A Heavy Burden; Rebirth, Remain – Chapter 1

Title: A Heavy Burden; Rebirth, Remain
Author: writerdragonfly
Fandom: Inuyasha, Stargate Atlantis
Genre: Action/Adventure, Pre-relationship, Het, Slash, Crossover
Relationship(s): Kagome Higurashi/Brendan Gall, Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Content Rating: PG13
Warnings: Character Death-Major, Violence-Canon-level, No beta
Word Count: 1070
Summary: Years after losing Inuyasha and returning to her time, Kagome Higurashi joins the SGC. Volunteering for the Atlantis Expedition, she finds more to live for than an endless search for the truth.

She’s about to discover that her long lost friends have been reborn–including the boy who stole her heart so long ago.

For Rodney McKay, the Expedition promises a new beginning, a journey, and an adventure at his fingertips. If he tries hard enough, he just might be able to reach it.

He doesn’t know what, but he knows that there’s something important there for him, worth waiting for.

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