To the Silence (Time Will Tell) – Prologue & Chapters 1-4

Title: To the Silence (Time Will Tell)
Author: AddyWoods
Fandom: Torchwood, Doctor Who
Genre: Action Adventure, Angst, Humour, Romance, Slash, Suspense
Relationship(s): Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, other minor pairings
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Child-abuse, dark themes, death of minor characters, canon-level violence, attempted suicide, dubious consent
Word Count: 10,235
Summary: Team Torchwood struggles with moving on after their recent losses. Though they managed to find a new medical doctor and are getting on with the daily grind of Rift activity and Weevil hunting, Jack, Ianto and Gwen are still grieving. Ianto seems to take it the hardest, retreating back into his archives and looking more tired with every passing day. And just when Jack is figuring out what’s been bothering his favourite Welshman, a blue box appears in the middle oft he Hub and the past catches up with all of them.

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