After decades of making up stories in my head and reading other people's stories online, I finally decided to start writing some of them down and maybe sharing them. And yes, I did mean decades, I still have printed stories from the '80s* news groups found covertly late at night in my college's computer labs. Most of my free time is spent reading, so I have to pull myself away from other people's work to write my own. I tend to split my reading time between published work and fan fiction, though I've been leaning towards fan fiction of late. This may be Keira's fault. I've strangely not watched many of the shows for the fandoms I read and write in and mostly follow favorite authors blindly into new fandoms. I thank Xanthe for many of my fandom choices and being the stepping stone that led me to Keira, Jilly, Ladyholder and all the other lovely people here.
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