December 20th: Cabin in the Woods

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Criminal Minds

Aaron Hotchner/ Spencer Reid

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Prompt: Celebrating a winter holiday of a different tradition than they are used to

It's time for Christmas and Aaron takes Spencer somewhere new to celebrate.

Spencer looked at the invitation that he had received in the mail from Aaron. Aaron had been away for two weeks for a series of lectures in various police stations across Texas, and while they talked at night, nearly every single one, Aaron hadn’t mentioned this at all. Spencer didn’t know what they were going to do in a cabin for the weekend before Christmas. Spencer knew that Jessica was watching Jack for the weekend as she had mentioned that before, and then Spencer had got the invite.

The cabin was picturesque as he looked at it after looking up from the invitation. He sighed as he reached back to grab his backpack. He had packed it instead of his normal go-bag. Gripping it tightly, Spencer pulled the keys from his rental and slipped them into his pocket before he got out. The wind was cold as hell in the hills of Virginia. The cabin didn’t look like it was one of those things that was rented, but Spencer had no clue why Aaron would own a cabin in the middle of the country. He could be just staying there while it was a friend who owned it.

Spencer knocked on the door and waited. He had texted Aaron to make sure that he was already here, but Aaron hadn’t responded. The door opened, and Aaron was standing there in a Henley with a pair of jeans that were downright sinful.

“Hi,” Aaron said, a little breathless. He looked like he had been doing something that involved a lot of movement.

“Hi.” Spencer wasn’t sure why they were doing this, but he wanted to spend time with Aaron. While the relationship was still very, very new in the fallout of New York and the horrible case that could have killed Aaron. Aaron had gladly fallen into the relationship they had been taking is slowly, though. This was a weekend in a cabin with nothing else to do.

“Come on,” Aaron said, and he reached out to tug on the strap of Spencer’s backpack.

Spencer followed the tug into the room, and the door was shut. The cabin was warm, and there was a crackling fire in the fireplace with a grate over it. There was a couch near the fire but not close enough that it looked like it had a chance of catching fire. The smell of food filled Spencer’s nose, and his stomach growled. He had been too nervous after arriving here. The rental had been ready for him to take, needing something with 4-wheel drive to get to the cabin in the weather conditions the area was under.

Aaron leaned in for a kiss. It was chaste and straightforward, but it helped to calm Spencer’s nerves down. He could do that part. The kissing was something that neither he nor Aaron were shy about, but it was the activities that came after that which was putting Spencer’s thoughts into a spiral. He wanted to take a step back and talk, but he also just wanted to go with the flow of what Aaron wanted. Aaron hadn’t pushed for more than Spencer was ready, for it wasn’t that hard to understand that this was a weekend for going further. No toddler to interrupt or need them to do something.

“Dinner is ready. I hope you are hungry.”

“Yes. This place is beautiful.” Spencer let Aaron take his bag from his hands and set it down at the base of a set of stairs. Spencer looked where the steps were going to see that it wasn’t a full second floor but a loft-like area with what looked like nothing but a bed. Spencer wondered where the bathroom was until he saw a door just off the kitchen. It was cracked open but swung outward so Spencer couldn’t see what was inside. He let his eyes go over the rest of the cabin and loved what he saw.

Aaron linked his hand in Spencer’s and tugged him toward the kitchen. Aaron tucked him close, kissing the back of his hand as he pulled out a chair for Spencer to sit in with his free hand. The table was set with two bowls of steaming stew. It looked like beef stew, and there was a plate with three rolls each on it in the middle. A bottle of wine was open and breathing on the table as well. It was intimate in a way that their dates at Aaron’s apartment or Spencer’s hadn’t been.

“This smells and looks wonderful.” Spencer settled into the chair as Aaron pushed it in. Aaron kissed the side of his cheek before pouring the wine.

“I love beef stew, but I find that I don’t have as much time to make it home as I would like.” Aaron sat down in his chair and picked up a glass of wine. He held it out, and Spencer picked up his own and bopped it off of Aaron’s before he took a hesitant sip. He wasn’t the biggest wine drinker, and Aaron had found two so far that he didn’t like. This one, though, was good. Spencer hummed as he took another drink of it.

The smile on Aaron’s face from that made Spencer blush a little. Aaron dug into the stew first while Spencer grabbed a roll and broke it up into pieces before dropping it on the plate that was by his bowl. He laughed a little as Aaron didn’t have a plate, but then he just took large bites of his roll before setting it back down on the center plate. Spencer liked to take small pieces and pop them into his mouth, something that Aaron had learned quickly about it. He ate a bit of the roll and found that it wasn’t store-bought.

“Frozen balls,” Aaron said.

“Still tastes better than the ones that are bought and then just warmed up.” Spencer dug into the stew next, taking a small spoonful of the soupy bit and trying it. He was halfway through reaching for the pepper when he found that Aaron had seasoned it perfectly, and Spencer didn’t need it. Aaron was grinning. “You are too happy about that.”

“You add pepper to nearly everything that I cook. Never salt, just pepper, so I thought if I added a little more, you might now. I guess I was right. Of course, when Jack’s eating with us, I can’t, but I can learn your tastes.”

“You always add pepper as well.”

“Yes, but I never do when I cook for just me. I put this up to how I wanted it, and I’ve tried your bites of food before, so I knew it wasn’t too much, so I think that I have it down.”

Spencer nodded. He knew that Aaron loved to do things, small things like that, but he wasn’t used to it. Aaron was terrific, and Spencer knew that he loved him, but sometimes his focus was a little too much for him. It was like being in the center of a storm and now knowing where to go. Still, Spencer didn’t want to be anywhere else.

“To our first Christmas,” Aaron said.

“Cheers,” Spencer said as he raised his glass. They didn’t clink them this time, only took a sip each. The wine wasn’t very strong, which Spencer liked, and there didn’t seem to be a lot of it in the bottle. Spencer wondered if Aaron had drunk some for dutch courage until he got a bite of meat on his spoon, and the taste of wine was there cooked into the meat.

There was only enough wine for what looked like two partial glasses for both of them, so Spencer savored the wine that he had while eating. Aaron talked about the cabin, how it had been in his mother’s family for years before going to him when his distant aunt died. He hadn’t been out there that much as Haley hadn’t liked it, so he usually allowed other people in the FBI to go out and stay for a weekend.

“I want to make a tradition of this. Either before or after Christmas depending on my schedule with Jack and work. Just you and me for a few days.”

Spencer nodded his head as he had a bite of potato in his mouth and was chewing it. He swallowed when he could without choking and smiled at Aaron. “That sounds good.”

“Our new tradition for us. I know that other than the whole present part, neither of us really cares about Christmas. So I thought that something that was just for us would be great.”

“I like it.” Spencer felt his body filling with warmth at the thought that Aaron wanted to create traditions with him. Something that was for them and them alone. It was going to be great. Something that had meaning, even Aaron, was setting the basis of it. Spencer grabbed his next roll and started to break it up into pieces, eating a few as he did it. Spencer was still very hungry, so he figured that another serving of stew was in his future before they retired up into the bed. Night had fallen hours before, and there was plenty to do in that bed up there for the rest of the evening.


Spencer slipped back into bed, pressing himself into Aaron’s body. The bed was still warm, and it would get warmer again. The sun was coming up over the horizon, but Spencer figured they would not be leaving bed at all until at least lunch. Breakfast was muffins that Aaron had made the day before and was already in a box at the bedside. He had snuck one in already down in the kitchen as his stomach had wanted food. He had stoked the fire and added some fresh logs to it. It was the only source of heat in the cabin, and so Spencer was more than willing to make sure it stayed warm in there.

Aaron was still naked while Spencer had slipped a shirt and pants on to go down to the bathroom when he woke up. Aaron turned his head toward Spencer as Spencer wiggled to get the pants off and then the shirt off so he could get naked again. He pressed himself to Aaron to get warm.

“How can you get so cold so quickly?” Aaron asked.

Spencer buried his nose into the middle of Aaron’s back to get it warm.

“It’s cold outside of the blankets. We made a little nest here, and you are a heater on your own; of course, it’s not that cold to you.”

“Spencer, I went to the bathroom earlier and didn’t get dressed like you. So don’t even tell me that it’s cold out there. It’s just fine.”

“Lies,” Spencer said. He was burying his blush still in the upper part of Aaron’s back. Aaron had been so fantastic the night before, taking his time and making Spencer want everything that he wanted to do. He had been so soft and so gentle that Spencer wasn’t sure that he didn’t cry during sex. Spencer wanted more of that, but right now, he just loved this, them being together with no pressing need for anything outside of maybe food and drinks.

“I love you, you know,” Spencer said into the skin of Aaron’s back. It was loud enough that Spencer knew that Aaron had to hear him, but yet, Aaron said nothing, he wasn’t even moving. Spencer didn’t worry, though. He knew that Aaron wasn’t tense. The words hadn’t done anything to him, for good or for ill.

Aaron took a deep breath, pushing up on Spencer a little before he slowly turned over and drew Spencer close. He tucked Spencer’s body as close as he could get with an arm around his back and another hand in his hair, pressing Spencer’s chin down into his chest. The bones had to dig in just a little, but still, Aaron just smiled down at him. “I love you too.”

It wasn’t the first time they had said the words, but neither of them were that expressive with just words. They both let their actions speak for them more.

“Was this all good?” Aaron asked.

“Yes. I was nervous about it all, but I never should have been. You care for me as much as I care for you, so I should have known that nothing was going to be pushed.”

“You worry about everything,” Aaron said with a smile on his face. He used the hand in Spencer’s hair to pull him up for a kiss.

Spencer slid his body across Aaron’s keeping the blankets up around their body, using that warmth to keep him warm until they did other things to keep them both warm, where the blankets might or might not be pulled off of their bodies. The kiss stayed chaste, just a simple press of lips on lips.

“Someone in this has to,” Spencer said with a grin before he sat up, pulling the blankets around them more. He had been shocked at how big they had been the night before. The bed was high up, but the blanket still just barely didn’t touch the floor on all sides. Spencer had enjoyed it though when that meant he could wrap up in them.

“Oh, you think I don’t worry?” Aaron asked.

“Nope, you don’t.” Spencer bit his lips as he looked at the glint that was in Aaron’s eyes, the challenge in them.

Aaron moved quickly, and before Spencer knew what was happening, they were both under the blankets with Aaron on top of him.

“What are you? A ninja?” Spencer asked. He laughed as Aaron’s mouth went for his neck, kissing each of the spots that Aaron had left on him from the kissing session they had on the couch by the fire before moving up to the bed. He laughed as Aaron licked up the column of his neck next before looking down at him. There was just a little light coming in through the hole made where their feet were slipped out of the blanket some and the mound of pillows. Spencer wiggled to get his toes on the blankets and pulled them down enough to where there was no light left. Aaron’s body became a little more insistent as he stretched over Spencer.

It seemed that the new tradition wasn’t just getting away to a cabin for a weekend, it was a weekend of not leaving the bed unless they had to, and Spencer was totally okay with that.

The End

Profilers for Christmas is an anonymous crime drama Advent Calendar featuring both art and stories. Author/Artist reveal is on the 25th. Additional information about the challenge can be found here.

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  2. These two are so sweet together!

  3. Raises a glass… Skål!!! To new traditions and happily ever afters!!! This was LOVELY! Thank you! 🙂

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