Title: Fire
Author: Daisy May
Fandom: Hawaii Five-O, The Sentinel
Genre: AU, Crossover, Challenge Response (Little Black Dress)
Relationship(s): Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams
Content Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Violence – Canon-Level
Word Count: 13,629
Summary:He hated flying.  Fucking hated it.  Too many people, too small a cabin, too small a fucking seat.  Were these things made for goddamned pygmies or something?  He shuffled around again, trying to ease the numbness in his legs. The woman beside him huffed and glared – again.  He tried to get his elbow onto the armrest but she wasn’t giving any ground.  He should have taken the aisle seat.  At least in the aisle seat he could have stretched his legs out. Thank God he was only short.  How the hell did tall people fit in fucking economy class seats?

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