mother is the name for god

Title: mother is the name for god
Author: fashi0n
Fandom: Game of Thrones
Genre: Alternate Universe, Drama, Angst, Drabble
Relationship(s): Jon Snow/Ygritte
Content Rating: PG
Warnings: No Beta, Canon Typical Sexism
Word Count: 1337
Summary: A (non-humorous) response to a kink meme prompt (round 29):
Jon/Ygritte + Catelyn is surprised by own “she’s not good enough for you” maternal reaction

Jon is involved with Ygritte and to Catelyn’s surprise she finds herself having almost maternal feelings about this – maternal in the “that unwashed tramp isn’t good enough for him, what is he thinking” kind of way. So Catelyn tries to encourage Jon to pay attention to Ned’s bannermen’s daughters – if he’s given a holdfast and is a bannerman he’s no threat to her descendants, after all. Unfortunately, Jon’s just not interested.

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