Of Dreaming Spires: Chapter 3 – Shattered Dreams

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Stargate SG-1, Criminal Minds, Stargate Atlantis

Daniel Jackson/Spencer Reid, Daniel Jackson/OMC, Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill, Jack O'Neill/Samantha Carter, Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Rodney McKay/John Sheppard

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Author's Note:
I haven't watched a lot of Criminal Minds, and I'm really not up to date with the newest seasons, so Spencer may well be OOC. Still this is who he is to populate my fic so I can't find it in myself to care.

Today, he hoped, was the culmination of fifteen years of wanting and waiting. Two years of voluntary celibacy and what seemed like a lifetime of making do with whatever Jack had been willing and able to give him. Not that Jack had ever verbalized how he felt about Daniel. But every touch, every hug, every teasing argument had telegraphed how much Daniel meant to him. And he knew how Daniel felt too.

Shattered Dreams

Daniel smiled at the small caravan of bellhops who trailed him into his suite, as they carefully placed his purchases on every available surface: Boxes emblazoned with a myriad of designer labels, shiny bags stuffed with fine tissue paper, suit bags and luggage, were all placed where he indicated and then a crisp new $10 bill placed in the hand of each girl and boy as they passed him on their way out of the door

All his own clothes and accessories had been brought back to the hotel with via courier and were already waiting at the hotel when he arrived in the limo. The gifts for the Major family were being shipped direct to Colorado gratis, courtesy of Neiman-Marcus. It was the least they could do after he’d dropped more than $300,000 in the space of just under six hours.

He’d even managed to lose Andrea for a few minutes in order to buy her a little gift and write a card to go with it. The quirky, crystal encrusted skull brooch was just the right thing for the less than orthodox woman and matched her accessories of the day. The small box would have been delivered to her after he left as per his instructions and he hoped she enjoyed wearing it as much as he had enjoyed her company.

He closed the door firmly behind the last of his entourage and sighed happily as he dragged off his jacket, toed his shoes into an untidy pile and sank into the lush softness of the couch.  He’d have to eat at some point, but he was still a little buzzed from the conspicuous consumption and the copious amounts of candy he’d consumed during the day.

Rolling his head across the back of the couch he looked longingly at the coffee maker…and was amazed to find that it was perking. He frowned in surprise and then remembered one of his bell-hops had been the handsome young man from the day before. Daniel shook his head. He could seriously get used to the level of service of high-end hotels, and he made a mental note to make sure he planned to stay in them on future trips.

The lure of caffeine was stronger than the ache in his bones and he rolled to his feet, pulling his shirt out of his pants as he walked. He looked at the slightly wrinkled cloth and though he might just get rid of the things he was wearing. Maybe he could get someone to take them to Goodwill. They were high end designer, but he knew they would always remind him of the last few days.

Somewhere in the pile of purchases he had everything he needed…for the rest of his life it seemed. Daniel snorted at his whimsy. He knew this wouldn’t be the last time he’d do this, although he was set up for the foreseeable future. Andrea had even reminded him the weather in England was likely to be far more mixed than in California and he had shopped appropriately.

Still, he needed at least half the coffee in the carafe and a decent meal before he would even consider unpacking. It had to be done that day; the suits, shirts and semi-formal wear needed to be hung up, otherwise he’d be spending more money on laundry services. He thought he could probably ring down and ask for someone to do it for him, but during his time in the spotlight, he had learned to love clothes and felt a little thrill at the thought of reacquainting himself with everything he’d bought that day.

Sighing happily he took several long sips of his liquid nectar. He wasn’t even sure what time it was, so he pulled out his phone and slid his finger over to wake it. He was surprised to see it was nearly 5 pm, and also that he had two voice mail messages; one from Cassie and one from Paul. He frowned as he wondered how he had missed their calls, but quickly realized he was still unused to the ring tone on his new phone. He’d have to give some thought to choosing something new – after all ‘Indy’ was no longer a possibility.

With another sigh he shook off the dark mood that was always hovering just there, and accessed his messages.

Paul’s was brief and to the point, and was couched in the code they’d used for years. The gist of it was; Jack was still on the rampage (Daniel thought he shouldn’t be surprised about that. Jack hated not having all the facts) and also for Daniel to expect contact from a friend of Paul’s. Daniel shook his head and gave a wry smile. Only Paul could consider an invitation to an exclusive BDSM club, by a gorgeous Irish sub no less, a‘contact’.

Cassie’s message was considerably less humorous. Daniel frowned as he listened to her short but concerning voice mail.

‘Hey DD. I thought you might like to know I had a visit from our least favorite ex-general. I’m sorry to say you were right – he did try to guilt me into giving him intel about you and I came back from the bathroom to find him fiddling with my cell. Needless to say he was kicked out on his ear and left with no doubt what I think about his recent behavior. I have to say though, Daniel, he looked like crap. He’d flown back from DC on the red eye and I don’t think he’d slept for a couple of days. He kept saying he was worried about you. I’m not saying you should forgive him – he’s been a Grade A asshole – but he said he’d left several messages on your old number. Maybe you should have a listen and see what he’s got to say for himself, but only if that’s something you want to do. As far as I’m concerned he’s got a long way to go before he’ll get any forgiveness in this house and as for Sam… Anyway, we love you and the babies send big sloppy, gummy kisses. Call soon…please, DD. Bye’.

Daniel winced. Jack had hurt him so deeply he wasn’t sure he’d ever heal and it was way too soon for him not to be angry – deep, hot, soul shatteringly anger, that made his gut churn with the enormity of it.

But the thought of JD and JJ growing up without their Grampy Jack in their lives also made his chest feel tight and sore. Daniel looked over at his old cell phone, still lying on the coffee table where he’d left it that morning. He wasn’t sure how long he stood there staring at it, but his jaw ached it was so tight. He swallowed thickly, before straightening his shoulders as he strode purposefully across the room. He picked up the phone and turned it over a few times in his hand as he pondered the pros and cons of listening to the messages Jack had left. He was sure he knew what the first ones would be like, but he also knew Jack really well, and he was certain the concern of earlier messages would devolve quickly into anger and the kind of biting sarcasm Jack was well known for in the halls of the Pentagon.

Over the last two years Daniel had managed to never be subjected to the sharp edge of Jack’s tongue; his prior knowledge of the man and their long association making him adept at heading off the worst of Jack’s temper. But in the past, he had suffered it on many, many occasions. Sometimes it had been warranted, but others it had been borne of Jack’s frustration with either difficult and dangerous situations, or with Daniel himself. He knew Daniel so well that it was easy for him to wound him; Jack knew all his best friend’s buttons and was happy to push them given the right circumstances. Of course, he would apologize profusely when it was undeserved, but Daniel wasn’t sure if he could deal with any more pain from Jack O’Neill.

His heart was screaming at him that he should give Jack a chance; Jack was his friend, his very best friend, and if he was honest the love of his life.

But his head knew better and kept replaying the scene at the retirement party. Eventually he was going to have to deal with it but right now…

Undecided, he placed the cell carefully back on the table and picked up the hotel phone. He needed to eat, unpack and relax for a while. Maybe a little break was in order before he made any emotional decisions.


Another ninety minutes found Daniel wrapped in a sinfully soft robe after a long hot shower. He’d eaten the biggest, juiciest burger the hotel had to offer and polished off half a bottle of ridiculously expensive red wine. Once again the a/c was cranked up high and the gas hearth flickering away merrily. He was sitting back on the couch with another glass of wine, a steaming mug of Jamaican Blue Mountain and a half eaten box of Godiva truffles lined up on the coffee table in front of him.  Right next to them was his old cell. Daniel was eyeing it like it was a cobra about to strike, but deep down he knew he had to listen to Jack’s messages – his heart wouldn’t let him do anything else, and it was overruling his head without any problem at all. He took a long swallow of the wine, a little disgusted with himself that he didn’t take the time to savor it, and then decisively picked up the cell.

In two small gestures the phone was turned on and his voice mail accessed.

The first few messages were just as he’d predicted.

‘Danny…Daniel, I know you’re pissed with me, but just talk to me, OK? I’m sure we can sort this out.’

‘Daniel, I haven’t heard from you and I’m getting a little concerned here. Call me, please.’

Jack moved from concerned to angry to incandescent. Daniel snorted out a laugh when he reached the seventh message.

‘I don’t know what game you think you’re playing here, Dr. Jackson…’

It went on and on, and Daniel found himself getting more and more angry. Jack was beginning to sound like he thought he was the injured party. The conciliatory tone of early messages was becoming more strident and his language more aggressive. Also the time span between messages was closer together. Then suddenly there was a six hour gap. Daniel thought Jack must have been on his flight from DC, or perhaps he had got more sleep than Cassie thought. Any excuses he might have made for Jack were quickly wiped away when he listened to the final message – received a couple of hours before Daniel had got up that morning.

‘Daniel, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say or do to get you to call me. Carter says you are just throwing a hissy fit and I’m inclined to agree with her. She said I should leave you to it and tell you to call me when you decide to grow up and act like an adult. Well ya know, it sounds like good advice to me, so that’s what I’m gonna do. You know where I am when you decide to get your head outta your ass. See ya around, Dr. Jackson.’

Daniel literally saw red. He could feel his pulse throbbing in his temple and before he could still the impulse, the cell was sailing through the air and landing with a crash in the midst of the flames in the hearth. The destruction did nothing to quell the rising tide of anger that left him shaking with rage.

“Since when did you listen to anything Carter has to say, you fucking bastard.” Daniel yelled, wanting to hit someone or something…No, not just someone – fucking Jack O’Neill. Daniel hadn’t wanted to hurt another being this much for years; in fact the last time he’d wanted to pound someone into the floor it had been a Goa’uld System Lord. But even that hadn’t reached the heights of this need for physical retribution.

He shouldn’t be surprised, he thought. Jack had always been able to push his buttons. Reece the replicator girl had been a case in point. But this rage outweighed even that and he began to pace, not knowing how to let it go without slamming his fist into a wall. And Jack using the exact same words he had when he’d left Daniel on Abydos…Well, Daniel could feel the doors of his hopes for the future swing shut with a resounding finality.

His roving gaze hit his wallet on the coffee table and suddenly he had it.

Fucking and fighting were not that far apart and the invitation card to La Douleur Exquise was just the thing.

His last words to Jack had been that he was going to get laid. Well, why not. He’d been celibate for two years, waiting for Jack. ‘Idiot’, his mind sneered at him and he had to agree. He’d been a fool to think Jack would be able to cope with a relationship with him. The general was far too ingrained in his little hetero cocoon. ‘And fucking Carter, while you were holding out like some Victorian virgin’, his treacherous inner voice reminded him.

In an instant, his mind was made up. It was close to 8pm, so still early for clubbing. Sublimating the anger to a purpose, Daniel picked up the room phone and called down to the concierge for a car to pick him up at the front desk at 10pm. He’d already showered but there were clothes to find and he wanted to take extra care with his appearance tonight. Suddenly the clothes he never thought he’d wear weren’t such an extravagance after all.

He didn’t have to answer to anyone – not any more. Not the Pentagon or the Air Force, not the SGC and definitely not Jack. So he was going to go to the club intending to have as good a time as possible.

And sex’, his psyche reminded helpfully.

Yeah…And sex.


Daniel stood in the foyer of the Hotel, waiting for his driver, dressed in the sexy club clothes he had bought but never thought he’d wear: A butter-soft cream t-shirt edged in tan clung to the muscles he’d worked hard to hone over the past few years, the short sleeves rolled back to show his biceps to their full advantage. It was teamed with a pair of chinos the color of fine milk-chocolate and he carried a dark indigo jean jacket in case it was cooler later.

He knew he looked good; Andrea had spent a couple of minutes fanning herself when he had tried it all on for her at the store and now he was hyper-aware of the regard of those around him; both male and female. A little curl of anxiety mixed with a rather large dose of anticipation in his belly as he considered what he was planning to do. It had been a long time since he’d gone out expressly to get laid and although he was no novice at club pick-ups he couldn’t help feeling he was out of practice.

Still, as he slid into the back seat of the limo he had to wriggle a little to allow for the tightness in the front of his very snug jeans.

‘Fuck you, Jack O’Neill’, he thought, ‘it’s time to let go’.


The club was nothing like Daniel expected. From the outside it looked like any high-end hotel or restaurant; lots of dark glass and chrome and a uniformed doorman who took one look at his embossed invitation and swung the heavy door open for him. But once inside it was anything but normal.

A small foyer contained a coat check window, where he left his jacket, and a reception desk standing in front of a huge bank of mirrored windows. A gorgeous young woman in a designer suit paired, with an elegant and tasteful leather corset and very high spike heels, met him at the doors. After taking one look at his invitation card, she directed him to a black leather banquette over to one side, with a broad smile.

“If you would give me a moment, Dr. Jackson, I’ll get someone out to meet you as soon as possible.”

Daniel settled on a highbacked library chair near the back of the lobby and settled his unwelcome nerves with people watching. It seemed the great and the good really did use this place, and the fact theta no one looked furtive or concerned settled his mind about the promised discretion and confidentiality.

Only a few minutes later a familiar face appeared through a hidden door behind the desk.

“Padraigh. I wasn’t expecting to see you here.”

The young man gave him a beaming smile. “When I told my Dom, Ben, you might be coming tonight, and that you were Paul’s best friend, he insisted we be here to show you around. So, we swapped out our Monitor duties with another couple and here we are.”

“Monitor duties?” Daniel asked, a little confused.

“Oh, those of us who are shareholders, along with some of the long-standing members, take it in turns to be here as Monitors. We make sure everyone behaves within club rules, that unaccompanied subs are safe and treated with respect, and new members and visitors are given a thorough run down on the rules and facilities of the club.”

He placed a warm hand on Daniel’s shoulder, and Jackson couldn’t help leaning in a little. It was the first physical contact he’d had since he’d bumped into Mitchell at the retirement bash, only this was much more welcome. However, it only took a moment for him to realise what liberties he was taking with another man’s sub, and without permission too. He almost jumped away, and he could feel the flush of embarrassment warm his cheeks.

“Hey, chill,” Padraigh murmured. “Ben sent me as the welcome wagon and gave me the OK to touch. It’s all fine.”

Daniel gave a jerky nod and tried to get back the feeling of anticipation he had been nurturing in the limo. Part of him just thought he should go back to the hotel and gorge on chocolate.

His host seemed to catch that he was about to run and hooked his arm around Daniel’s.

“Come on,” he continued with a sweep of his hand, “I want to introduce you to Ben and to Douleur. Paul says you need to relax and have a good time, so I’m going to make sure you have every opportunity to do so.”

Daniel nodded and followed the man through a concealed door to the side of the huge mirrored wall and into the club proper, his heart beating a little faster in anticipation.


After a whirlwind tour of the facilities, and an interesting chat with Ben and Padraigh, Daniel found himself alone in the piano bar at the center of the club, nursing a large whiskey and soda, as the gentle strains of some ballad he didn’t recognize drifted across the large but comfortable room. He turned and leaned his back against the dark wood bar and cast his eye around the other patrons. Now he was here, Daniel wasn’t quite sure what he was looking for. In the past his casual hook-ups had all had one thing in common – they were older men. Daniel wasn’t under any illusions what that had been about.

But not anymore.

He was determined to break the pattern and give his mind and his heart a completely different set of parameters. His eyes swept over several couples and a few singles who looked over at him with various expressions; some interested, some dismissive and still others with a hungry look he was not at all impressed by. While he was not against playing D/s games, he had never been seriously on the scene. He’d spent too long as an underdog to want have more than a passing glance at Domination, and he’d spent too many hours on his knees being told how worthless he was by one System Lord or another to find any fun in that either. In fact, there was probably only one man he would have considered getting on his knees for.

Daniel clenched his jaw against his treacherous emotions and then continued his visual sweep of the room.

He was about to give up and move on to one of the other – noisier – rooms when a young man sitting at a table directly across from his place at the bar, caught his eye.

Unlike the rest of the patrons around him, this man was not preening or showing off, however subtly. He was reading; running his finger down the pages of a thick, leather bound book with startling speed. Daniel was intrigued and, taking his tumbler with him, he wandered across the room towards his quarry.

He stood by the young man’s table for a few seconds without the man acknowledging him. Then he realized the reader was so engrossed in his book he hadn’t even recognized Daniel was there.

“Interesting book?”

The man’s head jerked upwards and Daniel was entranced by a face that wouldn’t have looked out of place in a Caravaggio. Wide hazel eyes, bright with intelligence, shone from an angular face, wreathed by a shoulder length tumble of brunette curls. Shock had made the young man’s mouth drop open slightly and his perfect lips had formed an ‘O’ of surprise that made Daniel’s pulse race. A flash of those lips wrapped around his cock made the aforementioned member thicken quickly in his pants.

“Oh, yes it’s…well maybe you wouldn’t find it interesting but I…it’s a monograph… from the early nineteenth century analyzing The Massacre of Paris by…”

“Christopher Marlowe…Oh, is it Preistly or Esterhaus. Esterhaus writes well, but I think Preistly has the better arguments regarding Marlowe’s role as the real ‘English Agent’.”

There was a moment of wide eyed shock, and then the reader smiled so brilliantly it took Daniel’s breath away.

“Hi,” Daniel grinned back. “I’m…”

“Daniel Jackson. Dr. Daniel Jackson, PhD, PhD, PhD. Your books on the origins of the Ancients and the council of the Four Races are the foundation of modern Xeno-linguistics.”

It was Daniel’s turn to be shocked. He knew his face was well known around the world after the declassification, but not many people in normal life were aware of his academic credentials. Although, now he came to think of it, there was something familiar about the young man’s face.

“I’m Spencer…”

And then it came back to Daniel that he had actually seen his fellow academic before but had never met him in person.

“Dr. Spencer Reid, PhD, PhD, PhD. Author of ‘Comparative Parapsychology in Psychopathic Behaviors’. I was at one of your lectures in DC, but I couldn’t stay to speak with you afterward.”

He tried not to remember it had been because Jack kept sending whining texts about how Daniel could be at his place watching the game with him rather than listening to ‘some crusty old professor giving a dry lecture on whacko’s and maniacs’.  If Jack could only see the vision of gorgeousness sitting at that table, Daniel couldn’t help feeling the General’s heteronormality would take a back seat, while he picked his tongue off the floor. It was all Daniel could do not to drool himself.

He dragged his mind away from his thoughts to find Spencer giving him an open, but slightly quizzical look, and realized that he had drifted for a moment. Well, that wouldn’t do. The handsome man in front of him deserved all his attention.

“May I join you?”

Spencer blushed prettily and nodded. Daniel felt a little lurch of arousal at the sinful way the flush stained the young man’s cheeks and spread down his neck.

“Can I get you a drink?” he asked to at least try to adhere to social niceties, even though his libido was urging him to throw the other man over the table and have his way with him.

“I’d love a brandy.”

Daniel waved over a waitress and made his order. Then he turned his attention back to the gorgeous young man opposite. “So what are you doing here in LA? You’re usually based in Quantico, am I right?”

“Yes, we’ve just finished up a case here. Child abduction.” Spencer frowned and bit at his lip. “We lost three little boys before we caught the UnSub, but we managed to free another four he was keeping here in California.”

Daniel couldn’t help himself as he reached across the table to squeeze Spencer’s hand. There was something so sad about the young man’s expression. “I’m sorry, Spence.”

Reid looked a little shocked and then smiled again, the expression smoothing out the sorrow that had fleetingly marred his face. “Only JJ…a woman on my team, calls me Spence.”

“Oh, I’m sorry…” Daniel started but Spencer turned Daniel’s hand over and ran his thumb over the older man’s knuckles.

“That’s OK, I like it.” Spencer ran his tongue over his bottom lip and Daniel couldn’t help the hitch in his breathing. Once again in his mind’s eye he saw those lush lips wrapped around his cock and it made him feel a little brazen. The moment was broken when the waitress came back with their drinks order. Both men took deep swallows of the liquor, letting the burn of the spirits settle warmly in their stomachs.

“So, when do you go back to Virginia?” Daniel asked.

“Oh, we’re only here until early tomorrow morning. We could have gone back this evening – the BAU has a private jet so we can pretty much fly whenever…but Hotch…My boss… SSA Hotchner’s girl…He has a friend here in LA so we had an extra night and my…I’m a member here from…”

Spencer shook his head and winced, obviously frustrated at his stammering. Daniel couldn’t help but find it enchanting.

“Hey, it’s OK, I don’t need to know. I’m just passing through, too. I’m starting a new job in England in a couple of weeks so I’m having a mini-vacation. A friend got me an invite here and so…here I am.”

“Yes, here you are.” Spencer looked down at the table and then took a deep breath, seeming to come to a decision. “Daniel, would you like to come to one of the private rooms with me?” The young man’s expression was open and so very hopeful.

Daniel didn’t allow the momentary flash of panic show on his face, and nodded giving Spencer a sexy smile. “Yes, I’d love to.”

Spencer’s grin got wider and he quickly slid his book into a battered leather messenger bag and then shyly took Daniel’s hand. They moved out of the bar area and into a more intimate space where a rather forbidding looking older woman took their names and gave them a key.

“Please make sure you are aware of club rules and that all play is Safe, Sane and Consensual. Anything you need should be in the room; toys and implements can be found in the black Chinese lacquer cabinet, but if you have any special requests or requirements, just dial 000 on the phone in your room, and a slave will see to your needs.”

Both men nodded, a little too intimidated by the Domme to do anything more, but Daniel had an urge to giggle like a naughty schoolboy, which he didn’t give in to as he really didn’t want to incur her wrath. A quick glance at Spencer showed he was dealing with similar feelings. Sharing a smirk, they walked down a wide corridor and let themselves into a large room, which was dominated by a huge bed flanked by side tables that held bowls of condoms and single-use packs of lube. There was another door over to the side that Daniel supposed led to an en-suite bathroom.

“This is one of the non-scene rooms. Other rooms have all kinds of set-up for bondage and S & M but I don’t play like that with people I don’t know,” Spencer explained. “It’s not anything to do with you…”

Daniel ran a gentle hand over Spencer’s cheek, hoping it would reassure him, whilst also giving in to the impulse to touch.  “No, me neither.”

They were a very similar height and it was easy for Daniel to lean across and brush his mouth over those sinfully lush lips. He couldn’t help the little moan that slipped out as Spencer moved towards him and pressed his long lean body against Daniel’s broader frame. The kiss turned from gentle to urgent to languid over the course of a minute and they both drew back from it only when the need for air overtook them.

“Come and sit with me a moment,” Daniel asked and pointed to the bed. Spencer threw back the comforter and slid across the obviously high thread count sheets, turning his body until he was sitting up against the headboard, his long legs hanging over the side. Daniel eased down next to him and couldn’t resist another taste of him. For several minutes they traded kisses, winding themselves higher and higher.

Eventually Daniel made himself pull away. “OK, OK…what do you want, Spence?” he panted.

Spencer looked a little surprised at the question.

“I want to give you what you need, within reason of course,” Daniel explained. “You’ve had a crappy few days by the sound of it, and I would imagine you need taking down a little…So, Spencer, tell me…what do you want?”

Spencer’s breathing sped up and he wet his lips before he swallowed thickly. His fingers traced a serpentine path around Daniel’s knuckles, the repetition, rather than being mindless as one might expect, seemed instead Daniel felt, to offer the profiler focus.

“Could we…I…I want to suck you and then for you to finger my hole till I come, without you touching my cock.”

Daniel felt his cock lurch in his pants at the blatant and erotic specificity of the requests. His fantasy of those lips around him seemed to be about to come true.

“Then I think we’d better get naked, don’t you?” he agreed huskily

Their clothes seemed to melt away; at least Daniel couldn’t consciously remember getting undressed. Spencer was all long limbs and deceptively hard muscle despite his lean physique. His cock matched him perfectly. Pale, long and slender, it made Daniel’s mouth water. Daniel spread him out on the bed and Spencer stayed willingly where he was put. His long hair spread out on the pillow and his mouth, lips parted, wet and puffy pink from kissing, made him look like a fallen angel. Daniel inwardly shook his head at his own poetic whimsy.

They kissed and touched for a long time, Spencer’s hands roaming over Daniel’s broad back while Daniel moved from his mouth to his nipples and back again with kisses and gentle bites, until the younger man was moaning and writhing underneath him.

“Please…Please, Daniel, I need to taste you…Are you…?”

“I’m clean. I’ve been celibate for the last two years…” Daniel couldn’t miss the flash of surprise that crossed Spencer’s face. “…but you don’t have to take my word for it. There are flavored condoms…”

Spencer made a moue of distaste, which made Daniel grin. “Yeah, not the best.”

“I trust you,” Spencer breathed. “I know I shouldn’t…but I do.”

Daniel had to kiss him for that. He felt a trickle of warmth press against the cold block of ice Jack had placed in his gut.

“Well, thank you for that. We had so many blood tests over the years, especially when I was going through the Gate. Also, ascension seems to cure all known ills, including my allergies, and the number of times I’ve done it, well… I really am safe.”

Spencer nodded and then, with unlikely strength, he tipped Daniel off him and onto his back, before he began to kiss his way down the older man’s body.

“You’re so hot…so strong. Fuck, you’re so gorgeous…” Spencer babbled as he ran his fingers along the planes of Daniel’s chest and belly towards his flushed straining cock.

Just the thought that someone found him desirable made his belly warm. That, alongside the maddeningly gentle touches, were driving Daniel perilously close to the edge.

“Gah…Spence…Just so you know…I really won’t last long…it’s been a very loooong…ungh…”

The hot mouth around the head of his cock was just as Daniel had imagined. He looked down at the young man whose tongue was doing sinful things under his foreskin, and had to look away quickly before the sight alone made him come embarrassingly fast. Spencer worked his mouth down the length of Daniel’s cock until the head was bumping against the back of his throat. Daniel found his hand tangled in the long curls spreading across his lap, the silk strands moving over his thighs and balls in a sensual counterpoint to the wet warmth surrounding him.

He couldn’t help but look down again, only to meet Spencer’s eyes shining up at him through long lashes. The younger man lifted one elegant hand and tangled his fingers with Daniel’s as they were twisted in his hair. Then he tipped his head back slightly and let his mouth fall open. It took a moment for Daniel’s arousal fogged brain to catch up, but when he realized Spencer wanted him to fuck his mouth it was all he could do not to shoot then and there.

Pulling in a deep breath, Daniel moved his hand to the base of his cock and clamped down before his orgasm could overtake him. After a few moments, the pressure and slight pain eased him back from the brink and he wriggled onto his side, taking Spencer with him, the hot mouth and maddening tongue still moving around him.

Once they were situated to his satisfaction, Daniel slowly began to move his hips, watching avidly as his long length pressed into Spencer’s mouth and tagged the back of his throat, before withdrawing slowly. Spencer’s eyes rolled back and he moaned deeply, the vibration resonating up Daniel’s spine.

The younger man squeezed Daniel’s hand and Daniel pressed back in, moving a little quicker this time, but still watching for any discomfort on Spencer’s part. It seemed deep-throating was something Spencer was pretty experienced at and he coped easily with Daniel’s thick cock as his hips began to take on a faster, more urgent rhythm. Daniel’s hand tightened in the curly hair and he began to pant and moan loudly, as at the deepest part of each thrust Spencer swallowed around the full length of him and then sucked hard as he withdrew.

Soon there was nothing Daniel could do but give into the growing tide of his orgasm as it gained momentum. “Spence…nnng…I…I’m gonnna…fuck…fuck…Spence…”

With one final lurch Daniel almost folded in half as he began to come. It was almost painful in its intensity and he thought he could feel every drop of fluid as it barreled through him and into Spencer’s mouth. He knew he was crying out but he didn’t have enough blood left in his brain to comprehend exactly what he was saying.  As he finally flopped back down onto the bed he was shaking with reaction and aftershocks, his breath skittering in and out of his lungs at a rapid rate.

He felt Spencer slide back up his body to lie next to him and he turned his head to look over at his lover.


Spencer grinned as he lasciviously licked at the corners of his mouth, gathering tiny drops of come he’d missed. The man was a strange mix of wanton and innocent that Daniel would not have believed he could find sexy, yet here in front of him was living proof that the look could turn him on. In fact, his spent cock gave a tiny jump at the sight and he snorted at its optimism.

“Give me a minute and I’ll get to the second part of your request.”

“There’s no hurry,” Spence shook his head. “We have the room for the rest of the night…Unless…well of course you might want to get out there again…see who else is around.”

Daniel reached across to the younger man hoping his touch would reassure.

“I’m not going anywhere. I can’t believe how lucky I was to run into you as soon as I got here.” He rolled over and reached out for the other man. “Come here, you.”

Soon their kisses became passionate again. They were both equally as hungry to taste and feel the other and as soon as Daniel was fully in control of his limbs again, he flipped them over so Spencer was lying above him. He reached over to the side table and grabbed a couple of packs of lube. Spencer gave a whimper of anticipation as Daniel tore off the top of one and squeezed the contents into his palm, rubbing his fingers through it to coat them and to warm it through.

He used his dry hand at the back of Spencer’s head to pull him down into a searing kiss, as his slick fingers began a teasing trail between the younger man’s ass cheeks. Daniel’s long capable fingers were quickly circling his entrance, smearing the gel around until Spencer was panting with need. Daniel twisted his hand in Spencer’s hair and pulled back on his head so he could see his eyes. Spencer’s face was a study in lust; his mouth open, lips glistening, eyes heavy lidded with blown pupils.

Daniel watched his expression avidly as he pressed his longest finger inside, slowly but relentlessly. The sound Spencer made was so carnal that Daniel could almost imagine coming again…right away. He slowly withdrew and the other man’s eyes fluttered closed, only to open again as he pressed back in, deeper and more firmly than before.

“Guh…oh…uh…” It was as if Spencer’s speech centers were shut down and Daniel could see this was what the young man was looking for; thought overwhelmed by feeling.

Soon one finger became two and then three. Spencer’s cock was straining upwards, pre-come leaking from him and dribbling down his length in a glistening crystal stream. Daniel really wished he could get hard again.

“If I had it in me to get it up again, I would fuck you so hard…so well. You are gorgeous like this…wanting to be filled.”

Spencer moaned in reaction to Daniel’s words.

“Do you like that? Want me to tell you, Spence…How I would fill you so full of my big, thick cock, make you take it?”

Spencer pressed a hand against Daniel’s broad chest and sat up, impaling himself further on Daniel’s questing fingers.

“Do you want another one,” Daniel asked.

“God, yes…yes…more please…” Spencer begged.

Daniel reached around Reid’s slender hips with his dry hand and wiped his fingers across the lube still slicking his other palm. Then he carefully pressed his index finger alongside the other three already inside Spencer’s hole. Crooking his fingertips, Daniel pressed against the inner wall and watched as the stimulation of his prostate made Spencer shake above him.

“You gonna come for me, Spence. You gonna spill?”


And suddenly, Spencer was coming, completely untouched, just as he’d wanted. But he didn’t shoot spectacularly as Daniel had expected. Rather his orgasm oozed out of him, slow and viscous as Spencer continuously moaned his completion. It went on and on, as Daniel continued to massage his prostate, Spencer still moving above him, until finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the younger man flopped like his strings had been cut and then lay trembling on Daniel’s chest.

Daniel gently removed his fingers one by one from inside him, feeling tremors rack Spencer’s body with each one. Finally, he wiped his hands on the sheet beneath him, before wrapping his arms around Spence’s sweat sheened body.

As the shakes gradually abated, Daniel gently turned them onto their sides and smoothed his hand across his lover’s flank, soothing the last of the tremors until Spencer’s breathing was back to normal again.

Hazel eyes flickered from behind heavy lids as Spencer looked over at Daniel.


Daniel snorted. “It’s a shame you have to go back tomorrow. I have a feeling we have a bit more ‘Wow’ in us.”

Spencer giggled, and the sound was so infectious Daniel couldn’t help but join in.


They’d fallen asleep without really meaning to and had woken three hours later, feeling refreshed and ready for a second round. They rubbed off on each other, slow and leisurely, coming embarrassingly quickly and both ended up laughing about how they were turning into sixteen year old’s again.

“It’s not that long since you were sixteen, surely.”

“I’m twenty-eight,” Spencer admitted, “but considering the way my team treats me you wouldn’t know it.”

Daniel frowned. “How so?”

“They all behave like I’m some kind of innocent, virginal teen. I get protected, left behind…and Hotch…” Spencer gave a sigh which resonated so completely with Daniel’s psyche, that he knew exactly what it signified.

“You love him, don’t you?” Daniel murmured gently.

Spencer looked shocked and a little upset, so Daniel decided to share some of his insight.

“I recognize the signs,” he admitted quietly, hoping he wasn’t opening himself too much to this man he hardly knew. Somehow though, he felt he could trust Spencer, with the secrets which only a handful of others knew.

It was Spence’s turn to frown, his razor-sharp intellect working at lightening pace, but it only took him a moment to respond.

“Jack…Oh, Jack…Jack O’Neill?”

Daniel’s surprise was visceral. His stomach lurched as he realized the implication…

“Did I…Oh god, tell me I didn’t…?”

Spencer kissed the concern off Daniel’s face. “Yeah, you did, but it’s OK.”

“No, no, it’s not. Spencer, I’m so fucking sorry.”

Daniel couldn’t believe he’d done something so crass; couldn’t believe he’d called out Jack’s name while in bed with someone else. It was the worst kind of faux pas.

“I…Look…I was trying to…”

And suddenly they were sharing everything; Jack’s betrayal; Hotch blowing hot and cold; Jack’s engagement; Gideon leaving; Daniel’s parents’ death, Diana Reid’s Paranoid Schizophrenia; Spencer’s addiction to Dilaudid, Daniel’s to a sarcophagus…

Over room service pizza and vintage wine, they shared the highs and lows, pain and joys of their jobs, their intellect, and those they had lost; both confiding things they had never told anyone else.

“Is it possible to have true friendship at first meeting,” Spencer asked when their conversation had fallen away into an easy quiet. “Because, I feel like I have always known you and always will …does that sound too fanciful?”

“Not at all. Actually, I was thinking the same thing.” Daniel sighed. “We’re too much alike for us ever to have a relationship as lovers…”

“And we’re both in love with someone else…” Spencer added ruefully.

Daniel reached over and laced their fingers together. “Spence, I spent fifteen years wanting Jack, the last two in the mistaken belief that he wanted me too. I think it’s too late for me to find that again with someone else. I don’t think I have it in me to try. But you…you have so much time. Don’t waste it hoping. Find out if a relationship with Hotch is possible. I know it’s hard to imagine what you’ll do if it isn’t, but it would be better to know, believe me.”

Spencer bit down on his bottom lip. “I know what you’re saying, but…If I go there…If I ask the question and it blows up in my face, then I don’t have anywhere left to run. After my mom died, the team became my family. I don’t know how to do any other job and I would have to leave if Hotch didn’t reciprocate.”

“Well, a job is no problem. I’m going to be hiring in my new post as chair of Xeno-Linguistics at Oxford University. You could lecture on…I don’t know… the Goa’uld as Psychopaths, or Narcissism in the Ancients or something. I was hoping to add a Xeno-Psych lecturer to the team as soon as I could and you’d be perfect.”

Spencer looked totally nonplussed. “You really mean that? You’re not just saying it?”

“I’d hire you like a shot, Spence.”


Daniel laughed, “Oh, we are so the ‘Wow’ twins now.”

“Trouble is I wouldn’t know how to find out if I have any chance with Hotch. If I try to talk to him I’ll just get tongue tied and start rambling and before you know it he’d be shutting me up and I’d be no nearer knowing. But if I give up and just follow you to the UK I know I’ll always be wondering ‘what if’.”

Daniel nodded, his mind working on an idea that had been percolating since they’d first started talking about the men they loved. “Listen, what time do you have to be at the airport?”

“7.30 am.”

Daniel glanced at his wrist but there was nothing there.

“I forgot my watch back at the hotel. What time is it now?”

Spencer turned to hang over the side of the bed, giving Daniel a very nice view of his slim hips and ass. He could imagine how hot and tight he would be, and his cock started to rise in response, but somehow that felt just a little too intimate for them, especially if his scheme worked. Let Hotch have that privilege, if he was man enough to take the chance. After Daniel’s experience with Jack, and not knowing anything of Aaron Hotchner but his reputation as a cold hardass, he found himself unsure how things would pan out for Spencer too.

A part of him wanted to warn the other man not to risk his heart, but Daniel knew Spencer would always regret not taking the chance. So maybe it was a risk worth taking after all.

“I’m allergic to Nickel, so I can’t wear a watch next to my skin unless it’s precious metal. I end up wearing it over my shirt cuff and looking even more dorky than usual.” Spencer explained as he hooked his phone from his pants pocket where they had abandoned them on the floor. After poking at the keys for a moment he turned back to look at Daniel. “Well it’s 5.30am now, which gives me about two hours before I have to be at the hangar.”

“OK, I have an idea, but you’re going to need to trust me a little.”

Looking intrigued, Spencer readily nodded his agreement.

“Are you out to the team?” Daniel inquired.

“Oh yeah, I make no secret that I’m gay, although I think they believe it’s in my head…I’m sure they think I’m still a virgin.”

Daniel snorted. “Yeah, right.”

Spencer grinned back, with a silly wiggle of his eyebrows. “Sooo?”

“So, how about if you introduce them all to someone…that someone being me of course…who has the ability to take you away from them…from Hotch. I think it would quickly be apparent whether you have any chance or not.”

Spencer looked uncertain and Daniel knew he had already worked through the variables and found the flaws. But there was no gain without risk, his life through the Stargate had shown him that a hundred times.

“Come on, Spence, you’re a profiler. Aren’t tells your specialty.”

“Yes, but they are profilers, too, and we also have the most amazing ‘tech queen’. Just a few key strokes and she’ll know we hadn’t met before today and then it all falls apart.”

“But I’ve been part of a very, very, secret mission for the last 15 years. And I seem to remember you were on Rodney’s list for Atlantis after we got back in contact with them.”

Spencer looked surprised Daniel had remembered that. “But I didn’t meet you when I came to Colorado… SG-1 were off world. They read me in, but my mom was still alive and I couldn’t leave her. Rodney was not pleased with me, let me tell you.”

Daniel laughed. “Yeah, I can imagine.” He thought for a moment and then nodded to himself. “Most of the program is still heavily classified. Declassification was very selective and even the most tech savvy queen would have difficulty getting through the levels of encryption they have at The Mountain.”

Daniel had to admit to himself, that while she wasn’t his favourite person right now, Sam Carter was a bona fide genius, and her protection of the Program had kept them safe from the World until it was time to tell all.

“So, you spin it that couldn’t tell them you’d been to Colorado Springs at the time, and there will be no way they could find out whether we’d met then and been seeing each other ever since. I’ve been living in DC for two years now. It’s only what…thirty minutes drive from Quantico.”

“Thirty six point seven miles,” Spencer quoted absently.

Daniel’s eyebrows raised at the speed of the information. Spencer shrugged self-effacingly and he tapped at his temple. “Eidetic memory.”

Spencer turned on the bed and made himself comfortable with his head resting on Daniel’s thigh. Danny’s cock gave a feeble twitch at the proximity of that lush mouth, but this was just too important to let his libido have a say. He listened carefully as Spencer continued.

“I never say what I’ve done on our four day weekends…no matter how much Derek bugs me about the ‘honeys’ I should have been dating.” Spencer sighed and then looked at his hands and frowned. “I suppose they really wouldn’t know if I’d been seeing you or not.”

Daniel shrugged. “You have nothing to lose. At best, you’ll get a definitive answer and at worst, you won’t learn anything new.”

Daniel smoothed his thumb across Spencer’s frown.

“I just don’t want you to spend any longer not knowing. It hurts, Spence, believe me I know, and you don’t deserve that kind of pain.”

Spencer pressed a sweet, chaste kiss to Daniel’s lips. “Oh, Danny, neither do you.”

Daniel swallowed hard. It really was too late for him, but something told him Aaron Hotchner would need a kick in the pants to get him to realize what he had in the form of Spencer Reid. He cleared his throat.

“So, what do you say? Are you willing to try?”

It was only seconds before Spencer gave a decisive nod.

“Yes, you’re right. And if not, then I would really be interested in taking up the offer of a job at Oxford, if you really meant that.”

Daniel’s smile was huge. “Oh yeah, I meant it. Fuck it, if the worst comes to the worst, you and me will just have to drag McKay back from Pegasus, and we’ll just take over the fucking Universe. It wouldn’t take that long if we put our minds to it, maybe a couple of days.”

“Come on, Danny. You know as well as I do that with Rodney in the mix we’d only be talking hours,” Spencer grinned.

Funny thing was, Daniel knew he wasn’t wrong.


They’d done a lot in two hours.

After shared hand jobs in the shower (because neither of them wanted their encounter to be over, even if they’d decided they were only ‘friends with benefits’) they’d dressed and Daniel had called for the limo. On the way to the hotel Daniel had educated Spencer about ‘Pretty Woman’, after getting over his shock that the younger man had never seen the movie. He made him promise to find a copy as soon as he got home.

Back at the hotel they had ordered a quick, light breakfast and Daniel had dressed to impress in his new, blue Ermenegildo Zegna suit and crisp white shirt. He’d secretly scribbled a note onto a thick gilt edged card he found in the stationery drawer of his desk and made a call, while Spencer freshened up in the huge bathroom.

Then they’d got back in the limo and been driven to LAX.

Because the team were on an official FBI flight, Spencer was able to show his badge and get them permission to drive across the airport and over to the private hangar.

As luck would have it, they arrived just as the team was gathering at the bottom of the stairs to the jet. All five heads turned as one to watch as the limo drew up close to them.

“OK.” Daniel squeezed Spencer’s hand as he peered out of the tinted windows. “Showtime.  Someone once told me that you should lace every lie with just a little truth, so remember that when you answer their questions. And as for the next few minutes, don’t forget, whatever happens just go with it.” Daniel began, but then shook his head at his own stupidity. “Hey, what am I talking about, you know more about this than I probably ever will.”

Spencer looked a little concerned. Daniel was aware that he knew all that of course, but Spencer had told him earlier just how perceptive his team could be, and it was obvious he wasn’t sure they were actually going to be able to pull off the kind of scam they had planned. But, after a reassuring grin from Daniel, he straightened his shoulders and nodded.

“OK, I’m ready Dr. Jackson. Break a leg.”

“Bocca lupo, sweetheart.”

With a more confident grin, Spencer slid out of the limo and took his go-bag from the waiting chauffeur. Daniel got out the other side and began to make his way to where Spencer was waiting, putting a little confidence and sexuality in his walk whilst being careful not to let it devolve into a swagger. After all he didn’t want to overdo it; that would give the watching group a little too much to get their profiling teeth into.

Their luck seemed to be holding, when as he rounded the end of the car, as if choreographed a helmeted courier on a sleek black motorcycle drew up and handed Daniel a deep blue gift bag, He received it with a smile and placed a large denomination bill in the rider’s gloved hand. As the messenger drew off, Daniel caught up to Spencer and hauled him in by the waist, landing him with a deep, passionate kiss, which, despite his nerves about the situation, had Spencer hot and aroused in seconds.

“Wow!” he whispered into Daniel’s ear.

It took everything the older man had not to burst out laughing.

“Stop that,” he muttered as he made a show of straightening Spencer’s mussed jacket.

“OK, I’m gonna go now,” he continued softly. With a little flourish, he handed the gift bag to Spencer, who looked at it in shocked surprise.

“Make sure to open that on the plane in front of everyone.” Daniel gave him a little wink. “I’ll be back in DC in a few days, so we can carry on our evil Machiavellian plot then. I programmed my number into your cell while you were in the bathroom, so call me soon, OK?”

Spencer nodded dumbly, obviously sad to see his new friend go, and Daniel had an odd sense that he was feeling concerned about leaving him alone. The idea that someone cared filled Daniel with a warmth he hadn’t felt for a while.

His new friend placed the bag on top of his luggage and then pressed his hands either side of Daniel’s face and pulled him in for a final, gentle kiss. “Why are you doing this for me?” he whispered.

“Because you deserve to know, and because…there was no one to do it for me.”

Daniel smiled, but he knew it was bitter sweet. His sadness had obviously telegraphed to Spencer despite his best efforts, as there was a sheen of tears in the younger man’s eyes.  So, with a final tight hug, Daniel walked away, hoping nothing in his confident gait showed the emotion of those last few words. With a smirk at Spencer he sketched a jaunty salute at the rest of the team, who were standing open mouthed at the bottom of the steps, and then slid back into the cool interior of the limo.

As he slumped back into the cool smooth leather seat he gave one last glance towards the jet. Spencer was surrounded by his colleagues, and Daniel could only speculate on the content of their conversations. Whatever happened he knew it would be interesting, and that Spencer would lose no time in letting him know. In fact…

Daniel pulled out his cell and dashed off a text, smiling as he did so.

He let himself bask the feelings that a new friendship engendered, and allowed his thoughts to take a more positive view of the future. Perhaps he wasn’t facing it quite as alone as he’d feared.


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