Fandom has been a part of my life many years, started back in the Starsky & Hutch, The Professional days. Many fandoms but my fav's are Numb3rs, SGA, Harry Potter, Criminal Minds. I have OTP's, but just because it's not my chosen pairing doesn't mean I won't read it, just won't write it. Sareh

Son of a Bitch – Prelude

Title: Son of a Bitch
Author: Sareh Kert
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0, NCIS
Genre: AU, Crossover, Romance
Relationship(s): Steve McGarrett/Tony DiNozzo
Content Rating: NC17
Warnings: Character Bashing, Discussion – Murder, Explicit Sex, Canon Level Violence
Word Count: 835
Summary: Life was looking up for Lt Commander Steve McGarrett, losing his father still hurt, with so many things left unsaid and unresolved. No longer an active SEAL, but he was in the reserves, and the Governor’s task force had given his life new meaning. It had also given him a new partner. A short, smart, give as good as he get, ‘the rules Steven’ cop from Newark New Jersey. Then an email from DC changed everything and has him flying across the country, revealing things he didn’t want revealed and finding something that he thought had been lost forever.

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