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Author's Note:
Thank you to the lovely glasslogic and aubrey_roselee who acted as my sounding boards and encouraged me to write it down. Their wonderful review made this story awesome. However I went back and added more so any mistakes are my own. A previous version of this is posted up on my livejournal. This story takes place in Season 1 Episode 1 - "Pilot"

Donna's first impression of Mike in "Pilot."

Mike Ross had managed to surprise Donna.

That didn’t really happen very often. She knew she was going to end up liking him. The few people who had managed to surprise her had earned her respect. He was not there yet but was getting there slowly. Their first meeting had been a good start for him on that road.

“Rick Sorkin,” Donna called for the second time. A blond haired skinny kid came to a stop in front of her desk. He looked like a kid running from the monsters he thought were chasing him.

She looked at him sternly. “Excuse me, Mr. Sorkin. You are five minutes late. Is there a reason why I should let you in?” She really did not expect him to respond after her disapproving tone.

There was nothing he could say that would convince her to let him meet with Harvey for the associate position interview. Being late to an interview of a lifetime was not a good reflection on him and his perception of the importance of the job.

“Look, I’m just trying to ditch the cops. I don’t really care if you let me in or not.” Huh. Okay, so he had her there. Maybe there was something he could say after all. The last time someone other than Harvey spoke to her like, they ended up with her metaphorical verbal punch in their gut.

“Mr. Specter will be right with you. May I get you some coffee or something to drink?” The words that slipped out surprised Donna, offering a client a drink was something that just came with her job, but offering this ‘kid,’ a relative nobody other than that he impressed her, was just something that seemed right. Who knew, he might grow on her. She winked at Harvey to let him know that the kid had a backbone before he closed the door.

Donna had liked him after all and he had stood up to her where most people would have stuttered or had no response. But she was still surprised when Harvey hired him. She wondered what he had said to impress Harvey. Mike was better than the other drones and he provided her with entertainment in the Harvard-filled firm.

Mike Ross raised protective instincts in her. The only other person who did that was Harvey. She knew Harvey was looking after Mike, but they both needed her. If anyone wanted to get to her boys they would have to go through her–yes her boys–let them think what they will, she knew that they were hers to protect.

Harvey Specter may have given Mike Ross the chance of a lifetime, but it was Donna who brought Mike to Harvey to be molded, protected and taught.

Anyone who stood up to Donna, could stand up and argue with Harvey Specter and his ego. That is exactly what Harvey needed rather than someone to run roughshod over or a yes man. It takes a lot of courage to argue and present a different outlook rather than being a mindless drone.


  1. Lovely.

  2. A great viewpoint.

  3. A great viewpoint

  4. Great viewpoint.

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