Turning Time – Chapter Two

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  • NC-17
Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: SG1

John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson

  • Character Bashing
  • Homophobia
  • No Beta
  • Violence - Canon-Level
  • Alternate Universe
  • Fix It
  • Romance
  • Slash
  • Time Travel
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Author's Note:
This is my NANO Project for 2017 based on the Time Travel/Second Chance challenges from Rough Trade

Our brave adventurers go back in time to prevent the Ori from destroying Earth and taking over the Milky Way Galaxy, and the Replicators from destroying Atlantis, the only hope of saving the Pegasus Galaxy from the Wraith.

Chapter Two
What The Hell!?!

John blinked and looked around, totally confused. The last thing he remembered was being in the control room of the SGC as the Ori began to bomb them. Now he appeared to be in a clearing by a forest.

‘John? John, where the fuck are we?’

John swung round and spotted his teammate standing beside a small lake looking as confused as he felt.

‘Rodney? What’s happened? Why are we—’

‘Huh. This I wasn’t expecting.’

They both turned to see who else was there.

‘General O’Neill?’ John managed to say. ‘But… I thought…’

‘Yeah, Sheppard, so did I. How come you’re both here as well.’

‘Do you know where ‘here’ is?’ Rodney asked, his fingers making quotation marks.

‘Sure I do. We’re at my cabin in Minnesota although I have no idea how we got here. The last I remember is being on Atlantis when—’

‘The Replicators attacked,’ John finished for him. ‘We know. We were at the SGC and the Ori were attacking us.’

‘The Ori?’ O’Neill repeated. ‘The Ori were at the SGC?’

‘Six Ori ships had just appeared above Earth,’ John explained. ‘The SGC was being bombed, maybe the rest of the US as well.’

‘Or the whole of Earth,’ Rodney suggested.

His tone of voice made John turn to look at him. He’d heard that tone before, usually when Rodney was about to announce a discovery that would get them out of whatever trouble they’d got themselves into. He noticed, for the first time, that Rodney wasn’t using his crutches. In fact the crutches were nowhere to be seen and Rodney was pacing perfectly normally. The pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place.

‘We’re dead,’ John stated calmly, far more calmly than the situation required, he decided.

‘More like ascended,’ Rodney said, indicating their surroundings. ‘Remember when Jackson half ascended and met Oma Desala in a diner?’

‘I don’t know what places you usually eat in, McKay,’ Jack said dryly, ‘but this ain’t a diner.’

‘The place to which you go comes from within your own mind,’ a new voice said.

Three pairs of eyes regarded a man dressed in white robes who joined them by the lake.

‘So why are we here?’ Rodney demanded. ‘I’ve never been here before and I doubt Sheppard has. Why aren’t we somewhere from my memories or his?’ he added, pointing at John.

‘Rodney, I don’t think that’s the most important part of this,’ John told him, looking at their visitor. ‘And since I have no desire whatsoever to ascend, why are we here?’

Rodney nodded in agreement.

‘None of you are ascended, as yet,’ the stranger told them. ‘This is more a stop along the way.’

Jack scowled at him. ‘I’m with Sheppard. I’m not interested in ascension.’ He folded his arms and glared at the Ancient who shook his head and sighed.

‘Why don’t we just sit down and I’ll tell you what this is all about?’

They gathered around the table on O’Neill’s deck, the three humans with matching scowls.

‘First of all, my name is Otho and—’

‘Y’know, you look very much like my Aunt Mildred,’ Jack told him, his head tipped to one side. ‘If I squint a bit, that is.’

Otho laughed. ’No, I don’t. But I am an ancestor of yours, Jack, and of yours too, John.’

‘O’Neill and I are related?’ John asked in surprise.

‘Very, very distantly, but, yes.’

‘What about me?’ Rodney demanded. ‘Am I related to an Ancient as well?’

‘Oh, yes, Rodney. And he’ll be along later to speak with you. Now, if you don’t mind?’

’No, no, go ahead.’ Rodney waved his hand at Otho who smiled then continued.

‘John was correct in what he said earlier.’

‘I was?’ John said in surprise but Otho ignored him.

‘You were all killed when the Ori destroyed Earth and when the Replicators destroyed Atlantis. Curiously, they both happened within minutes of each other, this time and—’

‘This time?’ John demanded. ‘There’ve been previous times?’

’There have been previous occasions, yes,’ Otho admitted. ‘You were each sent back to stop it happening again, but without your memories of what happened originally. This time we all agreed that you should be permitted to retain your memories.’

‘Hang on a minute.’ Jack narrowed his eyes. ‘I thought you Ancients didn’t allow any interference in our lowly affairs. How come you’ve now decided to butt in?’

‘Because every time so far we’ve failed at whatever it is they want us to do,’ Rodney told him. ‘That’s right, isn’t it?’ He paused for a moment then continued as Otho opened his mouth to reply. ‘And I’m guessing it’s because of something you Ancients can’t do on your own and you need us to do for you.’ He snapped his fingers a couple of times in a gesture very familiar to John. ‘The Ori. It has to be because of the Ori. You can’t stop them coming to this galaxy on your own so you need us to go back and stop them.’

The frown on Otho’s face told them all he was correct.

‘The Ori want to destroy all life in this galaxy, not just ours,’ Otho confessed. ‘It’s in your own interest as much as ours that we’ve decided to allow you to return with your memories.’

‘And Atlantis?’ Rodney continued. ‘Why is Atlantis so important to you?’

Otho looked away. ’She is the symbol of the peak of our inventiveness and ingenuity. We could not let her be destroyed as she had been, so we agreed to send you and John back to try and save her.’

‘How many times?’ John demanded. ‘How many times before this?’

’Six,’ he admitted reluctantly.

‘And what if we refuse or fail again?’ Rodney asked. ‘You say we’ve already failed, several times. Are we destined to try again and again until we succeed? What if we don’t want to do it any more?’

John hadn’t come across many Ancients but he was pretty sure he’d never seen one as flustered as Otho appeared to be.

‘But…but…’ The man – ascended being, John corrected himself – was speechless.

‘Why should this time be any different?’ Rodney asked. ‘What point of time did you send us back to before?’

‘You all went back to the point of the expedition leaving for Atlantis. That should have given you enough time to make various changes to prevent Dr. Jackson ever making the Ori aware of this galaxy and for you to keep Atlantis safe.’

‘And yet it didn’t, did it? Are you intending to send us back to the same point?’

‘Well, yes,’ Otho admitted. ‘If we send you back before then we risk changing the entire timeline.’

‘I don’t think that’s up to you,’ Rodney told him, much to John and Jack’s surprise. ‘If you want us to go back and fix things, we need to decide the point at which we return, not you.’

‘But…’ Otho tried again only to be interrupted by Rodney.

‘We three need to have a discussion. In private,’ he added with a scowl. ‘That means no interfering and no eavesdropping. And we need something to eat and drink. I’m hungry.’

John was fairly sure at this point that Otho would have given Rodney anything, just to get away from him, but even he was surprised when a plate of turkey sandwiches, a plate of slices of pie, and an assortment of pudding cups appeared on the table along with several bottles of beer.

Rodney rubbed his hands together happily. ‘This’ll do nicely. Now, piss off, Offa. The grown ups want to talk.’


Jack watched as McKay took a spoonful of chocolate pudding cup, closed his eyes in ecstasy and moaned gently.

‘Do you and your pudding want to be alone?’ he asked, his eyebrows disappearing into his hairline. The last time he’d heard a noise like that he’d been… Well, he hadn’t been alone, that’s all.

‘Try your pie,’ McKay managed to say around a second mouthful. ‘This is the best pudding cup I’ve ever had.’

‘Same for this sandwich,’ Sheppard agreed in surprise. ‘Somehow I thought food wouldn’t be important when you ascended.’

‘Mmfrwrm,’ McKay replied with a further moan which made Jack shuffle uncomfortably in his chair.


Jack hadn’t known McKay’s name had so many syllables, or that half eaten pudding cup looked so disgusting.

‘McKay, swallow your mouthful before you speak,’ Sheppard told him.

‘What are you? My mother?’

‘My mother would have washed my mouth out if I ate like you. You’re disgusting.’

‘Well, pardon me if—’

‘Children!’ Jack slapped the table, half wishing he could have slapped one of them. ‘Otha left us here to discuss going back in time, not argue over eating habits.’

‘Otho. His name’s Otho,’ John corrected him.

‘Does it really matter what he’s called?’

‘It does if you’re him.’

There was no answer to that.

‘Are we going to agree to go do the Ancient’s dirty work, then?’ Sheppard took a third sandwich.

’You don’t want to?’ Jack asked.

‘I think the Ancients are assholes who should have cleared up after themselves. Do you know how many people we lost on Atlantis because of their carelessness?’

’Thirty seven,’ Jack relied, clearly surprising both Sheppard and McKay. ‘Eighty six if you include those killed by the Wraith.’

‘Which I do,’ said Sheppard bitterly. ‘I blame each and every life the Wraith took in Pegasus on those fuckwits.’

‘Sure you’re not just blaming them because you woke the Wraith?’ Jack asked carefully, knowing this was one of the accusations Weir had made against Sheppard after their first year. That his mind was too much on his guilt to be an effective military commander. He watched as the blood drained from the younger man’s face.

‘If he is, he shouldn’t,’ McKay snapped on Sheppard’s behalf, glaring at Jack. ‘Eldon told me one day—’

‘Wait a minute,’ Jack interrupted. ‘Who’s Eldon? I don’t remember his name.’

‘He was the scientist who came home with us from that planet that gave their prisoners to the Wraith. He knows a lot about the Wraith,’ McKay explained. ‘Anyway, when we were having lunch together one day he said Sheppard shouldn’t blame himself for waking them. They’d have all woken up anyway as soon as their Keeper learned about Earth from Sumner.’

‘What?’ Sheppard asked in confusion. ‘Why didn’t I know this?’

McKay shrugged. ‘I have no idea. Elizabeth was with me when Eldon was talking about it. He’d overheard one of the Wraith telling their Magistrate that all the Wraith had woken up when one of their number spoke about the new feeding grounds. That’s why he was sent to the prison island where the stargate was. He knew too much about the Magistrate’s relationship with them. Apparently, the Wraith knew the feeding grounds existed somewhere since that’s where the Ancients had retreated to. They just had no idea how or where to search for them, but as soon as ‘Earth’ was mentioned to the Keeper, the hibernating Wraith knew and all woke up. It had nothing to do with you killing the Keeper. I thought you knew all this. Elisabeth said she’d tell you.’

’She never said a word to me,’ said Sheppard, grimly. ‘I’ve been blaming myself for the last three years.’

’She didn’t say anything to me, either,’ Jack told him. ‘But she did say, when you three and Beckett came home after the first year, that your guilt made you unsuitable to be military commander. She’s said it a few times since, especially to Steven Caldwell. He complains about it whenever he comes back from Atlantis. He thinks you’re doing a great job as MC and he wishes she’d shut up about replacing you, particularly with him. He likes being commander of a spaceship. Says he’s living every young boy’s dream and he’s not going to give that up to take on all the crap that you deal with on Atlantis every day.’

This time both Sheppard and McKay looked confused.

‘But, he’s always complaining that John doesn’t do things properly. Why would he do that if he didn’t want John’s job?’

Jack gave a bark of humourless laughter. ’Sheppard is the only light colonel in the USAF not to have done any War College courses. We’ve all tried to get Liz to release him but she says he’s too important to leave Atlantis for any length of time. Caldwell keeps trying to make the point that good as he is, he needs further training. Liz has managed to convince the IOA, though, that Atlantis can’t function without Sheppard for any length of time.’

‘So, she says she needs me, but not as Military Commander?’ Sheppard shook his head. ‘She keeps telling me that Caldwell wants my job and the only reason I was promoted was because she stuck up for me.’

‘Thus beginning the rumour that you were only promoted because you were sleeping with her,’ Jack added.

‘Fucking bitch!’ McKay growled. ‘Whatever date we agree on to go back to, let’s make sure we go back far enough to stop her becoming leader of the Atlantis Expedition.’

‘We need to make a list of what needs changing,’ Sheppard added. ’Two lists. One for Atlantis and one for the Ori. We need to make sure we do the things that need doing and don’t do the things that don’t.’

‘I wish Danny was here,’ Jack sighed. ‘He’s good at stuff like this. I’m sure to forget something important and it’ll be like groundhog day over and over again.’ He shook his head. ‘Plus, I don’t know how I’m going to manage this without him knowing we’ve travelled in time. I’m bound to let something slip.’ He noticed Sheppard and McKay looking at him with something akin to sympathy. ‘What? Why are you both looking at me like that?’

‘You miss him already, don’t you?’ Sheppard said quietly.

‘I don’t know what you think you know, Sheppard, but I still outrank you and—’


O’Neill jumped up and looked around in confusion. ‘Daniel?’

‘Jack? Where are you?’

‘Danny? Round the back on the deck.’

Daniel Jackson, a puzzled look on his face, came around the side of the cabin. ‘Jack? Sheppard? Rodney? What’s happening? Why are you all here? How are we all here.’


Their explanation of how they found themselves at O’Neill’s cabin, made Daniel look thoughtful.

‘So, they need us to make sure that the right things happen and the wrong things don’t.’

‘That’s what I just said,’ John protested at the same time as Jack pointed a finger at his friend.

‘Yes. Exactly. I knew we needed you to make sense of it all. How did you come to be here, anyway? I didn’t think you were on Earth when the Ori attacked.’

‘I wasn’t, in fact the last thing I remember was being on Dakara with the others and Master Bra’tac. We heard the sound of explosions then…’ He shrugged. ‘I found myself here at your cabin. By the way, why are we here?’

‘Offa said—’

Otho, Rodney! His name’s Otho,’ John told him. ‘For fuck’s sake, don’t piss him off more than you have to.’

Rodney glared at him. ‘Fine. Otho said it came from inside our minds, except Sheppard and I’ve never been here before.’

Daniel nodded thoughtfully. ‘Like the diner I found myself in with Oma Desala and Anubis. It’s somewhere neutral and unthreatening. Who’s Otho? Is he someone we’ve met before, Jack?’

‘Not to my knowledge,’ Jack began, but was interrupted by the arrival of Otho.

‘Hello, Daniel. It is a pleasure to meet you again.’ Otho gave a serene smile and bowed his head.

‘Again?’ Daniel asked. ‘We’ve met before, then? When I was ascended?’

‘Yes, but I am aware you do not have your memories of that time.’

‘Did Daniel go back with us all the previous times?’ John suddenly asked.

Otho looked a little pained. ’No, he didn’t. We were unaware of how important he appears to be. Perhaps his being with you this time will make the difference we require.’

‘But we still get to decide just when we go back, don’t we?’ Rodney asked quickly. ‘Even having Jackson with us might not be enough.’

‘We agree,’ Otho nodded. ‘You may choose the point at which you return, but you must all return at the same time.’ He bowed again and disappeared.

‘What have you agreed so far?’ Daniel asked.

’Nothing,’ Rodney told him. ‘O’Neill was just saying how much he missed you, and, well, you just appeared.’

O’Neill glared at him. ‘I didn’t say I missed him, I said—’

‘Look,’ John interrupted. ‘If we’re going to do this thing properly, we need to be honest with each other and not argue between ourselves.’

Silence fell as they each considered this.

’Then I think you should know,’ Daniel began, ’that Jack and I are in a relationship and have been for several years.’

‘I’m not sure Sheppard meant that honest, Danny,’ Jack huffed. ’They don’t need to know that.’

‘Actually, we do,’ said Rodney thoughtfully. ’The point in time we chose to go back to may well have a bearing on our private lives as well as an impact on Atlantis and the SGC.’

‘I agree,’ John nodded. ‘F’r’instance, I was married several years ago and I certainly don’t want to arrive in the middle of that clusterfuck.’

‘You were married?’ demanded Rodney. ‘How come you never mentioned that to me?’

John shifted uncomfortably. ‘Well, it’s not something I’m exactly proud of.’

‘What do you mean?’

John sighed and mentally kicked himself for mentioning it. ‘I only married Nancy because I thought it’d make my father happy.’ The blank looks told him that didn’t explain anything. ‘Look, my father and I had a difficult relationship. He hadn’t wanted me to join the Air Force but all I wanted to do was fly. I thought marrying Nancy – who my father knew and approved of – would help mend some fences. It didn’t, in fact it made things worse because she wanted me to resign my commission and I refused. My father backed her up and we separated, divorced, and, well, I’ve not seen my family since.’ He shrugged. ‘I just don’t want to live through that again.’

Daniel scribbled some notes on paper which had suddenly appeared. ‘Okay, anything anyone else wants to add to the ‘do not repeat’ list?’

‘I’ve got plenty,’ Jack said wryly, ‘but wouldn’t it be easier to make a list of what we think needs to happen first? We can figure out the negatives later.’

‘Fair enough. Let’s start with my not visiting the Ori galaxy, which means not using the communication stones, which means Vala not slapping that bracelet on me, and that means Vala not hijacking the ‘Prometheus’, and—

‘I though we were figuring out the negatives later?’ John muttered to Rodney who grinned.

‘Do as I say, not as I do.’

‘Daniel?’ Jack said, glaring at John and Rodney. ‘Is this your version of ‘The Old Woman who swallowed a fly’. How about we start with the discovery of the Ancient outpost?’

‘Or with the burial of the stargate in Egypt.’ Daniel’s eyes lit up. ‘We could—’

’Nope, nada, no, Danny. Not on your life. We tried that once before, remember?’

‘And Otho said we had to all go back to the same point,’ John pointed out. ‘I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean us to zip through time whenever we want.’

‘But—’ Daniel began.

’No!’ Jack told him emphatically. ‘We need a point where we can begin to make some changes that won’t prevent some of the things that need to happen.’

‘Like finding the cartouche of gate addresses on Abydos,’ Rodney suggested. ‘That needs to happen as it gave us places to go to. The whole programme stemmed from that point.’

‘But I didn’t discover that until after Jack came back to Earth,’ Daniel said thoughtfully. ‘If we redo the first visit to Abydos, we can make sure we get that information straight away and Jack can bring it back, although…’ He paused. ‘Jack? Are you alright? What…? Oh. Of course. Jack, I’m sorry, I forgot.’ Daniel looked distressed and one look at Jack explained why.

Jack had his eyes closed and his face was lined with pain.

‘Jack?’ John asked softly. ‘Is something—’

‘I’m not sure I can live through that again.’ Jack’s voice broke and he buried his head in his hands.

John looked at Daniel in some panic. ‘What—’

‘Dad?’ a new voice asked, and a small boy walked up to Jack and touched his shoulder.

John and Rodney looked on in amazement, Daniel in sympathy, as the boy pulled Jack’s hands away from his face.

‘Daddy? Look, I’m here. I’m fine, Daddy.’

Jack sat up, his cheeks streaked with tears, and looked at the young boy in front of him. ‘Charlie?’ he whispered. ‘Charlie?’

‘Hi, Daddy.’ Charlie, no more than seven or eight years old, wound his arms around his father’s neck.

‘Charlie? Are you…? Did you…?’

‘I ascended, Daddy,’ the small boy told him, climbing on his father’s knee and burying his head in his shoulder. ‘Oma Desala came for me after I hurt myself and helped me ascend. That way I can be with you when you ascend too.’

‘But, Charlie—’ Jack began, hugging his son tightly.

‘Not yet, silly. I know that. I know you have a job to do, to save everyone in two galaxies first.’

Charlie turned his head, still cuddled up to his father, to look at the others, and John found tears collecting in his eyes.

‘You have to go back and make sure everyone is safe,’ he told them seriously. ‘And, Daniel? You have to look after my Daddy so you can both come and be with me, much, much later.’ His eyes turned to John. ‘You have to make sure your family stays together. If you do, you can all do so much more to help.’ He grinned cheekily. ‘And if you don’t do it properly, your Mom said you’re never too big for a spanking!’

‘My…my Mom?’ John managed to say. ‘How…?’

’She’s here as well, waiting for you. Where do you think you got your gene from?’

‘My…my mother was an Ancient?’

’No, silly. But she did come from a long line of Alterans. Her ancestors governed Atlantis. That’s why the city was so happy when you returned to her. She recognised you.’

He turned to Rodney. ‘Your ancestor will come to see you before you all leave on your mission. He has some information about Atlantis that will help you, as well as where you’ll find his laboratory.’

‘Laboratory?’ Rodney repeated in bemusement.

Charlie’s eyes twinkled. ‘You already know loads about him. His name was Janus.’

‘My ancestor was Janus?’ Rodney swung round to face John. ‘My ancestor was Janus and he’s going to give me some information to help us!’

John gripped his shoulder and smiled. ‘I heard, buddy. That’s great news, for all of us.’

‘Come on and sit down,’ Charlie ordered. ‘I have lots to tell you before you go. First of all…’


Charlie had fallen asleep, still holding tightly to his daddy. Jack wasn’t sure he’d ever be able to let go of him as he buried his nose in his son’s hair. Somehow, it still smelled of the shampoo Sara had always bought.

Sara. What do I do about Sara?

‘Jack?’ Daniel asked gently. ‘Are you alright?’

Jack took a deep breath. ‘Danny, I’m not sure I can leave this place, wherever it really is. I don’t think I can leave my son behind, not again.’

Daniel moved his chair until he was pressed up against Jack’s side. John and Rodney were over by the lake, talking softly.

‘Jack, we have to go back and make things right. If we don’t, the Ori might do what they’ve wanted to do for millennia – kill the all the ascended Ancients, or Alterans as Charlie called them, and convert the people who live in this galaxy. Probably every other galaxy they can find as well. If they succeed it means losing Charlie for good. We just can’t let that happen.’

He slipped his hand under Jack’s, still clutching his son. ‘You heard what Charlie said. He knows we have to complete this mission, and when we get to the end of our hopefully long and productive lives, we’ll both ascend and we’ll be with Charlie for ever. Both of us.’

‘But what about Sara? What about my past life? If I don’t marry her, doesn’t that mean Charlie won’t exist?’ Jack screwed up his nose in concentration, trying to get his head around the complicated notion of time travel.

‘I don’t think time for the ascended works like that,’ Daniel tried to explain. ‘Humans think of time as linear but it’s not really like that. If we – when we – go ‘back’ in time, it doesn’t erase the past we know about, it just…shifts it, I guess. Charlie and John’s mom and all the other ascended will still stay ascended. It just means that we’ll get a chance to change things so Atlantis will survive and the Ori won’t get to know about the Milky Way.’

‘So if we go back to 1986 like John and Rodney suggested, I won’t have to marry Sara again but Charlie will still exist here?’

‘Yes. And by going back that far we can make changes that will help us further down the line.’

‘Like making sure Kinsey doesn’t get the chance to screw us over?’

Daniel laughed. ‘Exactly. John’s family could be a great help to us. Did you know he was one of those Sheppards?’

Jack shook his head. ‘No. It wasn’t in his jacket, but then details about grandparents aren’t really important.’

‘They are when a grandparent just happens to be a former fucking President of the United States.’ Rodney pulled out a chair and grabbed another bottle of Molson, glaring at John all the while. ‘Something else my supposed best friend neglected to tell me.’

‘Enough, already,’ John growled, taking a seat next to him. ‘I fell off my bike then I was seven. Is that something you think you need to know?’

‘That’s not in the same league as my granddad was President, and you know it.’



‘Grandpa. We called him grandpa.’

‘Oh, how very upper class of you.’

‘Rodney, leave the man alone,’ Daniel ordered. ‘The influence of John’s family is going to be very important to us. If we—’

‘How?’ Rodney demanded. ‘How will it be important if we can’t tell them why it’s important? I’m not sure saying ‘Grandpa‘,’ he glared at John, ”I want you to ruin this man’ is going to work as a plan.’

‘Why can’t we tell him, them, anyone?’ John frowned. ‘Is this some rule about time travel?’

‘The grandfather paradox, quite literally,’ Jack grinned.

‘It’s not a rule,’ Daniel replied, ignoring Jack’s quip. ‘I’m not sure there are any rules, as such. But telling someone you’re from the future is probably a pretty good way to get yourself locked up.’

‘We’re going to have to tell one or two people,’ John pointed out. ‘We can’t possibly manage our task with it.’

‘Mmm,’ agreed Daniel. ‘We’ll just need to be very careful about who we tell, and we need to find a way to make sure they believe us and not just call for the men in white coats.’

’So, who do we absolutely need to tell?’ Jack asked.

‘My father,’ John said immediately. ‘And probably my grandpa as well. Possibly my brother.’

‘George Hammond,’ Jack added. ‘If we can get him in charge of the SGC from the very beginning, it’d help a lot. Especially if we intend to try and get the gate programme up and running straight away.’ He paused and looked at Daniel, a look of compassion on his face. ‘And speaking of the very beginning…’

‘Yeah, I already worked that out,’ Daniel nodded sadly.

‘Worked what out?’ John demanded. ‘If it’s something important we—’

’Sha’re,’ Daniel interrupted. ’My wife. She was the daughter of Kasuf, leader of the Abydonian people. I…I didn’t know I’d married her but I… I came to love her. She’s why I stayed on Abydos, and after she was taken by Ra, why I joined SG1 – to search for her. But if we go back…when we go back, I can’t marry her.’

‘But we need to get the gate addresses from Abydos,’ argued Rodney. ‘We might be able to remember a lot of them, or even work them out, but we can’t possibly explain to everyone how we got them. Someone needs to go Abydos and get them.’

‘And we will,’ Jack agreed. ‘Danny and I’ll go, just as before, except this time we’ll make sure no one gets married.’

‘In fact, that’s a good rule to make amongst ourselves,’ Daniel added. ‘No one gets married without the approval of the others!’



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