December 10th: Handmade

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Tony DiNozzo/Randolph Rampart (OMC)

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Author's Note:
Prompt: Handmade Gift Exchange. AN: Randolph Rampart is an original character created by Keira Marcos. This story is inspired by Dance With Me.

Beta'd by Keira Marcos.

Randolph and Tony have developed a tradition of exchanging handmade presents, and they manage to surprise each other this Christmas.

Tony DiNozzo woke and stretched languidly, knowing immediately that he was alone in the bed. It wasn’t an unusual occurrence on their day off because Tony preferred to sleep in while Randolph Rampart, his lover of two years, was constitutionally incapable of sleeping past dawn.

He dragged himself out of bed and took a quick shower. Twenty minutes later, he was back in the bedroom with a towel around his waist when Rand came in wearing a robe and carrying a breakfast tray. Tony figured Rand was wearing nothing under that robe, and the very thought gave him ideas.

Rand looked put out that Tony was already awake. “I planned to be back before you woke.” He set the tray on the dresser before pulling Tony close. “Morning.”

Tony let himself melt into his lover. He’d never experienced anything as comforting and satisfying as being in Randolph’s arms. “Hey.” He pressed their mouths together for a lingering touch of lips. “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas.” Rand’s arms tightened. “Let’s go back to bed.” Tony’s towel was flicked away, and Rand let his robe drop to the floor. The feel of their naked bodies pressed together made Tony shiver as Rand’s tongue slid into his mouth. Tony sucked his lover’s tongue briefly before taking over the kiss.

He pushed Rand back onto the bed and straddled him, relishing the feel of the hardening cock against his belly. Rand slid a hand around the back of Tony’s neck and pulled him down into another kiss, their mouths settling together.

Tony lost track of time as he was consumed with drugging kisses and the firm press of Rand’s touch all over his body. In the two years they’d been together, Rand had learned precisely where and how to touch, even discovering new hot spots Tony had never known. Rand gave him time and attention in ways no other lover ever had.

Rand flipped them, settling between Tony’s legs and letting Tony take his weight.

“God, you feel good,” Tony gasped, arching up and rubbing their cocks together.

Tipping Tony’s head back, Rand paid particular attention to Tony’s throat, nipping right at the place that would make him shiver. “You’re so damn beautiful.”

Tony’s grip tightened on Rand’s arms, and he felt his face warm. He always felt unnerved and vulnerable when Rand said things like that—even after so much time together. They’d met during a case right at the end of Tony’s tenure at NCIS, but there hadn’t been any romantic overtures for several more years. Tony had taken Tom Morrow up on a job at Homeland rather than be sent to an aircraft carrier as agent afloat by the new NCIS director. Tony was well into his new role before he saw Rampart again.

He’d run into Randolph a few times over the years and had been aware when Rand was promoted to Commandant. Though he’d always found the man attractive, he’d have never made a pass at someone in that position without a clear signal that it would be well received. So it had never crossed his mind that there could be anything between them. But the day Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed, he’d gotten a phone call from a very hot Marine general with an offer of coffee and whatever might come after. There’d been some press once it came out that a member of the Joint Chiefs was dating a man.

Tony had weathered the storm of media attention and done his best to be very dull so they’d lose interest. He was already a Special Agent in Charge at that point, so he wasn’t in the field as often. The impact on his job was strictly in terms of how his superiors took it, and Tom Morrow had no fucks to give on the subject.

When he’d started dating Rand, he was a SAC for a special intelligence project that was highly classified, but his cover was leading a team looking into run-of-the-mill situations. Now, he was Assistant Director of Special Projects, which covered intelligence operations and a few other things. The new job kept him mostly in the office, allowing him space and time to develop a healthy relationship with the man he’d fallen in love with. They’d been together for over two years and had been living together since just before last Christmas.

Rand pressed a series of light kisses along the line of Tony’s throat. “What’d you make me for Christmas?”

Tony laughed and wrapped his legs around Rand’s hips, squeezing. “Nuh-uh. You’ll have to wait.”

“I’m impatient.” He nipped at Tony’s Adam’s apple. They’d agreed to make each other something for Christmas this year since they were both challenging to buy for.

Scoffing, Tony rolled his hips, enjoying the feel of the firm cock pressed against him. “You seem pretty damn patient; otherwise, you’d be in me already.”

Rand made a sound like a growl and bit Tony’s shoulder before sealing their mouths together. Moaning, Tony clutched at the firm back, enjoying the width of Rand’s shoulder’s and his sheer size, the weight of the strong body pressed into him.

Slippery fingers teased at Tony’s asshole, two sliding in, immediately pressing against his prostate. Tony shivered and tightened around the fingers as they thrust in and out of him.

“God…” Rand pressed his face against Tony’s throat as he removed his fingers and then thrust in with his cock. Tony’d never gone bareback in his life until he and Rand had been together for eight months, and now he loved the feel of sex without barriers.

When he was all the way in, Rand stilled, breathing heavily against Tony’s skin. “Perfect,” he whispered. They stayed like that, pressed together, unmoving. Time felt as if it stood still for that pristine moment.

Then Rand pulled back to break the clutch of Tony’s legs, cock barely in Tony’s ass. He positioned Tony’s legs over his shoulders, nearly bending Tony in half. Tony figured all the yoga he’d been doing was his ongoing birthday, Christmas, and anniversary present to Rand.

Rand stared down at Tony for long moments, stroking his thigh, then sliding one hand up to his hip, rubbing softly over the sensitive skin covering Tony’s hipbone. The position didn’t allow Tony any leverage to move, and when he tried, Rand stilled him.

“So perfect,” Rand repeated just before driving his cock back in. Tony gasped, and Rand fused their mouths together. He quickly got lost in the rhythm of their mouths and bodies moving as they chased climax.

After a long time, one of Randolph’s large, strong hands slid between them and wrapped around Tony’s cock. He slid his thumb just right over the head, teasing the slit, and Tony came, shuddering and gasping out his lover’s name. Randolph continued to move in him, hips snapping sharply as he sought his own release.

Rand claimed Tony’s mouth again as he came, thrusts turning erratic as he rode out his orgasm. He released Tony’s legs, going boneless and letting Tony take all his weight.

Tony adjusted his limbs to wrap legs and arms tightly around Rand, enjoying every second of the intimacy. “Love you.” He pressed a kiss to Randolph’s temple.

“Love you, too,” Rand murmured against Tony’s skin.

They stayed in bed longer than usual, enjoying the lazy morning and the closeness. It was more than an hour before they cleaned up, then worked their way through the breakfast of fruit, pastries, and yogurt that had been abandoned in favor of morning sex.

They both dressed in comfortable clothes and adjourned to the living room. Neither of them was particularly invested in extensive holiday decorating, so most of the house was left alone, and their concession to the season was the tastefully decorated living room. The tree was a smallish living tree that they’d take out to be planted in a day or two. It had become a tradition, being something Tony had suggested for Rand’s holiday decorating when they’d only been dating for three months. This was the third live tree they’d plant together.

There were two boxes under the tree. One small and square, and one flat and long. Rand retrieved them both then set them on the coffee table. “I’d like to open the gift from you first.” Rand didn’t usually have preferences about that sort of thing.

Tony was a little surprised, but he nodded readily enough. “Go for it.” He figured they each had expectations based on what they knew of the other’s creative endeavors. Tony played several instruments, but Rand was more familiar with Tony’s sketching. It wasn’t until they’d moved in together that Rand realized most of the paintings Tony had were his own work. Though he hadn’t painted much since college.

Rand did a lot of leatherwork, which had surprised Tony. It was a skill he’d picked up as a kid from his grandfather and continued with it throughout his life. He’d given Tony a new shoulder holster last year, which Tony adored, though being in the management chain now meant he had less reason to wear it.

The size and shape of Tony’s gift to Rand would probably lead his lover to think it was a framed sketch or painting, but Tony had decided to go all-in on giving something deeply personal to him. Consequently, he was fidgety and nervous as Randolph peeled back the paper and opened the white box.

When he parted the tissue paper, Rand stopped and stared at the brown leather presentation folder with Randolph Rampart embossed in the lower-left corner along with the date. Rand shot him a curious look. “Did you learn…?”

“No.” Tony shook his head. “I bought that and had it personalized. The gift is inside.”

Taking a moment to run his hand over the fine-grain leather, Rand pulled out the folio and opened it. His breath had an audible hitch to it. “Tony…” He touched the parchment carefully, fingertips drifting over the musical notes Tony had spent hours carefully stenciling with a calligraphy pen.

Rand looked at him again, eyes bright. “You wrote this?”


“Will you play it?”



Tony got to his feet and went to the piano. He stared at the keys for a few seconds before he began to play the contemporary piece he’d composed for the man he loved. The sheet music wasn’t necessary; he knew this song by heart. As he played, he was aware of Randolph’s presence, close and steady as he always was.

When he finished playing, the last note still resonant in the air, he heard the odd sound of paper tearing. Turning on the bench, he looked up at Rand as he was ripping the paper off of Tony’s Christmas present.

Surprised into a laugh and somewhat incredulous, Tony asked, “Did you just open my present?” But then he sobered when he took in Rand’s expression. He’d never seen that mix of overwhelmed and loving before.

Rand tossed the wrapping paper away, leaving a dark wood box in his hands. Tony’s eyes went wide when Rand dropped to one knee and opened the box, revealing two rings inside. Both were hand-wrought, hammered metal in a silver-ish tone. Probably platinum. They were lovely, and Tony found himself reaching out and letting his fingertips rest on them.

“Will you marry me?” Rand asked, voice hoarse.

“Oh.” Tony’s breath caught. He’d known what all the gestures meant, but the words brought it into sharp focus. Randolph wanted him forever. The knowledge eased him in a deeply profound way, soothing over hurts he hadn’t wanted to recognize. Randolph was everything to him.

Tony swallowed, mouth suddenly dry. He’d been entertaining the idea in the parts of his mind it was difficult to share with anyone, hoping they had a permanent future together.

Still, trust Rand to beat him to the punch.

“Yes, Randolph, I’ll marry you.” There was nothing else to say because there was nothing he wanted more. They’d marry and, for the rest of his life, he’d wear the ring his husband had made.

Grinning, Rand pulled Tony off the piano bench, so they were both on the floor. Their mouths met over and over, their kisses deep and drugging and full of promise.

“I can’t believe you opened my Christmas present,” Tony finally grumbled against his fiancé’s mouth.

Rand chuckled and pulled back. “I needed to propose to you, and the wrapping paper was an obstacle.” He cupped Tony’s face with both hands. “I can’t imagine spending a day without you.”

Tony leaned in for another kiss. They stayed like that, breath mingling, foreheads pressed together. “Merry Christmas.”

The End

Profilers for Christmas is an anonymous crime drama Advent Calendar featuring both art and stories. Author/Artist reveal is on the 25th. Additional information about the challenge can be found here.

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