A Love to Mars and Back – Part Two

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NCIS, The Martian

Tony DiNozzo/Mark Watney

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Author's Note:
Beta is the awesome Edronhia, if this is readable all thanks goes to her.

Tony DiNozzo had no idea that going to a simple chemistry lecture would start a love that would cross the solar system and even have the whole world rooting for him. Or, how Tony and Mark found a love that made them forget to be cautious.

Chapter 3: Saturday and then no more days.

Tony let his key open the door to his apartment and he smelled the delicious aroma of steak and some garlic potatoes floating through his hallway. It was a perfect antidote for what was a truly crappy day at work. They’d figured out that Gibbs was being baited by Ari Haswari of all people. This was a shit storm developing and one that Tony had a bad feeling about.

“You are a calm in a storm that I am so glad to see.” Tony confessed watching Mark bounce around his kitchen. “And you even cook so you better at least be lousy at sex or you might just be too perfect for me.”

Mark turned around and rolled with being surprised. He walked up to Tony and kissed him soundly. “That was for staying alive.”

Tony let his eyes close to savour the kiss. “Well, this is some reward. So, tell me about your week.”

Mark set off talking about the mission to Mars and how he was on a shortlist to go. He’d been busting his ass both before and since the shortlist was announced and the next stage was the isolation tests to see if those chosen were mentally suited. He bit his lip. “This is terrible of me, I find this great guy and I am talking about leaving to go to Mars. I am a terrible person.”

Tony had been sitting at the table and he understood where Mark was coming from and he knew intellectually that many would say that this is too soon. What he knew though, was he cared a great deal for Mark already. He wasn’t quite ready to say the word love but it was close. “Do you want Mars?”

Mark nodded and steeled himself to be told this was a last hurrah weekend. “Yes – god do I want it but I want you too, which is selfish.”

Tony smiled softly. “No, darling, it makes you human, and you know what? I would be an ass to stop you from achieving your dream. I’ve done casual flings and meaningless sex, Mark, and that is not me anymore. God help me, you have me wanting everything with you and if you don’t do Mars then I know you will regret it and I don’t want any resentment between us. Besides, apart from your mini freakout, you’re okay with me being a Federal Agent.”

Mark nodded. “For now. I am hoping to lure you into being a professor when you get your PhD… Just think of the amazing office sex we could have. We would have the students trying to peek at their hot professors.”

Tony reeled Mark in so he landed on the table between his legs. “Is that right – but now you’ve told me your plan.”

Mark leant down to kiss him again, he just couldn’t stop kissing Tony and he didn’t want that to change any time soon. Ever in fact. This man was too perfect to be real and he was willing to wait. He was not too sure why but he vowed to not make the man regret it.

“I cooked dinner but I kind of want you instead.”

Tony, seeing the look in his eyes, knew exactly what he was hungry for – and it wasn’t food.


They hit Tony’s bed and Tony fell backwards onto the mattress, watching with hungry eyes as Mark stripped for him. Tony was trying to scramble out of his own clothes at the same time but it was not so easy when he was too entranced by his lover. He kept getting distracted from his own task by the sight of his soon-to-be lover’s body as it was quickly bared.

Mark smirked, and it should not be that attractive. “You want some help?”

“More than getting out my clothes.” Tony replied.

Mark gently tugged his slacks off. “Prolonging it makes it sweeter.”

Tony groaned as his erection was almost free. “This is six weeks in the making.”

Mark kissed a path up one leg all the way to the hem of his boxers and Tony couldn’t take his eyes off him. He lifted his hips to help Mark get rid of the boxers. This was real. Tony groaned. “Stop teasing. Do something.”

Mark smirked, tossing the boxers to the side and kissing a path once again from his other ankle this time. “I’ll get you there.”

And then when Tony was distracted, he swallowed him whole. Tony’s erection was engulfed in perfect heat. He groaned again as he let the sensations wash over him. It was so much better than he imagined. Tony’s head rolled backwards and he gripped the pillow.

Mark pulled off with a lewd pop. “Don’t be quiet, sweetheart. I want to hear you.”

Tony glared. “I want you to fuck me.”

Mark shook his head. “No, I am going to make love to you.”

Tony didn’t get a chance to debate the words as a sure, confident hand wrapped around his rock hard erection. He heard the snick of the cap but didn’t care. It had been too long and he pushed into the hand. “More.”

Mark smirked at him. “Not until you beg me for it. Remember my promise.”

Tony might have remembered the promise but words were too much for him right now. He just didn’t want to give in, not when it felt this damn good. “Have to do better.”

Mark grinned and leaned down to kiss him, his tongue suggesting what he wanted to do to Tony’s body. Tony was getting closer to begging but he wasn’t there – yet.

Mark added a slick finger and Tony whimpered as it felt so good but he still didn’t beg. Mark teased him. “What – no words?”

Tony was rocking on the finger, letting it do the work but he shook his head. He didn’t trust himself with words. Mark added another finger, twisting and scissoring, ramping up his anticipation. “More.”

To Mark that was less of a beg and more of a demand but he wanted it too. So he added a third finger wanting to test if he was ready. Tony gasped. “Need you now.”

Mark grabbed the foil, ripping it open and rolling the condom over himself in record time. He positioned himself and looked at his lover as he pushed inside him for the first time. Tony’s eyes didn’t leave his, letting him see the desire and pleasure.

Mark panted as he slowly bottomed out, waiting for Tony to adjust. He breathed in and out, not wanting this to end before it had even begun.

Tony had a wicked smirk as he squeezed his inner muscles. “Well, are you just going to stay there like that?”

Mark laughed with him and pulled back, before thrusting forward again. “How… about… that?”

Tony luxuriated in the feeling and started to roll his hips. “Better.”

Mark just pushed harder and now they were both groaning, trying to reach that high just around the precipice. He kissed his lover, fucking his mouth, as he did his body.

The dual sensations let Tony fall deeper. He was so close now, he could taste it. He felt his muscles tighten before he climaxed.

Mark felt Tony’s climax as his dick was exquisitely squeezed and with one final thrust he fell over the edge. Tony fell asleep quickly and Mark didn’t even care about the food. He cleaned Tony up with a damp washcloth from the bathroom and let him rest, the made quick work of tidying himself up, tying the condom off and chucking it in the bin before cleaning himself off as well. He slid back into bed where Tony snuggled against him, trying to steal his body heat.


The next morning Mark awoke feeling refreshed. “What the hell am I going to do with myself for ten days?”

Tony chuckled as he heard the exasperation. He was kissing a trail from his stomach, all the way up. “Don’t you need to publish a paper, Dr. Watney? Ten uninterrupted days, you should be able to get pretty far on a new paper.”

Mark shivered. “If you call me Dr. Watney then we won’t leave this bed and you said your boss is a hard ass.”

“He is,” Tony said, reversing his path and kissing ever lower. He explained. “I have,” kiss, “to go to,” another kiss, “work.”

Mark lay back with his arms behind his head. “This won’t help you get ready.”

Tony’s head was hovering over his weeping erection. “I deserve a reward, and I pick you.”

Mark groaned as he was engulfed in moist, tight heat. He wanted to make this last. Damn – what he wouldn’t give to taking a picture of those killer hazel eyes and lewd grin wrapped around his cock. It was fantasy material for months. He didn’t realise that he’d spoken aloud until Tony pulled off for a second with a lewd pop. “Take the shot, just don’t let it get taken from ya.”

Mark’s head fell back against the pillow. “I won’t last.” His phone was on the sideboard and he grabbed it. His fingers were not coordinated enough to do this smoothly. He could feel the vibrations of Tony laughing whilst he was still sucking. He was getting closer but he said what he felt.

“Gods, you’re too perfect. Just look at you.”

Snap. Tony sucked harder, wanting Mark to cum and remember who he needed to come back to.

Mark whimpered as he fought to hold off on his climax just a little longer. It was too much and he came, Tony’s name on his lips.

Tony didn’t stop until he’d licked him clean. “Now that was a way to start a day chasing terrorists. Don’t go crazy and we’ll meet somewhere in three weeks like we promised.”

Mark ran his fingers through his lover’s hair. “Three weeks. I like here, no one knows it and we’re free to be with each other.”

Tony kissed him deeply. “This is my bolthole, not the official residence where I supposedly stay.”

“And you say you’re not a spook.” Mark teased.

Tony chuckled right back at him. “No, I’d be terrible, I have too many lines I won’t cross.”


Mark had indeed snuck a special photo of Tony with him into the isolation chamber. He was not going to be stuck for 10 days without any source material for his fantasies. Oh, and he had unabashedly asked for paper, a non-connected computer terminal and lube.

The time alone had been lonely for sure. Thankfully, his mind was an overactive place and Mark sort of sought refuge inside it. The place they’d used for the test was set up like their HAB on Mars would be.

He looked around. “Well, if I am going to be stuck, I may as well be productive.”

He looked at his research proposals and started to redraft them. The silence was productive for a while but then it started to be oppressive. Mark sucked in a breath and opened up his video camera on his phone. Thankfully, while NASA may be a nosey bunch they left your phone alone, so he started recording messages to the world. He had no idea in a few years that this approach would save his sanity.

“Hey, babe.

So this is day two of my solitary isolation to see if I will cope with being on my own. Well, I figured out some intriguing things and I also have questions. Like Aquaman? I know this will bug you since they announced the Justice League being made but how can Aquaman control whales? They are mammals for christ’s sakes.”

About an hour later, Mark finished off a first draft of his introduction for his next paper. And he fired back up his phone. “So I have done the draft introduction and am using the time to work on my paper like you suggested. You should get a full paper before all is said and done. I miss you but I will make you proud.”

Mark still couldn’t believe he’d found someone like Tony – who wasn’t asking him to change his dreams and would instead wait for him. He wasn’t sure how long they would be able to keep their relationship secret but he would enjoy the lack of scrutiny. It was hard enough trying to get to truly know someone without the media and people sticking their nose into other people’s business.

By day five, Mark was looking at the Hab and systems – looking at efficiency issues and trying to improve them. He looked a bit sheepish as he’d wanted a bath, he’d spent the last evening pulling apart his cot and solved the issue. He soaked and relaxed, feeling pretty good with the world. He’d also solved the problem that was bothering him regard stocking supplies for the expedition as well. The key would be potatoes. He’d let his mind wander but then looked at other problems. The exercise had sucked but at the same time it let him gain a valuable insight into his character. Did he like loneliness – no, but he could survive it.

Now he had the fun of his exit interview with the psychiatrist. That was too easy, he’d baffled the guy with chatter about Aquaman. The fact that the guy had already been tenderised by interviewing Commander Lewis, and Vogel, just made it easier.

He’d gotten out of the centre when he checked his messages and there was one from earlier today from Tony. Mark pressed his voicemail to see what his lover was up to and froze at the message. It was short but definitely not sweet.

“Kate’s dead and I am a mess.”

Chapter 4: Mess and Clearing up

Mark was on the phone. “Come on, pick up. Damn it, Tony, pick up.”

Even as he was saying it, he wanted to be in Washington. He messaged to see how long he had considering the isolation training. He got a quick response, he would be expected to return in five days. Although, it was recommended that he spend time around people.

Mark wouldn’t be around people per se, just Tony. He wanted to make sure his boyfriend was okay. The phone message, as brief as it was, managed to hurt his heart more than ten days alone. The phone picked up. “Yes.”

“Tony, Darlin’ it’s me. I’m making my way to Washington. I was just released.” Mark felt the need to explain.

Tony sounded fragile. “You won’t get into trouble? I don’t want you to risk your chances at this.”

Mark hated the way he was so clearly grieving and yet his first concern was for someone else. “No, I won’t but even if I did … I don’t care. You need me so I will be there.”

Tony confessed. “I can’t wait.”

Mark knew the sad part was Tony probably could manage without him. There were too many times in his lover’s past he was forced to be self-sufficient. “I need to get the tickets sorted. Where will you be?”

Tony thought about it for a second. “I want to be there to collect you. It will get me out of my apartment.”


Mark knew they were meant to be keeping it low key but he took one look at Tony and swept him into a hug. “I’m so so sorry.”

Tony nodded. “We got the bastard – but it doesn’t feel any better.”

Mark knew there were no good words to say here. “You remember the good times, and you keep on doing the good work in her honour.”

Tony smiled even if it hurt. “She would have liked you I think… even if she would have never believed we were together.”

Mark could confess he didn’t know the agent. He’d not been too fond of her from the stories Tony told. Still, it didn’t matter what he felt, he was here for Tony. “I’m a likeable guy.”

Tony smiled at him and kept ahold of his hand. “You’re a loveable guy.”

“Only by this one amazing guy who is going to have to let me do something for him. He is going to hate it, for the record, but it would make me happy.”

Tony was confused. “What?”

Mark squeezed his hand. “He is going to let me look after him.”

Tony looked shocked by the request. “I will try, I’m not used to people doing things for me.”

Mark was not a violent guy. His years in the Peace Corps were a testament to that but he had the sudden urge to find every person who had ever put that look on his lover’s face and punch each and everyone of them in the face. “That is all I ask.”

Tony was driven home but at every available safe opportunity Mark was touching him. It wasn’t a sexual touch but rather one of reassurance. Tony found each and every one of them let him relax just a little. Mark didn’t stop there, he opened up the apartment and was guided to his couch. He watched Mark make food and bring it to them. He was going to protest that he wasn’t hungry but Mark nudged him. “You had the plague and you can’t afford to neglect your body.”

Tony nodded and ate a few mouthfuls. “It’s delicious really. I am sorry I’m not good company right now.”

Mark shrugged it off. “You don’t need to be good company. I am right where I want to be.”

He let the TV show a random game and just drift in the background. He just made sure he kept physical contact with Tony, letting him know that he wasn’t alone. It took maybe an hour before Tony softly started to speak about Kate. He told Mark about their first meeting. He told Mark about it all and Tony confessed she wasn’t perfect but she was his sister in all but blood. She’d stayed with him when he was under the blue lights and she was shot right next to him.

Mark kept up the gentle stroking of Tony’s hair noticing that Tony was starting to fall asleep. It was funny that Mark hadn’t said a lot since coming out of the isolation training but it didn’t matter. He knew he was right where he needed to be. Tony didn’t need him to talk, he just needed him there and he would be for as long as he could be.

Tony woke up the next morning on the couch curled around Mark. His day was going to suck. He hated funerals but at least for now he felt like he could face his day. He kissed Mark awake. “You’re incredible, thank you for yesterday.”

Mark’s eyes fluttered awake with a smile on his face. “You’re welcome, babe, but I love you so no thanks are necessary.”

Tony got up reluctantly. “It’s everything. I will be back soon – I want us to spend every moment we can together.”


Tony didn’t understand Ziva’s position on the team. He wasn’t going to question it at work though. He knew a done deal when he saw one. If he questioned it publicly then it would mean he would be just frozen out. He waited until he got to Gibbs’ house. Tony could smell the cowboy steaks cooking.


“In here,” Gibbs called.

Tony knew he was in the kitchen and went to see if he could help. He grinned. “I love cowboy steaks. Where’s Tim?”

“Not here because I want to talk about you,” Gibbs said, straight to the point.

Tony frowned as he set the table. “Okaaaay. What about?”

Gibbs smirked. “The special person that has helped centre you in the last few weeks.”

Tony chuckled ruefully. “You saw through, Marcia, Marcelina, Mary, and Marilyn?”

Those were the names of the fake dates he’d had all month to try and keep his mask at work. Gibbs rolled his eyes. “I noticed that all the names started with Mar … It led me to a few conclusions.”

Tony sighed hoping his world wasn’t about to implode. “You know I play on both teams, boss.”

Gibbs looked at him pointedly. “You know that I don’t care. I just want to make sure they are treating you right.”

Tony’s heart warmed a little. There were few people who got to see this side of Gibbs. He‘d perfected his own mask of prickly bastard long before he’d met Tony. “Yeah, boss. He is a fucking astronaut. It’s crazy. We met and got talking and he has me thinking of settling down and he is about six months from taking off to Mars for a trip that is going to last well over 18 months. And I don’t care what he said, I know I will wait.”

Gibbs smiled softly in fond remembrance. “Oh, I know how that works. He will have you down the aisle as soon as you let him.”

Tony froze for a second but then answered honestly, biting his lip. “I would let him, you know.”

Gibbs said nothing more than. “Good… So when do I get to meet him?”

Tony had ended up in Florida by some good fortune. Best of all, Madam Director could only send Gibbs and Tony due to the security clearance involved. Oh Tony, could admit that he relished the look on the dense duo upon hearing that. He’d messaged Mark, a simple and innocuous message. Hey – in town and wonder if you want to hang. Msg back.

Name a time and place – was the rapid response.

You pick but Gibbs is with me.

You said I didn’t have to meet the father. ? – Mark responded

Tony laughed at that causing Gibbs to stare at him in surprise. It wasn’t surprising, Gibbs hadn’t seen Tony smile at all since Kate’s death. “Mark thought he’d skipped the meet the dad dinner.”

Gibbs smirked, “Should I clean my gun at the table?”

Tony’s face was a perfect picture of horror at the idea of Gibbs playing up the cliche. “Please don’t, I actually love Mark.”

“In that case I’m just gonna make sure he loves you too, and that he’s good enough for you.” Gibbs said seeing the truth of the words. “So you’re asking me to play nice?”

Tony laughed again, “No boss, I would never ask you to be something you don’t want to be.”

“Good,  I wouldn’t even try.”

Tony had a nervous hour wondering if Gibbs would be true to character or not. He wasn’t joking with Gibbs, he loved Mark and hoped Gibbs wouldn’t scare him away.

The dinner was at a nice Italian place. Mark showed no shame of his relationship, hugging and kissing Tony’s cheek. “Hey, Darlin.”

Tony introduced the pair to each other. Thankfully, they found a neutral topic of talking about all the places they’d travelled. Mark found it hilarious when Gibbs explained why, as long as Captain Anderson was aboard the US Carrier, it was in Tony’s best interest to stay away.

Mark laughed. “Oh babe, you better stay out of trouble whilst I’m on Mars.”

Tony smirked. “I will do my best.”

Gibbs asked. “When is take off?”

Mark replied. “In a month I report for pre-flight checks.”

Gibbs nodded. “So the countdown begins.”

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