okay, Agent. I’m sorry about this, but I know you’ll feel better in the morning after it. Then, when you are coherent, we can talk.” Aaron frowned, trying hard to understand, then a needle was being shoved into his thigh. The sedative didn’t take long to take effect. Luckily, Derek and Jack were there before the man fell completely onto Dr. Lam. Together they lifted Aaron on the gurney that Lam had waiting.

“What the hell was that?” Lam turned to Jack as she leaned for a moment next to Aaron.

“We may have hit a little snag?” Jack raised his brows so high they almost hit his hairline.

“Little snag. This man is in a complete feral overdrive, not to mention scales. Now, I know you guys come back here with all kinds of bizarre things happening, but I don’t think even Janet has seen anything like this. Are they permanent?”

“No idea, Doc. But Daniel might know.”

“I…think I need to call Blair. I have no idea what happened out there.”

“Great.” Jack blew out a breath as he watched the man he was quickly coming to care about being wheeled away with his guide at his side.

“So, are we gonna talk about the big, green dragon?” Carter asked as she tried to hide the somewhat amused expression on her face.

“No, no Carter we are not.”

Nasanala = Enochian for Traitor

Nasodisala = Enochian for Protector



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