Flame Out

Title: Flame Out
Author: WaterSoter
Fandom: X-Men the Animated Series
Genre: Alternative Universe, Angst, Canon Divergence, Challenge Response, Episode Related, Established Relationship, Het
Relationship(s): Scott Summers/Jean Grey
Content Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Dark themes, Discussion – Other Trigger Topics, Disturbing Imagery, No Beta, Violence – Canon-Level
Word Count: 2,352
Summary: There were no other sighting of Shaw, or Emma Frost or Wyngarde. Vanished, then, into the wild of New York City streets. Back into the shadows whence they came. Ororo did not care. Her heart only for the precious being held gently in Beast’s arms and of the missing sister that might be lost to them. Perhaps forever. s03e02: The Inner Circle AU. Episode Divergence. Dark Phoenix Saga AU. Gen. Friendship. Team.

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