The busy mom of two deviously intelligent children who make Calvin and Hobbes look like rank amateurs, toasterpop writes regularly about her adventures in Life, the Universe, and Everything, when she isn't writing fan fiction or original fiction. Whenever she can steal the time, that is...

Left Turn At Albuquerque – Chapters 1 – 2

Title: Left Turn at Albuquerque
Author: toasterpop
Fandom: Harry Potter
Genre: Alternate Universe, Fix It, Forget the Epilogue, LET’S CHANGE THE VERY BEGINNING, Gen
Relationships: Friendships
Content Rating: R
Warnings: No beta. Child abuse and discussions of child abuse in later chapters. Canon level violence. Character bashing to come. This is just a snippet, something I’ve had noodling around in my brain. Don’t know if it’ll go anywhere, but it’s still interesting.
Word Count: 3, 906
Summary: What if Harry didn’t bring his Hogwarts letter to the table when it first arrived? What if he’d hidden it to read later?

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