All For Harry – Chapter 1

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Harry Potter


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Author's Note:
Dumbledore and Molly get what they deserve. No underage sexual contact in this story. Cedric is a Hufflepuff after all.

The moment the killing curse hit him, the only thought in his mind was 'I can't leave Harry.' Cedric will face death and come back, all for him, All For Harry.

Cedric smiled at Harry, as they both reached for the cup, the smile that was returned made his heart skip a beat. He could not believe how his life had taken a turn since he found the small boy hiding from the rest of the school after being accused of being the Heir of Slytherin. Anyone who had half a thought in their empty heads could tell he wasn’t what they were accusing him of being. Especially considering his history, and hadn’t that been shocking for Cedric to discover.

They had spent a lot of time together after he had found Harry huddled in a corner trying to hide from the world, and he had learned bits and pieces about Harry’s life during the years. They had kept their friendship a secret, “if no-one knows we are friends, no-one will come after you, because of me,” he had said in a tiny voice, “you are the one thing I have that is just mine,” Harry had added and blushed. Cedric had agreed at the time, because it had made Harry happy, and anything that made him happy was very okay, but he had found it hard to stand back and watch at times.

It was especially hard when Harry’s name had come out of the Goblet of Fire, Cedric had wanted nothing more than to reassure his Harry, and that had been the first time Cedric had realised his feelings had shifted. But it was after the first task, that he couldn’t sit back anymore. They had found a quiet place to settle down, as soon as they could be alone, and Harry had finally opened up fully.

“You know, I grew up with muggles?” Harry murmured, causing Cedric to blow out a breath and nod his head, afraid of interrupting in case he stopped talking. “They kept me in the cupboard under the stairs until I got my Hogwarts letter, they didn’t like me very much,” Cedric watched as Harry took a deep breath and tried to centre himself. He wrapped his arm around Harry’s skinny shoulder and pulled him close, gently rubbing his back.

“It’s alright Harry, let it out, you are safe with me,” Cedric whispered in his ear, and that’s just what Harry did. By the end of the conversation, both of them were emotional wrung out, and Cedric was more in awe of the boy in front of him than he had ever been. Listening to his life story, he was also worried about how he could help the boy he had come to care for so much. It seemed like everyone and everything was pitted against this boy and he had no idea how to stop the oncoming storm.

“Harry, you are not going back to the Dursleys, we will figure something out, I will get my parents to help. At the end of the year, we will all sit down together, and find a way to help you out of this mess. There has to be a way, and between us, we will find it and make it right.” What happened next was etched in his memory forever, his shy Harry, had kissed him and everything else seem to pale in comparison to those lips on his. It was sweet and gentle, chaste and hesitant, but most of all it was perfect.

Cedric felt the tug behind his navel, and couldn’t wait to get started on all the plans they had made, it would be a little easier now since they were both winners of the Triwizard cup. His smile froze on his face, and he could sense Harry shifting nervously beside him, something wasn’t right.

“Kill the spare,” echoed through the graveyard they had landed in.

“Avada Kedavra,” the green light sped at him and he had just enough time to see the horrified look on Harry’s face before he knew nothing more.

Cedric sat up quickly, his mind whirling as the memories rushed back to him, his first thought was of Harry. He couldn’t leave him alone, Harry was counting on him to help him. Not only that, but his death just might be the last thing to push Harry over the edge.

“What am I going to do?” he whispered as he got up. He took a moment to look around, trying to figure out where he was, it looked like the same corridor in Hogwarts, where he had first met Harry, hiding from the school’s population.

“I thought you might be more comfortable here,” a feminine voice sounded from behind him. He spun around quickly and gasped as he came face to face with Lily Potter.

“How?” he murmured taking a step towards Harry’s mother.

“It wasn’t easy, I must say, but Death is more interested in Tom Riddle that you. You just so happened to have changed Harry’s destiny, and for that, I could not be more grateful.”

“I don’t understand?” he admitted, as he sat beside Lily when she gestured to a bench he hadn’t seen before.

“We are not supposed to interfere in the lives of the living, we can watch certain segments of their lives, bits and pieces of critical points in their timelines, but we are forbidden to make any changes.” She blushed slightly as she looked up at him, her eyes full of mischief, “I may have interfered, a little,” she said as she pinched her forefinger and thumb together, “just a smidgen, mind you, but it was enough to kick-start the chain of events that have led us here.”

Cedric couldn’t help but chuckle at the look on her face, she seemed smug and content by her actions, it was the same look Harry had after he had kissed him. “What did you do?”

“You must understand, I had to do something, Harry was headed for nothing but heartache and pain, then a marriage to a girl he never loved, potions you see,” her anger was almost another entity in the space between them “I had to try something, and then you were there, I just had to nudge, just a little for you to turn down the right corridor, just a slight whisper,” here she looked defiant. “I could have just let you move on past him, you would still be here, with one exception, you would not be able to do what I need you to do.”

“What is that?”

“I need you to go back, to change what was going to happen, to make things right,” she waved her hand and a table appeared in front of them, a Pensieve in the centre, memories glowing in the bowl. “This is what would have happened had I not sent you to Harry.”

Cedric gave her one last look, and stuck his head in the Pensieve, what followed was devastating to him. By the time he returned from the memories, he was beyond furious at the people in Harry’s life. He was let down time and again, used for other people’s goals. “I see,” Cedric said, trying very hard to hold his temper. It was probably the Hufflepuff in him that didn’t want to upset, what to him, was his future mother in law. “What can I do from here?” he could tell she had a plan of some kind, “and what price do you have to pay for this? And more importantly, how do you know this will be his future?”

Lily shook her head, a small grin on her face, “as to how I know this, let’s just say that I was giving a few tips from a wonderful woman, which reminds me, we need to discuss Luna Lovegood,” Lily paused with a smile on her face before continuing.

“The price was you,” she held up her hand to stop him from interrupting, “to die for someone you love, it can do many things. My love for him, saved him that night, your love for him and, his love for you, well… you opened his heart to many things, Cedric. Harry was so close to giving up, to just doing what was expected of him, instead of what made him happy, but then I nudged you into his life. Your death, now it serves a bigger purpose, and if you go back, an exchange has to be made, and unwilling exchange. Voldemort’s Horcrux, that he unwittingly left inside Harry, I will use that as a sacrifice, since he would never want to give that up.”

At the look on his face, Lily smiled softly, “do not worry, Cedric, my love protects him even now. My magic has sealed that piece of his soul into the scar on Harry’s forehead. It is unfortunate that it causes him pain, but at least it can not control him, and soon it will serve as an exchange for you, a soul for a soul, so to speak, though just a down payment. You must hunt down the others if you return, I will tell you all about them as we plan, but I must know, will you return?

“Of course, I made a promise to Harry and I intend to keep it. Besides, I won’t allow them to use him like that, or for Voldemort to win.” Lily took his hand, squeezing it tightly as she smiled at him.

“Then let’s get planning, and filling you in on what you need to know. Oh, and I have a message for Sirius Black that you need to show him.”

Cedric had no clue how much time he spent with Lily, but they had a firm plan in mind. He stood and she pulled him close, “give Harry a hug and kiss from me, and tell him I will always love him and am proud, every minute of every day that he is my son.” With that, she kissed his cheek and his world started to spin, the future blurred and disappeared as he moved to the time he needed to return to.

The first thing he felt was the pain, radiating through his back as he hit the ground, then he became aware of the weight on top of him, finally sound came back and he heard Harry crying. He wiggled just a little, and Harry stopped moving, his head coming up to look Cedric in the eyes, his mouth slightly agape, which Cedric found a little funny. He would have laughed if the situation wasn’t so serious. He also wondered why he was here and not back at the exact time the killing curse hit him. Time was a funny thing.

He pulled Harry close to him, wrapping his arms around his waist, and whispered in his ear, “Shh, I have a lot to tell you, but please, just follow my lead till we can get some time alone to talk, okay? Trust me, and just let me handle things no matter how weird or unusual I acted.”

“Okay,” he replied and Cedric could tell Harry was in shock, and not just from him still being alive, he could feel Harry’s heart beating rapidly against his chest, and he ached to tell him everything.

Cedric sat up, pulling Harry with him and looked around, trying to find his father. He could hear the screams and chaos all around him, but he had to focus. His dad came into view and Cedric got up and moved to him, keeping a tight hold on Harry, all the while scanning for Moody. “Dad,? I need you to do something for me, it’s important, I will explain everything later, but I need you to get Madam Bones for me right now, and I need Ragnok too.”

“Why do you need the Goblin King?” Cedric shook his head and gave his dad a look that he was very familiar with, after all, it was a look he had learned from his mother, who had just joined them.

“Just tell him a great disservice has been done to the House of Potter, and the Potter account manager is responsible. He needs to clean house and get to Hogwarts as soon as possible before the breach becomes too much. Tell him, Figuli contractum fuerit dissipata.”

He watched as his dad pulled in a sharp breath, stood back, tapped his Head of House ring, “Gringotts Emergency,” he said and disappeared. He could tell his mother wanted to ask questions, but he also knew she would wait until they were alone. He couldn’t be more grateful for her right now. His mother was a formidable woman to any who crossed those she loved, she was very much like Lily Potter.

“Cedric, I was so worried,” she pulled him and, by extension, Harry into a hug, causing Harry to stiffen slightly. Harry was looking completely bewildered but had not asked anything, which Cedric as grateful for, though he knew, just like his mother, Harry was just waiting for the right time.

He turned slightly to see Dumbledore, who had previously been sidetrack, fast approaching them, with Moody right behind him. Cedric couldn’t quite stop the sneer from making its way onto his face at the sight of Barty Jr. in disguise. “Mum, Harry and I need to get to the hospital wing, we are both injured and the only thing keeping us upright is the fact we are hanging on to each other.” He smiled at her look of concern, as she started to herd them away from the approaching men and towards to castle.

“Lady Diggory, a word if you wouldn’t mind,” Dumbledore asked as he made his way to their sides.

“It will have to wait, Headmaster, the boys need medical attention and I am sure you would not deny them that, would you?” the look she gave the man could freeze dragon fire, and caused the man to stumble slightly.

“Of course, we will just accompany you…”

Primrose stopped and turned to face Dumbledore, her face showing her displeasure at his assumptions, “are you trying to say that I am not capable of taking care of my own child? Do I need to remind you, just who you are speaking to Mr Dumbledore,” she turned and continued on, leaving a stuttering Headmaster behind her. Harry giggled slightly and tried very hard to cover it up, which set Cedric off too.

“Well,” Primrose sighed, “what kind of man tries to tell a mother how to take care of a child.” The disgusted mixed with annoyance was easy to hear in her voice as she pulled the boys along.

“Thank you, Mrs Diggory,” Harry said, his voice barely above a whisper.

“Now, none of that dear, as I told you in Cedric’s letters, you can call me Primrose,” she gave him a sly look before adding, “or Mum if you prefer.” Cedric watched as Harry turned the colour of a tomato, and pulled him a little closer.

They made it to the hospital wing, Madam Pomfrey was setting up the room as if expecting injuries. They could hear her ranting about idiot people setting up children to compete in stupid contests. She turned as Primrose sat the boys on a bed, and hurried over. “Oh Harry dear, why is it always you?” she waved her wand over him first, doing a surface scan for current injuries, tutted and then turned to do an in-depth scan on Cedric.

“Madam Pomfrey, can I ask why you are only doing a surface scan on Harry?” Primrose asked as she studied the spells the Matron was using.

Pomfrey’s face seemed to cloud over in anger, before she collected herself, “I have been trying for four years to get the permission to treat Harry correctly. I have written to those awful relatives of his, going over the Headmaster, since he told me he would deal with it and hasn’t. That horrible woman wrote back telling me to mind my own business and just treat the injuries he develops as they occur. I have reported it so often, the file for Harry is as thick as Hagrid’s leg, but nothing is ever done. I just keep getting, ‘we are looking into it’ responses.” She turned and walked over to the potions cupboard and hurried back with their potions.

“Here drink these,” she said handing each boy their phials to drink from, “I have an appointment with Madam Bones, I managed to get one for during the school break if they refuse to answer my letters properly, I will show her what I have, face to face.” She smiled down at Harry and ran her hands through his hair, nobody failed to notice that he didn’t flinch at her touch, and even smiled up at her slightly, though he was red with embarrassment, both women knew about Harry’s past.

“Well, I think you will be able to run those scans very soon,” Cedric said as the door to the hospital wing banged open and an irate Goblin King and the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement barrelled into the room. Cedric couldn’t tell who was angrier.

Harry had shrunk slightly back from the noise and the angry-looking Goblin and witch as they descended upon them, causing Cedric to comfort him. “King Ragnok, Madam Bones, perhaps you could calm yourselves before you cause any more upset to Harry,” he said as he rubbed Harry’s back.

“I apologise, but a breach has been committed and Gringotts must make amends.” Cedric watched as Ragnok calmed himself and faced Harry, “ I have just learned that you have been ill-informed of your circumstances, and have come immediately to try to rectify this injustice. The former Potter Account Manager and Goblins involved have been dealt with, and we will be passing on our reports to Madam Bones as soon as the full report of the breach is ready.”

“I don’t understand, what is going on? What Potter Account Manager, I, what is going on? Cedric?” Harry turned and looked up at him, and Cedric could see the turmoil swimming in his eyes. He pulled Harry close and kissed the top of his head.

“It’s okay Harry, I promise, we will get everything sorted out.” he said before turning to Ragnok, “who is Harry’s magical guardian, we need to get a full medical scan for Harry but the muggles he lives with refuse permission?”

Cedric wasn’t sure he had ever seen a Goblin change colours so quickly, and even he leant back slightly at the look on the Goblins face. “ He was supposed to be raised by Lord Sirius Black. I had the will activated as soon as I had word of the breach, and it seems Lord Black was not only the rightful guardian of Harry Potter but was not the secret keeper as we were told.” Ragnok was interrupted by Dumbledore, Cornelius and Moody entering the hospital wing, the Headmaster’s face looked furious.

“What is going on here?” he demanded, scanning the room.

“A great injustice it seems,” Madam Bones replied, “and if I find out you had your long crooked nose involved in any of this, I will see you run out of not only the school but the Wizengamot.” Cedric could see the quick look of shock run over the old man’s face before he cleared it.

“I have no idea what you are talking about, but for now, these boys need their rest. You can continue this later,” Dumbledore said, pulling himself up to his full height and trying to intimidate them into following his suggestion. Cedric could even feel the tingle of magic in his voice.

“This is Goblin business and precedes everything else. You need to leave so we can finish, but before you go you might want to start by explaining what a supposed dead Death Eater is doing Polyjuiced as Mr Moody.” All hell broke loose the minute the words left the Goblins mouth.

Cedric had pushed Harry behind him while his mother had stood in front of both of them, shielding them from the spell fire taking place in the hospital wing. It only lasted seconds and ended with Barty Crouch Jr. stunned and bound on the hospital wing floor. It was only five minutes later, as the shouting was still going on that everyone stopped speaking as Moody convulsed on the floor before turning back into Barty.

“But he’s dead,” the voice of Cornelius Fudge broke the stunned silence.

“It would seem not Minister, and if he is not dead, then who exactly did we bury in his place?” Madam Bones asked.

“Would now be a good time to tell you Voldemort’s back?” Harry asked as he poked his head around Cedric’s body. He should have known Harry wouldn’t stay quiet for long.

“We have business to discuss, everyone must leave except Madam Bones,” Ragnok said glaring at a stuttering Minister.

“As Harry’s magical guardian..” Dumbledore was cut off before he could finish.

“You are not now, nor have you ever legally been Harry Potter’s legal magical guardian. That is Lord Sirius Black’s place, as you well know since you witnessed the will, which has been unsealed.” Cedric watched as Dumbledore paled dramatically. “Furthermore, you knew that Lord Black was not the secret keeper. We are looking into whether or not you knew he never received a trial.” Ragnok finished, all the while sneering at the man.

“You have proof?” Harry asked, “does that mean I get to live with him now, instead of the muggles?” Cedric squeezed him gently and smiled at him in encouragement while nodding his agreement.

“Yes it does,” Ragnok said, “and that is just one of many things we will discuss today, including that fact that everyone has been keeping your heritage from you. You see Harry, may I call you Harry?” Cedric nudged him to get him to answer.


“Good, now Harry, on your seventeenth birthday, you will become Lord Gryffindor, Head of the house Potter. It is a lot to take in, but I will explain everything. You see, when the school was formed, the founders decided that Gryffindor Castle would be the best place to house it, as it was the largest of all the Castles and held the best wards. Each found was assigned their own part of the Castle to set up, to suit their needs. That is how the houses came into being. But ownership of the Castle did and still does remain solely the property of those with Gryffindor blood. Everything in the Castle, though, remains the possession of the Founders specific heir, and if no heirs are left, they revert to being the property of the owner of the Castle.”

“That must be why you always feel so at home here Harry, it is your actual home.” Cedric noticed Harry was overwhelmed, and still shaking slightly from the Cruciatus Curse. “Maybe we could take a break and get Harry healed properly, and get us some food. We can continue after we eat.” Cedric interrupted when Harry seemed completely overwhelmed.

“Certainly, we can assign a temporary guardian until Lord Black can be freed and treated from his exposure to Dementors,” here Ragnok glared at the still stuttering Minister.

“Of course, I will get the paperwork started immediately,” Madam Bones said.

“Just a minute, Ma’am,” Cedric said, and turned to Harry, “you should give Madam Bones your memories, it will help things go quicker.”

“How?” Harry asked, and Cedric could tell he would have given anything to help his Godfather.

“Think about that day,” Madam Pomfrey said, “are you remembering?” Harry nodded at her, and she pulled her wand but stopped. “Who is the guardian going to be? I can not take the memories without permission.”

“Do you want Mum to do that for you, Harry?” Cedric asked gently.

“Yes please, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble Mrs…” he stopped when she looked at him, and Cedric couldn’t help but smiled, he had seen that look many times before, “Primrose,” Harry ended sounding uncertain, but his mother just smiled gently at him.

“I would be happy to help any way I can Harry. You may take the memories and then do a complete scan as soon as I sign the papers.” Ragnok pulled the parchment out of his pocket along with a self-inking quill and witness the signature after Primrose signed.

“All legal and filed,” Ragnok said as the parchment copied itself and popped out of view except for Primrose’s copy.

Poppy gave a heart-warming smile, and ran her hands through Harry’s hair when she approached him, “Okay Harry, now remember that day you want me to collect and I will pull it from your mind with my wand, it will only be a copy mind, you will not lose the memory,” Cedric could tell she added that part to reassure Harry.

“Okay, ready,” Harry said, and Cedric watched as a copy of the memory was extracted. He hoped Harry only gave the part with the confessions and not the rescuing and time turner part.

“Good, here you go Madam Bones, a verified memory draw by a Mediwitch, now if you could all wait outside, I would like to complete the medical for Harry.”

“Actually,” Madam Bones interrupted, “you mentions something about Voldemort? Can I have that memory too, it will save time later on.” Harry grinned up at her and nodded.

“Yes, you can have that one too.”

Cedric poked him in the side and whispered, “don’t show the part of me being hit with the Killing Curse.” Harry looked at him for a moment and pouted but nodded, and Cedric knew exactly what he was thinking. He had wanted someone else to be known as surviving the Killing Curse besides himself.

“Okay, same procedure Harry,” Madam Pomfrey said, and extracted the memory. She handed it over and shooed them all outside.

“I will need a copy of that for Heir Potters records,” Ragnok said, “and if you need any specialised potions, we are happy to assist in any way we can.” Cedric held back a chuckle as he watched every face in the room show shock. Goblins had the best healing abilities of all species and to be able to be giving that treatment was, well Cedric didn’t think it had been done since Godric Gryffindor himself.

“Thank you,” Madam Pomfrey said, and Cedric could see she was trying to settle herself.

Once they had managed to get everyone out of the room, and it had taken some mild threats to make that happen, a full scan was run on Harry, and Cedric could see his mother trying to contain her composure, which was cracking at the seams, Madam Pomfrey was not as successful as his mother was though. She completely lost it, and Cedric watch as Harry smiled at the woman while she ranted and raved about how it was a shame muggle baiting was illegal because she had a few tricks up her sleeve she would love to use.

“I’m sure Dobby would help you so you don’t get caught,” Cedric said causing Harry to gape at him.

“You can’t be serious?” Cedric laughed as Madam Pomfrey got a maniacal gleam in her eye, as she finished up collecting the potions she needed for Harry, though she let the comment drop.

“I am going to give you a few potions to help you for now, but I think we should get the Goblin healers in to treat you, they can do it in half the time it would take me, and on the added side their potions don’t taste like cat pee,” she said laughing.

Harry had just finished the last potion when he heard what she said, “then why did I have to take these ones?” he pouted.

“Well, I have to get my enjoyment somewhere,” she said and laughed at the disgruntled look on his face. Cedric couldn’t help but laugh too.

Madam Pomfrey and Primrose went over to the door and Cedric could tell when the privacy spell went up since the yelling stopped. He knew what that conversation was going to entail so he turned his attention to Harry who was watching him closely.

“Are you going to tell me what’s going on now?” he asked, “I saw you die, Cedric,” and he watches as Harry choked on those words, tears brimming in his eyes.

“I did die, and I want to show you everything that happened, but not here. All I can tell you, for now, is that I was lucky enough to meet someone special who helped me, giving me the information I needed to help you. Once we get a Pensieve you will see it all, I promise, but I need you to hold it together for now, and don’t look the headmaster in the eyes until Ragnok gives you your Heir ring.”

“Why?” Harry asked.

“Because of he and Snape, read minds. They use what is called Legilimency, but they need eye contact. You need to learn Occlumency but until you do, your Heir ring will protect your mind enough for you to disengage the attack. Occlumency will also help organise your mind, and that will be a good thing, as it will help with the study as well.”

“Okay, but when will you tell me everything?” Cedric could tell Harry was getting impatient.

“As soon as we are away from here, I promise, Harry.” It was then he remembered someone else he needed to keep an eye on, and asked, “hey Harry, do you know a Luna Lovegood?”

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