A Pleasant Misconception

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The Hobbit

Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield

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Author's Note:
This was a response to the HKM. I've since lost the link. Oops. While this is A/B/O, there are NO consent issues with this. No mindless heats or anything of that nature.

Thorin has an idea of what a Hobbit heat is like. Bilbo has a very different idea. Fili's just amused by it all.

Thorin handed off the last of the papers to Balin and looked around the Council chamber, which was finally empty. “Is there anything else that needs my attention that cannot wait for a few days?”

Balin shook his head. “Nothing that Fíli isn’t able to handle, so don’t worry about a thing. And none of us will bother you unless someone decides to invade the Mountain. How is Bilbo doing?”

“He’s well. His heat began strengthening this morning, but he assured me he would be well until I could get everything settled. I must admit, I am a little worried about getting him through it. He’s smaller and much more delicate than a Dwarf Bearer. I fear hurting him accidentally.”

“While his heat may affect you, it will not make you a mindless monster, Thorin,” Balin said. “They never do, and this won’t be any different than usual. Mind yourself at first and be gentle, and I’m certain everything will take care of itself.” He patted Thorin’s hand and stood. “Now you best be going before someone else comes in here wanting a bit of your time.”

Nodding, Thorin stood as well and walked out of the Council chambers through the side door. Fíli awaited him, leaning against the wall opposite the doorway. “What can I do for you, Fíli?”

“Nothing. I simply wanted to walk with you to the Royal Residential Hall, and possibly deflect anyone who tries to garner your attention. It is nearly four in the afternoon and I do believe Bilbo has waited long enough. Do you not think so?”

“Yes, I do,” Thorin replied as they began walking. “Are you nervous about taking over for a few days?”

“A little, but I believe I will do well. You’ve been training me for this in Ered Luin for years, and for the years since we’ve been here.” Fíli looked at him and a sly grin spread across his face. “What about you? Are you nervous?”

Thorin snorted. “What would I have to be nervous about?”

Shrugging, Fíli turned his attention forward to watch where he was going as they crossed one of the bridges. “Why do most of these bridges not have railings? If I were you, I would consider putting some in anywhere you might expect your children to be present. I’m surprised more people do not fall. If the pathways in Belegost hadn’t had railings, Kíli and I would have fallen to our deaths long ago.”

“Speak with Balin about it while you’re in charge,” Thorin said, amused by the way Fíli kept well away from the edges of the pathway. “And you didn’t answer my question. Why would I be nervous?”

“Because this is the first time you will have helped Bilbo through his heat since we’ve known him. It took you six years to finally persuade him to leave the Shire and return so you could court him properly, and that was with much groveling and you having to physically go there and beg. On your knees. Literally.

“And then there were the two years you courted him – at your insistence, mind you – and you weren’t allowed into his breeches until after you married. It has only been a month since you wed. And while Bilbo may have a Dwarvish ancestor or two, none of us know a Dwarf who has mated with a Hobbit personally, and so we have no idea what a Hobbitish heat is like. But you are about to find out.”

Thorin glared at Fíli’s wicked smile. “You are a most evil nephew and are no longer my favorite. I should give the throne to Kíli instead.”

“Which one of us is your favorite changes with your mood and what stupid thing one of us might have done, so do not act as if that comment affects me the least bit. Besides, Kíli would kill you if you tried to get him anywhere near the throne,” Fíli said lightly, much more at ease now they were off the bridge. “Look at it this way. Maybe you’ll get lucky and our Master Baggins will be insatiable and very demanding.”

Thorin rolled his eyes. “You were in the Shire the same as I. Did any of those Hobbits look the type to be either of those things? They are a very genteel folk, and quite small and delicate. I do not foresee that being the case.”

Fíli simply shrugged and turned the conversation to business in the kingdom for the rest of the walk, all the while wondering if the Bilbo Baggins he knew and the one Thorin married were two different people. Because his Uncle Bilbo…the last thing Fíli would call him was delicate.


They made it to the door twenty minutes later and Thorin turned to Fíli. “If you have any doubts about something, look to Balin or one of the Company if it is something they can specifically help with. They will not steer you wrong.”

“I will,” Fíli said. He was about to say something more, but the door to Thorin and Bilbo’s chambers opened and there stood Bilbo in all of his glory. He was naked and very much erect, and looking very put out.

“It’s about bloody time! Excuse us, Fíli,” Bilbo said, grabbing Thorin by the braid of his beard and dragging him in with a growl.

The door slammed in Fíli’s face and seconds later a rather large thud of someone hitting the door sounded out in the hallway, followed by Thorin’s rather loud yelp, and Fíli burst out laughing. He turned and went back the way he came, laughing for a good long while.

It looked like he had been right, and Thorin quite mistaken. He rather looked forward to seeing Thorin’s state at the end of Bilbo’s heat…if there was anything left of him.


Thorin was stunned as Bilbo slammed the chamber door and shoved him bodily against it, dragging his head down by the braids. Bilbo took his mouth in a hard kiss and he yelped when blunt teeth bit into his bottom lip before Bilbo pulled away and began working his belt open.

“Took you long enough to get back here,” Bilbo muttered as he tossed the belt to the side and grabbed his hand, pulling him toward the hearth, where a nest of blankets and pillows had been created.

“I thought you said it would be fine if I took care of what needed to be done,” Thorin replied, arousal washing over him as the scent of Bilbo’s heat grew stronger the closer they came to the nest. Obviously Bilbo had been there most of the day.

“Yes, well, I thought you’d be gone a few hours, not all bloody day!” Bilbo said, turning Thorin so his back was to the nest and then he shoved him down and straddled his legs.

Thorin was amused in spite of the irritation his clothing made against his erection and the ever increasing desire to bury himself inside Bilbo. “Can I at least take off my clothing first?”

“Too late for that,” Bilbo replied, wiping the little beads of sweat from his brow and then reaching down for the fastenings of Thorin’s trousers. “If you wanted slow seduction, husband-mine, you should have been here earlier when I was more inclined to that nonsense.”

With that he yanked open Thorin’s trousers so hard, Thorin heard the seam rip. He couldn’t even pretend to complain about the abuse to his clothing when his husband’s hand reached inside and pulled out his swollen cock.

His eyes widened as Bilbo lifted himself over his cock. “Wait! At least let me prepare you!” He lifted his upper body slightly and reached out to try and stop Bilbo.

“Too late for that, too. I took care of that myself,” Bilbo said as he lowered himself down, the wetness from his heat and the oil he’d used earlier the only lubrication, just enough to ease the way but still allow some friction as he braced himself and began to raise and lower his body on Thorin’s cock, his hands clenching in the material of Thorin’s tunic to keep him balanced.

Thorin groaned and dropped back, eyes rolling into the back of his head as Bilbo got up a good rhythm. His hands slid around his husband’s hips, steadying him further as he continued to ride him and after some time, Thorin managed to get his wits about him enough to bend his legs and begin thrusting into his husband’s body.

Bilbo cried out and came all too soon, but to Thorin’s shock did not stop. If anything, his movements became faster and harder.

Apparently Bilbo saw the confusion mixed in with the lust, because he said, the words coming between panted breaths, “We find our release at least twice before a wave of our heat is sated and we can rest.”

Thorin growled and began thrusting up into him harder. “How fortunate for me.”

“Oh, yes, just like that!” Bilbo gasped as Thorin shifted and began rubbing directly over that one area that always made his toes curl, and he spurted over Thorin’s tunic a second time. Then he growled. “More!”

With his own growl, Thorin lifted Bilbo off his body and turned them around, so Bilbo was on his hands and knees. He pushed his trousers further down and moved his tunic out of the way and pushed inside his husband once more, making him cry out in pleasure from the long, hard strokes. He reached around with one hand and began fondling Bilbo’s still-hard cock.

A few minutes later, Thorin cried out as his knot began to swell and he started to come. He hesitated at first because he had not yet knotted Bilbo, not knowing if he could take it, but his husband pushed back onto it with a sudden movement and took it as deep inside him as possible and came for a third time.

With shaking limbs, Thorin managed to get his tunic and undershirt off and lowered them both onto their sides. His trousers and boots would have to wait until his knot had shrunk enough to pull out of his husband.

Using the hand that wasn’t trapped under his husband, Thorin stroked the damp skin from head to thigh, pressing kisses to the back of Bilbo’s head and the tip of his ear. “Feeling better?”

Bilbo hummed happily. “For now. Still got three whole days of this, you know.” He turned his head and raised an eyebrow. “I do hope you don’t plan on wandering off for hours at a time. While I’m perfectly fine on my own, I much prefer a partner for this.”

Thorin chuckled tiredly and kissed his temple. “I am all yours however long you require.”

“Good,” Bilbo replied as he patted the hand stroking his belly. “Because I am not even remotely done with you.”

Thorin grinned and closed his eyes. He couldn’t wait.

- - - -

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