Welcome to The Wild Hare Project

Welcome New Authors!

Initially, all new authors are set up as contributors, which means your posts will be moderated by the admin team for a short period of time while you get accustomed to our posting interface. Once you have the hang of things, you’ll be changed to site author and given full posting privileges.

The first place for you to visit is the Author Dashboard. Poke around, read, play, get comfortable. You’re welcome to create some test posts to try out the publishing form, just please be sure to title them test posts so we know what’s up.

On the dashboard, the top two links on the right are the Publish form and the link to the Communication Center. The Comms Center is limited to member authors only, but if anything inappropriate happens here, be sure to let us know. You’re welcome to reach out to an admin through the comms system at any time or make use of the Contact form linked at the top of the site. The site admins are Keira Marcos and Jilly James. There will be a moderation team as the site grows who will also be able to assist.

The most important reading assignments for new members are the Author Guidelines and the Style Guide. Both are linked at the top of the Author Dashboard for easy access at any time. After you’ve read these, if you have questions, feel free to reach out.

New members are required to post within the first week. That’s the only posting requirement and it exists because only authors are members in the collective. If you feel you’re not ready to post and your application was premature, please use the contact form to let us know.

Thank you for joining the Wild Hare Project.

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