A New Beginning – Part 2

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Harry Potter, MCU

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  • Abuse - Child
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Author's Note:
This was written for the RT Time Travel Challenge. This has not been betaed. This is part 2/2. Fair warning: I wrote it two years ago and it shows. Thank you to my alpha reader.

Loki discovers h has a son, and when they meet he realizes his son’s life has been difficult. Loki knows he will do whatever he can to help Harry no matter what it takes.

Additional Warnings for Mind and body control via a spell, and Major character illness.


Much to Loki’s surprise, the spell led him outside the city of London to the south-east. He passed over many small towns before finally landing outside of a very ordinary house. As he landed the snitch glowed so brightly he had to shield his eyes, then it faded to a gentle glow once again. Loki knew it would take time for the spell to dissipate completely. The sun was rising over the horizon. In the early morning light, he looked up and down the street. His lip turned up in a sneer. Everything was neat as a pin, and each house looked exactly like every other.

The lawns and floor beds were neat and tidy. Nothing was out of place. Loki shivered, rather than finding the surroundings pleasant, he was strangely disturbed. Somehow this nondescript little street seemed devoid of life. How could the people living here stand all this sameness every single day? Loki would surely go mad.

He closed his eyes as his heart sank. He knew exactly where he was. Damn it, he was too late. He wanted to scream, he was furious. Why would the well of destiny drop him after his son had already been abandoned to the Dursley’s abuse? Surely, there is no need for my son to suffer he thought. There was nothing he could do for Lily, and James Potter know. He only hoped had not been trapped in this hell for too long. Although, even a day had already been too much as far as Loki was concerned.

He turned his attention back to the house. He reached out with his magic, but he could not feel his son inside. Instead, his magic came up against a very strange ward. During his time with Harry, he had become more familiar with Wizarding magic so he could tell by the feel of the magic it was meant to be some sort of protection ward.

However, it was a very poorly executed one. The ward was structurally very weak, it was masking his son’s signature, but Harry must still be relatively young. Loki felt a burst of relief at the realization. Someone of his son’s full magical strength would overpower this ward easily. It would do little to protect him from someone like Voldemort. Whoever set this up didn’t really care about keeping Harry safe, Loki thought angrily.

Loki felt his blood run cold, how his son had survived his childhood all alone in this house was something Loki would never understand. His opinion of Voldemort dropped another notch. He hadn’t even thought that was possible. The man was obviously a megalomaniac and a complete moron.

This poor excuse for a ward was also no match for Loki, who was able to dismantle in a manner of minutes. He felt a deep satisfaction as he watched the last of it dissolve. He reached out again, and his son’s magic washed over him immediately. Loki smiled it was so wonderfully familiar. He walked quickly toward the house and unlocked the door with another simple spell. He knew he needed to be careful. He couldn’t afford to draw attention to himself. He needed to escape his father’s notice for as long as possible, and that meant to large acts of magic, not until he knew he and Harry were safe.

Loki entered the house and followed his son’s magic. He was furious but not at all surprised when the trail led him to the cupboard under the stairs. He had seen the memory, but he had hoped that the cupboard had only been used as a punishment and that his son had not been forced to actually live in this tiny hole. He could see know that it had been wishful thinking on his part.

The door was locked, they had locked his son in the cupboard. Loki closed his eyes and took a deep breath, trying to push his anger down. He did not want to scare Harry or make his son think he was angry with him. He’d wager his son had faced more than enough anger in his life already. Once Harry is safe, I’m going to kill Vernon Dursley he thought. Surely Harry wouldn’t mind.

From inside the cupboard, Loki heard a sharp cry, and he used his magic to yank the lock of the door. He tossed it away in disgust, and slowly and carefully opened the door so as not to scare Harry unduly. Loki hunched down and looked into the cupboard, it was dark, and Loki couldn’t see anything inside. He lifted the toy from his pocket where it still glowed gently providing enough light form him to see that there was a bare bulb in the ceiling. Loki reached out slowly and turned it on.

He couldn’t help the shocked gasp that escaped him as he got his first look at his son. He felt a wave of such sorrow and fury overtake him that for several moments he was frozen, unable to get past what he was feeling. Then he shook himself free. Harry needs you, he reminded himself. “You have to be strong for him, you are not allowed to fall apart,” he told himself firmly.

Harry was lying on a thin mattress on the floor of the cupboard. There was a thin blanket wrapped around him, it was obviously dirty, and Loki could smell Harry’s soiled diaper from where he was standing. Couldn’t these monsters even bring themselves to change his diaper? Loki hated Odin, he was an evil man, but Loki knew he was looking at a very different but no more heinous evil right now. How could anyone treat a child in their care this way? It was unconscionable.

Harry had realized he wasn’t alone and had abruptly stopped crying. He stared up at Loki his brilliant green eyes too large in his thin little face. He looked up at Loki, and Loki felt his chest tighten as he saw the fear in Harry’s eyes.

“It’s alright Harry,” Loki said softly, trying for a soothing tone. I’m not going to hurt you. I know you don’t know me, but I’m your dad, and I love you so much. I’m here to take you home.” Loki’s voice broke, as he struggled to control his strong reaction to seeing the state his son as in. He took a deep breath, and much to his relief the next time he spoke his voice was steadier. “What’s wrong are you wet? We can take care of that.” He reached out to pick Harry up and carry him out, but before he could get a hold of Harry his magic reacted pushing Loki gently away. Loki couldn’t help but smile remembering when Harry’ magic had been strong enough to toss him across the room.

Harry, however, did not look pleased. He trembled with fear “Sorry sorry” he said quickly. It sounded more like sowwy; Loki found the lisp was adorable.

Harry fear of reprisal over using his magic to protect himself, broke Loki’s heart. “It’s alright, son. You didn’t do anything wrong. I’m not angry with you.” Loki continued quietly, and he gave Harry a big smile to show it. “I’m very proud of you. That was an impressive feat of magic.”

Rather than scared Harry looked confused. He stared up at Loki. Loki remembered the snitch in his hand. “Look, Harry. Do you remember this?” he shook the toy as he held it out. Harry looked at the snitch, and then he gasped and held out his hand. Loki handed it over, and Harry shook it, giggling happily as the wings flapped. He smiled brightly at Loki forgetting for the moment to be afraid. Loki allowed his magic to wash gently over Harry, and this time Harry’s magic reached out as well. There magic touching gently. Loki was relieved when Harry’s magic seemed to accept his.

“I bet you’re uncomfortable, will you let me pick you up?” Harry nodded shyly after a moment. Much to his relief, this time when he reached in to pick Harry up no magic attacked him. Loki quickly pulled his son from his little prison being careful not to bang his head.

His nose wrinkled as he realized both the mattress and the blanket were soiled as well. The smell assaulted his nose, but Loki strove not to show his disgust. “There we go you’re such a good boy Harry.” He bounced Harry gently; his son was very thin and far too light in his arms. His skin was almost grey in the early morning light. He estimated Harry was about 2 years old, but he knew his size might be deceiving. Harry did not get enough to eat. The knowledge made his blood boil.

Loki sighed in frustration. There was so much he didn’t know. He wasn’t even sure of his son’s age, although thankfully, that was easily remedied. He did a quick spell, and all of Harry’s pertinent health info scrolled in the air next to them. Loki was shocked to see Harry was almost three years old. He’d be three in a month, as a matter of fact. He was far too small for his age. Loki suspected his development was also behind. He had heard very few words from Harry so far. He was also very malnourished, just as Loki had feared. Harry would need some very careful care for some time to come to restore his health.

He realized his impulsive decision to seek Harry out immediately might have been a mistake. He had been in such a hurry to see Harry that he hadn’t stopped to think about what he would do with Harry once he had him. He didn’t even have a place for them to live, and he’d need supplies for a baby. He had nothing with which to take care of Harry right now.

He decided for the moment to make the most of what he found here. The Dursley had a son just about Harry’s age. Surely they’d have the things he needed. Loki hated the idea of using any of their things, but needs must. He would not let Harry suffer for his lack of forethought. He needed to clean Harry up immediately, and then get a good look at him. Still, these horrible people must have supplies for Harry here somewhere. He cast a finding spell to find Harry’s things and following the spells. He found diapers and a few items of clothing hidden out of sight in the closet. It was almost as if the Dursley did not even want anyone to know his son lived with them. Loki sneered at the thought. These monsters should feel privileged to be in my son’s presence, he thought.

Loki gave Harry a quick wash in the kitchen sink. For his part, Harry seemed to enjoy it. Loki entertained him by doing a few simple magic tricks while he worked, making a few pillows from the living room dance around the kitchen. Harry giggled in delight and asked for more. Loki was only too happy to oblige thrilled to see his son smiling.

There was a bad moment when Harry accidentally sent a few of the plates flying through the air where they crashed to the floor and shattered. Harry’s lower lip had trembled, and then he’d hunched over, crying out that he was sorry again. Harry was expecting to be hit for accidentally performing magic, Loki realized his stomach sinking. For a moment, he was sure he would be sick to his stomach. However, he continued to smile for Harry assuring him that he was very proud of him. “Don’t worry son, its normal. I’m going to help you learn to control your magic.”

Harry had looked confused, but then he smiled tentatively. “Harry not bad?” he asked softly, his little face shining hopefully.

Tears had filled Loki’s eyes as his heart clenched. Loki had spontaneously picked him up and hugged him tightly. Not caring that Harry was dripping all over him. “No baby, he murmured to the top of Harry’s head “Harry is very very good.”

His son was so well behaved he held still while Loki tended to his many needs. His stillness was a bit eerie; he should be trying to get away. Harry was covered in scratches and bruises. There was also a nasty looking rash on his bottom. There were even finger marks on his left arm. They looked big enough to be Vernon’s. Loki allowed himself to fantasize about setting Dursley on fire for several very pleasant moments, as Loki cast a quick healing spell. He watched with satisfaction as Harry’s skin became healthy and smooth.

Loki spent a few minute examining Harry’s curse scar. He could feel the evil in it, but much to his relief, it had not begun to affect Harry’s magical core yet, but he would have to research it carefully, before attempting to remove it. Killing the piece of Voldemort’s soul without hurting Harry was high on his list of priorities. Loki cast a quick stasis spell around the scar freezing the tainted magic in place. Loki knew that in truth, he had only slowed it down, but it would help to protect Harry in the short term, at least.

Then he put a clean diaper on Harry. The clothes, however, were completely unacceptable. They were little better than rags and far too small. Loki wanted to burn them. The Dursley’s son must have better things. Loki did not wish to leave Harry alone so he dressed him in the clothes he’d found after repairing and enlarging them to fit him better.

Then making them both invisible, he made his way upstairs. He opened several doors. He saw the Dursleys sleeping in their beds, oblivious to his presence. He felt another surge of fury, and his magic rose to his fingertips. He was startled to realize that both his Asgardian Magic and his Jotun magic had responded as one. He longs to exact his revenge; however, he did not have time to deal with these horrible creatures now. Instead, he cast a simple sleeping spell so they would not disturb him.

It was easy to find the room belonging to the Dursleys’ son. The baby was obscenely fat as he slept in his toddler size bed. Despite the way he’d bullied Harry Loki felt a very unexpected surge of sympathy for the boy. He was still innocent, after all. Right now, he was as much a victim as his son. It wasn’t his fault that his parents would destroy him in just a few years. He cast the sleeping spell on the boy as well and turned away.

He moved silently past the boy and quickly found what he was looking for. These clothes were of much higher quality than anything else he’d seen. Loki wasn’t surprised, but the further evidence of their neglect of his son continued to infuriate him. The clothes were far too big, but Loki shrunk them easily and then dressed Harry warmly in the new things. He also found a blanket and grabbed it. The night had been on the warm side, but he didn’t want Harry to get chilled.

Harry looked bewildered as if he did not know what to make of what was happening. Loki’s heart swelled when Harry snuggled up against him hesitantly as if expecting to be denied. He held Harry tighter, and after a moment his son relaxed fully against him.

Then something else occurred to Loki. Perhaps Harry was hungry. He wouldn’t put it past the Dursley’s not to feed him properly. What did children eat? Loki realized he had no idea. He ran one hand over his head in frustration. He knew so little about caring for children. What if he made too many mistakes and hurt Harry by accident? He obviously would benefit from some help. Loki suddenly wished he could call upon his mother for help, but the chance she would tell Odin what he had done was too great.

“It’s a shame I didn’t bring Winky, back with me isn’t it Harry. She’d know what to do. She told me she worked as a nanny elf for many years, before being let go.”

There was an unexpected flash of light and a very familiar pop. Much to Loki’s shock Winky was standing before him, hands on her hips. She was glaring at him. Loki knew he was just gaping like a fool.

“Master Loki is bad to make Winky wait. I be waiting for you to call me for a long time.” She scolded severely.

Finally, Loki found his voice “Winky is that really you?” he asked disbelievingly. She nodded emphatically in answer.

“But how?” Loki demanded still flabbergasted.

Winky huffed. “Master Loki is bad God, trying to leave his Winky behind, all alone. Winky was not willing to stay all alone in that Nasty how so she followed Master Loki into the past like a good house elf. Winky’s bond with Master Harry still strong. She added proudly when Loki didn’t answer immediately.

Loki gathered this was supposed to be some sort of explanation.

“I don’t understand.” Loki finally admitted.

Winky sighed. “It not be difficult to understand Master Loki. As long as their bond is strong, a house elf is able to go wherever her master most needs then to be going. It don’t matter if that be in the past or present or future.”

Loki blinked. I- he stuttered. That’s amazing Winky. Can every house elf do this?” he asked hoarsely.

“Of course Winky nodded. “Of course it can’t be done on a whim, and only in special circumstances. But Winky asked to follow Master Loki, and Winky’s request be granted by Lady Magic herself. She say Winky’s masters be very important and Winky served them well. Tears welled up in Winky’s eyes. “Winky be so honored, and here I be.” She shook her head. “But then the wards keep Winky away from Master Harry. Winky could not break it, so she wait for Master Loki to call her.”

Before, Loki could ask who or what the hell Lady Magic was, she motioned toward Harry excitedly.

“Master Harry be a baby” she squealed happily.” Winky love taking care of babies.” Winky was studying Harry closely. She reached out and took his little hand, and Harry smiled happily. “Elf” he cried out happily, and he reached for one of Winky’s ears. Loki stopped him gently. He should be wary, but Harry’s reaction put him at ease. Harry obviously accepted the little house elf. Winky smiled at him brightly, but then she frowned fiercely. “Little Master Harry not be well taken care of. He be sad and lonely” She tugged on her ears in distress, and Harry giggled at the sight. “Elf” he cried out again.

Winky smiled sadly. “I am Winky, Master Harry, she corrected gently, but I answer to elf for now,”

She reached out and kissed Harry on the cheek. He started in surprise, but then he pursed his lips trying to mimic her. “Kiss,” he said happily.

However, Winky was back to glaring at Loki too, as if the situation they found themselves in was somehow Loki’s fault.

Loki was surprised, but he supposed he shouldn’t be if their bond was really so strong. He wished he could examine it, but it wouldn’t be safe. House elves really were amazing beings. He had finally learned his lesson. He would not underestimate those he perceived as weaker than himself so easily in the future.

“He also be hungry and tired. He be far too small for his age, but don’t worry Winky fix that.” She said firmly.

“It’s a good thing Winky be here to take care of both of you.” Where the kitchen be in this place?”

Looking very satisfied, she looked around the upstairs as if gathering her bearings, and then popped away as quickly as she’d arrived. Presumably, to fix us both a meal, Loki thought amused despite the unexpected circumstances. Winky was a treasure. He had a feeling he better get used to being bossed around whether he liked it or not. He still needed her to explain how she had arrived here, but it could wait. He wasn’t going to question his good fortune, for the moment.

Loki gathered his wits and followed closely behind. He was feeling hungry himself. He suddenly felt a great deal better about their immediate future. In fact, Winky and Harry could stay here, while Loki got them set up in a safe place. The Dursley’s were certainly in no condition to complain. They owed Harry much more than a few more days lodging. It would also make it easier for Loki to keep an eye on things and to keep a lookout for any Midgardian magical, who might come to check on his son. Loki intended to have a conversation with Dumbledore; it would be easier, although far less fun if he didn’t have to go hunting all over the United Kingdom.

He couldn’t keep the Dursley’s asleep forever, he knew; however, a few days wouldn’t hurt them… too much. It would be an easy matter to make sure Harry’s cousin didn’t suffer undeservedly while he slept. Loki could see to his needs easily enough. However, he felt no inclination to do the same for the boy’s parents, none what so ever. They deserve whatever they get, he thought with an evil smile. He found himself whistling as he entered the kitchen.


Loki entered the kitchen where Winky was already working hard at the stove. She looked over and smiled at them. “Put Master Harry, in that high chair, please master Loki.” She ordered waving in the direction of a small chair with a tray. “He might not want to use it, but we can give it a try.”

Loki frowned as he looked the chair over. It was made out of wood, with straps around the seat, and a tray. The contraption looked uncomfortable. He’d never had to eat in anything like this. His father had had child size furniture made from Loki and his brother when they’d been old enough to sit at a table, and sometimes they would be allowed to sit at the big table in an adults lap. Perhaps, he could just hold Harry instead? However, he wanted to do what was best for his son. He didn’t want Harry to feel like he was trapped.

Winky, of course, noticed his hesitation, and she gave him a reassuring smile.

“We don’t know if he can sit in a regular chair just yet. It’ll be safer for him. The chair will keep him secure, while we feed him.”

Loki nodded. He didn’t want to ask Winky how the chair worked. Surely, he’d be able to work it out on his own. Winky seemed to sense this and turned back to the stove. He looked over at Harry who looked just as confused as Loki felt. Much to his relief, after a few moments of investigation, it turned out to be simple to figure out. He tested the chair, it seemed sturdy enough.

“Here we go, Harry. Let’s try this out. Have you ever been in one of these before?”

Harry shook his head still looking uncertain. His little face scrunched up in an adorable frown.

“We’re both learning something new then,” Loki said with another smile. He didn’t want Harry to see how unsure he was. Part of him knew he was overreacting; it was just a chair, after all. He wasn’t accustomed to feeling so out of his depth. Will I never feel normal again? He wondered. He looked up at his son who smiled tentatively at him. He grinned back. Harry made this all worth it.

He reluctantly put Harry in the chair, strapping him carefully, and attaching the tray. After a few seconds, Harry smiled and banged his hands on the tray. He looked down from the chair. “High!” he said excitedly. Loki smiled in return. Although it made him a little sad, it was so easy to make Harry happy. How could anyone hate him and treat him as a burden? He was such a sweet child.

Winky brought over a bowl of porridge, and a little child-sized spoon. “This will be easy for little Master Harry to digest,” Winky told Loki smiling fondly at Harry. Harry smiled shyly back “Hi Elf!” he said. He gave a little wave.

“Hello, Master Harry,” Winky said. “It’s time for you to eat some food.” She set the bowl down with a little flourish.

Harry frowned down at the food in puzzlement, and then he looked at the spoon. Then he shook his head wildly pushing the bowl away. “No Harry not eats in kitchen. Harry not bad, Harry good! Harry no eats Dudley’s food.” Tears began to roll down Harry’s face. He cried quietly, hardly making a sound.

For a moment Loki was frozen in horror at his son’s words and all he could do was stare at Harry. Then as the words sunk in fury and pain came rushing in. Harry had already been made to suffer so much. He knew Harry was small for his age, but somehow he still had not expected this reaction. Those masters had starved his son. Had made him feels he as bad for being hungry. He abruptly decided he would not kill the Dursleys after all. Death was too good for them. Loki could come up with something much more… appropriate.

“Oh, you not get in trouble don’t worry.” Winky was quick to assure the little boy. Loki looked over at her, and he could see unshed tears glistening in her eyes.

Loki buried his anger deeply as possible, so he did not scare his son. “No, Harry,” Loki spoke softly in what he hoped was a reassuring tone. “You are not bad, and all this porridge is for you. You won’t get in trouble for eating it I promise.

Hope filled Harry’s little face as he looked at them and the food. Still, he hesitated. It broke Loki’s heart to see it. He decided to try a different tact.

Winky made it especially. She’ll be sad if you don’t eat it.” Loki cajoled.

Winky nodded in agreement grinning at Harry. “It tastes good little sir, please try it. She encouraged.

Harry gasped and looked upset. “Elf not sad. Harry eat! ” he declared quickly. Loki smiled his Harry had such a good heart. He’d reacted just as Loki knew he would.

For a moment Loki hesitated wondering if Harry would feed himself. Harry gamely reached out and took the spoon. He tried to bring it to his mouth but he twisted it, and most of the porridge fell to the table. Loki was surprised. He’d expected the Dursley’s would make Harry feed himself. Perhaps they hadn’t wanted him to make a mess?

Harry looked like he was about to cry again as he looked at the spilled food. “It’s alright son. A little spilled food never hurt anyone. We can practice later. For now, I’ll help you.” Harry nodded.

Loki began feeding Harry slowly. Harry to a very small bite, but then he smiled “Yummy!” he declared and ate more enthusiastically. He made quite the mess despite Loki’s attempts to keep him clean.

When the porridge was half way gone, Harry turned his face away. Loki looked at the bowl Harry hadn’t eaten much at all. He looked at Harry. “Are you done?” He asked?” Harry nodded with a smile. “Done” he agreed. He began quietly humming to himself as he looked around the kitchen in interest.

Loki nodded, Happy to see Harry looked more comfortable with the situation. It was going to take some time to undo the damage living here had done. Loki resented every minute his son had lived in this hell, but he was grateful Harry was still young enough, that he would most likely fully recover for the abuse he had suffered.

He got Harry out of his chair after a few minutes of fighting with the tray, and he turned to get Harry cleaned up only to find Winky waiting for him. She held a sippy cup full of water. Loki had been about to ask for some milk, Harry was a bit dehydrated, and he needed to drink plenty of fluid. Winky always seemed to be one step ahead of him, when it came to Harry’s needs. She was truly a gift. From Magic apparently, he thought with a mental snort. He still needed to find out what that was all about. However, it could wait until they were in a better place.

“Your breakfast is ready, sir. Winky take Master Harry and keep him entertained while you eat.” She held out her hands to take Harry.

Loki didn’t immediately hand him over. Loki found himself strangely reluctant to let Harry out of his sight, but he knew acknowledged Winky was right and reluctantly handed him over. ‘Don’t leave him alone, for even a moment” he couldn’t help but order.

Rather than getting annoyed, Winky smiled at him gently. “Winky keep Master Harry safe” she promised. “Soon Winky will need money to buy more food,” she added, looking at Loki expectantly

Loki looked at her in surprise. “You can go shopping?” he asked

Winky nodded. “House elves buy food for wizards all the time,” she said proudly.

Loki sighed. “I don’t think it’s safe for any of us to be out right now. I’d prefer you stay here.”

Winky frowned looking confused. “Then how we get food?” she asked.

It was a very good question. One Loki didn’t know how to answer just yet. It was another thing for the list. Surely, Midgardians had to get their food at some sort of market? Perhaps he could borrow money from the Dursleys still they need a long-term solution.

Once again, he cursed his lack of knowledge about Midgard. He seemed to find himself unprepared at every turn. Loki wasn’t usually so slow-witted. He prided himself on his quick thinking, but at the moment their problems seemed insurmountable. He had no resources, in this time. The Loki of this time was still living in Asgard, having a good time. His past self was content, for the most part, to bide his time and wait for the opportunity to take the throne to present itself.

The three of them were truly on their own unless Loki could think of a plan.

With a frustrated sigh, he sat down to enjoy this delicious breakfast, but he found he could barely taste it. He ate quickly anxious to get back to Harry.

He looked in the living room and found it empty. Ignoring the slight unease this caused, he went up the stairs. As he reached the landing, the sound of childish laughter met his ears. Harry was laughing. It was a beautiful sound. Loki followed it and found Winky giving Harry a bath. Harry was playing was a strange toy duck in the water. There was also a little boat. Harry kept pushing them both around.

“What does a Duck say, Harry?” Loki asked.

Harry just stared at him for several seconds. Then his little face lit up “quack quack,” he cried. Before dissolving into giggles again.

Loki walked over and put his fingers in the water. He used a little magic to make the water swirl gently around Harry. The boat floated around and around on the water. Harry looked startled for a moment, but then he laughed and clapped his hands in delight. Loki felt his heart swell with love for his son. He washed Harry’s hair for him, enjoying the unexpected moment of quiet contentment. He’d never realized how much fun bath time could be. He wondered if his mother had ever taken the time to give him and Thor baths. Loki couldn’t remember if she ever had. He felt a little bit sad about that.

Suddenly, Harry looked up at him and smiled brightly. Loki found himself relaxing, some of the tension he’d been holding leaving him abruptly. His son was safe, and they were together. Harry would need time and love to recover from the losses and abuse he’d suffered, but Loki would see to it he got plenty of both. He would find a way to get them everything they needed.

Protecting Harry was all that mattered. He would simply need to think outside the box. He was the God of Chaos; he prided himself on his unique approach to life. Once he got his bearings. He was sure he’d come up with something. He tried to ignore the little voice inside him that said he needed to do it fast. He knew it was only a matter of time before the Wizards showed up.

With one last look at his smiling son, he turned and left the bathroom. He needed to set upwards to protect them. They would have to be on the weak side to avoid arousing suspicions, but it would be enough to warn him if an enemy tried to get into the house.

Once outside, he opened up his magic and let it drift around him. He removed a ceremonial athame from his left boot, and cut his hand open with one quick slice, he did not allow himself to wince at the pain. He let the blood flow to the ground, making his offering of blood to the Earth. The connection opened easily, the earth welcoming him home, much to Loki’s relief. The Midgardian magic felt a little strange but was familiar enough not to worry him. He was grateful to his mother for showing him this particular Vanir tradition. Wielding Earth magic was a rare but powerful ability. Most Vanir magic had been banned after the war, His father as always disdained anything different from what he knew. Loki felt it was incredibly short-sighted of him. No big surprise there.

She had shown him so that he could keep himself safe despite his father’s disdain for the art of Earth magic. He asked for the Earth’s help in placing the wards around this home, and he felt the earth respond. The elemental magic mingled with his own. It was a joyous feeling, the power hummed through Loki’s veins restoring him, and the wards glowed with power before disappearing. Murmuring a prayer of thanks, he watched as his blood was absorbed into the ground. Then he turned and went back inside, secure in the knowledge that they were safe.


Later that night, Loki enjoyed himself reading a story to Harry before bed. It was obvious he’d never been read a story before by himself, but he was familiar with stories. Perhaps, the Dursley’s had let him listen when they read to their son. Loki found himself looking for any signs of little kindnesses his aunt and uncle might have shown him. In truth, he felt almost desperate to find something. He wanted – no needed to know Harry’s life here hadn’t been all bad.

He had happily spent most of the day getting to know his son. Harry had a bright, inquisitive mind, and was an absolute joy to be around. He was also very well behaved. Too well behaved, Loki suspected. He imaged most parents dreaded their children’s tantrums, but the day Harry felt comfortable enough with him to get angry, Loki would be thrilled. He wanted to give Harry as normal a childhood as possible.

Harry demanded another story, and Loki was only too happy to comply. He was amazed how much he was enjoying the taking care of Harry. He never thought he had the temperament to make a good parent. The family would be shocked if they could see me know, he thought. In truth, Loki surprised himself just as much.

This time he told Harry a fable his mother had often recited to Loki and Thor before bed when they were boys. Harry fell asleep halfway through. Loki tucked him into the large crib Winky had made for them. She had created it from one of the chairs in the living room. Loki had been impressed with her ability to manipulate matter. As he watched her, he’d wondered idly if she’d ever stopped surprising him. The bars still had the hideous floral print that Petunia Dursley seemed to prefer. The woman had horrible taste. Still, it would do until Loki could get something that was fit for Harry to sleep in.

One his son was tucked in safe, and warm Loki made his way downstairs. Winky was already asleep in the Dursley’s’ guest room. She’d been horrified at the idea of taking the guest room for herself, arguing that she didn’t need it. “It isn’t proper” she had wailed. However, Loki had insisted. Winning the argument had been surprisingly satisfying. He would be fine on the sofa, although he had no plans to actually sleep.

He was exhausted, but he needed to think about their next steps. They needed a more long-term plan. Stealing might be my best option, he thought. The idea didn’t bother him. Perhaps, they could find an unoccupied house to live in. Still, he’d have to build some very powerful wards to hide them, and that would take a great deal of magic. They really needed a safe place to hide until Harry was older.

Loki was pulled out of his thoughts when he felt a pull on his magic, and an alarm that only Loki and Winky could hear sounded, echoing unpleasantly in his head. He felt the emergency ward he’d placed around Harry go into effect a split second later. They had some uninvited guests. It was sooner than he had expected, Loki felt a wave of apprehension, and he was less prepared than he would like, but he had no choice. He knew Winky would look after Harry, and keep him safe.

With a deep breath, Loki went outside to meet them. He made his way outside, to find several people standing on the lawn. They were all holding sticks that had one end lit up. Loki thought they must be wands. He had never seen one before, as Harry had never bothered to use his.

Are these idiots actually trying to sneak up on me? he thought incredulously. He stifled the urge to laugh at them, but it was a close thing. The whole thing struck him as a farce, and Loki felt a little letdown. He’d expected more of a fight.

They weren’t exactly subtle in their robes and waving their little sticks. Someone really needed better training. Loki relaxed a bit, suddenly less concerned despite the unexpectedly high number of wizards who had descended upon them. He had not expected so many wizards at once. He knew five to one odds weren’t the best, but he was confident in his ability to win in a fight if he had too.

One of the wizards came forward cautiously; he was an older man with a wooden leg, and a magical eye, the likes of which Loki had not seen before. Odin could certainly use something like that, he thought wryly, amused despite the seriousness of the situation. He could feel this man’s magic. He was no threat to Loki. Loki was sure none of these wizards were a match for him.

“We’ve come for the boy,” the man called out. “If you’ve hurt him you will pay.” His voice was gravely, and he sounded quite angry to Loki’s ears.

He didn’t introduce himself, and while the rudeness irked him, Loki decided to let it go. These wizards were not the one he was after.

“I assure you, I would never hurt, Harry Potter,” he said coldly. “You wizards have done more to damage him than I ever could.”

The wizard gave a harsh laugh. His wand never wavered in his hand. Loki admired his cool demeanor.

“The boy is with his family. What harm could come to him here? It is you who have hurt him, by removing the ward that protected him. There are still many death eaters on the loose. You will turn him over to us now, or we won’t hesitate to kill you.”

Loki couldn’t help the snort of derision that escaped him. This ridiculous looking wizard was beginning to annoy him. “I assure you. It is I who will not hesitate to kill you if you try to take the boy from me. He is my son after all.”

The man looked incredulous. “That is a lie” he accused harshly. The boy’s parents were James and Lily Potter. They didn’t to protect their son. Harry defeated a great evil. He is our savior, and we won’t let you hurt him.” Without any more warning, the wizard cast a spell at Loki.

Disgust had filled him at the wizard’s words, but he was ready for the attack. With a quick wave of his hand, he murmured a freezing spell, and everything and everyone in the yard froze. Loki smiled in satisfaction, now they knew who had the upper hand. They were not prepared to deal with a God. He watched as the wizards began to panic when they realized they could not move. Loki was not impressed at all by their unprofessional behavior. If this was the best, they had to offer no wonder they had to depend on Harry to beat Voldemort.

“My son is no savior,” He said with cold finality. “He is a little boy, and I will not allow any more harm to come to him.” “Now tell me where is Dumbledore?” He is the only one I will speak to. He and I are long overdue for a talk. One of you is going to bring him to me,” Loki demanded confidently. He projected his certainty that he would get his way.

He smiled when all the wizards stared at him as if he were insane. They looked uncertain and frightened; a big part of Loki enjoyed seeing them so off balance. Loki wasn’t worried they had no choice but to agree. Loki felt his heart beat faster with anticipation. Soon he will have Dumbledore in his grasp. The old man was going to pay. No matter how powerful, he thought he was. He was no match for an angry God on the warpath, especially one who was also a parent.

Loki stood outwardly calm in the front yard waiting for Dumbledore to arrive. One of the wizards had scurried away to do his bidding. Much to Loki’s amusement, he could see the man’s wand hand shaking with fear. As a gesture of good will, he had released the rest of the interlopers from the spell with the understanding, they would behave themselves. Several of them had run away at the first opportunity, lowering Loki’s opinion of Wizard-kind even further. Still, two remained. They watched Loki warily. Loki was mildly impressed.

The protection spell hummed comfortingly around him. He could feel Harry was safe, and that eased some of his nervousness. He wasn’t worried about any of the mortal noticing what was going on the protection wards hid the yard from sight. Anyone who looked in this direction would see what they expected to see. It hadn’t been his original intention, but the ward turned out to be stronger and more complex than he’d intended.

When he’d first noticed Loki had been a bit bewildered by it. He guessed that the combination had responded to his wishes more enthusiastically than normal. He was grateful. It spared him having to cast another spell, allowing him to conserve his magic for his confrontation with Dumbledore. It also hoped it was a sign his plan for tonight would go well. He needed to take care of Dumbledore.

His fists clenched without his permission, and he consciously relaxed his fingers. Every instinct he possessed was screaming that he kill Dumbledore and be done with it. However, he knew he couldn’t be too hastily. The old man might have information that Loki could use. There was so much about the original timeline that he didn’t know. He had so many questions and frustratingly few answers.

Loki might be able to use Dumbledore to gain the upper hand on his father and learn more about why Harry frightened him so much. He couldn’t protect Harry without learning more. He had other avenues he planned to pursue, but Dumbledore was too good a source to pass up. However, the old man made him furious. Loki wasn’t entirely sure he could remain under control. He winced at the thought. It hurt to admit, but he knew he needed to be honest with himself. Just think of Harry, and you’ll be fine, he told himself.

He heard a loud crack and there Dumbledore was, looking like a kook in blue robes with stars twinkling all over it. He had a long white beard, and old-fashioned half-moon glasses perched on his nose. He looked sort of like a friendly elderly uncle or like a parody of photos that Loki had seen on Midgard of a being named Santa Claus, who supposedly brought gifts to children out of the goodness of his heart. Loki didn’t understand how parents could allow their children to believe in such a person.

Loki knew never to trust anyone who was kind without some sort of ulterior motive, it was only common sense. Dumbledore’s friendly appearance only served to put him on edge. It made him want to rip Dumbledore’s eyes out. This was how he had fooled Harry into following along with his plans and ultimately agreeing to allow Voldemort to kill him. Something Loki was never going to forgive.

Dumbledore flanked by the man with the wooden leg, and another wizard came forward slowly until there were only a few feet between them. Loki looked up, and their eyes met. It was then Loki knew he was seeing the real Dumbledore. He was seeing the man who had led the Wizarding world through not one but two wars. He had a strong will and was accustomed to getting his way.

Dumbledore’s carefully built aura of gentle wholesomeness was ruined once you looked into his eyes. They were cold and burned with a fierce intelligence. Dumbledore looked Loki over, and he knew he was being assessed very carefully. There was no doubt this man would make a good ally, and that he could be an even more formidable adversary. Loki knew he shouldn’t underestimate him. He was not as foolish as Loki had hoped.

However, he also knew the old wizard was cruel, calculating and power hungry. What he’d done to Harry spoke volumes about his true personality and motives. Perhaps, there was a way he could use Dumbledore’s own agenda to his advantage. He’d need to tread very carefully. He prayed he’d be better at thinking on his feet than the past few months seemed to suggest.

Dumbledore was frowning at him, but he had apparently grown tired of waiting for Loki to speak because he said gravely, “I am not sure who you are, but I must insist you turn Harry Potter over to me immediately. He is my ward and attempting to kidnap him will have very serious consequences for you.”

Loki raised an eyebrow fighting to remain outwardly calm, despite the way Dumbledore’s careless mention of being Harry’s guardian. It was either a blatant lie, or Dumbledore had used his position against Harry in some way Loki had yet to discover. Either way, it was further proof that the man did not care or his son.

He was careful to keep his voice even. He couldn’t afford to give anything away Things were going according to plan.

“I wasn’t aware Harry had any legal guardians besides his aunt and uncle. It was my understanding that they only took him in because they had no choice. Why doesn’t Harry live with you?” Loki asked mildly.

Dumbledore’s eyes twinkled in an extremely annoying manner as he smiled. It was an affectation no doubt designed to make him seem harmless. Loki refused to relax as Dumbledore no doubt expected him too.

“Come now, my dear boy,” he said jovially. The boy deserves to be with family where he will be loved and cared for. I am an old man and in no shape to look after a young child like dear Harry. Surely, you understand.” He smiled benignly, and Loki wanted to punch him.

“Loved” he snorted. I that what you think, that Harry is loved and well taken care of here? Tell me did you ever bother to check on him?”

Dumbledore’s eyes lost their twinkle, but he was still smiling. “I saw no need; they are the boy’s blood relations. I’m sure they were quite happy to take him in. No one can care for you better than family after all.” He gestured to the house as if to say look at all this isn’t it grand?

Loki stifled the urge to grind his teeth. His hands hurt and he realized he was clenching them. He forced himself to relax. He had the old man right where he wanted him. He paused to think for a moment he would like nothing more than to ruin the old man’s reputation but it would be counterproductive.

“I wish to speak with you alone,” He told Dumbledore firmly. His tone dared the old man to argue. “Send your cohorts away unless you wish them to learn the truth of your intentions toward Harry.”

Much to Loki’s satisfaction, Dumbledore had begun to look concerned. “I assure you I have nothing but the best of intentions toward young Harry. However, I would be pleased to talk to you alone in the interest of cooperation. I’m sure we can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.”

Several of the wizards began voicing their disagreement with the idea, and wooden leg was especially irate. Dumbledore smiled at them all and told them kindly but firmly that all would be well.

He turned to Loki “Can I get your assurances Sir that I will not be harmed?” he requested.

Loki thought for a moment. “I can promise no harm will come to you by my hand.” He said finally. That was true enough if his plans worked out it would not truly be his doing. Loki himself would not touch Dumbledore in any way let alone to do him harm. No matter how much I’d like to, he thought.

Dumbledore smiled benignly at wooden leg “Alistair I promise you all will be well. Please return to headquarters. I will join you all there shortly.”

The wizards continued to argue for a few minutes longer. They’re raised voices were beginning to give Loki a headache, and he was extremely close to cursing them all into silence. For a moment, he fantasized longingly of vaporizing them all, but he knew that was the sort of thing his son would not approve of.

Reluctantly all the wizards left leaving Loki alone with his enemy. He wasted no time in continuing their conversation. He had much he wanted to accomplish this night.

“You left him here alone with these monsters, even though you know they hate magic?” he asked quietly.

Dumbledore looked startled. ”Come now, Hate is a strong word, surely. I know they were no pleased with the fact that Lily was a witch, but surely that would no reflect on their treatment of Harry. He is just a little boy after all.”

Loki smiled harshly. “That’s right he is a little boy. A little boy that has the majority of his short life being abused and starved by those that were supposed to love him.”

He heard several gasps around him, and then furious whispering. No doubt the old man’s reputation had taken a hit just as he’d intended. No doubt this would be common knowledge by morning. The Wizarding world needed to know the kind of man their hero really was. Loki would make sure the revelation of what his family had done to him who not hurt Harry. His son would not be ashamed of his past.

Loki frowned at Dumbledore “I would not lie about something so important. I take this matter very seriously. I performed a scan on Harry myself he is malnourished and quite small for his age. I can even show you if you like.” He waved his hand, and an extremely edited version of the scan appeared between them. As the old man read it, he paled dramatically. Loki wished he could have recorded his expression for posterity.

Dumbledore seemed at a lost for several seconds, but then he recovered. “How do I know this is real?” He asked.

“I would not lie about this, but if it makes you feel better, I will give you an oath. Loki let a trickle of his magic loose being careful to keep most of it contained. “I solemnly swear on my magic that everything I have said about Harry Potter is true.”

There was a bright light, and Loki felt the earth magic in his veins respond to his vow and accept it. As he knew it would. He knew Dumbledore could feel it too as his eyes widened. He looked at Loki more carefully.

“You are not a wizard,” Dumbledore said. It was not a question.

Loki smirked and shook his head. “No, I am most assuredly not. I am something else entirely, and I assure you that you don’t want to give me more cause to be angry with you.”

“What are you? What is your business with Harry?” Dumbledore demanded authoritatively. He was clearly a man who was used to being obeyed.

Loki was very annoyed by his tone. This man was in no position to demand things from him.

“I would be careful how you speak to me, he warned. As for who I am, I’m surprised you haven’t guessed already. Really, I’m a bit disappointed in you. I was led to believe you were one of the greatest wizards of your time. Clearly, your reputation has been exaggerated.” Loki couldn’t help but taunt the other man.

Dumbledore’s face grew pink, but h did not rise to the bait he looked at Loki intently. He looked troubled as well, Loki was happy to note. Perhaps, he had finally guessed. It was time to go in for the kill.

Loki bowed with a little flourish, “Loki Odinson, God of Mischief and chaos and biological father of Harry James Potter Odinson, at your service.

Dumbledore paled dramatically, and Loki fought back a laugh.

“I see you’ve heard of me, I’m flattered,” Loki smirked triumphantly. “I believe you are familiar with my father,” he added pointedly.

“No” Dumbledore denied, sputtering most unattractively. “James Potter is his father.”

His calm demeanor was a thing of the past. Loki was quite pleased to have thrown the evil old bastard of his game this drastically. He was starting to have fun.

Loki shook his head. “James Potter was his step-father, and by all accounts, he was a good man who tried to do well by my son. However, I am his father. When the Potter’s died, I should have been given custody of Harry, not these monsters. There is no court in the world that will deny me custody of him.” He looked Dumbledore square in the eye. “You have much to answer for Albus Dumbledore; you have stolen my son from me, and allowed him to be abused while nominally in your care. You are just as responsible for Harry’s deplorable circumstances as those monsters.”

Dumbledore suddenly looked ancient. He sighed, and he looked away from Loki. When he spoke, his voice was very quiet. “I swear to you I did not know that poor Harry was being treated so abominably. I thought I was doing what was best for him. I truly thought his family would love and care for him. I am deeply troubled by this, and I assure you I will work to remedy the situation.” He placed a hand over his heart and looked at Loki sincerity shining in his eyes.

Loki snorted derisively. He didn’t fall for the old man’s act for one second; there was no way Dumbledore didn’t know what was happening to Harry. He steadied himself it was almost time. He only hoped his plan would work.

“I don’t believe you,” he told the old man bluntly. “I know how valuable Harry is to you, and your war. You planned to use my son for your own ends. My guess is you wanted Harry to suffer. You wanted him to have no choice but to turn to you for help. He would be so starved for affection that he would cling to the first person that offered him a place to belong.”

Dumbledore was gaping, “I assure you- but Loki cut him off.

“I am well within my rights to kill you where you stand. Among my people, the mistreatment of a child is a grave crime. I have learned it is the same in your Wizarding world. I am well within my rights to punish you. However, I see fit. I promise you know one will lift a hand to help you.”

Dumbledore tried to interrupt again

“Silence!” He shouted. “I am tired of listening to your lies. There is nothing you can say to me that will make me believe your lies. Your fate has already been sealed.”

He turned toward the house, and on cue, Winky popped in with a sleeping Harry in her arms.

“You owe the house of Potter and Odin for your crimes. Here in front of these witnesses, I demand the right of retribution.”

The magic circle he had drawn early flared to life around them. The magic bound he and Dumbledore together. He felt his magic rise and it whipped out hitting Dumbledore square in the chest. His magic overrode Dumbledore’s. It was a strange feeling. He felt the spell snap in place, and he saw Dumbledore mouth open in a silent scream, as the spell took hold. There was another flash of light, as magic accepted his claim.

Loki again hid his surprise. He’d read of this in one of the Black books, and his mother had told him of a similar ritual in the Vanir tradition. He had combined the two as best he could. He hadn’t expected it to really work. He had simply been hoping to scare Dumbledore enough he would agree to Loki’s terms.

Dumbledore was silent, he opened his mouth, but no sound came out. Dumbledore could not speak. He was bound to Loki’s will. The spell was working beautifully. Loki smirked triumphantly.

He could see form Dumbledore’s expression that he knew what Loki had done, but there was nothing he could do If he were not guilty the spell would not have worked.

“As you see, I am not an entirely unreasonable. I am willing to allow you to live, as long as you do my bidding. I find I am in need of some assistance.”

He smirked at the furious look on Dumbledore’s face. He really was enjoying himself now. Dumbledore would know firsthand what it was like to be powerless and scared. He would know how it felt to be forced to do the bidding of another. Dumbledore’s position wasn’t entirely hopeless. He did have a chance to break free. Loki had made sure; he wanted to be able to tell Harry that he’d given Dumbledore a sporting chance at freedom. If he served faithfully, and genuinely repented for his crimes the magic would release the binding. Not that Loki anticipated that outcome.

However, he saw no reason to tell Dumbledore that. He didn’t enjoy the idea of controlling another, but it was necessary, and Dumbledore certainly deserved it. Loki felt a surge of anticipation, rush through his veins. Soon he would have answers.


Loki carefully lay a sleeping Harry back down in his crib and tucked the blanket around him. A wave of tenderness came over him, and he reached down and gently stroked his son’s cheek. Loki had never known he could love anyone as much as he did Harry.

He was quite relieved that Harry had finally fallen asleep. After he’d finished the spell Harry had woken, clearly upset and confused. Loki suspected that the intense magic in the air had unsettled him. The fact that Harry had apparently been able to sense the magic in his sleep was amazing. Especially considering that Loki had made sure his sleep would be deep and restful. Loki was concerned. Harry was already showing an immense amount of power.

The adult version that he had met had been extremely powerful despite all he had suffered and the horrible atrocities that had been committed against his magic. It was entirely possible that this time Harry would grow up to be even more powerful than his past self. The idea was daunting, to say the least.

The fact that Harry had been able to fight off his sleeping spell seemed to support Loki’s theory. The idea left Loki feeling horribly out of his depth. His son’s strength took his breath away. Every day he found more proof of his son’s incredible power. It amazed and terrified him in equal measure. Loki was terrified that he was not qualified to shepherd his son into the world of magic.

He couldn’t help but be afraid that he would not be able to give Harry the care and nurturing that he needed. What if he turned out to be like Odin? What if he ended up destroying his son instead of saving him? Loki knew himself quite well. He was a bit mad, and He knew he had a definite cruel streak in him. He enjoyed violence, perhaps too much. What if Odin has destroyed all the good in me, he thought. After all, despite his horrible experiences with the scepter and Thanos part of him had enjoyed subjugating Dumbledore to his will.

It was true that the lying bastard deserved far worse, and it could be argued that Loki showed him mercy by not killing him outright. He knew would do anything to ensure his health and happiness. However, it was due to Harry that his conscious was prickling at him, in a way it rarely had in the past.

Loki couldn’t help but wonder what his actions said about him, he suspected the answer was nothing good. He wanted to be someone his son could be proud of. The thought of his older son’s disgust if he knew what Loki had done made his stomach churn. He had promised himself and Harry he’d try to be a better man, but so far he felt as if he were failing

He had taken an important step today to ensure Harry’s safety, yet Loki’s stomach was churning. The weight of what he’d done this night was just beginning to settle on him. Control over another person was not something to take lightly. He knew he could take comfort in the fact the spell had taken hold. His request had been seen as just. Dumbledore was receiving just punishment for his crimes against magic, and fate.

Loki had to take what comfort he could from that. What was done was done. There was no going back, and the matter was largely out of Loki’s hands. Until such time as Dumbledore broke free Loki had complete control of him, for better or worse. He marveled again at how much he had changed. A year ago he couldn’t imagine caring about Dumbledore’s fate.

He looked down at his son lovely and reached out to run his fingers through his son’s hair. He would take the steps necessary to ensure Harry had a wonderful life ahead of him. He would do his best to be a good father, and role model for his son. Loki was pulled from his contemplations by a soft pop. He looked up to see Winky standing next to him.

“Master Loki, that nasty wizard be waiting for you done stairs. He demanded Winky bring him tea. The nerve. Tell him he is no longer allowed to speak to Winky! I will not be near Dumblydore ever again, after what he did to my master Harry.” She said with a frown her hands on her hips. Loki fought back a smile at her obvious offense, despite the concern Winky’s words caused him.

Dumbledore should not be able to make demands of any kind. The fact that Dumbledore had the ability to fight the spell was quite troubling. He knew Dumbledore was powerful, but as far as he knew the control, the spell afforded Loki should be absolute. He should be nothing more than a puppet unless Loki decreed otherwise. He resolutely pushed away the feeling of triumph that he couldn’t help but feel. He needed to focus. Dumbledore was clearly more powerful than Loki had given him credit for. This could pose a serious problem.

Loki had ordered him to remain in the living room. Winky had said he was still downstairs so. Clearly, he hadn’t been able to leave. That meant Loki still had control over him. Loki sighed in relief. Loki needed more information.

He turned to Winky, “Did he try to leave the house Winky?” He asked already certain of the answer.

Winky nodded quickly. “He try, but he could not make it into the front hall. He looked like he was in a great deal of pain. He was very pale and had to sit down. He not able to disobey you.” Winky looked very pleased by this.

That was a relief. He could fight the spell but not disobey it outright. Still, Loki was going to have to tread very carefully. For the moment he needed Dumbledore. He would simply have to make the situation work. Loki found himself smiling again. Winky had a bit of a vicious streak herself.

Running his hand over his face tiredly he turned to Winky. “What have I gotten myself into,” he asked tiredly. The question was meant rhetorically, but Winky smiled and patted his arm.

“Don’t worries, Master Loki will do the right thing. Winky have faith.” Much to his surprise, her trust made him feel a great deal better. To think how much he’d disliked her at first. Now he couldn’t imagine how he’d get along without her. Loki had not trusted anyone like this in a long time. It was a strange sensation but welcome.

“What would I do without you Winky?” he asked gratefully,

“No worries you never have to find out Winky assured him surprising a laugh from him. He patted Winky’s shoulder affectionately, and silently thanking the being that had sent her to him.

Taking a deep breath and squaring his shoulder’s Loki went downstairs to face Harry’s murderer.


Loki shrouded himself before entering the living room. He wanted a moment to observe his enemy. Dumbledore was sitting calmly on the sofa. That faced the television. His bright turquoise robe clashed horribly with Petunia’s floral print sofa. The sight made Loki’s headache, and he rubbed his temples in an attempt to ward it off. Honestly, it should be a crime for anyone to dress in such horrible clothing. Dumbledore showed no outward sign of distress.

It was annoying. He would have preferred to see Dumbledore writhing in anguish. However, Loki couldn’t deny he was impressed by Dumbledore’s calm façade. Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t enough to fool Loki. He could see the anger burning in Dumbledore’s eyes despite his stillness there was an aura of suppressed energy around him. Like a snake waiting for an opportunity to strike. Even now the power poured off of Dumbledore. Loki could see that under normal circumstances Dumbledore was not someone to be trifled with. Only the spell kept this monster under control.

Loki took a deep breath. He had to remember that he was the one in control of this situation. Dumbledore was alive because Loki allowed it, and he could not hesitate to use Dumbledore. He needed the man’s help not only to navigate the Wizarding world, but Harry had asked him to save the people he loved. Loki knew the old man would be instrumental in achieving that goal. Loki was determined not to let either version of his son down. The old bastard is going to help whether he liked it or not, Loki thought spitefully.

He took a deep breath and forced himself to relax, it would take all his strength to remain calm during the upcoming confrontation.

He moved just out of sight of the living room doorway and made himself visible before reentering the room.

Dumbledore had turned toward him at the sound of his voice, and while he had opened his mouth to speak, no sounds emerged. Loki let him struggle for a moment. He wanted to remind him who was the master here.

“Professor Dumbledore he began pleasantly. “I’m glad we have this chance to speak alone. I am Loki Odinson. God of Mischief and Chaos and more importantly Harry Potter’s biological father.”

Dumbledore did not look surprised. “I see you’ve heard of me. Tell me did you know Harry’s true parentage.

Dumbledore, of course, remained silent.

Loki smiled snidely. “For the purpose of this conversation, I give you permission to speak freely but truthfully. However, you may not do any magic or leave the room. He has the satisfaction of seeing Dumbledore flush with anger. Clearly, he did not like to be ordered about.

“I understand He said gruffly.

Loki nodded. “Good. I have no doubt you will try to gain an advantage over me, but it is pointless. Spell or no spell I am the God of Lies. There are few people with the power to lie to me, and you are not one of them”. Loki said. He felt a surge of satisfaction as Dumbledore paled.

“You say you wish us to speak freely yet I am trapped here. I am little better than your slave an I not?” You are nothing more than a hypocrite sir, and this conversation is nothing more than a farce.

Loki felt a surge of anger. How dare this bastard speak to him in such a manner? “Have a care how you speak to me. It is true that I control everything about your life from now on so it would behoove you to stay on my good side. Your life can be as bad or as good as I wish it to be.”

That wasn’t entirely true. Magic required balance. Just as it allowed Loki to control Dumbledore, it allowed Dumbledore that chance to escape. The magic would allow Loki to punish the other man but only to a certain extent. If Loki went too far and killed him in anything but self-defense. Then Loki would suffer a magical backlash. Yet another thing he had no intention of telling Dumbledore.

Dumbledore grimaced. “I have never heard of the kind of spell you performed, but in my world controlling another is considered a heinous crime. I understand well enough what you have done to me, and I promise you that one day you will pay for hat you have done,”

Loki smirked mildly amused by the man’s cheek. However, when he spoke his voice was ice cold. “You might be right. I’m no saint, but I assure you I would commit far more heinous crimes to keep my son safe and happy. Something with which you have clearly never bother to concern yourself.”

He sat on the sofa across from Dumbledore. Winky popped in with a fresh cup of tea and some cake. Then with s glare at Dumbledore, she popped out again.

“As it seems I have no choice. I will, of course, answer your question as best I can.” Dumbledore said His voice held more than a little bitterness. “But if I may ask what you intend to do with me.

Loki shrugged “we’ll get to that in due course. For now let’s just say there are several matters with which I will need your assistance, however first I want to hear what you have to say for yourself.

Dumbledore nodded, his eyes suddenly sad His gaze far away. It’s true that Lily Potter confided in me. I was aware that James Potter was not Harry’s true father. Long ago our people met the Asgardians, and although most records of your people have been lost. Some evidence of your people still exists if one knows where to look. Dumbledore smiled knowingly.

It desperately made Loki want to punch him. He was grateful that the eye twinkle had disappeared. Instead cold, shrewd eyes gazed at him.

“Good that will save us some time. There are several points on which I am confused, and I have many questions for you.” Loki gave him his best fake smile.

If you know who I am then why was, I never told I have a son? Why was he left with these monsters instead?

Dumbledore frowned. ‘Come now. I brought Harry to live with his family. I’m certain he has been safe and cared for since his parents died. After all, families take care of one another. Dumbledore smiled benignly, and his eye twinkled in the most annoying way, His dismissive tone made Loki grind his teeth, and another hot ball of anger bloomed in his stomach.

‘Well taken care of Loki repeated. The man’s audacity was incredible. He couldn’t be serious. Loki suspected, however, that he at least partially believed what he saying. If so then, the bastard was truly delusional.

My son has been starved and terrorized in his so-called family’s care. How could you leave a child with perfect strangers? Why did no one ever think to check on him?” Loki shouted. His determination to stay calm evaporating as a wave of fury made him see red.

Before he could get a hold of himself, his magic responded and rushed out to blast Dumbledore out of his chair, and backward until he hit the wall. The sight of his robe rising up would have been amusing under other circumstances. Far from amused, Loki cursed his impulsiveness and was glad that the house was protected. He could not afford to expend so much magic at once. Dumbledore was not worth the possibility of Loki getting caught here. He could not afford for his father to interfere in what he was trying to accomplish.

Loki didn’t try to suppress the satisfaction he felt as Dumbledore rose slowly to his feet. As he stood, he winced. He was clearly in a great deal of pain. The old bastard deserved this and much more.

Dumbledore glared at him and opened his mouth as if to speak but Loki raised a hand, and Dumbledore closed his mouth with a snap.

“I think it would be best if you don’t speak for now,” Loki said softly. “I was hoping to gain a better understanding of what happened from my son from you, but I realize now that if I have to listen to you babble on about his so-called destiny, I will not be able to stop myself from killing you. So we’re going to cut to the chase so to speak. I have two questions for you. Yes or no answers will do.”

Loki waited for Dumbledore to acknowledge him with a nod before continuing.

“Did you know that the Dursley’s were abusing my son?” Dumbledore frowned and Loki could see him struggling against the spell. Loki waited, and after a few moments, Dumbledore finally nodded reluctantly.

Loki smiled coldly “Good, as I thought. Question number two “You believe my son is destined to kill the man you call Voldemort correct?” Again another nod much more quickly this time.

Loki nodded in response. “Final question. “Is it your intention for my son to martyr himself for his so-called destiny?”

Dumbledore froze and grew pale. He looked at Loki pleadingly and then winced in pain as the spell tried to force him to answer. Loki was momentarily confused by the reaction. Perhaps Dumbledore thought the question too complicated for a simple nod.

Loki sighed. He had no real desire to hear this man’s excuses, but he reluctantly gave permission for Dumbledore to speak.

“You must understand the danger Voldemort is to our world. I care for Harry a great deal. Dumbledore’s voice dripped sincerity, and Loki found himself grinding his teeth in response.

However, this is war, and in war sometimes sacrifices have to be made. I’m only trying my best to prepare Harry for his role. I hope to cause him as little pain as possible, I assure you. The role Harry must play is unfortunate, but he will be remembered and revered for many years to come. He is our savior.”

Dumbledore’s eyes shone strangely with a fanatical light, and suddenly Loki understood. This ma was completely insane. His devotion to the greater good was absolute and completely irrational. Loki felt a sudden stab of sadness. Despite all he’d done Harry had cared for this man for a long time. Loki had been hoping to save him for his older son’s sake. He known knew that was impossible.

Dumbledore was beyond his help, and even more dangerous than Loki had imagined. Damn it would there ever be a moment where he felt in control? He was tired of constantly being caught off guard. His anger did diminish somewhat, replaced by pity. Dumbledore could not be trusted to act rationally. The fact that he was under Loki’s control could come to benefit all of the Wizarding World. Loki couldn’t care less about the other wizards in all honesty, but he knew Harry would come to care for his people. His son had a good heart. He’d never forgive Loki if he let thousands of people die.

Clearly, Loki had far more work to do than he had ever realized. He forced himself to look Dumbledore in the eye as he spoke. “Let me make one thing clear Dumbledore. Harry is no one’s savior. I will not allow anyone to use my son as a weapon.”

Dumbledore’s eyes widened, and his jaw worked, but he remained silent.

“However, Loki continued calmly “I can see that this Voldemort could be a problem for Harry, so I promise I will take care of your so-called dark lord for you. I promise you he will be no match for me.”

Dumbledore just stared at him, but Loki could tell he wanted to say something desperately. Loki sighed and gave him permission to speak.

“I think you’ll find you are vastly underestimating Voldemort’s power.” Dumbledore said urgently He will not be so easily defeated.”

Loki smirked. “I am certain Tom Riddle will be no match for me I assure you.”

Dumbledore gasped most unattractively for several moments before finding his voice. “How do you know-“

Loki cut him off with a wave of his hand. “I assure you I know exactly who I’m dealing with.”

Dumbledore eyes seemed to bore into his soul. He did not, however, try any magic such as reading Loki’s mind. Good, perhaps he was learning to accept that the spell could not be overcome.

“I believe that you are sincere. “ Dumbledore said somewhat reluctantly. “I pray that what you say is true. All I’ve ever wanted is for the world to be safe from evil. I have spent a great deal of my life trying to ensure peace.”

Loki believed him. His actions may often be immoral, but Dumbledore’s goals could be seen as noble. Loki believed that Dumbledore was utterly convinced his actions where just. He simply cared nothing for the collateral damage he caused. Something that reminded Loki of his father and more uncomfortably of himself as well.

Loki pushed that thought away. He was suddenly anxious to get away from Dumbledore. The sooner this conversation ended, the better.

“Good, I’m glad you agree with me on this. Now as for what I intend to do with you. I am willing to allow you to continue living as normal a life as possible provided you don’t interfere with me or my plans. No one is too know you don’t have complete control over your actions. For now, all I ask in return is your assistance with a few things.”

Dumbledore looked wary. “What kind of things he said cautiously.

“Well for starters I need to be able to navigate safely in your world. I will need your assistance and information Harry, and I need a safe place to stay. Something that I’m sure you can provide me. Loki looked at Dumbledore expectantly.

Dumbledore sighed. “Well, I’m afraid you can’t stay at the school. Are you certain that you wouldn’t be better off staying here?”

Loki felt his anger rising again, but he kept his voice calm. “No, absolutely not. I want to leave here as soon as possible. I will deal with Harry’s so-called family and then we will leave. I will not force my son to stay here any longer than he has too.”

‘Well the house at Godric’s Hollow was destroyed, but Dumbledore hesitated. He clearly did not want to speak. Loki stood and glared at Dumbledore. You know you cannot hold anything back from me what is it?” Tell me. He commanded.

There is always Potter Manor” It was sealed up when the Potters went into hiding. It is unplottable, and there is no known way to gain access to the property.” Dumbledore frowned looking annoyed.

I bet you tried and failed many times old man. Loki thought gleefully. He sat back down and took a few sips of tea, taking a few seconds to think. This sounded like it might be a good option. Harry deserved to live in his ancestral home, and frankly Dumbledore’s reluctance to mention it made Loki suspect it was extremely valuable in some way.

“This Potter Manor. We will be safe there?” Loki checked

“Dumbledore nodded reluctantly. “Yes, it is protected by powerful spells. Only a Potter descendant and those they give permission may enter the grounds. It is also not visible to outsiders magical or muggle.”

That sounded almost too good to be true. Then something occurred to Loki. Harry is not really a Potter. How can he enter the manner, if he is not a true descendant?

Dumbledore smiled. James Potter considered himself Harry’s father. When Harry was born, James performed a spell to adopt Harry as his own. Harry’s bloodline was tied to the Potters

“How do I gain access?” Loki asked, trying to keep the eagerness from his voice.

“You must go to Gringotts and talk to the Goblins. They must accept you as Harry’s guardian, and grant you safe passage through the wards.” Dumbledore said calmly

Goblins? Loki thought startled. Elves and Goblins honestly. This world just got stranger and stranger. What next unicorns?

“Excellent you will take me to this bank tomorrow. I also wish to learn more about your world. I need any books that might be useful, and you will make yourself available to me to answer questions whenever I wish.”

Dumbledore grimaced. I will help you, of course. But if I am to resume my duties, then there will be times I cannot come immediately when you call.”

Loki frowned that would be inconvenient, but he could not have anyone else suspecting that there was anything wrong with their beloved headmaster. In order for his plans to come to fruition, he needed to make use of Dumbledore’s power and impeccable reputation.

“Very well, he finally agreed. I will work around your schedule for now. However, I reserve the right to revisit our arrangement at a later date,” There, he thought that is quite reasonable really. Harry would be proud of him.

Dumbledore sighed but nodded agreeably. Of course, Mr. Odinson. I will begin working on the books you asked for. Some will be quite expensive, however.

Loki smiled benignly. “That’s alright.” He said I’m sure you would be happy to pay for them.” He said pleasantly, but there was no mistaking the order behind the words.

Dumbledore colored in outrage, and he looked lie wanted to argue, but then his shoulder slumped “Of course it would be my honor he said”

Excellent Loki said. He leaned back in his chair quite pleased. “Now let’s talk exactly you have taken from my son.” Seeing Dumbledore white with shock for the third time was still surprisingly satisfying.


Loki rose the next morning after only a few precious hours of sleep. He did a quick health check on the Dursley’s who were still snoring away without a care in the world. He was well enough. Winky was feeding them and taking care of their waste magically. Loki would have been fine with letting them soil themselves, but Winky had been horrified at the idea of allowing that kind of mess. She had been quite distressed, so Loki had quickly agreed to her demands. It didn’t really matter to him. He only wanted the Dursley’s’ healthy so that he could make sure they suffered for a long time to come.

He had stayed up for too late into the night before finally allowing the headmaster to leave, with the understanding that he would return in the early afternoon to take them to Gringotts bank to see the Goblins. Dumbledore had carefully explained to Loki the proper way to behave in order to gain the Goblin’s assistance. They sounded like a very interesting people to Loki, and he looked forward to meeting them. He would need the Goblin’s permission to claim, Potter Manor for Harry.

Dumbledore had revealed the terrible lengths he’d gone to deny Loki’s son his birthright in an attempt to turn him into a sacrificial lamb. The Potter’s had left Harry a much larger legacy then he had ever realized. His son held the title of lord and was quite wealthy. No one of this mattered much to Loki except he would be more easily able to care for his son. Dumbledore had been easily persuaded to turn the deed over to Loki. Dumbledore’s unprecedented control over Harry’s estate had turned out to be a blessing for them both. The goblins would sort out the paperwork, and further legal action would not be necessary. Loki looked around the Dursley home in distaste. He would be very pleased to leave this house and taker Harry to Potter Manor where they would be safe. Tomorrow they would begin a whole new life.

Suddenly, a wooden block suddenly came flying toward him smacking him directly on the forehead and then landing at his feet. Ow, he thought and rubbed his forehead glaring down at the offending wooden toy. Where on Earth had that come from? A mischievous giggle could his attention, and he turned to see his son sitting in the doorway to the living room giggling.

Loki couldn’t help but smile at his son, Harry’s joy was infectious. As he drew closer to Harry, he saw that there were several more bocks floating in the air behind him. Of course, it had been Harry. Suddenly another shot forward to Loki, but this time he managed to catch it as it flew by. Harry clapped apparently delighted by this.

Then another flock came flying toward him. He noticed that as they flew over Harry’s head, they never came anywhere near him. Harry’s control was already very good. Loki made a show of catching that one as well, before getting down on the floor next to his son. “What game are we playing Harry?” Did you hit me on purpose?”

Harry shook his head and frowned, his eyes filling with tears. “Angry he asked” Abruptly all the floating blocks fell to the ground. Loki wanted to curse himself for his thoughtlessness.

“No no, Harry,” he assured the little boy I’m impressed. Your magic is very strong. I’m very proud of you.

Harry smiled brightly. “Harry’s magic good?” he asked softly apparently still a little uncertain.

“Yes, Loki assured him Harry’s magic is very good. Can you call the blocks to us, he asked Harry.”

Harry looked uncertain. His nose scrunched up adorably as he concentrated, but in a few moments, all the blocks were landing somewhat gently between them. Loki had to duck to keep from getting hit in the face again, but it was worth it to see the happiness return to Harry’s face.

“Look, Daddy, did it,” Harry said, and he clapped his hands excitedly.

Joy filled Loki’s heart to hear his son call him father. He had never been so happy. His son was a true delight. Loki looked forward to watching him grow, and he felt peace he’d never known wash over him. He picked Harry and hugged him tightly “Don’t worry, He told his son. Neither of us will ever be alone again.”

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