Family, Always

Title: Family, Always
Series: For Always
Series Order: 1
Author: AngelicInsanity
Fandom: NCIS and 9-1-1
Genre: Challenge Response, Drama, Crossover, Established Relationship, AU
Relationship(s): Tony DiNozzo/OMC Russell Buckley, OMC Emerson Buckley/OFC Dorothy Buckley, OFC Agatha Addams/OFC Elizabeth Fairchild
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Death – Child, Death – Major Character, Discussion – Domestic Violence, Discussion – Attempted Murder of a Child, Discussion – Child Abuse, Discussion – Murder, Character Bashing
Word Count: 13,410
Summary: Tony DiNozzo met and fell in love with Russell Buckley when the two of them met at OSU while pledging Alpha Chi Delta. By the time the two of them come online while trying to rescue two children from a house fire, the Buckleys are more like family than anyone that Tony’s related to. Therefore, when Russell’s sister-in-law snaps and kills her daughter Maddie while trying to smother her youngest son Evan, Tony knows there’s only one outcome that he’ll tolerate. Tony and Russell will raise the two remaining children Daniel and Evan giving them all the love they deserve.

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