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James Bond

James Bond/Q

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Keeping up the pretense of finding his own flat had become almost like a second job.

Keeping up the pretense of finding his own flat had become almost like a second job. James had been in good spirits for the last few weeks with the house hunting excursions put on hold. In the three weeks since he’d been injured, Alan’s schedule had been increasingly full in Q-Branch to the point of additional hours on the evenings and weekends. It amused James to see Alan become a complete sloth when he was at home, and as a result, the house hunting hadn’t come up between them again.

Nevertheless, to hold off any inevitable inquiries about his search, James spent hours looking at places online with faux notes to talk with Alan about during his downtime. James’ objective to stay put had become a relentless subterfuge.

The closeness between them after his injury had become another addiction James wasn’t sure how to deal with. The sexual tension was always an undercurrent between them. James revolved around Alan and Alan around him, neither making the first move to become physically intimate. It, the longing, the desire, was all in Alan’s admiring green eyes, and James wondered how he could’ve missed it for such a long time.

The looks, that desire, the longing was within him as well. James craved it.

It wasn’t like him. Where was the man of action that never had any time to think about consequences? Granted the results did sometimes come back to bite him on the arse but hesitation about pursuing Alan romantically was an aberration. It set James on edge. He was jumpy, he was watchful, and wired in a space that had been comforting for months.

He loathed it.

Frowning the threw a suit on the bed, his cases still empty waiting to be filled for his mission on Monday. With his wound healed, he was ready to get out of Alan’s home and away from his deception for a while.

Alan, his hair damp from a shower came in without even a knock, assured his presence was always welcome in James’ part of the house. In soft low slung jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt, in a color that James could only think of as mustard, he was gorgeous in the soft mid-morning light. As usual, he ignored the sofa and chairs in the room making himself at home crossed legged in the middle of James’ bed. James figured Ethel, with her presence missing, must be in the throws of her post-hike morning nap, either on the sofa in the living room or in Alan’s bed with the cats for company.

Alan’s silent staring made the small hairs on the back of James’ nape prickle. The same prickle of awareness he got when things on mission were just about to turn to shit.

“Q?” the questioning note came out without thought or intention. He was arrested in stillness with a shirt in hand.

“You don’t want to move out, do you?”

“What makes you say that?”

Alan cocked his head, studying James as if he was a mangled piece of tech that was beyond fixing. “You’re a great lier but I can see through you. I’m not stupid or as oblivious to what’s going on around me as you seem to think, you know.”

“I know you’re not stupid,” James replied. If they were two actors in an old movie, James thought, the jig, as they would say, was up.

“Perhaps you need a reminder that I’m not. I know you haven’t been looking at flats and I know you have no intention of moving out.”

“Is this because I moved more of my things over?” James threw his shirt nonchalantly onto the bed, his tone as neutral and uninterested as he could make it. “I know it’s a temporary arrangement.”

“No, I know because I hacked your estate agents records.” James watched, a sour taste in the back of his throat, as Alan picked up the shirt. He folded it, his movements precise and economical. “You haven’t been touring any properties and she doesn’t even have you listed in her records as a client anymore.”

“Q…” James admonished.

Alan’s elegant fingers delicately stroked the shirt in his lap. “What do you want, James?”

The softly spoken question had James sitting on the bed with his back to his housemate avoiding those knowing eyes.

What did he want? He wanted to stay with Alan. He wanted to become Alan’s lover. James wanted Alan to need him, as he’d come to realize over the months that Alan was essential to his own happiness. It was galling to comprehend at that moment that his life had little meaning without someone to share it with. Alan was that someone, James knew.

There was something about Alan, a vulnerability coupled with an inner strength that James wanted as his own. He wanted to protect it, possess it, keep it, whatever it was from ever being shared with anyone else. His possessiveness and selfishness toward the man on his bed seemed entirely justified. Disturbing but justified all the same. He’d given too much to Queen and Country, he deserved to have Alan in any and all ways possible.

A spasm pierced his gut, a feeling James recognized from long ago. He’d been a small boy the last time he’d felt that weight in his belly. When he’d been told his parents were gone, never to return.

The bed jostled a bit before hands smoothed up his back to his shoulders. The warmth of them burned through his cotton shirt. A shiver stirred his frame at the soft touch of Alan’s fingertip stroking the hollow below his ear.

“You’re scaring me, James. What is it?”

“I… I want to stay here.”


“I like it here… I’m happy here, with you,” James said. His voice was rough, the confession foreign to his ears.


His breath rasped out of him with Alan’s dogged question. The question, almost a whisper of sound, patient but so forceful in its quiet murmur.

“Goddamnit, Q.” The words came out strangled. James felt like he was going to choke on the rest waiting in the back of his throat to be released.

His ear was caressed with damp heat when Alan breathed, “Why?”

James grabbed the hand on his shoulder twisting on the bed pulling Alan off his knees and into James’ arms with a forceful tug. His fingers buried themselves in Alan’s thick hair, the softness a contrast to the hard bone of skull under his palm. James crushed Alan’s lips under his, taking what he’d been wanting for months now.

The kiss wasn’t gentle, wasn’t a lover’s kiss.

Alan’s mouth was soft and sweet on his tongue, unresisting to the pressure of James’ angry mouth. A desperate sound escaped from between their lips and James wasn’t sure if it had come from him or Alan. Fingers pressed lightly against the edges of James’ lips, a supple touch of fine digits on his cheeks, gentling the harshness of the kiss. It was at once a request and a demand.

James eased his touch, softening his lips though he refused to let Alan out of his arms. He wanted no more questions, no more confrontation beyond their bodies straining against each other.

Alan sighed against his lips, opening, delving into James’ mouth allowing their tongues to gently duel. The taunt muscles in James’ shoulders relaxed, his clutching hands tamed their angry clench.

Alan’s arms slid around his shoulders and James felt like he could breathe again.

James broke the kiss but he didn’t want to see Alan’s eyes. Wasn’t ready to see whatever he’d see in them or on that refined beautiful face. He pulled Alan’s head back smoothing his lips down Alan’s throat. He’s just shaved, there was no stubble to tickle his lips as he brought Alan down beneath him into the softness of the bed.

It didn’t matter they were sprawled the short way on the bed. It didn’t matter their feet were hanging over the edge. Alan was pliant under him in the middle of his bed. Alan’s cock was just as hard against James as his own was, straining against each other through their trousers. The pinch of hands on his back pulled James down forcefully between Alan’s slender thighs.

“James,” Alan murmured, his fingers against James face again. “James… look at me.”

He didn’t want to. It was strange to be shy in bed. He’d never been shy about sex before, not even as a teenager in the first fumbling of losing his virginity.

James worried the skin under his teeth. Alan’s taste was salty, his scent a sweet musk under his spicy aftershave. James wanted to mark him where everyone could see that Alan belonged to him, even if they didn’t know who he belonged to.

“It’s alright, you know,” Alan said above him, his fingertip dipped into the side of James’ mouth feeling the skin of his neck between James’ teeth.

James released that soft skin. The mark he’d made was pink and dusky in the late morning light. Perfect.

Alan dragged his head up, there was no fear, no anxiety, no alarm. Peaceful was the word for the expression, peaceful but wanting too. The flush of Alan’s cheeks almost matched that perfect rosy blood mark on his neck. It was beautiful. He was beautiful, more so than at any other time James could think of since they’d met.

“Is it?” James asked, his hands framing Alan’s face, stroking the soft skin of his temples.

Alan’s eyes were caressing James’ face. A sweet curve grew on his lips. The answer to James’ question in the serene want on his face. Looking down at him, flushed, and gorgeous with his black hair tousled around his head and his spectacles askew, James could only think that Alan did love him. Alan wanted him in the same way James had realized he wanted Alan.

Alan’s thumbs stroked his cheeks once before tugging James down for another kiss.

James closed his eyes, sinking into the sensation. It’s sweetness, Alan’s plush lips, and tongue, his hips surging under James. The connection set James’ cock to throbbing unbearably. He could feel the wetness from his arousal seeping through his trousers.

James rubbed his whole body against Alan’s trying to assuage the lust that swept over him. Their breaths were panting and harsh, disturbing the silence with the wet sounds of kissing. Erotic now that the hunger for physical pleasure was assured.

“We need to get naked,” Alan panted. His breath washed warmly over James’ chin before his lips started to suckle against James’ throat. It made his nipples hard.

James couldn’t agree more, tugging at Alan’s very ugly hued t-shirt exposing his white belly to James’ palms. Alan’s wriggling and rubbing were distracting, slicing sensation through his prick.


“Yes, definitely,” Alan gasped, working the buttons of James’ shirt open with scrabbling fingers.

James’ lips met Alan’s again, tugging the lush lower once with his teeth for a brief moment. He needed to get coordinated and Alan’s squirming wasn’t helping at all. He pulled back onto his knees away from Alan’s grasping hands.


“Shhh, just let me.” James ripped the shirt off his back, some of its buttons went flying across the bed. The cool air set the sweat on his skin to prickling with goosebumps. He plucked Alan’s spectacles off. “Do you need these?”

“Not for close up work.” He grinned. His fingers homed in on James flies, plucking them open. The zipper made a harsh sound, his pants shoved down out of the way. James grunted when his cock sprang free from its confines and into Alan’s dexterous hands.

“Goddamnit, Q,” he said, humping up into the tight grip. Alan just grinned at him, the cheeky bugger.

“You say that a lot.”

A laughing gasp escaped him. Alan would be fun in bed, as well as serious. James should’ve known.

Between Alan’s hand on his cock and the other caressing his chest and nipples, James felt like he was going to cum any second. It was way too soon. James grabbed Alan’s wrists and pulled them up over his head with both hands.

“Stay,” he ordered. His looming fierceness only brought another cheeky grin to Alan’s lips. His green eyes seemed brighter without his glasses. “I mean it!”

He held Alan there for a moment more, the pressure on those delicate bones, a demand. James was so hard he knew if Alan touched him again it would be all over. He released Alan’s wrists and sat back slowly, wary that his impudent lover would not follow orders.

Lover, it was a beautiful word, he thought watching Alan splayed disheveled beneath him.

Alan stayed put, watching him. It gave James a bit of time to get some breath back in his lungs. He pulled his trousers down and having forgotten about his shoes and was a bit tangled for a second as a result. Alan grinned at the two thumps of James’ shoes hitting the floor. His gaze raked down James’ body like a caress. James’ nipples already peaked tightened more under that sharp gaze.

James worked Alan’s own shoes and socks off before wrestling that garish mustard covered monstrosity of a t-shirt over his head. Alan was the epitome of long limbs and porcelain soft skin with a dusting of downy black hair leading from his belly button, an outie oddly enough, down to his soft ripped jeans.

James reached over to his bedside table, his eyes questioning as he pulled out a bottle of lubrication and a foiled condom.

Alan arched in response, which was all the consent James needed to drop the necessities on the bed. He leaned over and captured that cute nub of belly button in his mouth, catching Alan off guard if the squeak that escaped was any indication. James swirled his tongue around the nub suckling gently working Alan’s trousers open with his fingers.

The musk of him hit James’ olfactory nerve and he didn’t hesitate to bury his face in the curls surrounding Alan’s sex. The scent was addictive with subtle pheromones cloying in his nose. Alan gave another of those little helpless sounds.

His eyes were half-mast watching James between his thighs. His hands were gripping the bedclothes tight on either side of his head, waiting. James could feel Alan’s thigh muscles quivering under his fingertips.

It had been a long time since he’d sucked cock, but James wanted Alan in his mouth. Even more, than he wanted his own cock shoved deep in Alan’s small hole.

James licked up the soft skin of the shaft and clamped his hands on Alan’s hips to control their surging movements. The pre-cum at the head was salty sharp on his tongue and he closed his eyes to saver it, holding the head in his mouth for a moment. He took Alan’s cock deep to the back of his throat encouraging the keening sounds erupting from Alan’s throat. The damp sounds of his mouth moving up and down, and Alan’s gasping cries were pleasing to his ears in the quiet.

He felt a hand on his head and reached up to grip Alan’s wrist, pressing it back down onto the bed, holding it captive while Alan’s surging thrusts into his mouth increased. James loved it. Loved having Alan in his mouth, so vulnerable for both of them. He reached out and clicked the lube open smearing his fingers.

James smoothed the slick down the soft skin of Alan’s perineum, swirling it around his dusky hole. The slide of Alan’s cock in his throat was a distraction from the anticipation of sheathing his own pulsing cock in that tight space. He was dribbling pre-cum on the bed underneath him, making his pubic hair damp, smearing the slick across his own belly. James was rubbing against the bed with every thrust of Alan’s cock in his throat.

“Yes, James,” Alan breathed when James’ fingers pressed past the first ring of tight muscle protecting Alan’s body.

The warmth and tightest around his fingers and the gasps coming from above made his cock ache even more. Alan arched into the pressure of James’ fingers going even deeper into the back of his throat. James delved into the core of him, in the warm softness, brushing along Alan’s prostate. James loved the little sounds Alan was making. The sounds James was pulling out of him, the clenching of hands in the sheet, the continuous drag of James’ mouth along the supple hard length of him was thrilling.

Alan under his hands and mouth was one of the most sensual and erotic things James had ever experienced anyone.

James shuddered at another burst of pre-cum landed on his tongue. He couldn’t wait anymore, neither of them could. Alan was urging him on with his hands on the James’ shoulders and neck. James had dreamed of this, had thought Alan might be a bit shy in the bedroom.

The rosy flush of him was expected, the confident sensuality of him was not.

“Please… please,” Alan rasped. “I don’t want to come yet.”

James pressed his fingers deep one more time before pulling his mouth off Alan’s cock. Alan was a beautiful wreck of a man, ruddy from cheeks to torso, his slender legs spread wide, waiting.

It was not the time for James to ask if Alan was sure. He didn’t think he could regardless. The change in their relationship was already done, there was no going back. James didn’t want to go back.

James nuzzled Alan’s cock and the plush balls beneath one more time, breathing deep to get himself under control. He sat back on his knees, grabbing the condom packet and opened it with his teeth. James gave his cock a slow pull to sooth the insistent throbbing.

He could come just from this, marking the white skin of Alan’s belly with his essence. James almost wanted to but they had time now and that fantasy could wait for another day.

James rolled the condom on and slicked up. Anticipation was swirling in his belly. Lining up he sunk into Alan’s body and arms.

“Finally,” Alan gasped, and James took that soft gasp from his lips. There was no resistance only snug heat gripping his cock and urging hands on his back and arse.

“Oh, god… you feel so good.” It wasn’t a lie, the feel of Alan’s soft-skinned wiry body under him, the tight grip of supple muscles surrounding his sexual core had James thrusting, barely waiting for Alan to adjust to the breach.

Hands in Alan’s hair, James undulated coring him with every deep thrust, pulling pleased sounds from Alan’s lips with teeth and tongue. He couldn’t get close enough, he just wanted to wallow in what he was feeling, the physical and the emotional. Alan was so beautiful under him, the sweat on their skin a smooth slide. James wanted to see his cock sinking into Alan’s tight heat but he didn’t want to stop the clench of Alan’s legs high on his sides or give up the taste of the lips beneath his own. It wasn’t going to last, it was too good to last as long as James wanted it to.

Alan’s legs tightened around his ribs, his hips surging up again and again. “Please… please, I need you to touch me.”

“Shhh… I’ve got you,” James murmured. It was difficult but he slid a hand down Alan’s side, delving between their bodies to grip his cock tight. Alan threw his head back at the change in angle, driving his cock into the tight fist made by James’ fingers.

That was it, with Alan arched so beautifully beneath him, a look of rapture on his flushed face, his eyes shut tight straining. James lost all rhythm, surging as deep into Alan as was possible. The prickling sensation in his loins crested, stilling his body in one long shaking bow, seeing nothing but bright white behind his closed eyelids.

A roar burst from his throat at the first pulse of release. James knew he was holding Alan too tight, pressing within him too hard but he had no control over his body at that moment. Pain down his back took the white away and in the next moment, more beats of ecstasy escaped his cock with a surge of Alan’s hot wet release on his belly.

James skimmed the tips of his fingers down the length of Alan’s side to bony hip, admiring the softness of his creamy lightly freckled skin. His body still damp with sweat had that pleasurable tingle, almost physical exhaustion thrumming through the muscles. His back was stinging from Alan’s nails, the slight pain a pleasurable accompaniment to the satisfied subtle ache in his loins. James thought the sensations were nothing short of contentment.

James had only enough energy after he’s collapsed on Alan for a while, to pull and push them onto the bed properly. They’d been lying on their sides facing each other, not touching for quite a long time. James didn’t know if it had been five minutes or five hours. At some point Ethel had come in and sprawled across their feet, so James figured it had at least been over an hour of silent post-coital recovery.

Alan was half on his side and half on his stomach with a lax fist under his chin. Only one side of his face was visible, his cheek still had a lovely rosy hue.

A green eye opened and Alan smiled at him, a small satisfied curling of his lips.

“I didn’t hurt you, did I?” James asked. He’d only just woke from a bit of a doze and remembered how hard he’d held Alan down when he’d come.

“No, you didn’t, though I might be a bit sore once I can move,” Alan replied, his smile widened into a grin. “Nothing a hot bath later can’t take care of. I didn’t think my body could be bent that far.”

James snorted. “Sorry about that, I lost myself a bit at the end.”

“You weren’t the only one.”

James sobered. “What do you want, Alan. I need to know.”

“I want to be with you like this. I want us to be together, live together as we have been but I don’t want to take what you can’t give James.”

“I’m a killer. I never thought I’d have someone in my life like this again.” James didn’t speak her name. He didn’t need to. Alan knew everything about him, there was nothing for James to hide. “I could be killed on the job. Do you really want a relationship with someone who might not come home to you?”

“I’d rather have had you than regret never having been with you in this way,” Alan said.

Alan was so sure. It was all there in his face and James recognized what It was. Love. Alan loved him and it was as simple as that. It wasn’t complicated, and James realized that he didn’t have to make his feelings for Alan or accepting his own desires difficult.

“I love you,” James confessed.

Alan leaned close to softly kiss James’ cheek. “I know, I love you too. Have for a while now.”

Stroking his full palm long Alan’s slim flank, following the shimmering trails of light caressing his skin from the windows, James laughed. “Was having me as a housemate your nefarious way of seducing me to become your lover?”

“I knew you’d figure it out, 007.”

James pinched Alan’s arse, urging his cheeky lover into his arms.

James placed M’s Union Jack ceramic bulldog on the mantle. Slim arms smoothed around his torso settling into a tight hug.

Alan’s chin pressed against his shoulder. “Perfect.”

James turned kissing the side of Alan’s grin softly. Alan captured his lips fully and James enjoyed the way that plush mouth clung to his own for a moment. He felt the backs of Alan’s fingers glide down his cheek.

“I’m so glad I can finally kiss you,” Alan whispered against his lips. “I’ve been wanting to for ages.”

James took Alan’s hand and softly kissed the palm. James wanted to make promises that he’d always be there for him that they would be this way long into the future. It was an impossible idea. Double-O’s didn’t live to old age.

He was happy, he was loved, and looking into Alan’s bright bespectacled eyes, the promise came out of him anyway. “I’ll come home.”

“I’ll make sure of it,” Alan pledged, his arms still around James, protective and possessive.

James would keep his promise confident Alan would keep his, as well. They were a team in all ways now.

He was finally home.

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