A Love to Mars and Back – Part Three

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NCIS, The Martian

Tony DiNozzo/Mark Watney

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Tony DiNozzo had no idea that going to a simple chemistry lecture would start a love that would cross the solar system and even have the whole world rooting for him. Or, how Tony and Mark found a love that made them forget to be cautious.

Chapter 5: Undercover Marriages

Tony had always had a love affair with Paris, it truly was one of his favourite cities in the world. Today though, he hated it. He was playing the part of a dangerous assassin, married to a beautiful, deadly assassin. Note for Ziva, this was not much of a role to play.

Ziva was smarmy and smug, assuming that the world would fall at her feet because of how she looked. Tony couldn’t be bothered to tell her that there was more to life than looks, and they could be both a blessing and a curse.

Tony hated the fact this operation was live 24 hours with only a brief respite that Gibbs was able to give him. It was probably because he could see Tony was going to snap.

“You okay?”

Tony huffed. “Not even close, boss. She keeps sexually harassing me and I am going to snap.”

Gibbs cocked his head to the side. “You usually handle this sort of thing pretty easily. Why is this one bothering you so much? Is it Mark?”

Tony sighed. “A little. No, a lot. It’s not just that though, I am trying to be a good SFA and bring her into the team but she is doing all she can to separate and alienate me from everyone else.”

Gibbs frowned, having not considered that angle. “You think it’s a ploy? Explain it to me.”

Tony wasn’t sure if Gibbs wanted to hear what he had to say but given the opening, he couldn’t not take it. Tony could tell that Gibbs was thinking about what he said.

Tony shrugged. “Think about how the dynamics of the team stand right now. Think about how she interacts with everyone on an individual basis. Once you’ve done that, then come and talk to me. Also, I think Eli David is a stone-cold killer and would happily sacrifice one child  to get the foot of another in the door of an American Federal agency.”

Gibbs looked at Ziva across the room, his expression speculative. “I’ll look into it.”

Gibbs took his turn to put an idea into DiNozzo’s head. “You know it is legal to marry your man?”

Tony’s head whipped around. “Bit difficult. You’ve seen the publicity, the world loves Mark as much as I do.”

Gibbs shrugged. “What? So it’s hard to do, so it’s not worth doing?” The marine peaking into his voice.

Tony chuckled. “Well, I need to get divorced from little Miss Mossad first.”

Gibbs patted him on the shoulder. “Atta boy.”


Ziva actually tried to come on to him. “You know you want to, Tony, and we’re in Paris.”

Tony put some space between them, not wanting to give her any opportunity to exploit. “Sorry sweetcheeks but obviously you don’t know Gibbs’ rule number 12.”

She looked quizzically at him. “And what is this rule?”

Tony sighed. “Well, Gibbs has a rule banning you from dating a coworker.”

“That is a silly rule.”

Tony shook his head. “Maybe, maybe not. Sill if you want to stay on his team it is a rule you have to follow.”

“He doesn’t need to know. We could just release this tension between us and get on with our jobs.” Was the attempted sultry offer.

Tony couldn’t think of anything less tempting. “Sorry, Ziva. There are some rules I won’t break.”

Tony knew this might be a bad plan. You didn’t need to be a profiler to know that she was going to handle rejection badly. It didn’t matter though, Mark was his significant other and as the operation was done and dusted – he wouldn’t pretend otherwise.

It did not improve. In fact, Ziva seemed to take his rejection personally. Tony was going slowly nuts at work. They’d seen the maneuvers at work and he and Gibbs had discussed them. Gibbs called him back. “Tony.”

Tony turned around. “Gibbs, not now. Her stupidity got me shot. I just want to go home and forget this case ever happened. On the upside, my frat brother, Mark, has snuck a weekend away and I want us to enjoy our time.”

Gibbs smirked, knowing that Mark was a little bit more than just a frat brother to Tony but wouldn’t reveal his secret until Tony was ready. “Go. I’d go to a bolthole if I were you.”

Tony snorted because Gibbs’ house and Tony’s apartment were not their only residences. They both had their boltholes. “Gotcha, boss. See you Monday.”


Tony may have been tired but he was happy to collect Mark from the airport. He had to laugh at the way his boyfriend was going low key trying to avoid attention, baseball cap and all. Mark grinned seeing Tony and all the tiredness dropped from his face.

They kept it circumspect in the airport as neither could afford the scrutiny. That didn’t mean they weren’t tantalisingly close to each other. Tony itched to touch Mark, in the back of his mind Tony was aware that this would be the last weekend they would be face to face for potentially two years.

And when they entered the apartment, Tony was slammed up against the wall. He found his lips bending to reach Mark. There was a hint of desperation but something more to it. Tony never wanted to let the feeling go.

Love was an emotion that you never wanted to let go. The bed was so close that Tony pushed his lover onto it. The clothes between them were in the way. He grunted as he pulled the belt out of his trousers. Mark understood and started to strip his own clothes. It wasn’t smooth, or like in the movies, but it was them.

They giggled and kissed as they lost their clothes. Tony kissed a path from Mark’s nipple all the way to his belly button, dipping in. Giving a small taste of what he wanted to do to Mark. Mark gasped. “Get your pants off now.”

Tony reluctantly let go but he kept his eyes on Mark, letting Mark see everything. It was crazy as this was hotter than full on sex he’d had with many others. “You’re just too hot.”

Mark watched, eyes lidded, “Well, get over here and prove it.”

Tony had a wicked grin. “Yes, Dr.”

Mark groaned as Tony leant over him once more, just perfectly so that their cocks aligned. A small nudge of his hips and he had delicious friction. “That’s it, that’s perfect.”

Tony kept thrusting against him. “It is but let’s kick it up a gear.”

Tony slipped lower and lower, kissing a path back down his chest. He hovered over Mark’s erection. He kept Mark’s gaze as he started to lick lower and swallowed him whole. Tony had a wicked grin as he kept licking up and down. He reveled in each groan and whimper he pulled from Mark. He never wanted them to stop.

Mark wanted to thrust into his mouth but Tony pinned his hips wanting to control the pace and let Mark revel in the pleasure. Mark started to babble. “More,” gasp. “Need you in me.”

Well, Tony always aimed to follow good commands. His hand reached for the side table where his lube was. He pulled off Mark’s dick just long enough to slick up his fingers.

Mark nearly arched off the bed at the dual sensation of Tony’s mouth tight around his erection and his questing finger seeking entrance. He didn’t know whether to thrust forward or backward. It was glorious but he didn’t want it to be over before it began. “Want you in me now, want to cum with you in me.”

Tony let go of his weeping erection with a pout but he lined himself up to slowly penetrate his lover. He wanted Mark to remember this, he had to make it good enough that it would last a trip to Mars. No pressure.

Tony waited until Mark squeezed him to say he was ready. He couldn’t resist an involuntarily thrust. “Do you want this to last?”

Mark grinned even as he thrust back into Tony. “As long as you do, baby.”

Tony was lost to lust and love. The found a rhythm that kept them deliciously on the edge, an unspoken agreement to make this moment last as long as possible. Fast and then oh so slow barely thrusts, more intimately joined as they traded filthy kisses.

They couldn’t hold out forever and Mark whispered. “So close.”

Tony broke their kiss and buried his face in Mark’s neck. “So cum.”

He thrust one final time and fell over the edge to one of his strongest orgasms, Mark following him over the edge. 

Tony felt deliciously sated but managed to stay awake long enough to wipe them clean. They fell asleep in a tangle of limbs. It was like even in their sleep they didn’t want to be parted.


Waking the next morning, Tony had an epiphany. Damn Gibbs, he was right. He did want to marry Mark, as something tangible. It was crazy as Mark was going to Mars and they needed to stay under the radar. And yet, as he looked at Mark sleeping, he couldn’t shake the idea that something was going to happen.

“I’m too pretty to keep staring at,” Mark grumbled.

Tony snickered, pulling him closer and kissing him. “Do you want me to do something else?” Tony asked, voice low, leaving no doubt of what he wanted.

Mark rolled over. “I won’t stop you.”

Tony chuckled as he flipped over agilely so that he was straddling Mark. “I love you stupid and I wanna do something rash.”

Mark guessed it was more than helping him with his morning wood. “What do you want to do, Darlin?”

Tony spoke softly. “Marry me, for us. Screw the world, they can have Mark Watney the daring astronaut. I just want Mark to know he has a husband waiting for him when he comes back from Mars.”

Mark sucked in a breath seeing the raw vulnerability in Tony’s face. He leaned forward to kiss that look of his lover’s face, wait, no – fiance.

“Yes, I will. But how can we get married this weekend?”

Tony smirked. “I have favours for days to burn and would happily use them to get this done for us.”

Mark grinned, infectiously. “Let’s do it. Who will be the witnesses?” 

Tony knew the answer. “Gibbs and someone you want.”

Mark shrugged. “I don’t know anyone in the area. What about Steve?”

Tony loved the fact that Mark knew him well enough to know who his closest friend was – rather than referring to him as a frat brother. “I’ll give him a call. He’ll be there as soon as I mention the words; me and marriage.”

Mark ran his hands over his fiance, letting hands run over the smooth curve of Tony’s ass. “Does that mean I have a small opportunity to make love to my fiance?”

Tony’s incandescent grin would have allayed any fears of Mark’s. In truth, there were none. It was crazy and he knew it. On Monday, he was setting off for Mars. The whole world knew this and streamed the videos on youtube and read his tweets. It still rankled Chris Beck that he was the most popular. Mark didn’t care about that right now because right now he had a crazy, gorgeous creature asking to marry him even knowing all this – and he wasn’t a stupid man – of course, he was going to say yes.


Tony phoned Gibbs having taken a shower, with Mark, so yes, it may have taken a little longer. “So can you get to the courthouse for me?”

He could hear Gibbs put the sandpaper. “Did you listen to me?”

Tony chuckled. “Yeah Gibbs, I did. So you going to be my best man/witness?”

“There’s no way you are doing this without me.”

And not too much later, a call to a judge, a clerk who adored him and they had their form to get married. Gibbs was waiting for them and so was Steve, both wearing good suits. Steve hugged him and shook hands with Mark. “So you’re the mystery man?

Mark smirked, knowing full well with all the publicity going on that there was no way Steve didn’t know him. Both Tony and Mark had gone incognito to the courthouse, not wanting to get caught by any lucky snappers. “That’s me.”

“Looking after Tony is a full-time job.”

Mark didn’t grimace, he told himself that they were going into this eyes wide open. “I am relying on you to keep him in one piece ‘til I get back.” That was as oblique a reference as he was willing to make in public. Mark wasn’t ashamed of Tony, and likewise Tony wasn’t ashamed of Mark. They just knew with his public persona and Tony’s undercover work it would be naive of them to make this public.


The judge pronounced them, “I now pronounce you husband and husband.”

Gibbs and Steve snorted as they indulged in the traditional kiss, they may have just been a fraction too quick. Tony and Mark showing how suited they were to each other, managed to simultaneously maintain their lip lock and flip the bird to their witnesses.

Their reception was a typical masculine event – drinks at the bar. It was also in keeping with their low-key affair. For Mark and Tony, it was perfect. They were together and shared their day with two people who cared but would keep their secrets.

A stray thought crossed Mark’s mind after his third pint. “Fuck, I have to tell Annie Montrose.”

Tony had heard stories and he snorted. “Oh damn, if she was a redhead you’d try and date her, boss.” 

Gibbs smirked. “Then don’t delay. Get out of here, Tony I don’t want to see you til Monday.”

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  1. I love this story! I saw The Martian last week on HBO (and not from the beginning, I must watch it again) and now I’m so hooked with your adventure. Tkanks for sharing!

  2. This is an awesome story. So awesome. Thank you very much for sharing.

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