The Defiant Ones

Title: The Defiant Ones
Author: rivermoon1970
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Genre: Alternate Univers, Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Pre-Relationship, Romance, Shifter, Slash
Relationship(s) : Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Jason Gideon/David Rossi
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Abuse – Child, Discussion – Other Trigger Topics, Discussion – Sexual Abuse, Rape – Off-Screen, Violence – Canon-Level
Word Count: 25, 166
Summary: Aaron Hotchner’s life had been on of pain, humiliation, and shame, all because he was different. He was a Lynx in a pack of Wolves. But, when his father brought home one Spencer Reid as Aaron’s ‘Pet’ and Omega, Malcolm Hotchner did not expect Aaron to defy him and treat Spencer like an equal. Now the two teens will need to rely on each other for survival. And, in the process maybe, just maybe they are what each other needs in the end.

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