Profilers for Christmas – 2019 Advent Calendar Event Page

Title: Profilers for Christmas 2019 Advent Calendar
Authors: Akane Karasuma, CoCo, DarkJediQueen, Dazeventura6, desertpoet, Ellywinkle, Greeneyesblue, Jilly James, Keira Marcos, Knightblade, LittleSweetCheeks, Nimue of the North, penumbria, Queenie Kildare, Rivermoon1970, Saharra Shadow, Susspencer
Fandom: Bones, Criminal Minds, Due South, Hannibal, Hawaii Five-0, Leverage, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: New Orleans, Numb3rs, Sherlock (BBC), Without a Trace
Genre: Challenge Response, Crime Drama. See individual works for additional genres.
Relationship(s): See individual works for pairing(s).
Content Rating: G – NC-17
Warnings: See individual works for specific warnings.
Works Count: 32 story prompt fills, 20 art prompt fills
Summary: Crime may not sleep for Christmas, but fandom sure can ignore it for a cozy Advent Calendar full of entertaining and pretty goodies!

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