Samhain Circles

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Harry Potter


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A response to Thursday Vignette, 28th February 2019

Why aren’t we at, you know, an important stone circle for this Hermione?

‘Why aren’t we at you know an important stone circle for this Hermione?’

‘They’re all important in their own way Harry you can’t rank them by how many archaeologists they’ve confused.’

‘Then what can you use to judge them?’

‘Intent and compatibility with purpose. People have been using these circles for millennia and most of them are tied to rituals of life, death and journeys. Because of that some have become influenced in certain directions or worse permanently damaged.’

‘And this one you chose because it’s balanced and has good intentions?’

‘Yes. It’s based around water, a stream once flowed through it.’

‘That’ll fit for a cleansing ritual then.’

‘Its also perfect in so many little ways Harry and all together, it’s like it was built for you.’ She brushed her hand over the closest stone.

‘It’s kind of nice I guess.’ He conceded looking around at the slightly oval-shaped circle with a larger stone standing off to the side that she had brought them to. It was in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by mountains giving a feeling of seclusion and peace but the air hummed with something intangible.

‘Stop looking sceptical. I know you fancied something like Stonehenge but first of all it’s a henge and not a circle and so wouldn’t work for this kind of ritual and secondly, it’s one of the damaged ones.’

‘Its damaged? Beyond the fallen down stones?’

‘The fallen stones are a sign of the damage. But its been damaged for a long time its got a disturbed feel to it and not because of the muggles who excavate at it. Too many people have been drawn there and pulled at the magic in too many different directions. Its all frayed and falling apart. You shouldn’t do rituals unprepared especially those with high magical intent.’

‘Isn’t that what we’re doing?’

‘No. I’ve thoroughly researched it.’

‘But you’ve never done it before.’

‘Nobody just calls on wild magic Harry.’

‘But it will work I mean to get rid of the taint I’ve felt since the summer when he used my blood to resurrect the noseless wonder.’

‘It should do. The ritual will remove all non-consented uses of your blood. Although normally you need a coven to do a ritual like this.’

‘But we don’t have one, mostly because they’re illegal.’

‘I never expected you to care so much about the law Harry I mean, international dragon smuggling, illegal brewing of restricted potions, meddling with time and aiding and abetting wanted criminals are just the highlights of the past few years. But as I was saying we need a coven and here we have one.’

‘Technically Hermione I just helped you with some of those crimes it was you who actually did the worst parts. And where did we get the coven from?’

‘Stop interrupting me Harry it doesn’t get you the answer any sooner and we’re partners in crime. Don’t think I won’t take you down with me. But as I was saying the stones here are known as Long Meg and her Daughters. They’re steeped in folk law but the name comes from the belief that they were a witch coven with Meg, the big one over there outside the main circle, the head witch.’

‘Sorry about interrupting, just a bit anxious about all of this. Will it work with them being stones, not people. They weren’t people were they’. He gave the closest stone a long look.

‘They haven’t ever been people. This isn’t a Tolkien novel, and we aren’t at the Trollshaw. It should work fine there’re sixty-nine of them and with me conducting the ritual there’ll be seventy connected focal points. Ten times seven. The Arithmancy is beautiful. Plus as a witch leading the magic in a female aligned circle, it should all flow nicely.’

‘And the date you were insistent that it be tonight?’

Well, that’s partly because we got let into Hogsmeade today so we could get away and the feast will be a distraction this evening so they aren’t likely to notice us missing. However many of the circles have solar alignments to the solstices and equinoxes. But the main solar focus for this circle is with Meg and the portal stone tonight, Samhain.’

‘Halloween. The date of the first conflict I had with him.’

‘Oh but Harry there’s more. Meg the head of the coven is made from red stone and carved with ring and cup patterns that are associated with solar and lunar worship. And your scar is so close in shape to the rune Sowilo.

‘The sun.’

‘See you do pay attention to me. But yes the sun. Meg the focal stone for the ritual is associated with Samhain and the sun plus she’s made from red stone. None of the others are.’

‘That’s significant?’

‘More than anything. It’s believed that the red stones represent maternal blood and the bond between mother and child as well as bloodshed and war. It fits so well.’

‘Oh.Fuck Hermione. The sun, Samhain, Mums sacrifice for me that ended the war. It’s perfect.’


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    Cool story, thank you

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    • Love this and would love to see what happens next should you decide to continue it. Also in sheer coincidence, I was on a bus tour back in September and one of the places our guide took us to as an add on was Long Meg and Her Daughters so that was really cool to be able to picture it while you were describing the circle.

  4. Harry should really know better than to question Hermione when she’s on a roll. Loved the description of the stone circle.
    Thank you

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